Me and Mitch: Part IV


(Make sure to read the first 3 parts) 

Part IV


After a while the three of us woke up, and decided to get cleaned up. Kasey decided she wanted a little time to herself so she went to one of the bathrooms by herself, and Mitch and I went to the one in my parents room. They had a nice large shower enclosure that easily fit 2 people. I turned the water on nice and hot and climbed in with Mitch following me in. We talked about what happened as we started cleaning ourselves.


"Holy shit man. That was incredible," Mitch said.

"I know. When Kasey caught us I thought we were pretty much dead. I can't believe she's into this," I replied.

"No kidding! I can't believe she sucked your cock man. I mean, she's your sister. Didn't it seem kind of weird?" he asked.

"Not really. I was so into the moment that when I looked down and saw my cock in her mouth I just went with it. Not gonna lie either man.

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   It might be weird, but if Kasey is willing I'm going to fuck her too," I said.

"Hey, I don't blame you man. If she was my sister I'd be fucking her daily, regardless of our relationship," he said.


I noticed that with all of our talking Mitch's cock had to come to full attention. I was getting a little horny myself so I grabbed the soap and lubed my hands up nicely, then reached out and started stroking his cock.


"Oh man, you read my mind," he said.

"What can I say. I don't want to leave a friend in need. Besides I figured you could use a little extra wash," I replied with a smirk.


I took long slow strokes with my right hand, feeling every inch of his hardness. I made sure to grip his cock nice and firmly. I wanted him to feel like his cock was sliding through a soft, slick vice. As he leaned his head back and moaned I took his balls in my left hand and massaged them gently. Once I got him good and ready I used his cock to turn him toward the shower spray. I made sure to get all the soap off his cock and balls.

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   Then I lowerd myself to my knees and once again slid his beautiful cock between my lips and into my mouth. What can I say? By that point, I'd pretty much become an addict for giving blowjobs. I just loved the sensation of his rock hard, yet soft to the touch manhood sliding in my mouth and down my throat. All I could think about was getting him off. With each upstroke I twirled my tongue around the head and gently tugged on his balls. After a while I took his cock in my hand and continued to stroke it as I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. I lightly tongued it as I applied constant suction all around.


"Oh my god man. That's awesome. I don't think I'm going to last a whole lot longer," he said.


I switched to his other ball making sure not to leave it out. After a few minutes of that I could tell he was getting very close. I didn't want to miss his load so I went back to sucking his cock. At this point I wasn't going slow anymore. I was sucking his rock hard member as hard and as fast as I could.

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   I kept constant pressure on the underside with my tongue. All of a sudden I felt his whole body tense, and he grabbed my head. His cock erupted in my mouth. I was shocked at how much cum he still had in him. It filled my mouth quickly, but I didn't want to waste a drop so I started swallowing as quickly as I could. I was so turned on by the feeling of his cum sliding down my throat and filling my stomach. I just wanted to suck him all day long. Finally his cock stopped twitching, and he leaned back against the shower wall.


"Goddamn Pete! You're a fucking amazing cocksucker. I can barely stand after that," he said.

"Thanks. I guess I'm really getting in to it," I replied.

"Yeah, looks like it. Gimme a sec to recover, and I'll return the favor," he replied.


Just then the hot water ran out though, and we had to hurry out.

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   I told him not to worry about it for now. I was getting hungry. We still had plenty of time later. Besides I wanted to see what Kasey was up to. I was bound and determined to get my cock into my sisters hot, wet pussy before this day ended. So, we climbed out of the shower and dried off. Once again, we didn't bother to put on any clothes, and we just went downstairs to see what Kasey was up to. When we got downstairs she was sitting on the couch, naked (much to our pleasure), reading a book. She looked up as we came down.


"There you guys are. I thought you were never coming out. Must have been a pretty good shower," she said with a wink.

"You have no idea," Mitch replied.

"Oh, I bet I do," she replied. "Anyway, Mitch, while you guys were 'showering' your mom called and said she needs you to come home for a few hours to do some stuff.

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"Damn, just as things were really getting good," he said.

"Don't worry man. We've still got plenty of time left to enjoy ourselves," I replied.


With that Mitch went home for a bit, and I plopped down on the couch next to Kasey. I turned on the TV and watched while she continued to read. After about half-an-hour she put her book down and turned to face me. It was obvious she wanted to talk, so I turned off the TV and turned toward her.


"I wanted to talk about what happened earlier," she said.

"Ok, what's up?" I replied.

"Well, I really enjoyed being a part of what you guys were doing. Never in a million years did I imagine I would ever be sucking my own brothers cock while he eats my pussy while he's getting fucked in the ass by his friend," she said.

"Yeah, I guess that probably wasn't what you expected to be doing this week," I replied with a smile.

"Yeah. Anyway, I wanted to discuss something else with you. I know I talked all tough when I caught you guys, but you need to know something.

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   I'm still a virgin," she said.

"Holy shit! Really? I thought you were all into sex and stuff," I said.

"Well, I guess technically I've done it with a few girl friends, but I've never had sex with a guy before. I really want to, and I want you to be my first," she said.

"Wow. Are you sure Kasey. I mean, I'd love to be your first, but I don't want you to feel like you have to. I want you to be absolutely sure," I said.

"I'm sure. I figure you'll make sure I enjoy it, and honestly the more I think about your hard cock filling my pussy with cum the hornier I get. I don't know how much longer I can stand it," she said.

"Well, just so you know, I've never been with a girl. So you'll be my first as well," I said.

"Really! That's great!" she replied.


With that we locked our eyes on eachother.

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   I couldn't believe this beautiful girl was sitting inches from me, naked and wanting to have sex with me. I couldn't contain my enthusiasm, and my cock stood straight up. She saw it and actually blushed a little. I leaned forward taking her head in my hand and kissed her on the lips. At first it was just a light kiss with our lips touching. Then we both applied a little more pressure. As our desire grew our lips opened and our tongues met for the first time. The kiss evolved into a passionate embrace of mouths and bodies. As we held each other tightly and kissed like it would be the last kiss either of us had I slowly leaned her back on the couch. As she leaned back she spread her knees apart so I could lie between them. I reached between our bodies and grabbed my cock and tried to find her hole. My inexperience showed, and I had some trouble. She reached down and helped me. As she guided the tip of my cock to her waiting pussy I broke our kiss and looked her in the eye.


"You sure you want to do this Kasey? There's no going back after this.

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   You will have lost your virginity to your brother" I said.

"I can't imagine a better way to lose it," she replied.


With that, the tip of my cock found her opening as she guided it forward. She was absolutely dripping wet. There was no problem sliding in. I slowly pushed forward. I couldn't believe I was about to have sex with a girl for the first time, and it was my beautiful sister. I was so hard it almost hurt. After sliding in a bit I felt the resistance of her hymen. She looked at me and nodded. I kissed her deeply as a pushed through. She winced a little but just wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in deeper. I slid all the way in, and we both exhaled. I savored the moment, relishing what we were doing. Then I slowly withdrew my cock and pushed it back in.

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   I locked eye contact with her and just gazed into her eyes as I slowly thrust in and out. Her pussy was incredibly tight. It gripped my cock perfectly while letting it slide effortlessly in and out. She was mesmerized by the feeling, as was I. She started breathing more heavily. Her chest started to flush. While thrusting I used my hand to lift her right breast up and sucked her nipple into my mouth. Her eyes flew open and she gasped in ecstasy as I sucked hard on her breast and flicked her nipple with my tongue. The whole time driving my cock faster with each stroke into her pussy. After just a few seconds of doing that her legs locked tightly around me.


"Oh god, Pete! I'm going to cum! Please don't stop. I need this so bad! I AAAHHHHH I'M GOOOOING TOOOOOO AAAHHHHHH CUUUUUUUUMMMMMM!"


With that her whole body was racked with uncontrolled spasms as the orgasm ripped through her body. I wasn't done though I kept thrusting harder and faster.


"Oh, HOLY SHIT! I think I'm about to have another one!" she exclaimed.

"Oh Kasey.

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   I'm really close too. " I replied.

"Please Pete! Cum with me! I want to feel you cum inside me" she screamed.


Her whole body almost seized up as her second orgasm, right on the heels of her first, tore through her. It also caused her pussy to clamp down like a vice on my cock. That was all I needed. It sent me over the edge!


"Oh, shit Kasey! HERE IT COMES!" I yelled.


What felt like gallons of come exploded out of the end of my cock filling her young pussy to the point of overflowing. I couldn't stop thrusting as more and more cum just kept coming. I was in absolute ecstasy. Kasey was just limp below me as I finished.


"Oh Pete. I've never felt anything so incredible. Thank you so much. You were amazing," she said.



"You were pretty incredible yourself. I'm really glad you caught us, or this might have never happened," I replied.


With that we just wrapped each other in a loving embrace and held each other. As I lay there holding her I couldn't help but imagine the possibilities for the rest of the week, let alone the future.


If this continues to be well received I'll keep writing. I've got at least two more parts in mind for this series.