Massage from sis!


It all started about a year ago when my sister Shelly started her massage course. She was half way through her course and had been looking for people to practice on. She never had much trouble as let me just say that all my mates tell me my sis is an absolute babe. Shes a tall slender brunette with c cup breasts and an ass to die for. Shes my sis I know but any man would get a stirr in their pants if u ever saw her naked and i had got that chance a few times. She was 19 and I was 20, we were pretty close and both were made triathletes so we use to train together too.
One week end after swimming in the morning then cycling for a few hours we got back to the house to find that mum and dad had gone away for the weekend. We both showered, i used my pearents ensuit and then went down stairs to make some lunch. Shelly had put on a bikkini top and a serrong and looked gr8! I had on just a pair of shorts as it was a scorcher of a day. we chatted over lunch and i hinted how good it would be to get a massage. Shelly agreed then said "ill give u one if you do me after" I smiled and said sure my mind racing, saying to myself sure Ill DO you!
She set up the table and got her oils and i layed down on my stomach in my shorts. She then told me to take them off so she could do it properly. I protested and told her I wasnt wearing anything underneath. She said she seen it all before and to stop being silly so i lifted my hips from the table and dropped my sorts to down my legs and to the floor. I lay their naked with my head in the hole and i watch her legs and the serrong swaying as she moves around me. Shelly then says to herself but out loud "m gonna get oil all over this" and with that removes her serrong.

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   I couldnt quite see high enough to seewat she was wearing underneath but i was sure it was nothing. Instantly I became a lil hard.
She was massaging my lower back then her hands started moving over my ass which felt gr8! i moaned a lil to let her know how good it felt. Slowly but surley her hand was going lower down my ass and to the inside of my thigh until she was regularly brushing the bottom of my ball sack. This was driving me wild and I moaned a few times more to let her know i was enjoying it. suddenly she stopped and moved up to my neck she stood at the end of the table and i moved my head in the hole so i could see as much of her legs as possible. Then she knelt down! Her pussy was bare not i thread of clothing and not a hair insight. My hard on moved to full capasity! she kept rubbing my neck like nothing was going on. I moaned again and this time she let one hand slip down to her pussy and lightly ran her fingers between the lips. I moaned again and she rubbed again. I seriously could of came right there but she stood up.
Roll over and Ill do your legs she said. I again protested and she again said she'd seen it all before. I was feeling a lil bold so i flipped over and my cock sprung up of my stomach. I watched Shelly as she staired at it.


   She composed herself and said "enjoying that much are u bro" so smuggly So i replied "as much as you were when u were kneeling up the front!" She went bright red then looked down and started massaging my legs.
    I lay there in silent as she massaged up my calf then to my hammi's and thighs. as she got to the top her eyes locked on my cock. Once again her hand on the inside of my thigh was brushing my balls and i was starting to moan again. She got more confident and started rubbing my groin and the back oy hand slid against my rigid cock. She licked her lips and looked up at me and our eyes locked she grabbed my cock in her hand and lowered her head to my cock. before engulfing it she whispered "sorry but i have too" and then slid my cock down her throat. "Dont be sorry" i uttered as she worked my cock with her mouth and my balls with her hand.
    I was in heaven her eyes were still gazing up at me and then she said u better be as good as me when u give me a massage!" i told her to get on the table she declined and rather pulled me off the table and onto the floor she lay me on my back ripped off her bikkini top then swiftly stradeled my face and went back to sucking on my cock. I burried my face in to her sopping wet pussy and instantly she started to moan and grind her hips against me. We kept going for ages until i said i think im gonna cum and which she replied so am i then continued sucking me and fucking my face. that was too much for me and i started to blow my load deep in her throat and no sooner had i started she did too. Her body was convulsing and she ook her mouth off mycock to moan loudly. my cock still erupting blew cum every where. she sat up quickly and her ass was still hovering and her pussy dripping above me.

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       I lifted my head and pushed my tounge into her ass. She cried out YES then span around to face me! my cum was dripping downher chin and was spattered across her face. she was doing her best to lick it up and clean her self up.  
    She looked down at me and siad now it must be my turn!



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