Me and my Father In law-12


Me and my Father In law–12
By Jeevan  jeevan_1950@yahoo. com

                         Saying so I signalled Sujata and we both brought our mouths to FIL’s Lund. We pushed our tongues out and licked our FIL’s ramrod all over. FIL pushed his ass up and spread his legs for us. I then took his cock head in my mouth and moved my mouth around it. The knob moved inside my mouth and tickled it all over. I took my mouth off and offered his lund to Sujata. Sujata opened her mouth and took his lund in her mouth, showing she was greedy! She swallowed his lund as much as she could. Ohhh the slut took almost 5 inches of FIL’s lund in one gulp. Her mouth looked swollen with his lund and as she moved it up and down over it her short trimmed hair fell forward, hiding her face. She looked like sex goddess. I kissed her hair and smelled n the exotic aroma. This made my choot flow with sex juices and I bent down and took his balls in my mouth. The two balls filled my mouth completely and I moved my tongue and they rolled inside my mouth.                

                  Ohhhhhhhhh! I had to have HIM! Sujata was busy sucking FIL’s rod and she expertly moved her mouth over the entire lund. I spilled the balls and watched closely.

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   Sujata had taken down almost 7 inches of his lund and I could see her throat muscles moving. I was afraid that FIL would cum in her mouth and I did not want that. First he wasted his sperm on Sujata’s breasts and now in her mouth. No.
                 I told Sujata that we should not allow him to cum outside our choots. And I wanted Sujata to take all his spunk in her choot and get pregnant with his seed. I pushed Sujata off FIL’s lund and told her that we should now fuck him. She agreed.
“Seema you are the elder Bahu and it’s your right to take him first. Just let me know when he is cumming and I shall take his lund in my choot. Go on ride him! Fuck his lund Seema. ”
                   I eagerly climbed over the lap of my FIL and facing him lowered my choot over his hard and solid lund. Sujata guided his lund to my choot and in went his lund, deep in my choot. Sujata squatted down and licked my choot from behind, and in the process licked the lower side of FIL’s lund. Sujata’s tongue touched my asshole and she licked it, tickling me there.

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   Ohhhhhhh this double pleasure made me mad with lust and I rode my FIL’s lund faster. His lund fucked my choot smoothly and wet sounds could be heard all over in the room. Phhhhhhhch! Phachhhhhh! That was fucking! I spread my knees and took my FIL deeper in my choot. his lund touched my cervix!
                “ Seema! Fuck him! Ride him! ride his lund! Ohhh god! I love to watch you fucking him. Ohhh the way your boobs move! And your ass! Ohhh god! Come on Seema fuck him! Here let me rub my breasts on your back. ”
                   Saying so, Sujata stood up and rubbed her breasts on my back. Her body moved as she did this and the solid flesh caressed my back and the hard nipples poked everywhere. Sujata then caught my breasts as they moved with the fucking motion. Sujata’s hands felt wonderful over my erogenous zones. I knew we both would continue the game and be a partners in sexual adventures in future. I was cumming! I lifted myself and sat on FIL’s lund, taking him deep within me as I came! My body went limp as usual and my hands wound around my FIL’s neck. He kissed me as I came. My choot flowed juice and made our crotches wet.
     Sujata watched me cum and immediately without losing any time pulled me off FIL’s lund.
            “Ohhh Seema! I am sorry! But I have to have FIL’s lund in my choot.

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   Ohhh god I am dying to feel it inside. Ohhh Baba! Fuck me from behind! like a dog fucking a bitch in heat. That way you can put your sperm deep inside my choot. Seema help us fuck darling!”
                  I lifted my FIL and made Sujata bend with her hands resting on the couch. Her solid breasts dangled down swaying with every movement. I caressed her ass cheeks and opened her choot with my fingers. I showed my FIL how dripping her choot was.
“Come on Baba! Fuck Sujata! Make her pregnant with your sperm. Ohhhhhhhhh ram your lund in her choot from behind while I lick your fucking lund from below. FUCK her!”
                         I sat down facing Sujata’s choot and with the other hand I put his lund in Sujata’s choot. it went in easily as Sujata’s choot was loose. FIL’s lund went up to the hilt and Sujata moved her ass to adjust this 9-inch rod inside her choot. I watched as HIS lund fucked in and out of the choot of Sujata and I put my mouth to the junction, feeling FIL’s lund rub past my mouth into the choot. I put my hands on Sujata’s thighs and licked her choot. I found her hard clitoris and caressed it with my tongue.

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   Sujata was mad with lust and moved her choot on my tongue faster, and that made her fuck FIL fast! Ohh god! That slut was good at fucking. She maintained the thrust of her hips on FIL’s lund in a steady pace. Fast and then slow. FIL was holding her ass cheeks as he always held mine. I was feeling FIL fuck Sujata right on my tongue. Sujata was now licking my choot and pleasuring me.

                    We three were enjoying the real sex and I wonder how we did this.
Suddenly Sujata moaned that she was cumming and moved her ass frantically in an effort to fuck as fast as she could. FIL was not aware of this aspect of Sujata’s fucking and was taken by surprise. Sujata’s choot must have tightened around his lund and started to milk him. I just guessed and it was correct. I could feel Sujata’s tongue in my choot vibrate and then going limp and at the same time her entire belly spasmed with the strong orgasm she was experiencing. Ohhhhhhhhhh! FIL pushed his lund deep in Sujata’s choot and came. His sperm must have reached her cervix and Sujata was satisfied that he had deposited his sperm in her womb, to make her pregnant.
                 I made Sujata lay on her back with her legs up and put a pillow below her ass.

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   I did not take out FIL’s sperm from Sujata’s choot by licking her, as I wanted to allow the sperm to reach her uterus and fertilize the ovum inside.

                    Jeevan! You made my life change from ordinary housewife to a slut! I had the sexual desires but could not express them openly to anybody. But you really opened me up and now I am very happy and enjoy my sex life very much. Now I have a new partner! The younger Bahu, Sujata.
                   After Father In law fucked her she is always after him. That makes me somewhat jealous but I want them to enjoy. FIL loves the young body of his youngest Bahu and I want him to fuck her choot. I am in love with her too! May be I am bisexual. The feel of her body against mine makes me hot. I love sucking her choot and licking her all over. I love when she licks my choot. YES I am bisexual!
                     This all affected my dressing habits. I am now wearing the sari tightly around my body. I wear low-cut blouses and that too semi transparent. The blouse has deep cut in front as well as at the back, showing my sexy breasts and back.

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   I started putting on darkish lipstick and that changed my looks entirely. I now wore high heels and that made my ass move and jiggle. Sujata taught me how to walk with grace and look sexier. She herself always dressed in sexy manner and attracted every male attention. In short I took more efforts on my looks than before.
                   FIL never left any chance to flirt with me and we fucked whenever we got chance. Then one day FIL told me that his friends were coming in for playing bridge in the evening. I was happy! This was the opportunity for me to entertain FIL’s friends and make him happy. I thought he should feel proud of his Bahu and I was determined to make it success. Fil had told my Mother in law that his friends would be coming for playing bridge and MIL hated to serve them. She told that she would go for a movie tonight and that he should serve his boring friends. I knew MIL hated this bridge game.     That was good enough for me!
                   That day FIL told me to get ready for welcoming his friends. He told me to wear lemon yellow silk sari and matching blouse. Now that was the opportunity I would never lose!
                  “Baba! Why don’t you stay near me when I dress? Then I will dress as per your wishes.

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                 Baba agreed! I wanted to sneak some sex as I dressed and I was glad baba accepted my offer. I went to my room and took out the silk sari he had asked me to wear. Then I took out matching blouse and started to remove the sari I was wearing. FIL sat on the bed and watched me. I slowly removed my sari and moved around as I did it. My FIL looked at my body from every angle possible and I could see his bulge growing. I threw the sari on the bed to FIL. FIL caught it and started to sniff it. Ohhh he was smelling my body off the sari! His nostrils flared, as he smelled it deeply. He must have got the smell of my choot somewhere and his eyes lit.
          “Seema! Are you always wet? I can smell your juice on your sari! “
          “Yes Baba! Your Bahu is always hot for you! You have made me mad with your lund. I always dream of your big hard lund, even when your son fucks me. Ohhh Baba what have you done to me? Now Sujata also remembers you often! You have spoiled her too. ”
         “Beti! It’s just that I showed you two what you were missing all these days. ”    

      Nothing else! This way we can keep everything in the family.

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   Come on remove that blouse and get ready! They would be coming soon”
                      I turned away from me and asked him to remove the hooks on my blouse that were on the backside. He came near me and stood with his lund touching my buttocks. I felt the hard thing poke into my ass cheeks and pushed myself on it. FIL understood this and started to remove the hooks, pressing his Lund harder in to my flesh. FIL removed the hooks and then my blouse. My naked breasts sprang free and he held them in his palms, kneading them and playing with them. I had to have him!

End of part 12

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