Me and my Father In law-5


ME and my Father In law-5By JeevanJeevan_1950@yahoo. com


Baba = daddy/father in law

Lund =cock

Choot= cunt

Now I wanted my FIL to cum and give me the precious sex juice, semen. So I hungrily took his lund in my mouth and started to suck like there was no tomorrow. FIL lay quietly and enjoyed my sucking. He got the tempo and started to move his hips in rhythm and I knew he will come soon. I wanted to see his cock jerk and squirt. I sucked and his cock head touched my throat. I let it caress the virgin throat( My hubby never reached there). Then I tightened the throat muscles and milked his lund. ohhh Goddddddddd! Fuck! I caressed his balls as I sucked him. I wanted to take all the semen out from his balls!          I felt my FIL stiffen and then his lund started to twitch and squirt. The first spray hit my tongue as I was licking his cock head. It was boiling hot and I let it remain on my tingue. Then the cock squirted endlessly. My mouth was full of his cum and so I took his lund out and fisted him.

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   More cum sprayed out and I could see it spray right from the pisshole. Ohh god! I did finally taste FIL’s cum!My FIL lay back and relaxed. His body was wet with sweat and I lay beside him and put my hands on his chest. We lay peacefully for some time and enjoyed the proximity of each other.          I could have waited to get his lund in my choot but no! I wanted him to fuck my choot. I had waited so long for FIL to fuck me and now was the time. I put my hand towards his lund and found it shrunk and very small.

`” Ohhhh Seema you want my lund? You want me to fuck your choot? I will but the poor lund is tired. You have milked it and sucked it dry. Wait for some time and it will be hard again. ”

“No Baba. I want it now. I want it in my choot now! Fuck your Bahu.

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   Ohhhh I will make it hard. I will give you a nice show you wont forget for your life time. I am going to do nasty things you never imagined, just for you. I am going to behave like a slut just for you. YOU,  my Father in law!”

               I stood naked before my FIL and started to dance slowly. . I moved my hands on the sides of my body and swayed my hips. My nice big buttocks swayed and the ass cheeks jiggled, dancing along with me. I looked straight into the eyes of my FIL and bit my lower lip. I moved my tongue over my lips, teasing him and making him hot, just for me. I dance and went near him and kissed his leg. Then I went away dancing to the center of the room. Looking at him I caught both my breasts in my hands and kneaded them. I held them together and looking at him I lifted them up towards my mouth.

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   I took out my tongue and extended it to one of my nipples and licked it. Ohhhh I could lick my own nipple! I did the same with the other nipple and then I offered them to my FIL. “Baba! These are for you from now on. Your son will just love them for your pleasure but you are the real man for me. See how big they have grown! See how I am licking the nipples. Its so nice to do this for you. ”              I again kneaded them, licked them and then my hands traveled to my stomach. I rubbed my hands over the flesh and then caressed my belly button. I have nice fleshy belly and it looks great when I wear a sari, that too below my naval. I then slid my hands to my belly and kneaded the flesh there. Then I spread my legs and showed my FIL the fleshy choot I so much loved and which was my treasure. He looked at my choot and smiled, knowing smile like he was saying I have met her! I spread my choot lips and showed him the pink hole in the center. Ohhhh I was so shameless! Spreading my choot in front of my FIL and then showing him my vagianal opening! Ohhhh God! Save me!FIL was silently watching my show and his lund started to respond. It was semi hard now and he wanted more stimulation. I then bent back and thrust my choot at him.

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“Come on Baba! Suck my choot! Suck it! Drink the precious juice of your DIL. It’s especially for you Baba. See how I am spreading my choot for you! See that hole in there and watch my clit grow. Come near and see it from close angle. Clitty too wants to meet you Baba!”

        FIL shifted his body and his face was near the edge of the bed. I danced and brought my choot close to FIL’s face so that he could watch my clit grow. I caught my clit between the thumb and forefinger, very lightly not directly touching it but from the sides. Ohhhh Baba! Ohhhh Jeevan! What a turn on it was! My clit was getting hard and I lightly caressed it all along the length (¼ inch when small, ½ inch when hard). Ohhhh what a sensation! I am not into masturbation but Jeevan told me how it helped in reaching the goal to maximum sexual satisfaction. Thanks to him. First time in my life I was rubbing my clit and liking it. My clit started to respond and grow, just like a small cock. It sent waves of pleasure throughout my body.


   I continued my ministrations and it budded out! I looked at it and found that it was peeking through its sheath. The red button, love button I should say!               FIL too watched this and his lund started its way to hardness. I touched the tip of my clit and the sensation was so intense that my ass jerked involuntarily. FIL saw this and extended his hand to help me. He caressed my choot lovingly and then inserted his finger into the love hole. His finger slipped in easily and I pressed my choot against it to take it all the way inside me. His lund was hard and standing erect, jutting up.

“Ohhh Baba ! Fuck my choot! Ohhh god why are you teasing me? I drank your juice and now you have to fuck me. Ohhh your lund is hard again, Baba! Now fuck me! Let me do it and you just lie down. I want to sit on your hard lund and rub it deep inside my choot. Ohhh god!”

“Seemu! Yes you did it! You made my lund hard again. For the first time in 20 years I am hard again in 18-18 minutes of time. Great miracle and thanks to you for that Seemu! I want to enjoy everything with you now.

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   I will lick your choot and chew your clit. That way I can return the pleasure your mouth gave my lund. Place your choot on my mouth Seema. ”

                    Ohhh god! FIL was going to lick my slit! Ahhhhhhh his expert tongue will play with my love hole! I was excited! My husband Sunil had hardly given any consideration to oral sex. He never had licked me down there. How I wanted to feel the tongue of my FIL on my choot! I forgot everything and climbed on the bed. I stood over FIL’s face and spread my legs. He was looking directly into my choot. He extended his hand and caught my beautiful ass. He caught the ass cheeks and kneaded them. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Jeevan! What a feeling to stand there and so near to my FIL’s mouth. FIL then rubbed his hand all over my choot. Since my choot was wet and leaking his hand was also wetted with my choot raas. He licked his hand and smiled at me.

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   I was a dead bird!                 I lowered my ass onto his waiting face and he supported me with his own hands. I sort of squatted above his face and urged him to lick my hole.

“Baba! Lick my choot! I want to feel your tongue inside the choot and make it silly with lust and then I want you to suck on my clit and make me cum right into your mouth. Drink all my juice, choot raas and bless me with your lund! Ohh god lick my choot!”

          FIL kissed my choot and blessed it with his experience. Then he took his tongue out and started to trail it all along my slit. I felt I was virgin again and being loved for the first time. He searched each and every part of my anatomy and then his lips caught my labia. He sucked the loose fleshy labia right into his mouth and chewed on it. Ohh god! It felt as if he was going to turn my choot inside out. Then he put his teeth on the fleshy skin and bit lightly. I was in heaven for ‘n’ th time! He bit it and sucked on it! Oh god! My ass moved in anticipation and so did his mouth. His mouth never left my choot and he continued to suck on it. Then he placed his hands on either side of my choot and spread it.

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   Now my choot was naked before him to do anything he wanted.           FIL opened his mouth as if he was going to swallow all of my choot, but he pushed my ass down with his hands and literally made me sit on his mouth. His mouth was now glued to my choot and his tongue entered the choot hole. I felt the fleshy tongue crawl in my choot and god! It tickled. I did not know my choot was so sensitive that it tickled as he ran his tongue all along the walls of my vagina. My choot muscles moved and tried to hold his tongue as it caressed me inside. FIL had nice long tongue and he could use it! That was important. FIL was licking my choot like he loved the taste of it and I was tasty down there! FIL then straightened his tongue and started to jab it in and out of my choot hole. Ohhhh! He was tongue fucking me!

It felt like small spongy lund fucking me! I don’t know how to describe it but really it felt nice. (Ladies ask your FIL to do this to you, can you??) I moved my ass to meet his rhythm and then I came! I flooded my FIL’s mouth with my womanly juice and he licked it. His tongue expertly lapped all the juice my choot was offering him. Then he tickled my clit with the tip of his tongue and my whole body shivered! Ohhhh! He was doing it lightly and that made me jump. (The clitoral stimulation has to be light or else you don’t feel any pleasure). He then put flat of his tongue on the clit and licked slowly.

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   I felt like I was going to die of too much pleasure. Then he did most beautiful thing that made me cum. He caught my clit in his lips and rubbed it fast. Ohhhh I could not bear this and I knew I was coming! Ohhhh godddd! I was ccominniiiinnnnnnngggggggg!

My body felt loose and I had to lie down. I lay prone on my FIL’s body with my mouth towards his lund.

           Ohh the monster was just near my mouth! I held FIL’s lund and kissed it. I really worshipped the lund! It was my center of attraction and everything to me. I moved it all along my lips and then nose. Ohhhhhhhhhhh hot rod! I moved his lund all over my face caressing my cheeks and then my temple! Ohhhhhhhhhhh I had never before did this, not even to my husband!

“Seemu! You love this lund so much? You are making me cum again! Ohh god! You little nymph! Rub your body on my lund and your body be blessed with lots of such erotic moments and sexual satisfaction. OHHHHHHH! Seema! My god! You made me feel lot younger!”

        I continued to rub his lund over my hair and then my ears! Ohhhh god! I never thought that our ears are so sensitive. As I rubbed FIL’s lund on my ear lobes it made me feel really hot. My ear lobes became hot, as blood rushed there to convey the pleasurable feelings to the brain and in my case heart too! Ohhhh God! I thank you for making such a wonderful body!       I then rubbed it on my neck and again I had same feeling. Was it the blood that was in the lund to keep it hard OR was it my heart that pumped the blood so fast? No answer for this, readers! NOW I had to have that big hard lund in my choot. Enough of foreplay! Ohhhh! I was so hot!        I turned my face to my FIL and kissed him full on the lips.

That was the first kiss ( if you have kept the track of incidences) between FIL and me.

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   He opened his mouth and allowed my tongue to probe in. High electric current was flowing throughout my body and I pushed my tongue to meet that of my FIL. Our tongues met and tickled each other. My FIL had his hand around me and he was pulling me to him as we kissed. Our bodies mashed together and my breasts rubbed over my FIL’s hairy chest. I moved my chest so that my big breastsa rubbed on FIL’s chest and then I too slid my hand on his back. Ohh there were lots of hair on FIL’s back that I had not seen but felt now. I caress his back and then pressed the lower side of my body, belly and aall, to his. I felt his hard lund pressing into me and I very much wanted to take it now.

“ Seemu! Lower your choot and take my hard lund in your body. You love to climb and fuck don’t you? So go ahead and be my guest. Fuck my lund!”

“Yes Baba I want that big hard lund of yours in my choot! I am your DIL and you are my FIL but still we fuck! It’s a beautiful sin! Come on Baba, fuck me! Here let me take that monster in my poor choot. Ohhhh god! Do it slow! You have bigger lund than Sunil’s so take me slow and fuck me hard!”

      I lowered my choot on FIL’s waiting lund. Ohhhh FIL’s lund touched my choot and I had to move my ass to take him into my hole. FIL’s lund entered my choot easily as it was very wet and I did not feel any pain though his lund was bigger than Sunil’s.


   my choot was stretched by his lund and I slowly adjusted to his size. Then I slid my body on my FIL’s and started to move it to and fro, slowly fucking FIL’s lund. My breasts too rubbed on FIL’s chest and that made my nipples grow. This is the position I like. I can rub my breasts on his chest whenever I wanted.          I lifted my ass and then lowered it. Then I established a slow rhythm and fucked my FIL. Then FIL caught my face and kissed me hard. Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! fuck! This was wonderful, kissing while fucking, doubles the pleasure. We both kissed and I continued to fuck FIL. Slow and steady, just the way he had fucked me when I was asleep (?). FIL’s lund was touching my cervix and rubbing the entire vagina making me mad with sensations. I pressed my pelvis onto FIL’s crotch and lying prone over FIL’s body, I rubbed my clit softly. Oohhhhh waves of pleasure passed through my body. It was double pleasure, clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal.

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   I slowly increased my speed and FIL too started to fuck me from below. His ass moved up and down sending his lund deep into my vagina and making me mad. Then FIL turned me around and pushed his lund from behind. Now he took the charge of fucking me!As he pushed his lund from the back I moaned loudly,

   “ Ohhh Baba fuck me like I am bitch in heat! Ohhhhhhhh! This way the lund is going very deep! Ahhhhhahhhhahhh! Your balls are hitting my clitty! Ohh god! Great fucker you are! Come on tear my choot! Fuck hard!”

With this encouragement FIL started to jab his lund in and out at very fast pace. I knew he wont last longer this way and suddenly FIL pushed his lund all the way in and lay on my back. His lund made jerking movements and I felt hot sperm soray onto the walls of my vagina, deep inside. Ahhhhhhh ! I came instantly and lay on my stomach experiencing slow but intense orgasm. We both lay for some time there and enjoyed every moment of it. My FIL took his lund out of my choot and I saw that it was covered with our mixed juices and was shiny. His lund was still semi hard and I caught it and kissed it.                “ Come on Seema lick our mixed juices off my lund and then kiss me and share it with me. Wicked idea hu! Do it if you like to!”

“ Ohhhh Baba! How can I refuse? This is going to be nice experience to me. I like to experiment in sex so I will do it. I am sure I would love it!”

           I caught FIL’s lund in my hand and put my mouth to it. It was covered with sticky juices and as I lowered my mouth onto FIL’s lund I tasted the combined juices.

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   Ohhhh so nice ! this was really intoxicating and I loved it. I licked all the lund and then kissed my FIL. He hungrily scraped my mouth with his tongue and tasted his own sperm out of my choot. Our kiss continued for several minutes and we both were breathless for some time. Then it was over!I had to sleep that day without doing any work and FIL slept besides me. Readers, I was wife of FIL in the day time and wife of his son( Sunil) in the night! Double role! Great!Read more in next part. Part 5 ends






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