Massaging My Aunt


I remember it was my senior year in highschool.   It was like one of those days where your tired after school and you'd want to crash anywhere.   Well one afternoon, school was finished and I wanted to go to my cousins house.   As I arrived there, I parked my '97 Toyota Tacoma in the front of my cousins house.   As I walked into the house, my aunt was there and I found my cousin in his room playing ps2.   My cousin was the same age as me and yah we have the same thing in common.
That night, i didnt want to go home so i asked if i could sleep over.   They said it was okay but they had to go to there dentist in the morning but there mom would be here.   I said its okay but dont wake me up so i wont be bored.   The next morning, i woke up from my uncles noisy truck getting out of the drive way.   DAMN! They were just leaving.   I went to the kitchen and found my aunt outside doing laundry with here sweatpants and a atheletic bra.   My aunt is like around the early fourties.   She wasnt skinny nor fat. She was like in between.   She had the perfect breast.

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  . . . . . 34C.   She was hot!!! Everytime they'd go to a party I'd come so I could check her out in her party dress.   PERFECT ASS SHAPE! My aunt was really curvy.   Sometimes I'd catch my own dad wanting to touch her breast. . . . But yah back to the story.   She was out there just doing her normal routine.   I helped myself to some breakfast.

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    After that I went outside to say good morning to my aunt. She was shocked from the sound of my voice.   "Oh hi Alden. . . . . I dindt know your awake. . . . well your cousin went to his dentist so i guess were alone. . . .

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  . but if you need anything, just let me know okay sweetie. . "  "Oh yah yah i will. "  Damn she was fucking hot.   I went inside the house to watch some tv.   The same old tv shows were on so i went on the computer.   My aunt came inside and told me that she'll run in the treadmill and that she'll change.   I got the weirdest idea.   As she entered her room, i quickly followed her.   She was in the bathroom washing her face.   I stood in the side of the door watching her rubb her face with soap.   Then after she dried her face, she quickly took of her athletic bra showing her 34C tits.   Black nipples and they were huge! I mean really huge! Like the areolla was the size of the side of a soda can and the nipple was the size of a fat grape.   I had a eight inch boner!  I was so hard that i was forced to rubb my penis.

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    She turnned around and as a scardy cat i ran out of the room.   She came out in her running wear.   She took like thirty minutes then came inside.   She said she was tired and asked for a massage.   I had an idea.   We went to her rom and she layed on the bed. I jumped in with her and started massageing her shoulders.   I told her tat I learn new tricks from watching films.   She told me to just do it atleast she was getting massaged.
      I massgaed her and massaged her till she fell asleep. It was my turn now.   I rolled her so that her stomach is facing up.   I kissed her lips and began riding my hands on the spandex.   I was right on top of her pussy and i started to rub it in.   I used my middlefinger to dig in and in.

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        I heard her moan.   I took my shirt off and my shorts.   My dick was so hard.   I pressed my dick on her lips.   I then rubbed her tits.   I pulled ut her breast and with a sissors i cut her athletic bra and started sucking the nipples.   I pinched it so hard that i think she moanned a bit.   I took her spandex off and saw her hairy pussy.   I began eating it and i felt a hand on my head.   She was pushing her face on her pussy.   She cummed. Started to shove my dick in her pussy but she stopped me.   She wanted to get my dick wet and she stucked it into her mouth.   She felt soooooooo goood. I cummed in her mouth and she gulped it all up.

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        I was still hard.   I then shoved my dick in her but this time she didnt stop me.   I fucked and fucked and shoved and shoved.   She screamed out knowing that my dick is larger than her husbands.   She yelled out my name and i cummed.   Me kissed and got cleaned up.
    Two months passed and we are still doing it.   Even now, whenever we meet again, i fucked her.



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