Marissa Gets A Surprise


It all started when I was 18 My brother, Jacob, was 17, and I had been curious for a while of what guys looked like under their clothes. He was taking a shower, so I decided to sneak a peak of him while he was in the bathroom. I cracked the door open just a little, and I saw him. The water pouring down his naked tanned body was amazing. I watched him lather his member up in soap. To my surprise, he started to jerk off. I felt my pussy getting wet. Since it was only my brother and me home, I undid my shorts and pulled them down along with my thong and started to rub my hot button. I began to moan, and thats when he heard me. "Marissa. . . what the hell are you doing? Shit! Were you spying on me?!" "Uhh. . . I'm sorry.

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   I. . . . I was just. . . Just curious. I've always wanted to see what a guy looks like naked. . . . " I couldn't stop stuttering. I was so nervous that my brother was going to freak on me. "Marissa, it's ok.

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   I understand. " "Wait. . . Did I miss something here?. . . . . " "Umm. . Yeah. I guess I have some explaining to do myself. . .

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   I found myself one day wondering what was wrong with my love life. I found that I couldn't hold a relationship with any of the girls at school. So, I found myself falling in love with somebody. And that somebody was you. I tried to tell myself that it was wrong. . . and that you're my sister. But I just couldn't come to that. " After Jacob explained himself, we stood in silence for what seemed like a life time. Finally, I started talking to him. "You have feelings for me? I. . . I have to confess too.

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  . . I have feelings for you as well. I don't know why, but I just don't like other boys the way I like you. I then realized that I didn't just like you. . . that I loved you and I wanted you to be my first and only lover. " Once again, silence. Then Jacob leaned down and kissed me. He pulled me close to him and held me. "Marissa, I want to be your first and only, and I promise, nothing will ever take me away from you. " He picked her up and carried her to his room and laid her on his bed. He took her shirt off and began to kiss his way down her body, softly. He went back up kissed her again.

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   "Are you ready? We don't have to do this if you don't want to. " "I'm ready Jacob. I've been ready for this day. " "Alright Sis. Just spread your legs and hook them behind my back. " Marissa didn't hesitate. She did as she was told. "Okay, I'm going to enter you slowly. " Nothing else was said. Jacob placed his cock at the entrance of Marissa's virgin hole and began to push. He pushed until he hit her hymen. "Brace yourself. This might hurt a bit. " With that said, he pushed hard and took her virginity. "Ohhh my god!" Marissa cried.

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   She held her breath for a few minutes and then began to meet Jacob's thrusts. "Oh god. . Jacob. Uh. . . mmmm. . Harder. . Oh god. . . Fuck me, fuck me!" Jacob kept going, but at a faster pace.

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   "Oh fuck Marissa. . . You're so fucking tight. . . oh god. . " Marissa reached down to his ass and pulled him closer into her and to give him deeper access. "Oh shit! This is even bettter. . . . damn. .

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  . ummmmm,'' Jacob said. "Oh. . . ummmm. . . I think I'm gonna cuuummmm!!" Marissa's body went stiff and she moaned loudly. "Ohhhhhh. . . yessssss!!!" "Marissa I'm going to cum!!" Jacob started fucking her faster and harder until he felt his balls tighted up and send shocks through his hard cock. Then he exploded into her. Gush after gush of semen shot into Marissa's pussy.

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   They both came down from their climaxes and just lay on the bed with Jacob still on top of Marissa. He held her and began to kiss her. "Baby, that was wonderful. I love you Marissa. I want you to be mine forever. " " I love you too Jacob. " They fell asleep still holding each other. Want another story? gotta wait! :-p.