Me and little sis. part1


waking one early morning by my mother, telling me to get up and get sorted. off to my nans house today! i totally forgot. a family thing i could not get out of. nearly 18 i know ill be bored.
i got up and reluctently went. 2pm n dinners ready, roast beef my favourite! i sat n enjoyed dinner as did every1 else. chilling out after every1 was letting it go down. mum n nan drifting off to sleep, dad having to go off to do some work. my lil sis being as annoying as ever, active and as noisey as ever!
mum says micky go play with ya sis, keep  her entertained. theres plenty of games upstairs etc. being pretty much 18 i cant be assed with her but to save arguement i leave the room. stopping by the kitchen, grabbing a few more beers. up stairs we go and sitting in my room watching tv, my sis starts asking questions about the beer. being only 18 she not susposed to drink, i give her some anyway to keep her sweet. after a beer or2 i notice shes abit tipsy. i laughing at her as she says silly things.

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   im quite tipsy myself so giggling away. she sits on the side of the bed and begins tiggling me. . both laughing away. . . mum shouts be quiet from downstaris!
we both go silent and look at each other, into each others eyes. . the next thing i know we are kissing passionatly. . momenteraly stopping she moves over me, leg either side n carrys on. i havent a clue what to think but i feel so horny for some reason. my cocks getting hard and i cant help myself! this is my sis ,this is so wrong! getting harder n harder she can feel me and begins rubbibg my cock on the outside of my jeans. it feels so good but i ask her what shes doing. .

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dont u want me she replys? what about them downstairs i say? b4 saying no this aint right your my lil sis!
dont u want ya lil sis to suck ya hard cock then?dont u wanna taste me and slide ya hard cock into my tight wet pussy?
b4 i had a chance to answer she carried on kissing me,down my neck as she moved down pushing up my shirt. kissing over my stomach, i could not resist, i needed it, a sudden rush and need of my sis came over me. b4 i knew it she had my cock out and was stroking my cock with her hand, mouth just above it,
lowering her head my cock slid into her mouth, her moving back n forth it feels so good! i cant help but to pull her round i begin to rub her crutch. wondering how hairy she is? i pull of her jeans with her help and pull her across over me. looking at her ass i cant wait to taste her sweet wet pussy. as i pull her thong to one side i raise my head and to my astonishment i c see she is shaven bald. this gets me going so i dive in and begin lapping away at her.
she is moaning away and im loving it! i dont care how wrong it is, im loving my sisters wet pussy! flicking at her clit and pushing my tounge deep into her i cant imagine how it feels to actually have my cock inside her. thats all thats on my mind.
    b4  i have any chance she turns round and tells me how much she wants me!
    i say nothing as she takes hold of my cock and drags it across the entrace to her wet whole, i take a deep breath as he lowers herself and my hard cock slides into her.
    what a feeling! my cock is in my little sisters pussy! as she rides back  n forth, pushing harder down onto me each time!
    it feels so good i can take no more! i turn round n flip her over. i begin pumping her hard from behind!!! her moans r getting louder n louder! im telling her to be quiet!
    after ruining her for ages i can take no more im bout to cum. . . seconds later i relise me cum deep into her.

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       as she lets out a last moan.
    im paranoid sum1 heard. as she stood up she said how muched she loved and that she can keep a secret if i can ;o)
    i will i replyed, ill look forward to the next time!x x