Me and Aunt Tess #4


The next day at breakfast, Dad told all that because today was the last day of the 4th weekend, he'd like to start shutting the cottage down around 1 P. M.   He wants everybody home before dark and 1P. M. leaves plenty of time.   So everybody kinda lolls around and begins putting stuff away.   I was pushing the mower back to the shed when Aunt Tess sidles up next to me and asked
"How did you like the little present under your pillow?' 
I smiled and said "it got me hard again".  
She smiled and said "I have a special box at home we will put them in along with the date of your first fuck.   Kind of a little memento".  
I said "I'll cherish it forever".
We were all just about finished closing the cottage and Walter was drunk stiff.   It pissed Dad off and said to Aunt Tess
"How are you going to handle that sot on the way home?' 
Aunt Tess shrugged and sighed "He will sleep it off in the back seat and I will have a couple of neighbors help carry him in the house".  
I was carrying their two suitcases to the car when Dad said
"I have an idea.  
Timmy can ride shotgun for you and after I get home, Timmy and me can get him in the house".   Aunt Tess kind of stammered "that would be very helpful and nice, but it will take away from Timmy's time".   Dad looked at me and asked "Would you help your Aunt out?   I wanted to scream out HELL YES, but just said "sure I'll help".

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    Aunt Tess had a beaming smile.
It was time to leave and Aunt Tess had an average lenght dress on and we got Walter settled in the back seat where he promptly rolled over, back to sleep.   Aunt Tess just shook her head.  We started driving down the lane where we first fucked, on the way to the main highway.   We got to the stop sign and Aunt Tess put the car in park and asked
"Timmy, can you help me with this" and slid her bottom up off the car seat.  
I asked "what do you want me to do?" 
She smiled and softly said "Pull my dress up as far as you want.   I want you to caress my legs all the way home".  
Damn, here we go again.   I whispered "Aunt Tess, what about Walter?" 
She laughed and said "that asshole will sleep the entire time".  
I reached over and pulled her dress up until I could see her panties real good.   Man, she has smooth and firm legs.   I sat close to her and ran my hand up and down her thighs, feeling every inch of them.   I was excited when I got close to her pussy and could feel the heat eminating from there.   She kept her legs pretty much closed so that when I got to her vee, I had to push a little to seperate her thighs.   She reached over and caressed my cock saying
"Mmmmm gonna be nice again today".

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After a bit, and with my finger trying to probe through the fabric, Aunt Tess said"damn, forgot.   I can use cruise control now that we are on the main highway".   With that, cruise was engaged and her legs opened for me. She reached for my zipper and pulled it down, reached in and fondled my cock.   She sighed "Timmy honey, I've waited so long for a man to really love me and to fuck me silly".
That brought up a question from me.  
"Aunt Tess, aren't you worried about getting pregnant?  You are still a young woman, and it would be bad if I should impregnant you".  
She sighed and said "Timmy, let me tell you something I haven't told anybody".   She began
"Remember when I told you your grandpa would take me up in the loft and fuck me?  Well. one time, he was busy building some type of contraption for about a week, and one day Mom was to take us kids shopping for school clothes.   Grandpa came into my room and ordered me to lie and tell grandma that I had a bad headache and didn't want to go.   Grandma sighed and left with the other kids.   As soon as they were out of sight, grandpa came in and said 'loft now'.   I knew what that meant so I trudged up into the loft.   There was the bench like contraption that he had been building.

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It was weird.   It had two lengths of boards kind of angled up and had adjustable arms on it. He ordered me to strip and I knew he was going to fuck me, no, rape me.   He laid me on the bench and tied my legs to the angled arms and proceeded to kiss my breasts and pussy.   He had his cock out and it was getting very big and very red.   He jacked himself until he was about to cum. Then tied a string around his shaft close to the base.   I thought it would hurt but grandpa had an evil leer on his face and stuck his cock in me.   God, it was so big, I nearly fainted.   He adjusted the arms to open me even wider and thrust his cock deep into me again.   It hurt like fire and nobody had ever been that deep in me.   Well, he fucked me like that for over an hour and I was hurting very bad down there.   Finally, he lifted off me, untied the string and plunged into me over and over until he came.   He stood up and his front was all bloodied and my bottom  was a mess also.   He cleaned me up and told me never to mention  what he just did to me to anybody.

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It was about a week later, your Dad was feeling frisky and I had to tell him some of the details, but not near enough.   Your Dad hated your grandpa from that day on.   About a year later, I was having 'female problems' down there and the doctor said I had massive damage to my re-productive organs and could never get pregnant.   He softly asked me if I wanted to tell him about what happened.   I was so scared, I just ran out of the office and never went back.   So because of your grandpa, I'll never have children".
While she was relating that story, I was softly caressing her inner thighs and listened in stunned silence.   Aunt Tess spoke softly now.   "That is why I like a man to be gentle inside me.   It brings back bad memories when it gets rough.   We were nearing home and the subject was changed.   Aunt Tess unlocked the door and I brought the suitcases into her bedroom.   I sat them down and Aunt Tess was standing by the side of the bed.   Looking at her watch she said "according to your Dad, we have about 2 1/2 hours before he comes to get you.   What do you want to do till then?'  There I stood, my cock pointing straight out and before I could answer Aunt Tess stuck her tongue in my mouth and caressed my cock and whispered "me too.

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  "  I held her tight and she put her arms around my neck and we frenched slowly and deeply.   My arms went around to her back and I found the zipper to her dress and zipped it down.   I reached in the open back and her nostrils were flared and her face was flushed.   I took one strap off her dress and pulled it off her shoulder and went to the other.   She was smiling radiently as I let the dress fall to her waist.   I looked at her breasts and they were firm even through her bra.   I know I'm going to be very gentle.



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