Me and my Father In law-4


ME and my Father In law-4

By Jeevan

Jeevan_1950@yahoo. com

                My FIL broke the ice and I felt relieved. It was a big problem for me to do that myself. Here he was standing next to my naked body, just getting out of big orgasm. I was really excited again with his lund jutting out, semi hard and waiting for my attention. . He looked at me and just smiled. It told me everything and as if he walked with me with just the smile. Ohhh god! I could not say anything but just leaned up and kneeled before him. I touched his feet and he said,
“ I should call you Seemu! That decreases the gap between us. Thanks you broke the ice. But please don’t make me wait now. Tell me what should I do for you? You are hero of my imagination and I enjoyed each and every moment of imagination with you. So let’s do it now in real life while we are awake. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything!”
“Seema! You really teased me a lot! That cinema hall incidence was best in my 59 yrs of life. I thought I was young again.

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   So you too can do anything to me. Anything you like and I won’t force something on you which you don’t like ok? Here I am waiting for you to do something, which you always dreamed or imagined. Come on!”
      That was like a real mature man! How could I have waited to this opportunity! I kneeled in front of my FIL and put my mouth to his 8-inch semi hard lund. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! It felt so nice to be near my FIL’s lund! I pushed my tongue out and started to lick the cock head (supada) of my FIL’s lund. It was nice and smooth and my tongue slipped easily over the smooth and soft flesh. I felt his semi hard lund getting hard as I licked his lund. I pushed my mouth over the cock and swallowed it. I wanted to feel it growing my mouth and fill the entire oral cavity. His lund twitched and started to grow big. I was feeling it! It was the first time any lund was growing in my mouth. (Ohhh I had just had my husbands lund and no others so its irony!) his lund grew and grew! Finally I had to adjust my mouth to keep it in there. It must have drank my juice and swelled. I cant say as I don’t know the mechanism of a cock growing. FIL felt thrilled with his sweet Seema sucking on his lund. He talked!
“Ohhh Seema! Suck my lund! Ohhh you are doing it so nice! You made me rock hard Seema, my sweet Seema! Now go ahead and suck it.


   Suck each and every inch of my sex. Make it hard and throbbing for you. OHHHH! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Come on take it in. chew it! Suck it! Bite it”
I was encouraged with these and put my mouth to my FIL’s lund. Ohhhhhh! I did not suck my husbands lund often but had done it occasionally. But this was something special and I was going to make FIL remember this to his lifetime. Ohhhhh! I took his cock out of my mouth and then just took his cock head in and sucked hard over it. I felt it swell within my mouth and leak some sweet juice, precum! I licked it and tasted it for the first time. I took his lund out of my mouth and just held it and then pressed it hard. Ohhhhh! 3-4 drops of precum leaked out. I put my finger to his piss hole and spread the juice over the cock head. I made it very slippery and then looking at my FIL I licked the finger seductively. He saw me do this and bending forward he caught my breasts. Ohhh god! FIL was holding my breasts! That itself was sensational.
I had to say something,
“Ohhh Seemu! You have such a nice lund.

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   So big and so hard! Ohhhh Seemu! Hold my breasts while I suck your lund. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Press them! Knead them. Ohhh God! I want to drink your precious cum so don’t hesitate to shoot it right in my mouth. I am cumming just with you kneading my boobs! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! ohhh Seemu!”
“Ohhhhhhh Seema! Suck on my lund hard! Its such a long time I am having my lund sucked. Ohhhh god! Suck it Seema! Ohhhhh Seema! You are great! You suck it so nice, tease me so much! Ahhh I like it when you tease me. I must have jacked off 20 times when you last teased me while changing in your room. Ahhhhhhhhh so nice! Seeeeeemmmuuuu darling!”
His calling me Seema felt so nice. I pushed my mouth over his lund again, tightening my lips so that his lund felt the pressure of my soft lips. My mouth felt full and I had to open it wide to engulf my FIL’s monster. I loved every moment of this and sucked in more. I had taken just 3 inches of FIL’s lund inside my mouth. I held his lund with my hand at the base and started to mouth fuck him, pushing my mouth over the length of it and then taking it out. That way I could feel his Lund sliding into my mouth and fucking it. It scraped every inch of my oral cavity. I drank every drop of the precum he was leaking in my mouth.

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   It was making me very hot. I felt my choot wet, no flowing with juice. I even felt it wet me outside, between my thighs. I released the grip on his lund and without touching his lund lowered my mouth down over it. FIL’s lund slid into my mouth with ease and I never imagined I would take it that far. His body was shaking and he was breathing fast. Then I felt his knees go weak and he had to do efforts standing there when I sucked him. I removed my mouth from his lund and said,
“Ohhhh Seemu! You are tired. Come on lie down on the bed. Lie on the side with your legs spread and I will do the work. Come on Seemu! Let your Bahu pleasure you. You are a real man! And I want every inch of your monster in my mouth. ”
With this my FIL sat on the edge of my bed, which I share with his son. He sat comfortably and I kneeled before him and took his lund in my mouth. I was his slave! His lund throbbed in my mouth and I sucked it in.

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   I don’t know what had happened to me I took whatever of his lund slid in my mouth. It was not all the eight inches, but I had 5-6 inches in my mouth. I gagged! I coughed! But I had to swallow all of his lund. Yes I had to! Dear readers it’s difficult to take that much lund inside mouth but I wanted to show him that I was his! I was his slave! I was his bahu! I was his beloved Seema! I made efforts and took another 1 inch inside. His cockhead touched my throat and I had to make efforts to keep on sucking him. My FIL was in heaven! He was moving his ass and fucking my mouth. Ohhh god! What was I doing? Sucking my own Father in law! Yes! He was my dream! He was my god! He was everything to me.
I did not want him to cum in my mouth so soon. So I decreased my sucking movements and caught his balls in my palm. I weighed the sperm sac and then pressed the two testicles lightly. Ohhhhhhh. He moaned with lust.
“ Ohhhhhhh Seema! Suck my balls! Push out my sperm into my cock! I want you to drink all of this. Ohhh Suck on my balls! Chew them!”
I did what he told me. I took one of his balls in my mouth and sucked it.

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   I felt the hot ball roll inside and then I took the other one at the same time. Ohhh the two balls played games inside my mouth and I just let them! I was now chewing FIL’s balls and bit one. Ohh he moaned “ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Seemau”!
I then slid up and brought my breasts in line with FIL’s lund. I was going to caress his lund with my soft breasts! He sensed this and smiled at me, “Ohh Seema! You are going to breast fuck me? Ohhhh so nice! I just cant imagine this. My wife never did this. But I saw this in blue films. So I am getting my lund breast fucked by my Bahu! Ohh Seema! Do it!”
I caught both of my breasts with my hands and placed the fleshy melons on FIL’s lund. Then I engulfed his lund into the vally between my breasts and pressed my breasts on it. I looked and saaw that his lund was totally engulfed in the fleshy globes. Ohhhhh! This was really kinky, Jeevan. I have never did this before. The cock felt nice as it dug into the sides of my breasts. Then I started up and down motion of my breasts with my hands and FIL literally fainted! The precum now spread over the smooth skin of my breasts and lubricated it. FIL’s lund slid in the vally easily and it must have been very nice for him toooo!
“ Ohhh Seema! What are you doing? Your soft breasts are fucking my lund! Rub them on my lund Seema! Fuck it”
“yes Seemu! I want to pleasure you. I want to make you happy.

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   I am glad that I could make both father and son happy by offering my body. Ohh I am so lucky! I hope one day you both would fuck me, father and son together! WOW that would be the happiest day in my life. ”
“ Sunil wont like to share you with me Seema! “
“ No Seemu! We talk about other men fucking me while we have sex. He loves that! He becomes hard instantaneously when I talk to him that my choot is being fucked by his friends, and other men. We both love it!”
“ Ohh then that’s easy! Just tell him once when you both fuck. ”
YES Seemu! I want you and your lund! Ahhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! I am cumming!”
And with that my ass swayed and body shivered. My choot jerked out some juice and it tickled down my thighs. I stopped for some time and relaxed to overcome the pleasure of cumming with my FIL’s lund in between my breasts! That is sex! Not just fucking but pure sex. Sex variation of wicked kind. I loved it!

END of part 4!





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