Me and Mom



Mom took a step and a half toward me, clicking her stiletto heels on the tiles as she approached. She brought her face close to mine and gave me a warm kiss on the cheek. "You're a good son, Tommy. " I could tell she was riding a psychic high from the excitement of the theater and probably knowing in her own mind how sexy she looked tonight.


I put my empty arm around her waist. We were face to face, inches apart. Her scarlet lips closed then parted slightly and I kissed her. Simultaneously, we both put our wine glasses on the countertop with twin clinks and pressed into each other, turning the exploratory kiss into something deeper. When our mouths opened to accept each other's tongues, we held each other tight and I let my right hand cup the soft roundness of her ass through the tight dress material. Mom made a soft whimpering noise as we escalated the kiss to something between romance and lust.


Mom pulled back a little and broke the kiss. She turned her head down and away from me. "Don't, Tommy. " she said softly.


And now I felt like a character in a million movies when I lightly touched the tip of her chin, bringing her face back to mine and kissed her again. I could feel whatever resistance she harbored fly out of her mind and body when we began our second hot kissing embrace, this time with our hands on each other's bodies and our mouths on fire, letting it scorch us on a no-return journey to a different form of love.

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But Mom broke the kiss again and looked away. "It's not right, it's not right. " she said in a small voice. But I could sense this was just the lingering hold of conventionality over her thoughts.


I took her body strong in my arms. I didn't kiss her again. That was too easy. I got her to look me straight in the eye again as I held her firmly. Our eyes were locked. I felt Mom's arms move on my back as I stared at her. I felt her relax in my arms. I saw two small tears well in the corner of her eyes. She fell toward me so I was supporting her. I kissed her neck softly. She gripped me a little stronger.

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   "Tommy. " she whispered as she went weak in my arms. "We shouldn't. " she said into my shoulder as I held her.


I continued to kiss her neck, letting my tongue run on the soft skin below her ear. I could feel her responding again as I kissed her neck. When I once again put my hands over her ass and gently rubbed the soft globes under the dress, she responded a little more. She reached up to kiss my neck in the same way, licking me and audibly cooing as we toyed with each other.


"Let's go upstairs. " she suddenly said in a resilient voice. She broke away from my hands and grabbed her changing bag. I held myself silent as I took her hand and walked us to the stairs, my heart pounding in my ears as I processed what was unfolding and what it meant. At the top of the landing, she coughed a small laugh and said, "Let me freshen up, baby. "


I went to her bedroom and got undressed and slipped into Mom's bed with just the bedsheet covering me. My mind was racing and taking the last measure of what we were about to embark upon.

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   I tried not to let the images of Mom from my c***dhood or adolescence cloud my desire. I concentrated on Mom the way I knew her tonight and only tonight. I fought the urge to touch my manhood, afraid of losing everything before she returned. It seemed an eternity: the sound of running water in the bathroom, the indefinte sound traces of her preparations, the silent dread she might decide not to go through with our encounter. Then suddenly, she was in the bedroom doorway.


Mom climbed on the bed knees first and began slinking toward me. She looked at me with a mischievous smile. "Yeah, let's do this. " she said in her straight-on Mom's voice. "That's my girl. " I said in my own voice as I grabbed her forward-leaning arms and pulled her onto me. .


The sexy dress Mom had worn during the play was not low-cut so I had hardly noticed Mom's bustline before. But now, in the bustier, her breasts were cupped into two nice mounds of creamy flesh. I cupped them and let my hands take in the sensation of their mass and softness.

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   She slinked forward a little more so that her pushed-together breasts were right in front of my face. I pushed my face into her softness and breathed in the soft perfume scent from her cleavage.  


I stretched my arms down her sides so I could hold her hips while I let her bosom cover my face. The feel of her fishnet tights stretched across her hips and derriere was sending lightning bolts through my head and body. I let one of my hands slide down the center of her ass to touch her pussy, covered in a layer of fishnet and sheer panty. When I rubbed that spot, Mom sighed and whispered, "Ohhhhhhhhh, that's nice. "


I rolled her on her side and kissed her mouth but never removed my hand from her pussy.

Mom's kisses were now even more fervent and I could feel her really pressing her body and her face into me as we soul-kissed while I handled her pussy through the fishnet material. She broke the kiss and shook the platinum bangs away from her eyes, looked deep into my eyes, and kissed me even harder than before. And now I could feel her rotating her hips so that her pussy was moving in my hand as much as my hand was moving on her pussy. Mom shivered and went still for a moment. "Mmmmm, don't stop, honey. " she moaned.  


I pulled down the bustier to expose Mom's lovely breasts and buried my face in them again. Mom had perfectly round light brown areolae and stiff nipples that invited me to lick and suck while she offered them to me, all while I continued to handle her pussy.

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   It was all I could do to keep my cock separated from her beneath the bedsheet so friction wouldn't f***e me into an untimely orgasm. My senses were goading me to come while my head fought to maintain control.


Mom sat up unexpectedly, wrapped her arms behind her torso and unclasped the hooks holding the bustier around her body. She tossed the useless bustier to the floor. Now she was topless and exposed to me. Her breasts were even bigger exposed in full than they appeared in the push-up bustier top. Their heft had dropped a few inches but the mass of naked bosom was even larger and more exciting now that they were free. Where had I been when she had grown this busty?, I wondered. I always knew Mom was attractive but I had never noticed her as a lover would before tonight.  


All those years living at home, and visiting from college, trying to bed girls and women my own age whom I thought had nice racks. . . and this was right in front of me all the time. Mom was frantically grabbing at the bedsheet that covered me to toss it aside and expose me. I playfully held the sheet to thwart her attempt to uncover me.

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   We laughed as we tussled with the sheet. Mom's boobs swung freely and her soft tummy made a graceful arc over the top of the waistband of her fishnet tights as we wrestled around. She threw up her arms and laughed heartily as she yelled at me, "Tommy, come on! Don't fight me, sweetheart. "


I acquiesced and let the sheet pull away from me when she tugged it one more time in a squeal of triumph. After the sheet fluttered to the floor, she looked down at me. "Oh, sweetie, is that for me?" she said in a dead serious voice, looking at my engorged cock pointed towards my navel. She dipped down and kissed me again on the lips and now I could feel my cock make contact with her warm torso as we kissed. I once again had to concentrate so that I didn't explode in a wasteful mess while she lowered her body onto my naked flesh. When she got her hand between our bodies and encircled my cock, I was sure it was all over for me but she just gripped me without stroking me and it seemed to calm my nerves past the critical point.


She rolled off to my side and moved down the length of me so that her face was only several inches from my cock. I watched her as she pointed it slightly toward her and gracefully took me in her mouth. I groaned from the physical pleasure of her warm mouth and the visual turn-on of watching her carefully suck my cock. Somehow, I was able to keep myself together and not blast my load prematurely as Mom sucked my cock.  


My subconscious seemed to be telling me that much more was yet to come before this night was over and my body relaxed to enjoy the ride, even when Mom went deep on me and came up to catch her breath with a sighing groan before going back down on me. When she brought her lips up my length and released my cock, she looked up at me between the wild strands of the platinum Monroe wig.

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   Her eyes held a question behind them. I nodded imperceptibly and gave my own silent answer.


I rolled on top of her and contemplated how to proceed. I was torn emotionally by Mom's fishnets because I loved the feel of the texture on her thighs and pussy yet I knew that they presented a barrier to the ultimate prize of her. I raised one of her legs and slipped off the stiletto pump, repeating the exercise with her other leg, this time kissing the top of her fishnet-covered ankle. Then I began to pull the fishnets carefully off her waist and thighs but she reached down and quickly rolled them off her legs, pushing them to the floor with one bare foot. Now she reclined, head on pillow, wearing only the sheer black panties.


My eyes were drawn to the triangle of the tiny sheer panties. Under the gossamer black material I saw her wispy pubic hair. A few inches lower, I could see the soft lips of her pussy pressed against the sheer panties. The sheer material was darker and damp in the crevice of her pussy. I lowered my face to the panty and laid my cheek atop her pubic area. I laid a hand on one of her thighs, slowly bringing it back to the same place where I had been rubbing her pussy since we fell onto the bed together.  


Mom breathed heavily and moaned when I made contact with her pussy again. She parted her thighs ever so slightly and I put my face right on top of the panty where it covered her labia.

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   I took a deep breath and could smell Mom's sex. The musky scent went right to my head and I felt my cock throb as it dangled somewhere between our bodies.


Mom, I wanna. . . " I whispered as I gently tugged the panty down to expose her.


Mom raised her hips from the bed and let me take the delicate panty down her legs, raising them so I could easily pull them over her pointed toes. I flicked the sheer panty aside and stared straight down at her pussy situated below her soft tummy and between her snow white thighs. I gently pushed her legs apart and lowered my face to that magnificent triangle. She rolled back ever so slightly so that my face was aimed straight at her glistening pussy.  


I lowered my face to her and began to lick the undulating curves of her vaginal lips and breathe in her scent. My mind was reeling at the physical sensation of eating a gorgeous pussy and the even deeper psychic turn-on knowing this was my own mother whose pussy I was tasting for the first time in our twenty-three years of familial bond. I tongue-searched for her clitoris and upon finding it, centered my attention to it. Mom responded with a small thrashing around on the bed and some sibilant noises escaping her open mouth. She seemed to be into my oral efforts but when I looked up at her, despite my earnest licking on her secret spot, she appeared to my eyes more like a woman who wanted to be fucked than orally pleasured.

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When I got up on all fours and left her pussy, Mom seemed to come alive from a waking dream, aware of what we were about to do. She raised and spread her legs to encompass my biceps. I advanced forward, my hand guiding my cock to her center. Our eyes met at the moment when I made contact with her. "Tommy, yes. " she breathed between her lips.


With the slightest movement forward, I seemed to slide into Mom effortlessly until she had received all I had to offer. I groaned in an embarrassingly loud way while drawing out the word "fuck!" and Mom made an inverted whistling noise as I buried myself deep into her moistness. Mom's head turned sideways on the pillow when I had reached the zenith of my penetration. I saw the thick vein in her neck and lowered my head to kiss her there while I withdrew and plunged again into her sweet center.


From there it was pure lust as I fucked my mother and she responded with her own movements and sounds. I buried my cock in her and withdrew, buried and withdrew, buried and withdrew. . . as we lost ourselves in the lovemaking.

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   "Tommy," she said "I needed this so bad tonight. " I knew exactly what she meant. She pulled off her platinum wig and dropped it off the side of the bed. She reached her bare arms up and tousled her natural auburn hair with both hands while I continued pumping into her.  


Whatever pretense there had been with her stage play character was gone now. If Mom looked beautiful and sexy earlier with the wig, her tight dress, and her lingerie, she was even more beautiful to me now. I let my eyes roam from her sexily disheveled auburn hair, to her dreamy, heavy-lidded eyes, the invitingly scarlet lips, and finally lower to her heavy breasts and hard nipples. She smiled up at me and held my torso and pulled me into her. I kissed her and kept fucking with all my strength and, yes, the love I had for her.


When Mom reached a hand up to touch my cheek and smile at me in the middle of a deep plunge, I lost it and began throbbing my orgasm into her while we looked into each others' eyes. I finally collapsed on top of her and she wrapped her arms across my back. Mom seemed to relax her body with me still inside her and exhaled a laugh and cry at the same time. For the second time tonight I saw small tears at the corner of her eyes. For a moment, I was afraid they were tears of regret. .


  . but I was mistaken.