Master Jason Part One


Jason was an average 18 year old guy.   He loved his girlfriend a lot, but every time they brought up the sex subject she would get so mad that she would almost break up with him.   He had so many sex cravings, and no one was there for him.   He would jack off every night before he went to bed about bondage and being a master.   He would look at bondage pics in magazines and on the internet.   The pictures would have female mistrisses dominating their sub.   It was Friday night, and he did not have school tomorrow.   He started to jack off, and an image of his mom, naked, appeared in his head.   She was his sub, and he was her master.   He tried to get it out of his mind thinking that he was becoming sick and twisted.   How could he get turned on by a 46 year old women?  He than thought about how his mom usually did what he asked to.   Wondering why, he thought maybe he turned her on.   He decided to go downstairs and see what his mom was doing.   When he got downstairs, she wasn't there.   It was 11:00.   Maybe she went to bed.

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    He went back upstairs and to her room.   Her door was open a crack, and her lamp next to the bed was on.   She was pleasuring herself, and trying not to make to much noise.   She was just about to cum, and that nearly made Jason cum.   He got a nasty thought.   He went to his room, and took all of his cloths off.   He put on a bath robe, and went back to his mom's door.   He looked in, and she was laying there, on the bed.   He then remembered about buying a whip, hand cuffs, rope, and a blindfold.   He got them, and opened the door.
"Jason????!!!," said his mom, "I am so sorry, I didn't ex. . . . .

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  . "
"Shut up slut, tonight you will listen to me and call me Master. "
Crack, he hit his naked mother hard on her stomach.
"My name is Master Jason, and you will call me Master.   Do not speak unless spoken to, and for the rest of your life, you are my sub, and I am your master. "
"Master, what is wrong??"
"Wrong?!, nothing is wrong!"
"For now on you will nothing in the house, and if we have company, you will were a skimpy dress with no underwear, but possibly a thong.   If I find you walking around the house with even a thong on, you will be punished.   When you go outside you will wear nothing, and only when you go to into town will you wear something. "
"Master please?  What did I do?"
"Nothing, now suck my cock, and when I cum, you better swallow ALL of it, or else you will get punished. "
She sucked as good as she could, since he was pulling on her hair, but it did no good.   When he cummed, there was to much for her.   She spit it up.
"Guess who is getting punished??"
"No please, I will do better. "
"Too late, lay down facing up on the bed. "
Once she did that, he tied her arms and legs to the bed posts, and blindfolded her.

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    He took his whip, and hit her very hard on her cunt.
"Shut up, or I will hit you harder. "
After ten hard hits, he stopped, and found out he had to go to the bath room.
"Follow me slut"
She followed him to the bath room, and he pooped.   
"Eat it"
"Please, no!"
She put her hand in the toliet water, and she grabbed some of it, and ate it.   She was trying so hard not to throw up.
"Tell me that it tastes good. "
"Master, it tastes so very good"
"Good, because that is what you will eat for a snack.   For breakfeast, lunch, and dinner, you will cook it in nothing but an apron.   You will eat my left overs, if anything is left.   If you need to go to the bathroom, you will go outside, by Storm (our dog), and you will squat down and go.   When you are done, he will lick you clean, and if he wishes, fucks you. Understood?"
"Yes Master"
"Good, no go to bed, and I will see you naked tomorrow morning, and you better be up at eight. "
The next morning she woke up at 7:00 and went down stairs.   She did as she was ordered to, and cooked naked with an apron on.

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    She made him three pancakes, and gave him orange juice.
"Good, I am glad that you can do at least one thing right. "
"Now come under the table and suck my cock while I eat. "
She did as told, and while doing so, she had an unexpected visitor lick her cunt under the table.   It was storm, their German Shepherd.   She twitched when he licked her cunt, causing her to nip on Jason's cock.  
"Slut!!!!!!! You will pay for that!!!"
He took her upstairs, and tied her to her hot tub.   He made the temperature about 125 degrees.   she yelped when the water touched her, because she had sensitive skin.   He took his whip, and hit her hard and she screamed, not only from that, but from the water.   He than let her out, and took her in the bathroom.   He turned on the water as freezing as it could go and shooved her in.   She freaked.
"Please, let me out!!!"
"Fine, but you are coming outside with me. "
Once outside, he tied her arms and legs around the tree, leaving her cunt up against the hard barch.

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"Storm, here boy. "
"No, don't let him touch me"
"Fine, I decided a better way to disipline you. "
"Put on a skimpy dress, and no thong or underwear, and then come out to my truck. "
She changed, and came out.   They then to drove to Jason's friend Matt's home, where they bred Belguim's, a huge draft horse.   They got out of the car, and Jason knocked on the door, knowing that Matt's parents were not home, and that Matt was.
"Hey Matt, you want to see some entertainment?  All I need you to do is bring your biggest, strongest, and toughest stallion out here. "
Matt went down to the stables, and brought out their stallion Hercules out, not hard to figure out why he was named that.
"Slut, go kneel under Hercules. "
"Master. . . . "
"Hey Jason, how did you teach your mom to do that?"
"I will tell you later. "
His mom went under Hercules, who by now was pawing so hard at the ground that it almost shook.

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    His huge 3 foot cock was now looking for some place to go.   He felt Jason's mom's ass hole, and charged into it.   She screamed so loud that Jason was afraid that the neighbors heard it.   Hercules had almost 1 and a half feet of cock in her!!!  He pulled his cock out of her, and she scrambled out.   Jason drove her home, and thought about how much fun he was going to be having the rest of her life!