Man of the house part 4


The last week of school went well, things at the house were running as smooth and life was just great. We were all getting exited about our trip to Disney Land, mom and I had it all set up we have plane tickets, hotel reservations right across from the park and a 3 day park pass. We had really done some planning to get it to all work out.
The big part of my plan was that being we were going to be where no one knew us mom and I could be a couple in public. This was going to be new for us and we were both very exited about it. I had instructed her that I wanted her to dress only in hot cloths. Very short shorts, short mine skirts, tank tops with no bra… I just wanted her to be my hot slut at all times. We had been fucking like crazy of late because we would both get so exited just talking about it.
 The day finally came to go and we all loaded up in the car and headed for the airport. It went smooth and before you knew it we were in our seats on the plane. We let Kenny have the window seat mom was in the middle and I was on the end. Mom had worn a very short denim mine skirt with no panties and a light pink top with no bra I could see her big nipples sticking straight out. She was so exited she could hardly sit still. She leaned over and kissed me deep I opened my mouth and welcomed her worm tongue. I felt her groping at my cock through my shorts. Se pulled away as the intercom said to put our seats and trays in the upright positions.

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As the plane started down the run way I slid my hand up mom’s leg and felt her soaking wet pussy. I quickly slid a finger in and started rubbing her clit with my thumb. Mom started moaning as the plane took off, grinding her pussy into my hand. I felt her slid her hand in to the top of my shorts and stroke my already hard cock. I could feel my self getting close and I did not want to blow my load like this so I took my hand from my mothers dripping wet pussy and put my fingers in my mouth and licked and sucked them dry. Then I leaned over and kissed my mom softly telling her that I wanted more than just a hand job on this flight. She stopped stoking me and just held may cock in her hand as she smiled at me.
After the plain leveled out and we could undo our seat belts Kenny had to go to the bath room so we all got up and let him out. While he was gown mom and I got in to a hot and heavy kissing and session. I was kissing her and grabbing her big tits under her shirt and just having a good old time when I heard Kenny ask if he could get back to his seat.
Sitting up to let Kenny in I saw the man in the row across from us staring at us like he could not believe what he was seeing. He must have been in his forties with short dark hair, a rather good looking man he looked to be a business man of some sort. I just smiled at him then told mom that I wanted her to suck my cock. She quickly helped me slid my shorts down just enough so she could get my now rock hard cock out. Leaning over she started to run her tongue around the head of my cock just teasing me.

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   Then slowly she worked my entire cock down her throat.
I looked back across isle and the man had throne a blanket over his lap to hide the fact that he was stroking his own cock. I just smiled at him and pulled the hair away from my moms face so the man had a better look at my cock going in and out of her mouth. She was really working my cock over good. I looked over at Kenny and he was rubbing his little dick through his shorts. I could feel my self starting to get close. So again I stopped mom and pulled her up to me and kissed her deep probing her mouth with my tongue loving the taste of my own cock in her mouth.
 I looked back at the man and he was giving it all he had I know he was blowing his load all over the blanket he had over his lap. He finally stopped moving and just sat there looking at us. I now needed to get off, my nuts where about to explode. I leaned over and said “Jenny I am going to go to the bathroom and I want you to follow me ok” “ok baby I will be right behind you” she said.
 I got up and walked to the back of the plane and went in to the bathroom but did not lock the door. Not more than a minuet the door open and my mom walked in. I was sitting on the toilet seat and I told her to lift her leg and rest it on the sink. I could see up her short skirt to her dripping wet pussy.

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   I landed forward and licked up and down her juicy cunt and flicked her clit with the end of my tongue. She started to buck her hips in to my face so I put my hand on her ass and started working one finger than two fingers in to her tight ass. She was starting to moan and really get in to it. Yes Brian that’s it baby I am going to cum don’t stop lover don’t stop. I could feel he juices running down my hand lubing up my fingers I was fucking her ass with. I worked in a third finger and she exploded her pussy juice shot all over my face and I was licking and swallowing every bit I could.
I turned her around and stood up and slid my cock in to her hot we pussy from behind. I was not into waiting I need to get mine so I started fucking her hard and deep I knew I would cum soon. Her hot wet pussy felt so good. I could feel it building up in side me. Grabbing her hair I pulled her head back and kissed her and I slammed my cock deep in side her hot cunt. I could not take any more I shot my hot load deep into her pumping load after load deep in to her waiting womb. Finally I stopped and sat back down, she turned around and started sucking my cock clean. After a minuet or two she looked up at me, I kissed her and said we had better get back and check on Kenny. I stood up and she put my dick back in my shorts and made sure I looked ok before she walked out of the bathroom.

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   As I followed her down the isle I could see our combined juices running down her leg.
When we got to our seat I looked over and Kenny was asleep with his hand inside of his shorts. I looked back at the man across from us and he was still looking at us with a big smile on his face. Seeing that I said “Jen wait a min before you sit down baby. Then I landed over and quietly asked the man if he would like to taste my woman’s pussy. A little shocked the man said he would love to. Come here Jen I said. She walked over and stood next to me and I took my finger and put it up her skirt in to her soaking wet cunt. When I pulled my finger out it was soaked with her juice and my cum. The man was licking his lips as I moved my finger closer to his mouth. Like a baby waiting for a bottle he opened his mouth and started sucking and licking my finger dry.
 Then some one came over the intercom and said we would be landing shortly and we should put our seats in the up right positions and fasten our seatbelts. I looked back down and the man and all he did was smile and say thank you. I just smiled back and mom and I gout back into our seats. All I could think was I had already had one hell of a ride and we had not even got to Disney Land yet.

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