May lay very still.   She knew she was seeing something which
she wasn't supposed to see.   A dim light was on in the other end
of the darkened Winnebago.   She could see her Aunt and Uncle
lying side by side on the double bed.   Sarah, her mother's
sister, and Dan, her husband, were kissing.   They were lying on
top of the cover, with their feet towards where May lay in the
sofa bed with her two cousins, Jack and Sally.   May could see
that the two adults were dressed for bed, and they were just
lying there together with their arms around each other kissing.

 May couldn't believe that she was here.   She hadn't seen her
cousins in several years, but two weeks ago, her Aunt Sarah had
called her mother and asked if May would like to go on vacation
with them.   Her mother had agreed and they had stopped in the
middle of the night to pick her up at her house.   They were going
to drive during the night so that they would be at the camping
park before morning.   Her mother was supposed to drive down in a
few days to join them.   Her two cousins, 18 year old Jack and 14
year old Sally, had been sacked out on the sofa bed in the middle
of the travel vehicle when she got on board.   They had waked up
and the three of them had talked and giggled for a while before
going to sleep.   They had just fallen asleep in their clothes
there on the sofa bed together.   May was on the right side of the
bed, towards the back of the vehicle, Sally was in the middle,
and Jack was snoring on the other side of Sally.

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 May had half-waked when she felt the big Winnebago bumping
over rough terrain.   Shortly after this she had been vaguely
aware of her aunt and uncle moving past where they slept to the
back of the trailer, and realized that they must have reached
their destination.   She had just about dozed back off when she
heard her aunt giggle.   She had peeked to see what was going on
and discovered that they were smooching.   Her aunt had on a short
gown and her uncle had on pajamas.   Now as she watched, she saw
Dan sliding his hands all over Sarah's big tits, and then she saw
him pull the strap of her gown down and take hold of her bare
tit.   As she watched, she saw him lower his head to her breast.
With his head in the way, she couldn't be too sure, but she had
the impression that he was kissing her tits.   Dan slid down on
the bed a little, and, as he moved, his crotch came into May's
view.   She almost gasped aloud at what she saw.   His pajama pants
were bulging!  From the way his pants were sticking out, she knew
he had an "erection" as the books on sex called it.   Then she saw
him slide his hand up between Sarah's legs, pulling her gown up
as he did so.   When he reached her crotch, she opened her legs
and May saw him slide his finger right up inside of her pussy!
From the angle she had, she could actually see his finger
disappear through the black hair and go up her slit.   She saw her
aunt reach down and slide her hand inside the waist of Dan's
pajama pants.   From the way Sarah's hand was moving back and
forth, May knew that her aunt was stroking Dan's penis.

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  Â  She held
her breath as she watched.

 After several minutes, she saw her uncle raise up and slide
over on top of her aunt.   She saw her aunt pushing his pajamas
down, and she almost gasped when his butt came into view.   She
had never seen a man's butt, and she was very excited at getting
to view her uncle's.   She realized that she was "sexually
aroused" as the books called it.   She knew her virgin 18 year old
pussy was wet with juice.   She had played with her pussy enough
to know the excited feeling.

 She saw her aunt pull her legs up, her knees sticking up on
each side of her uncle's thighs.   She knew that they were about
to have sex, or "fuck" as some of her more experienced friends at
school called it.

 May saw her uncle's buttocks tighten as he pushed against
her aunt, and she realized that he must have just put his penis
inside of her vagina.   May almost giggled out loud.   She was
thinking in the terms which she had seen in the books.   Her
friend, Jill, would have said that he just stuck his dick in her
pussy.   As she watched, she saw her uncle's buttocks tighten and
relax as he thrust into his wife and then withdrew.   May lay very
still and watched his butt, looking at the way the muscles
tightened and relaxed as he repeatedly thrust and withdrew,
thrust and withdrew.


  Â  Dan was doing it faster now.   His buttocks
were clenching and relaxing at a much faster rate.   She could
hear her aunt sort of moaning and groaning in time with Dan's
thrusts.   It sounded like her aunt was really enjoying what she
was getting.   May saw Sarah's hands slide down over Dan's ass.
Sarah had hold of his butt checks, pulling and pushing,
encouraging him in his thrusts.   Suddenly, she saw her aunt's
legs jerk upward and heard her begin to kind of moan and cry.
She say her uncle shove forward hard and hold tight up against
her.   His buttocks were clenched tightly and she could hear him
gasping and groaning.   She realized that they must be "climaxing"
and that his organ must be shooting his stuff up inside of her.

 After a few moments, they lay still.   May was hoping that
her uncle would raise up and that she would see his dick when he
pulled it out of her aunt, but they just lay there.   May drifted
off to sleep before the couple moved, so she didn't get to see
Dan raise up and slide off of Sarah and pull his pajamas up.

 May was awakened by a hand shaking her shoulder.

 "May, rise and shine," she heard Sarah's voice.

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  Â  Sleepily,
May rolled over onto her back.   She had been having the most
wonderful dream.   She had been watching her uncle's bare butt,
thrusting and pushing.   But it had been her he was thrusting and
pushing into!

 Looking around, she saw that Sally was sitting up beside
her, rubbing her eyes and Jack was sitting on the side of the
sofa bed on the other side of Sally.   Sarah laughed at them.

 "You guys got a lot more sleep than we did last night, and
we're having to wake you up," she laughed at them.   "Come on,
I've got breakfast ready. "  She motioned toward the front of the
vehicle, and May saw that the booth-like table was set with bacon
and eggs.   Dan was putting forks on the table.   The kids didn't
need any more encouragement.   All three of them scrambled off the
bed and headed for the table.

 After breakfast, they all went out together to look around
the camping park.   They were parked in a wooded section near a
river.   There was only one other vehicle in that section of the
park, a big conversion van, parked three campsites away.   There
was a small building next to the conversion van which May guessed
was some sort of bath house.

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  Â  Their campsite was all the way on
the end of the row, and it had a picnic table and a campfire

 They walked down the road past the conversion van and when
they rounded a curve in the drive, May saw a swimming pool ahead.
Beyond the swimming pool, there were more campsites, and what
looked like a lodge.   They walked on down to the swimming pool,
and discovered that there was a concession stand alongside it.  
The kids went around to inspect the pool while Dan and Sarah
walked on down to the lodge.

 "Hey, look over there," Jack whispered to the girls.   He was
looking back up the road in the direction of their campsite.   The
girls saw another girl coming down the road.   The new girl was a
cute looking blond, a little on the chubby side.   The thing which
had attracted Jack was her figure.   She had large bouncy tits
which were threatening to fall out of the skimpy halter top which
she was wearing.   Her shorts were so tight that it looked like
she had been poured into them.

 "Jack's hormones are acting up," Sally giggled to May as the
girl approached them.

 "Hi," she said as came up to them.   She looked to be about
15 years old, and was quite pretty in spite of being just a
little heavy.

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  Â  May and Sally realized that her greeting was
really directed to Jack, but they all responded.   They found that
she was from the conversion van which they had passed on the way
down, and that she was there with her mother and father, who were
still asleep.   Her name was Bunny, and she had been hoping that
someone else her age would show up soon.   Again, she seemed much
more interested in Jack than in the other girls.   They talked to
Bunny until Dan and Sarah came out of the lodge and called them.

 "Bunny's hormones are acting up, too," Sally giggled to May
as they trotted over to where the grownups were waiting.

 "The bath house is available for us to use," Sarah told
them, "so we won't be stuck with the tiny shower in the bus.
"Besides the van we passed, we're the only ones on our side of
the swimming pool right now. "

 They looked around the area some more, then they all headed
back for the campsite except Jack, who was over by the pool
talking to Bunny again.

 Dan and Sarah were walking several yards ahead of the girls,
with their arms around each other.

 "I wonder how they are going to manage being in that trailer
with us for a whole week," Sally giggled to May.

 "What do you mean?" May asked.

 "Well, they like to screw a lot," Sally explained.   "Jack
and I hear them going at it almost every night.   I wonder how
they are going to manage with us in the same room with them.



 May giggled and whispered what she had seen the night before
to Sally.   Sally got very excited, wanting to know all the
details.   She was disappointed when May confessed that she had
not seen Dan's prick.

 "You should see it," she whispered.   "It's huge!  Much
bigger than Jack's!"

 "You've seen them?" May asked.

 "Sure," Sally replied.   "Well, I've never seen Dad's hard,
but it's bigger soft than Jack's is when he's got a hardon," she

 "You've seen Jack's hard?"  May asked with disbelief.

 "Yeah, and you probably will too, before this week is out,"
she giggled.   "And I'll bet Bunny will see it too, if Jack has
anything to say about it," she laughed.

 When they came up to the bath house, Sally called out to her
parents that they were going to stop there.

 "I've gotta pee," Sally told May.   May was feeling the urge,
too, so the two girls went into the ladies side of the bath
house.   When they got inside, they realized that they could hear
a shower running.   It seemed to be coming from the men's side.

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Sally held her finger up to her lips, indicating to May to be
quiet.   May wondered what her cousin was up to.   She followed as
Sally moved silently into the shower area.   She seemed to be
looking at the wall separating the men's and women's areas, then
she grinned and motioned to May to follow her.   She moved right
up to the wall and pointed to two holes in the wall.   She bent
down and peered through one of the holes.   May bent over and
looked through the other hole.   What she saw made her blood boil
up!  There was a naked man in the other side, standing under the
shower.   He was on the other side of the shower from the wall and
had his back to the girls.   May could see his butt, all hairy and
hard looking.   As they watched, he turned around and faced
directly towards the girls!  They could see his prick, hanging
down between his legs.   To May, it seemed huge.   The man, who
looked to be about the same age as Dan, was soaping his stomach.
He slid his hand down to his crotch and began to soap his large
hairy balls.   Then his hand came up and encircled his large
organ, sliding up and down along the length of it, covering it
with soap.

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  Â  As the girls watched, they saw his prick beginning to
stiffen as his hand slid up and down it.   It got stiffer and
stiffer, rising up until it extended straight out from his
crotch.   May couldn't see as well as she would have liked to,
because of the soap covering it and his hand sliding up and down
on it.   However, she could see the large purple knob, coming into
view each time the man's hand moved down towards the base of the
huge shaft.   After several moments, the man turned back towards
the shower head and began to wash the soap off of his body.   When
he turned back around again, the girls saw that his dick had
softened, and was now pointing out and down, rather than standing
up as it had been.   The man turned back toward the shower head
again, and let the water run over him a few more moments, then he
turned the water off.   He moved out of their view through the
door into the main dressing area.

 Sally quickly moved out of the shower area and began to
search the wall in the main dressing area.   Finally, she spotted
some more peep holes.   The girls found, though, when they looked
through, that the man had finished drying himself off and was
putting his clothes on.   They watched until he had completely
dressed, and they saw him leave the bath house.

 As soon as he had gone, May suddenly realized that she was
becoming desperate to pee.   Evidently, Sally was feeling the same
way, because both girls rushed into the stalls to do their
business.   When May came out, she met Sally coming out of the
next stall.

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 "Wow, did you see the size of his dick?"  Sally giggled.

 "Yeah," May replied.   "But how did you know about the knot

 "Oh, there are always peep holes between the men's and
women's sides in these places," Sally told her.   "I've peeked
through lots of them. "

 "Hey, that means that they can peek at us, too," May
suddenly realized.

 "Oh yeah, I've been peeked at lots of times," Sally told
her.   "I usually give them a good show when I know they're
watching. "  May couldn't believe her ears, but the idea sounded
so exciting that she hoped she would get a chance to show herself

 "I'll bet that was Bunny's dad,"  Sally guessed as they
walked back toward the campsite.   They didn't get a chance to
discuss it any further at the moment, though, because Sarah came
out of the vehicle as they approached, and called for them to
hurry and help them set up camp.

 They busied themselves getting folding chairs and other
equipment out of the vehicle and setting up camp.   Jack returned
and joined in the work.   He and Dan hung a large hammock between
two trees while the females arranged the camp furniture around
the entrance to the big camping bus.   May noticed that, for some
reason, Dan seemed to have selected a place to hang the hammock
which was isolated from view.   It was in behind some trees and
bushes, and was visible only from the bus.



 After they had finished arranging the campsite, Sarah
commented that she could use a shower and asked the girls if they
would like to join her.   They got their clothes and towels and
walked down to the bath house.   May was thinking about the holes
in the wall, and she was sure that Sally was thinking the same
thing.   She decided that she was going to watch the holes to see
if she could tell if anyone was watching.

 The three of them quickly undressed and went into the shower
area.   It was one big area, and was not divided into stalls.   May
turned on the shower and began soaping herself, keeping an eye on
the knotholes across the room.   Sally was using the shower head
next to her and Sarah was just beyond Sally.   Sarah was a tall,
well-built woman.   Her tits were large and firm, jutting out
proudly from her chest.

  Her stomach was slightly rounded, and
the juncture of her legs was covered with a thick bush of jet
black curls.   Sally, like her mother, was tall, with firm tits
standing up proudly, accented by her flat youthful stomach.
Unlike Sarah, who was a brunette, Sally was a redhead like her
father.   Her auburn curls were matched by a thin covering of rust
colored curls between her legs.   May, being a year younger than
Sally, was not as well endowed.

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  Â  Her titties were much smaller,
being about the size of oranges, but her nipples were very large
and puffy, about like silver dollars, almost covering her still
developing titties.   Her cunthair below her flat stomach, was
almost nonexistent, being a thin growth of short blonde curls.

 As May lathered her tits, she glanced at the peepholes
again.   She thought she saw a movement behind one of the holes!
Being careful not to appear to be stareing, she looked closer.
Yes!  She was sure she could make out an eye behind one of the
holes!  Someone was watching!  She glanced at Sally.   Sally
looked at her and nodded imperceptibly at the hole.   Yes, Sally
had seen it too.

 May kept her front towards the hole, lathering her titties
and squeezing them, aware that her large nipples were becoming
quite hard.   She glanced at Sally and saw that she was facing
directly toward the peep hole and was washing her pussy, her legs
slightly apart, giving the watcher a look directly between her
legs.   Sarah, beyond Sally, had her back to the peep hole.   She
dropped her soap on the floor and bent over to pick it up, with
her ass pointing straight toward the hole.   May realized that
whoever was watching was getting a perfect look up between
Sarah's legs.   When Sarah straightened up, May saw her glance
toward the far wall.   Well, how about that, Aunt Sarah knew they
were being watched and she was showing off, too.   For several
minutes, all three females continued to wash themselves and
expose themselves to the unseen watcher.

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  Â  Finally, they turned
off the water and moved to the dressing area.   May sat on a
bench, with her knees straight toward the holes in the wall
across the room.   She saw movement behind a hole and spread her
legs, drying her pussy in full view of the watcher!

 When they were dressed, the three girls casually gathered up
their things and walked out the door into the fresh sunshine.

 When they were alone, May and Sally talked about what had
happened in the shower.   Sally agreed with May that her mother
had been aware of the watcher and had deliverately exposed
herself.   The girls decided that it must have been Bunny's
father, because both Jack and Dan were stretched out on lounge
chairs at the campsite when they got back there.

 After lunch, the kids decided that they wanted to go
swimming.   Dan and Sarah said they would "take a nap" while the
kids were gone.   They got their bathing suits and headed for the

 "Well, Mom and Dad will be going at it while we are gone,"
Sally said as they walked along together.

 "Yeah," Jack agreed.   "Don't you wish you could see them do

 "May saw them," Sally told him.   Jack got very excited and
wanted to know about it.   At their insistence, May recounted
everything she had seen in the darkened trailer.   She saw Jack's
pants bulging as she told the story.


  Â  Sally saw it too.

 "Jack," she giggled.   "You had better cool off before we get
to the pool, or they might not let you in. "

 Jack just grinned and reached down and pushed his bulging
lump down.

 The girls went into the girls side of the dressing room and
changed into their swimming suits.   When they emerged from the
dressing room, they found Jack already in the pool.   They both
jumped into the water and soon were splashing and playing in the
water.   There was no one else in at the time, so they had the
pool all to themselves.   They were chasing each other around,
splashing and dunking each other.   May and Sally had teamed up on
Jack and had succeeded in dunking him twice.   When he came up the
second time, he reached for Sally, but she got away.   Suddenly
turning on May, he grabbed her around the waist and fell
backwards, taking them both underwater.   When they surfaced,
laughing and blowing water, May was aware that Jack still had his
arms around her waist.   He pulled her back against him.   She
suddenly became very aware of something pressing against her

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  Â  She realized that he had a hardon.   She could feel it
pushing against her.   He slid one hand up, under the water and
she suddenly felt his hand close on her left tit through her
bathing suit.

 "Jack," she giggled.   Sally came back up beside them.   She
saw Jack's hand on May's tit under the surface of the water.

 "Copping a feel, Jack?" she asked.

 "Sure," he replied, giving May's tit a squeeze.

 "Better not let your girlfriend see you doing that," Sally
told him, nodding toward the end of the pool.   Bunny had just
emerged from the dressing room door, dressed in the most skimpy
bikini that May had ever seen.   Jack's hand immediately left
May's tit and he swam off toward the end of the pool toward

 "Too bad she showed up right then," Sally said.   "I think
things were about to get really interesting.   Did he have a

 "Yeah, I could feel it up against my butt," May told her.

 "Well, we'll get some action from him, but I think we're
going to have to share him with Bunny," Sally observed.

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 The two girls got out of the water and got cokes from a
machine and sat down at a round table by the pool.   They sat and
watched Jack and Bunny wrestling around in the water.   May could
see that Jack had a big hardon when he surfaced once and rolled
momentarily onto his back.   May also saw that Bunny didn't miss
the show he had given for her.   The two kids in the water
continued to splash and wrestle around for a while, then they
moved up to the side of the pool next to where the girls were
sitting.   Bunnie was up against the side of the pool, and Jack
was against her back.   Both girls knew that he was rubbing his
hardon up against her ass.   She pretended to be talking to Sally
and May, but the girls could tell that she was having a hard time
concentrating on the conversation.

 Finally, Sally suggested to May that they get out and go
explore the rest of the camp.   May agreed and Jack and Bunny
didn't seem to be sorry to see them go.

 They went into the dressing room and got their clothes.
Sally suggested, with a twinle in her eye, that they go to the
bath house to change back into their clothes.

 As soon as the girls entered the bath house, they checked
out the peep holes.   They were disappointed to find that the
other side was not occupied at the moment.   They then proceeded
to get dressed.

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  Â  May was wearing a shortsleeved blouse and blue
jeans over her bra and panties, and Sally was wearing a
sleeveless blouse and short shorts over bikini panties with no
bra.   They had just finished dressing when Sally suddenly held
her finger to her lips.   They listened and heard whispers coming
through the wall.   They went into the shower area and discovered
that the sound was coming from behind the bath house.

 "It's Jack and Bunny," Sally whispered in May's ear.   "Let's
sneak around and see what they are doing. "

 The girls went out the door and make their way around behind
the bath house, cirling back through the woods to come up behind
the building.   Peeking through some bushes, they saw Jack and
Bunny right up against the bath house.   Bunny was leaning with
her back up against the wall and Jack was in front of her.   He
was kissing her and he had one strap of her suit top down.   He
had her big tit in his hand, pressing and rolling it around while
he kissed her.   Then he bent down and took her nipple in his
mouth and started sucking on it.   From their vantage point, the
girls could see that the front of Jack's bathing suit was bulging
almost to the point of bursting.

 As Jack sucked Bunny's tit, he began to slide one hand down
over her stomach.   When he reached the top of her bikini bottoms
he slid his hand inside and straight down between her legs.


  Â  Even
though the material of her suit was in the way, the girls could
see that he was sliding his finger around in her slit.   Then his
hand moved even deeper down in her suit.

 "He's got his finger up her pussy," Sally whispered to May.
Sure enough, that is exactly where Jack's finger was.   He was
sliding it slowly in and out of her pussy, his hand moving in her
bikini as he fingered her.   While he was doing that to her, she
reached down and began to squeeze his dick through his bathing
suit.   She slid her hand up to the top of his suit and was just
about to put her hand down the front of his suit when a voice
began calling Bunny's name.   It was a woman's voice, obviously
Bunny's mom, and it was coming from the direction of the
conversion van.   Bunny jumped and reached down and pulled Jack's
hand out of her bikini.   She quickly pulled her strap up and
disappeared around the side of the bath house toward the women's
entrance, so that it would appear that she was coming from the
women's side of the bath house when she emerged into view.

 Jack was standing there looking very forlorn.   Sally giggled
and grabbed May's hand and emerged from their hiding place.   "Too
bad," she told Jack.   "You were just about to score. "

 Jack jumped.

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  Â  "You were spying on me. "

 "Aw, you know you don't care," Sally said coming up beside

 Jack laughed.   "Of all the dumb luck, her mother would have
to call her right then. "

 "Yeah, left you with a big hardon, didn't she,"  Sally
laughed at him.   Then she and May turned and went around the side
of the bath house, leaving him standing there.

 When they got back to the campsite, they found Dan and Sarah
stretched out in a couple of the lounge chairs.   Jack came into
camp a few minutes later.   Sarah asked if they had enjoyed their
swim, but did not ask why they had come back separately.

 After supper, they all sat around the table in the front of
the vehicle and played cards until about 18 o'clock.   Sarah told
them that she and Dan were going to a late night party at the
lodge.   They said they thought they would go to bed, since it had
been a long day.

 Sarah suggested to Jack that he get ready for bed in the
small bathroom in the vehicle, out of deference to May's modesty.

 "At least until she gets used to us," Sarah told him.
"After all, she isn't used to our casual ways.

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  Â  I hope you don't
mind the three of you sleeping in one bed," she told May, "but
Jack will be on the other side of Sally from you. "

 "I'm not as shy as Mother may have led you to believe,
Sarah," May told her aunt.

 Jack went into the little bathroom, and Dan went back into
the back bedroom.   The girls quickly shed their clothes and put
on their sleep wear, Sally wearing a babydoll pajama set and May
putting on a gown and matching panties.   When Jack came out of
the bathroom, he had on a pair of pajama bottoms with no shirt.
The three kids piled up in bed, with Sally in the middle, and
Sarah and Dan left for the party.

 The kids lay quietly for several minutes.   Finally, Sally
broke the silence.

 "Jack, I'm surprised you aren't slipping out to see Bunny,"
she said.

 "She had to go into town with her folks to visit somebody
tonight," he said.

 "You almost got her this afternoon,"  Sally grinned at him.

 "Yeah, a few more minutes," Jack said wistfully.

 "I noticed you were pretty interested in May's titties until
Bunny showed up at the pool," Sally continued.

 Jack was raised up on one elbow, looking across his sister
at May.   "Yeah, you've got nice tits, May," he told her.

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 Both girls laughed.   Sally pointed down at Jack's bulging
pajamas.   "Why don't you show her that and maybe she'll show you
her tits," Sally suggested.

 "How about it, May?" asked Jack.   "Will you show me your
tits if I show you my dick?"

 May looked at the bulging pajama pants.   "I guess so," she

 Jack reached down and unsnapped his pajama pants.   He opened
them wide and his dick popped out into the open, sticking
straight up toward his belly button.   Quickly, he stripped the
pants down off of his feet and kicked them off onto the floor.

 "Wow," breathed May, staring at his dick.   She could see the
veins bulging in the shaft with the swollen purplish-red knob on
the end.   Jack reached down and wrapped his fingers around the
shaft, slowly sliding his hand up and down along the shaft.

 "Now, show me your tits," he said.

 "Sally has got to show hers, too," May said.

 "Sure," Sally said taking hold of her pajama top and pulling
it off over her head with one smoothe movement.


  Â  "Now, your
turn. "

 May got up on her knees and took the bottom of her gown in
her hands.   Slowly, she pulled it up and pulled it off over her

 "Wow, May, they're beautiful," Jack said, stareing at her.
May blushed hotly.   "You're both beautiful," Jack said, looking
at his sister.   "Now show me your pussies. "

 Sally lay back on her back and slowly pushed her panties
down.   When she had them all the way off, she spread her legs and
reached down and used her fingers to pull her pussy wide open,
revealing the pink folds inside.   Jack's fist was sliding up and
down his dick with a regular rhythym, stroking up and down as he
looked at his sister's pussy.

 "Now, show him yours," Sally told May.

 May lay down on her back and reached down to take hold of
her panties.

 "Let me do it," Jack said.   He crawled over the prone Sally,
his dick bobbling up and down as he moved.   He knelt on his knees
beside May and took hold of the waistband of her bikini panties.

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Slowly, he began pulling them down.   He gasped as her pussy came
into view.   Then he pulled the panties all the way down and off
over her feet.   He sat back on his heels, looking down at his
pretty cousin's pussy.   Then he stretched out on his side between
the two girls, propping himself up on one elbow, looking at May.
Sally raised up and looked down at Jack's dick.

 "Why don't you jack off for us?" she suggested.

 "OK, if both of you will finger yourselves for me," he said.

 "Sure, we'll do that, won't we, May?" Sally agreed.

 "Yeah, I guess so," May said.   "You go first," she suggested
to Sally.

 "OK," Sally agreed.   She flopped down on her back and spread
her legs.   The other two kids raised up so they could see, and
Sally began stroking her pussy with her fingertip.   She slowly
began to let the tip of her finger delve down into her crack,
tickling her hard clitoris.

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  Â  Then, she used her fingers to pull
her pussy wide open, showing the juicy pink interior.   Then,
using the forefinger of one hand to rub her clit, she slid the
other hand down and began to slide the fingertip down into her
cunthole.   Stroking and fingering, she began to get more and more
excited, playing with herself while the other two watched.   Then,
suddenly, she became very red in the face, and climaxed, arching
her back and shoving her finger all the way up into her pussy.
Finally, she lay back, breathing hard.

 "Now, you do it, Jack," May said.

 "You first," Jack said.

 "No, you do it, then I'll do it," May said.

 Jack slid off of the bed and stood at the foot of the bed
facing the girls.   They lay on their stomachs and watched as his
hand began to slide up and down his hard dick.   Faster and faster
his fist pumped on his dick, until he was nearly jacking himself
into a frenzy.

      The girls watched with mounting excitement, as
    they waited for the eruption.   They didn't have long to wait.
    Suddenly, Jack thrust forward, his dick sticking out through his
    grasping fist.   It was almost like his dick had erupted, a huge
    glob of white stuff shooting out the end and landing on the bed.


    Jack groaned as another spurt shot out, landing just short of
    where the first had hit.   Spurt after spurt shot out, flying
    through the air.   Finally, the spurts turned to a drible and

     Sally jumped off of the bed and grabbed a towel, handing it
    to Jack.   He wiped his hand and dick off, then wiped up the
    puddling come from the bed.

     "Now, May, its your turn," Jack said.   May lay back on the
    bed and spread her legs wide.   Jack stood at the end of the bed,
    looking right up between her legs while Sally lay beside her,
    watching intently.

     May slid her hands down between her legs and slowly pulled
    her pussy open for them to see.   She was feeling very excited,
    and she knew that her pussy was already wet.   Blushing, partly
    from embarassment, partly from excitement, she began to rub her
    clitty.   Slowly sliding her fingertip over the protruding little
    nubbing, she began to slide the other hand down farther into her
    slit, letting the tip of her finger swirl around in the tight
    opening to her cunt hole.   Slowly, she began to slide her middle
    finger up into her hole.   When it was about half way in, she
    began to slide it in and out, fingering herself while she
    continued to tickle and rub her clit with the finger of the other
    hand.   Looking down the length of her body, she saw Jack stooping
    down and looking directly up between her legs.

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      Â  He raised up and
    she realized that his dick was rock hard again.   Suddenly, he
    crawled onto the bed between her legs.

     Jack slowly slid his hands up the inside of May's thighs.
    When he reached her pussy, he used his fingers to hold her pussy
    lips wide open while he watched her fingers work on her own

     "Why don't you do it for her?" Sally asked him.   In
    response, Jack slid one finger down to where May's finger was
    sliding in and out of her pussy.   She pulled her finger out and
    he gently and slowly slid his own finger up into her hole.   She
    gasped as she felt it slowly going all the way up into her cunt.
    No one else had ever had a finger in her, and having Jack doing
    this to her was much better than doing it herself.   Jack began to
    slowly slide his finger in and out of her.   He used the tip of
    the forefinger of his other hand to rub her clit.   He gently
    rolled the little button back and forth as he fingered her.   May
    began to feel the rising excitement which she knew meant that she
    was about to come.   Suddenly, gasping for breath, she thrust her
    hips upwards toward the thrusting finger and began to jerk,
    gyrating her hips wildly on his thrusting finger.   She was
    coming!  Bigger and better than she had ever come before.

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     Finally, May lay still.   Jack pulled his finger out of her
    juicy pussy and looked down at her.   "May, you are beautiful," he
    told her.   She smiled at him.   Looking down, she saw that his
    dick was still sticking up, hard as it could be.

     Suddenly, Jack lowered himself down on top of her.   She
    could feel his stomach against her stomach, his chest pressed
    against her tits.   She felt his lips contact her lips, his tongue
    coming in between her lips.   Then she felt his dick come up
    between her legs, the end sliding right into her juicy slit.

     "No, Jack," she suddenly gasped, pushing against him.   He
    began raising up and down, trying to find her cunt hole with the
    end of his dick.

     "No," she said again, almost in a panic.   Sally grabbed her
    brother by the shoulders and began pulling on him, trying to pull
    him off of her.

     "Jack, stop it," Sally was telling him.   Seeming to come to
    his senses, Jack suddenly raised up and rolled off of his cousin.

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    He looked over at her, the disappointment showing in his eyes.

     "Jack, I've never done it," May told him.

     "Neither have I," Sally said.   "Jack, you can't do it to her
    if she doesn't want to," she told him.

     "I know it," he said.   "May, I'm sorry.   All of a sudden, I
    just wanted so badly to fuck you. "

     "I know," she told him.   "I wanted to do it too, but I was
    scared.   Maybe we'll do it some other time. "

     "Wow, I hope you'll let me watch if you do," Sally said.

     "Let me do it to you," Jack said, half playfully and half

     "UhUh," she replied.   "You've tried before, and I've told
    you that I feel funny about letting my brother fuck me.   Besides,
    I'm a little scared too.



     "Well, let me finger you," he said sliding his hand up
    between her legs.   Sally giggled and rolled onto her back,
    spreading her legs so he could get to her.   May raised up and
    looked over his body, watching his finger slide in and out of
    Sally's pussy.

     Looking down, May saw his dick sticking straight out in
    front of him.   She reached down and boldly grasped it in her
    fist.   Jack grunted as she began to slide her hand up and down
    the length of the hard shaft.

     Sally raised her head and looked down, seeing what was going
    on.   "Oh, yeah, you do him while he does me," she told May.   May
    continued to slowly jack on Jack's dick.   She delighted in the
    feel of it in her hand.   She couldn't believe how the outer skin
    slid up and down on the shaft as she pumped it up and down.   And
    when her hand went all the way out to the end, she marvelled at
    the velvetty smoothness of the big red knob.   Juice was flowing
    out of the slit in the end and running down over her hand,
    lubricating the shaft as it slipped back and forth in her fist.

     Looking over at Sally, May saw that she was getting red in
    the face, huffing and puffing through her nostrils.   Jack's
    finger was sliding in and out of her pussy, pumping in a pool of
    pussy juice.

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      Â  Jack was beginning to thrust his dick through May's
    pumping fist, now.   He was contributing as much to the jacking
    off as she was.

     Suddenly, Sally let out a little shreik and grabbed Jack's
    hand.   She shoved on it, driving his finger all the way up in her
    pussy and holding it there.   She was coming.

     And Jack was right behind her.   With a sudden thrust that
    nearly jerked his dick out of May's hand, he began shooting off.
    Spurt after spurt of white cum shot from his dick, splattering
    against Sally's hip, as May continued to slide her hand up and
    down the slippery shaft.   Finally, it quit spurting.   May looked
    down at the juice running down all over her hand.   She was amazed
    at how swarm and slippery it was.

     Jack pulled his finger out of Sally's pussy and reached for
    the towel.   May released his dick and watched him wipe the juice
    off of Sally's hip and then wipe his dick off.   Then, turning
    toward her, he took her hand and wiped it off with the towel.   He
    grinned at her and she smiled back.

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     "Hey, we better get our clothes back on," Sally said.   "Mom
    and Dad may be back any time. "  Realizing that they were all
    three lying there naked and that Dan and Sarah might walk in the
    door at any time, the three youngsters quickly scrambled back
    into their night clothes.   They turned on the TV set and lay and
    watched TV with Jack between May and Sally.   The girls nestled up
    against him and they all watched TV until they fell asleep, which
    wasn't long in the satisfied state which they found themselves
    in.   When Dan and Sarah came in, they found them snoring
    peacefully with the TV still going.   Sarah went over and turned
    the TV off, then stopped and looked down at the sleeping youths.
    Her brow went up, a puzzled look on her face when she realized
    that Jack was sleeping between the two girls.   Then, as she moved
    around the foot of the bed, she noticed the towel lying on the
    floor at the foot of the bed.   When she picked it up she noticed
    that it was stiff in places.   She examined it and then a broad
    smile went over her face as she recognized feel of dried cum on
    the cloth.   She stood a few moments and looked down at the kids,
    wondering just how far they were going.   She was somewhat
    surprised at her reaction.   Jack might be screwing his cousin.
    She then suddenly realized that if he had, he had done it in
    front of his sister.

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      Â  Then she realized that he might have
    screwed Sally, too.   Sarah was surprised at how excited that
    prospect made her feel.

     The kids spent most of the next morning at the swimming
    pool.   Bunny had evidently not come back yet, because she had not
    put in an appearance.   They didn't get to do anything of a sexual
    nature while they were at the pool because Dan and Sarah were
    there also.

     Sarah had told Dan about her suspicions from observing the
    towel and she had been surprised at his reaction.   His response
    had been one of "Do you really think they are messing around?
    Hey, maybe we could watch them?"  They had decided that they
    would keep their eyes open for anything going on.

     About noon, Bunny and her parents returned to camp.   When
    they were all walking back to the campsite, the big conversion
    van pulled in just as they were passing the parking place it had
    occupied.   Bunny jumped out and called to them, so the three kids
    stopped to talk to her.   The girls didn't hang around long,
    because it was evident that her attention was directed to Jack.

     When they got back to camp, Sarah asked them where Jack was
    and when they said he was with Bunny, she just smiled.   When Jack
    got back, Sally asked him if he had made a date to see her and he
    told them that he was meeting her behind the bath house again
    after lunch.

     Jack ate quickly and made his exit as soon as possible.
    Sally suggested to May that they spy on him again, so the girls
    slipped off as soon after Jack left as they could.


      Â  Sarah saw
    them go into the woods in behind the campsite, as she noticed
    that they turned toward the bath house before they were
    completely out of site.

     "I wonder what they are up to," she wondered to herself.
    Dan was stretched out in the hammock, so she decided to follow

     May and Sally made their way through the bushes behind the
    bath house as quietly as they could.   When they reached the same
    vantage point they had enjoyed the day before, they peeked out of
    the bushes.   They were delighted with what they saw.

     Jack and Bunny were up against the back of the bath house
    again.   Jack had Bunny's blouse unbuttoned.   She wasn't wearing a
    bra and he both hands full of her big tits.   His jeans were
    bulging so that it looked like the zipper would split.   As they
    watched, Jack bent down and took a large nipple in his mouth and
    started sucking.   It was obvious that Bunny liked what he was

     Sarah almost came up on the girls before she realized it.
    If they hadn't been so intent on looking through the bushes at
    something, they would have seen her.   She backed up a little and
    made a slight circle so she could see what they were watching.

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    Pushing the bushes apart silently, she peered out.   She almost
    gasped at what she saw.   Jack was sucking Bunny's big tits and he
    had his hand between her legs feeling her pussy through her
    shorts.   As Sarah watched, she saw Bunny reach down and squeeze
    Jack's bulging crotch through his jeans.

     Jack let Bunny's tit slip out of his mouth and stood up.   He
    reached down and unzipped Bunny's shorts, then pushed them down
    over her hips.   She wasn't wearing any panties, either.   She had
    really come dressed for action.   She quickly stepped out of the
    shorts and then knelt in front of Jack.   She unfastened his pants
    and tugged them down to his knees.   She immediately pulled his
    shorts down as well and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing
    dick.   She slid her hand up and down the length of it a couple of
    times, then stuck out her tongue and licked it right on the end!

     May and Sally gasped when they saw Bunny lick Jack's prick
    and then take the end of it in her mouth and start sucking on it.
    Jack looked like he was in heaven.   He was leaning back against
    the side of the bath house thrusting his hips at Bunny's mouth.

     Sarah had a clear view of her son's dick sliding in and out
    of Bunny's lips.

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      Â  She was amazed at the size of his organ.
    "Takes after his daddy," she thought to herself.

     Jack knew he couldn't last long with Bunny's mouth sucking
    hungrily at his prick.   Suddenly, he knew he couldn't last at
    all.   He let out a gutteral grunt as his cock suddenly exploded
    in her mouth.

     May and Sally could tell that Jack was coming in Bunny's
    mouth.   They could even see her throat working as she swallowed
    the powerful spurts which he was shooting in her mouth.   When he
    finished coming, she licked his dick clean and stood up.

     She whispered something to him and leaned back against the
    side of the bath house.   Jack knelt between her legs, his jeans
    and shorts down around his ankles now.   He used his fingers to
    open her pussy wide and then began to lick up and down in her

     "The little rascal is going to eat her," Sarah thought to
    herself.   Sure enough, Jack was doing exactly that.   Sarah could
    see his head working as he tongued and licked the juicy pussy in
    front of him.   Bunny must have been pretty hot, because he didn't
    have long to work on her before she grabbed his head and shoved
    it hard up between her legs.


      Â  She almost suffocated him, holding
    him prisoner there between her legs while she came.

     When she finally released him, he reached up and pulled her
    down beside him.   His dick was pointing straight up again.   Jack
    pushed Bunny down on her back and crawled over her.   From her
    hiding place, Sarah could look straight up between their legs.
    She saw Bunny pull her legs up and spread them wide.   She saw
    Bunny's hand come down and grab the hard dick and guide it to the
    juicy hole between her legs.   She saw Jack lunge forward and sink
    the full length of his prick straight up her cunt hole.   He held
    it there for a moment and then began to fuck her.

     May and Sally could see Jack's dick appear and disappear
    beneath Bunny's pulled up leg as he fucked her.   As they watched,
    they saw her reach down and grab him by the ass, urging him on.
    He didn't really need any urging, however, as he was
    enthusiastically fucking her.   Harder and harder, faster and
    faster, he screwed her.   Suddenly, she began to gasp and whine,
    and then Jack let out a series of grunts and buried his dick up
    to the balls in her as he shot his wad up her pussy.   She was
    obviously coming too, as she held on tightly to his ass.

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    Finally, Jack raised up and pulled it out of her.

     Sarah could see her pussy gaping open when Jack's dick slid
    out.   She saw a big glob of cum slide right out of the girl's
    pussy.   Jack stood up and pulled his shorts and pants up.   Bunny
    put her shorts back on and buttoned her blouse.   Jack kissed her
    on the lips, then took her by the hand and led her away around
    the side of the bath house.

     Sarah stayed very still, as she watched the girls come out
    of the bushes and go up to the spot where the fucking had taken
    place.   They looked around and giggled as they talked to each
    other about what they had seen.   She heard Sally say to May,
    "Boy, after watching that, I can hardly wait to have it done to
    me.   I really want to lose my cherry!"

     "Me, too," May agreed with her.

     "Are you going to let Jack do it to you?" Sally asked her

     "I don't know, probably," May replied.   "I think I would
    like to try what he and Bunny did with their mouths first,
    though. "

     "Yea, me too," Sally replied.   "Playing with him and letting
    him play with us is fun, but I think it's time to do a little

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     May nodded in agreement as the girls made their way off
    through the woods.

     Sarah knew that the conversation she had heard meant that
    Jack was not fucking his cousin or his sister, but it also meant
    that the girls were ready and that it would probably happen soon!
    She suddenly realized that she was desperately needing to piss.
    She made her way around to the front of the bath house.
    Suddenly, on an impulse, she went over the the entrance to the
    men's side.   She listened silently.   She didn't hear anything.
    She looked around.   There was no one in sight.   She looked around
    the entrance into the inside of the bath house.   There was no one
    inside.   She had always wanted to pee in the men's room!  She
    decided to take a chance!

     As May and Sally made their way through the woods, May
    suddenly realized that she needed to pee.   She told Sally to go
    on without her and she turned back toward the bath house.

     Inside the men's room, Sarah was perched on the pot with her
    shorts and panties down around her ankles.   She spread her legs
    and released her bladder, causing the water in the pot to sing
    with the stream of piss she cut loose in it.   Shen she finished,
    she wiped her pussy and reached for her clothes bunched at her

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      Â  Suddenly, she became aware that someone was watching
    her!  Bunny's father was standing just inside the door, looking
    at her.   He didn't say a word, he just walked slowly toward her.
    Her eyes were drawn to the huge bulge between his legs.   She sat
    still until he stood in front of her.   He extended his hand to
    her and she took it.   He pulled her to a standing position and
    immediately kissed her.

     There she stood, with her shorts and panties still down
    around her ankles, being kiss.



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