Maria - Mommy & Daddy


This is my first time ever writing. Please let me know how I did. This took me about 3 hours to write and about a week to brainstorm :P. This story is fictional.
I could hear the phone ringing from my room. I was half awake so I just let the machine answer it.
‘This is Officer Daniel Lawson; if anyone is available please pick up the phone. ‘
Something must’ve happened I thought to myself.
‘mom? . . Dad? ‘ I yelled out.
I usually sleep naked and I didn’t want my parents to see me getting out of bed that way, I remember once I had gotten up for a glass of water and my dad was in the kitchen looking for a late night snack, I tried to scamper off but it was too late.
‘Maria get back here ‘ He called I was so embarrassed. My father had seen my body. I slowly turned around and walked back toward the kitchen. I could see him in the moonlight shining through the windows.

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   He wasn’t a tall man, about 5’9’’ fairly tanned lean and muscular, he wasn’t what you would call an average dad, and most of my girlfriends all thought he was ‘hott’, they would all make jokes about how they would ‘fuck his brains out’.
‘Young lady didn’t you’re mother and I go over this with you, sleeping naked is forbidden in this household. What if the house catches fire at night, while we’re all asleep? Would you want to be out in the middle of the street naked to where everyone could see your
I was biting my lip, trying to hide my tits beneath my long brown hair. I held both hands on my bald
‘I’m sorry daddy’ I replied.
‘Glad you understand, now go back to your room and  put some damn clothes on. ’
I listened exactly as he told me, I ran back to my room to throw some sweats and an old shirt on. As I was walking to my closet I stopped in front of my mirror. I was amazed at how my body was developing. 36 C tits. Light olive colored skin, and a nice round ass to go along with my flat stomach and perky tits. For being sixteen I had a pretty banging’ body or so I had heard from some of the seniors at my highschool.
*RING RING ‘Ah, that damn phone, ringing again. ’ I muttered.
I decided to pull myself out of bed and threw one of my robes on. Walking past the bathroom to get to the phone in the living room I felt an uneasy pain in my stomach.


‘ Hello ‘ I answered.
‘ Is this Maria’ Someone on the other line asked.
‘Yes this is she,’ I replied.
‘Hi Maria this is Officer Lawson, we have been trying to get in contact with you. You’re parents have been in an accident,’
‘ What ?’ Is all I could get out.
‘ Is this some kind of fucking joke? Who the hell is this?’
‘Maria I need you to calm down, we are sending an officer and case worker to your home. ’
I didn’t know what to make of what just happened. Was this some kind of sick joke my friends were playing on me? I didn’t know what to do, so I sat, and I waited, and waited.
The doorbell? Hmmm. 4:30pm on the clock. I peeped through the peep-hole. An officer and a lady dressed in a suit holding a briefcase.
Almost breaking down, shaking and crying, I managed to answer the door. I knew now this was no sick joke, no playing around.
‘Maria, I am Officer Kane and this is Lucy O’Dell.

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   She’s a social worker. Do you have any idea why we came here?’
I knew they were here about my parents. Now it really set in that they we’re gone, and this wasn’t nothing to play around with. Before I could speak the social worker started blabbing.
‘See Maria when you were very young, your mother took you to a shelter, she couldn’t take care of you at the time, she was fifteen when she had you, Mr. and Mrs. Ruiz adopted you. ’
I couldn’t even find words to speak. I was filled with hate, anger. I was filled with so much that I ran to the bathroom and let it all go. I returned to the living room about twenty minutes later.
‘Maria, the reason that I am here is because your biological parents are now willing to take care of you. We’ve spoken to them about everything and they want you to stay with them. ’
I was in shock. Pure shock.

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   I found it hard to breathe. I nodded, packed a few of my things and my parents and left with them.
Sitting in the social workers office I waited, waited for the woman who had given me birth and abandoned me.
‘Darling, my gosh how you’ve grown ! Let mommy give you a hug’ A weird yet almost familiar voice said.
‘Maria, this is you’re biological mother. ’
She was perky. Dark hair like me, hazel eyes like me too, her tits were about a 34 D and she stood almost 5’6’’. Her ass was shaped like a pear and stuck out. She was a bit thicker than me. We looked almost alike.
‘Oh honey, you’re going to love being with us,’ My mother said.
‘Us? ‘ I replied.
‘Wow, you are GORGEOUS’ A man stammered.
‘And this is you’re biological father. ’ The social worker said, I could see her looking at my mother and father in that sexual way.

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‘We’re renting a lake-house, its secluded and I think it would be great for you, getting your mind of things and whatnot. ’ My mother said eagerly.
I said good-bye to the social worker and we got into my moms mini-van. It was real clean and smelled like strawberries. We finally arrived and I took out my ipod and my mother quickly grabbed it from my hands.
‘Oh that rubbish, you don’t need that out here honey. Do you have any other devices like this? Cell phone? Laptop maybe?’ She hissed.
I messed up blabbing about all the cool things my foster parents had gotten me.
‘Don’t worry Hun, I think I got rid of them all. ’ my father said as he was rummaging through my luggage.
‘Hey that’s my stuff you have no right going through my things!’ I yelled.
My father then slapped me. Grinning to himself as if he had accomplished something great.
‘Hmmm potty mouth little tramp aren’t you, we’ll just have to fix that’ he said evilly.
I wanted to cry, I wanted to go home, to my home, where I knew my foster parents would never lay a hand on me.

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   I held on though, I thought to myself that my foster parents would watch over me. It was 10:41pm. My mother showed my inside and showed me around.
‘You’ll be sleeping in the den,’ She told me.
The den? I thought to myself. Who the hell sleeps in a den? It was a cold place, stone floors, a queen bed, a nightstand with a bland baby blue lamp on it, and a restroom. There were no windows like my old room, just stone walls.
‘Its too late to make dinner, but if you get hungry there’s food in the fridge,’ She said, slamming the door to the ‘den’.
I situated my things and looked at my photos of my foster parents. I put them on the nightstand. I undressed and laid down onto the bed. Crying to myself, I drifted off to sleep.
‘Wow, our bitch of a daughter has some nice nipples, almost as nice as yours honey’ I heard my father.
‘What, what the hell are you doing’ I screamed.
Alerted and awake, I tried to move my hands, I couldn’t.

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   I pulled and pulled. I was bound. Bound my legs and bound by my wrists.
‘Don’t worry sweetie, mommy and daddy are going to take real good care of you’. My mothers voice.
I looked to where it was coming from and saw her standing by door with a duffle bag. I thought I was going to be murdered. Little did I know what she had in that duffle bag.
She started pulling out dildos. Huge ones. tiny ones. She began plugging some in, and some made weird noises. Some twisted left and right and some had spikes.
‘Now honey, daddy is going to ask you one simple question, and if you’re a good girl and you answer right I might give you a treat; have you ever been fucked?’
‘No’ I replied.
‘So no one has ever touched that sweet little pussy?’ My mother hissed.

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‘I said NO!’
‘You little fucking bitch, how dare you talk to you’re mother like that’ my father yelled.
Before I knew it he was between my legs, I could feel his hot breath steaming up my pussy. I felt that tingle, the tingle I feel when I touch myself, or when my ex-boyfriend Josh used to kiss me down my back or run his fingers across my stomach.

    ‘Look at this honey ! Are little whore is getting wet !’ My dad rejoiced.
    ‘ Oh really darling, let that little bitch feel what its like to get her pussy eaten out!’ My mother said, lubing up some of her toys.
    OH MY GOD. I could feel something wet sliding up and down my pussy. It felt so fucking good, I bucked my hips at his face, trying to get as much pleasure as I could. It felt as if lighting had ran through my body. I moaned and screamed in pleasure.
    ‘Wow, this bitch screams loud, shut her the hell up sweetness’ My father said looking at my mother who was already out of her robe and fully nude.
    My mother climbed onto my face. Her whole pussy resting on my nose and lips. I could smell a faint sourness and taste tanginess from her hole. By this time my father stopped at what he was doing and I heard that weird noise come from the dildo again.

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    ‘Eat my fucking pussy you little cunt’ she I had never eaten pussy before so I had no idea what I was doing, I just stuck my tongue out and my mother went wild on my face, moving back and forth, bucking her hips on my face, almost suffocating me.
    ‘OH MY GOD,  you eat my pussy so good, you fucking whore, you’ve surly don’t this before, you can’t be this fucking good,’
    I was turned on, turned on so bad that I just went with it, licking away, eating away, vibrating my tongue to my mothers delight.
    ‘you fucking bitch, eat my fucking pussy, eat it you dirty little slut’
    I felt my mother rocking back and forth on me, bucking my face harder than a bronco and then I felt something hot hit my lips, a sweet yet sour love juice it was almost stinging my tongue. I began drinking it up, swallowing it, trying to get my tongue deeper into my mothers pussy to get all of it.
    ‘oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god, this bitch knows how to eat pussy so fucking good’ My mother said looking at my father who was stroking his hardened cock watching his daughter eat her mothers pussy.
    ‘Now come try out this nice little virgin pussy, dear’.
    My dad moved closer and closer to me, rubbing his throbbing cock, it was so huge, I was so afraid and turned on at the same time. My mother then began massaging my tits, running her fingers across my nipples, they had already been standing straight up, almost as hard as my fathers cock.
    ‘So let me see what all this fuss is about’ My father said as he positioned  himself between my legs.
    I closed my eyes tight, afraid. I felt my mothers mouth on my nipple, and then pain. I peeked my eyes open and saw my father struggling to get his cock-head in. It hurt so bad ! I felt as if he we’re trying to rip me in two !
    ‘Daddy please ! it hurts sooooo bad ! Please stop, stop. ’ I cried.
    ‘Shut the fuck up and take my dick you fucking whore’ He said angrily as he slapped me across my He grabbed my mothers hair and forced her face onto mine.

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       Making us kiss. Our tongues colliding with each others like cars in a wreck. More pain. He was now forcing himself into me.
    ‘Oh godddd daddy, it hurts sooo fucking baddddd’ I yelled.
    ‘Take it bitch, take it, take this fucking cock’ he said.
    He was pumping me, in and out, in and out. I could feel him break right through me. It started feeling good, too good.
    ‘Looks like I broke my sweet little daughters hymen’ he said panting.
    ‘ Please fuck me, fuck me hard, I’ll be you’re cock loving whore forever, please daddy just don’t take your cock out of me;’.
    I nearly exploded. I felt tingles through out my body, waves and waves of pleasure.
    ‘Honey, you made our little slut bitch orgasm’ my mom said taking her mouth off my nipples.


    Just then the den door opened, a girl walked in and it was like looking into a mirror.
    ‘ I heard noises and I wanted to see what was going on’ The girl said.
                My mother walked over to her, grabbed her by the hand, and led her to the bed.
    ‘Marie, honey, meet you’re twin sister. ’
    Part 2 coming soon !
    Please leave any comments. !
    Thanks and LOTS of love.