Me and my Father In law-6


ME and my Father In law-6


By Jeevan  jeevan_1950@yahoo. com



Hey readers!

All the names in this story go on changing ! they are imaginary !

Dear Baba

Ohhhhhhhhh god! I slept for many hours that day and when I woke up I was hungry like hell! I took my lunch and then went on my routine errands. But the thought and the feeling of fullness in my dolly (choot) was still there.

            You spoke to me after we rested.

            “Seema! My love! What you did to me! You make me feel lot younger and I am confident that I can still satisfy a woman. Your mamma is nice in bed but from that day I am thinking of you ! You have won me! Seema! My Seemu. How I wish to be with you all the time!  We have to take care Seema! I will behave in normal manner with you and so would you. Lets make this long-lasting. “

            “ Baba! You are really expert in sex. The way you loved my body was great. Your son does not do this but just slips his thing in me and fucks. You are so caring! I love you Baba!”

            And then you went out for some work and I was left alone. My mind was full of your thoughts, Baba. I still had that itch down there which could only be healed by your mighty lund. I wanted you to fuck me whenever you can!. Even if anybody was in the house.

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   I love risky sex! There is lot of thrill in it.   So do fuck me always!

Baba, I want you to make me your slut. But at the same time I know that you will never hurt me, you will always take care of my needs before your own. You have so much experience in sex, much more than your son. You know which parts of a woman's body are most sensitive. When your tongue entered my deepest part I felt as if I was going to die of pure ecstasy. Ohhh Baba. . . . The way you explore my depths. . I want to give more and more. My dolly has been oozing so much juice ever since I showed you my semi naked body last week. For the first time in my life, I had an orgasm in the shower yesterday thinking about you.



DO write to me as we cannot talk in the house! AND FUCK MY CHOOT!


Your Daughter In law



Dear seema

            That was the most memorable fucking I ever had. You are really very demanding in sex. The way you sucked my cock! Wow ! your tongue moving on the length of my tool,  you’re caressing my cock head with tongue. Ohhh God! Seema! Then you caressed my lund with your breasts. Ooh they are so soft and the feeling they made on my lund! Great! You have nice choot seema! Tight and juicy. It becomes so wet and then go on dripping juice. Oohh GOD! Whats going ot happen? I want to keep my lund in your choot, always and forever.

    One of these days I am going to fuck you when your mamma and my son are in the house. Be ready for that!

    Show me your breasts whenever you can. Show me your body!

    Ya one more thing! I will keep the door to my bedroom open and when your Mamma is sleeping you can just drop in and we can have a quicki.

    Love you Seema( my slut )



                That was the correspondence we had. Jeevan! I love to read all this mails. My FIL writing to me! Ohhh god I will die!

                As he had written he wanted to have sex with me when all were home. Ohhh so risky! But who was I to stop him? actually I wanted him to fuck me in this manner. So next day I was waiting for secret caresses from him.

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                 Then Baba did it! I still remember it clearly. That was Sunday and my husband had holiday. Mamma too was home preparing our breakfast. I went to the bathroom to take bath. I undressed and while taking bath the thoughts of my Baba filled me. I became hot and started to caress my breasts and knead them. I slipped one of the nipples in my mouth and sucked on it. Ohhh god! Baba! I very much wanted to get FIL’s lund . How?

    I unlocked the bathroom door and started my bath again. Will FIL come in! I was eager.

    I wanted him to enter the bathroom and do things to me. I was filling my choot with 3 fingers imagining his lund there. But still it was not satisfying me. I wanted his lund! I was taking my bath with my back to the door.

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       Then I heard the door open and saw my FIL enter. Ohhh god what was he doing here? It was too risky! I was frightened! I looked at him with surprise in my eyes. He was smiling and looking at my naked back. Ohhh god!  Mamma was in the kitchen and Sunil was in his room!

    He took off his lungi and stood behind me with his semi hard lund wanting to be attended. By me! He came closer to me and embraced me from behind. Ohhh god! I felt his hot body rub my wet one and his lund was rubbing my ass! He caught hold of both my breasts and pressed hard. I moaned ! it was muffled moan. I could not moan openly. Mamma could hear me. He whispered in my ear,

    “Seema darling! I will take the risk. It makes the things very exciting. Don’t be afraid. Mamma wont look for me as she is under the impression that I am sleeping.

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       Sunil is asleep as its Sunday today. Relax and enjoy this quick sex. ”

    “ But Baba, mamma can find out. What if she calls you? Please lets not take the risk. ”

    He did not say anything but rubbed my nipples instead.

      They were hard with his rubbing and I pushed my ass back on his lund. I felt his lund rubbing on the soft flesh of my ass cheeks and I moved my ass against the intruder. FIL was now biting my back lightly and that sent shivers all through my body. He took my earlobe in his teeth and made biting motion. Ohhh god! It was as if  all the blood was flowing through my ear lobes!  I wanted to turn around and kiss him but I did not. What he was doing to me was beautiful and I wanted to see what else he would do on his own. May be something new!

      Now FIL’s lund was hard and he placed it in the crack of my ass.

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         Ohhh it was touching both my choot and ass at the same time. I have never had anal sex but the idea does not repulse me. . will he do it? Lets see!

                  FIL moved his lund in the crack of my ass rubbing the sensitive holes there. Ooh god he was such an expert doing it expertly! I spread my legs and gave him more access. He lowered his ass and rubbed his lund directly on my asshole. Ohhhhh! This was first time I felt a lund rubbing my dark hole and I loved it. But he then pushed his lund forward and found my wet choot. his lund then rubbed the wet slit and hot my clitty too. Ohhh god! How I wanted him!

                  “ Baba! I want to suck you! I want to feel that lund in my mouth. Please give it to me. I am so hot!”

      I went and sat on the toilet seat with my choot dripping with lust. The seat was cold but it wont be for long as my body was hot enough to make it go into fires! I caught my FIL’s ass and pulled him to me. His lund was semi hard and I wanted to feel it grow in my mouth.

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         I hungrily took his entire lund in my mouth and started to move my face in fucking motion. His lund touched my mouth everywhere and specially the roof. So nice! I had pressed my tongue flat against the lund and felt it slid over it. It tasted nice and I sucked in hard to pump out the precious precum.   FIL’s lund was growing into hardness. FIL was really enjoying this and we did not dare speak. It was silent love game!

       FIL was looking right into my eyes and I into his. This eye contact made me more hot. I could see pleasure and love in FIL’s eyes and continued to suck him, looking at him. that way I found it more exciting. My FIL was now holding my wet hair in his strong hands and caressed them. It was very loving touch and I was very happy with this. I wanted to give him more pleasure. I lowered his body with my hands and then I took his lund out of my mouth and placed it between the valley of my breasts.

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         Ohhh god ! my breasts engulfed my FIL’s lund and I could just see the cock head jutting out. He looked at me and smiled. His ass moved in slow motion as he fucked my boobs. His cock head was coming out and touching my mouth. With every out motion I licked the lund and then I caught FIL’s ass cheeks in my hand and caressed them as he had done to me. He loved this and his hands too rubbed my earlobes and face. He caught my nose in his hand and pinched me there! Oh he knew what to do and where to do things to a woman’s body. As I caressed his ass cheeks my breasts lost the contact of his lund but he moved his ass so that his lund touched my breasts.

      Then he did something new! He held my nipple in his hand and put it against the pisshole on his lund. It was as if he was going to fuck the nipple into his pisshole. He rubbed the nipple over the pisshole on his lund and then holding it straight pushed the lund hard over it. The tip of my nipple rubbed inside the pisshole and he must have felt the sensations as his ass moved in rhythm and he moaned lightly. This made me cum! Waves of orgasm passed through my body and it went limp. FIL saw this and held me tightly, still rubbing his pisshole on my nipple.

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      My vagina juiced and some juice tickled down into the toilet. Then I had urge to piss. ( its common to piss after you orgasm) what should I do? Pissing in front of my FIL looked ugly but what could be done? I could not hold it and I let go. My piss hit the commode and made spraying sound. It was thrilling to piss in front of the man who was making love to you, my own FIL. I am not into watersports but the feeling was great. FIL too widened his eyes and looked at me pissing. I could see the effect of this on his lund. It jerked near my mouth and I put my lips on it to sense the vibrations. I finished pissing and looked at FIL and we both smiled. I continued to suck his lund and then I had to fuck it!


      End of part 6




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