Me and Aunt Tess #1


Topic: Page title hereMe and Aunt #1This happened to me when I was 18 years old, but I guess it goes back to my birth.  
When I was born, Mom and Dad were strapped for cash so as soon as Mom was able to go back to work, Aunt Tess babysat me.   I don't remember any of it but I soon found out  from Aunt Tess some of the details.   Now Aunt Tess is a very attractive woman and has a schoolgirl figure for her age.   She is a bit younger than Dad and they come from a big family.   Dad has 6 brothers and 5 sisters.   Aunt Tess is by far the best looking of his sisters.   she is always dressed to the 'nines' and seldom wears shorts and never wears slacks.   She always wears a chic dress when I am around her.   She has a nice round ass, not big mind you, just pleasently round.   She has perky breasts and tends to show a little of herself when the opportunity presents itself. She is married to Walter and he is a story by himself.   Apparently, several years ago, he hurt himself in a industrial accident that left him shy on some human faculities and functions.   In response, he has drunk himself silly and always ends up plowed by noon.   I have heard Mom and Dad talk about him and Dad always says Tess could have done better.
That is pretty much the background and I'll proceed with my experiences with Aunt Tess.

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    Dad owns a cottage on a inland lake and on long, big holiday weekends, he invites a few of his brothers and sisters for the weekend.   The men usually fish for blue gill and crappies early morning and just before dusk.   The women sit around tanning or swimming off the dock.   This one July 4th weekend, Uncle Walter and Aunt Tess came and as soon as she saw me, she ran to me and gave me a bear hug, my face plastered against one of her breasts.   She gushed on how I have grown since she last saw me and I was kinda tickled about the attention.   Saturday morning, as the men were getting ready to fish, Dad asked me to change the oil and sharpen the blade on the lawn mower.   I said "sure" as last year, Dad showed me how to do these things.   I got the mower and placed it on the grass about 18 feet from the patio deck and started to do what Dad had asked.
Aunt Tess was sitting on the patio deck near the edge and was watching me work on the mower.   I looked at her and she smiled and said
"I am fascinated that you know how to do these things".  
I blushed a little and went back to my project.   After a few minutes, I looked up at Aunt Tess and she had her legs open and I could see her panties.  
Damn, a lightning bolt went through my cock as I looked at her heaven.   Aunt Tess was watching me look up her dress and I was fixated with her charms so near, yet so far.   I tried to get busy doing the mower repair, but found myself looking more and more up her dress.


    She smiled softly and changed position and gave me a wide open look up there.   My snake was beginning to seek sunlight and I had a hard time trying to hide it.  
I know Aunt Tess was teasing me and yet my body and eyes were glued to her netherland.   Several times, she changed while I was looking and giving me a front row seat to her pussy.   I know she saw my hard-on-but kept up the tease.   At one point, she and I were alone out there, the other women were either in the cottage or swimming.   I looked at her and she took one hand and cupped her pussy while I looked.  
God!  I am hard now.  
I finally get the blade off the mower and try to rise without my cock showing his stiffness.   Aunt Tess asked
"Honey, where are you going?" 
I said to the workbench in the garage to sharpen the blade".  
She asked softly "can I come along and watch you do that?" 
I said "sure" knowing full well that she gave me the hard-on.  
She followed me to the garage and when she saw there was nobody around, she held me tight and whispered
"Honey, I know you are excited about looking up my dress and I am excited too.   Let me help you relieve the tension".  
With that, she reached under my shorts and fondled my cock.   She unzipped the fly and brought my snake out in the open.

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    Her hands were so soft and smooth it didn't take long and I shot a wad on the floor.   God, that was intense.   Aunt Tess smiled and said
"Honey, we have to talk later today.  
I grabbed her and kissed her and she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue on mine.   I felt her ass with one hand and reached into her blouse with the other.   She flushed and took my hand off her ass and put it under her dress and let me feel her pussy.   She broke it off and whispered
"Honey, there is more later.   Be calm and we will talk in private".   God!  I am a nervous wreck.   I just was allowed to feel a beautiful woman's pussy and and I cum on the floor and she tells me there is more later.




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