Man of the house part 3


Man Of The House Part 3
Things just kept getting better around the house. I had moved in to my mom’s room full time and we were fucking like rabbits. Kenny now had his room to him self and he loved that. I could never remember mom being so happy. She was always in a good mood. We were really had become a happy family.
  Summer was coming up and mom and I were in bed talking about taking a vacation. She really wanted to take a nice trip some place, I was all for it but was concerned that we do some thing that all 3 of us would enjoy. The whole time we were talking she was playing with my hard cock. She just never seemed to get enough of it.
  Finley she said enough talk I need some of my man’s cock. With that she pushed me over on my back and straddled my hard cock. I slid right up in to her soaking wet pussy. Looking up at her big tits I took them in my hands and started meeting her stroke for stroke. That’s it Jen ride that big cock I told her. Oh yes brain baby I love your big hard cock.

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   I was loving this hot woman bouncing up and down on my cock but I needed a little more. So I pushed her off and told her to get on all fours.
  I quickly got behind her and got the head of my dick wet with her dripping pussy juice. Then slowly worked the head of my cock in to her tight ass “Fuck yes that is so good” I told her. “Take it baby it is all yours” she said. I pushed deeper and deeper until I was all the way in. then just started humping her big tight ass. With one hand I reached under her and was rubbing her clit and every so often I would reach back and slap the shit out of her ass. You could see the red marks my hand was leaving on her ass.
  I had been fucking the shit out of her ass for about five minutes when I looked up and sure enough there was Kenny standing in the door way with his pajama pants down just working a way at his little cock.   I waved him over and told him to climb on the bed.
  I leaned over and told my mother that I wanted her to suck Kenny cock while I finished fucking her big tight ass. “Are you sure baby? This is what you want” she asked. I just slapped her on the ass again and said “Jen I said suck the boys cock!” she quickly leaned over and took Kenny’s little cock in her mouth and sucked him all the way to his hairless balls.
  I was so fucking turned on by watching this that that I did not know how much more I could take.

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   It was no time and Kenny let out a gone and I knew he was pumping his mother’s mouth full of his hot young cum. That was all I could tack I let go and filled her ass with load after load of my own hot cum. I just grabbed her big ass and fucked it as hard as I could she was shaking and screaming “ fuck my ass cram that big cock into my shit hole. ” Finally I stopped pulled out and rolled over on to my back on the bed.
  Jenny quickly got down and licked and cleaned up my sloppy cock then lay beside me and gave me a long deep kiss. “Thank you so much my lover” she said. “Jen I love you so much” I told her “but from now on you will do what I tell you. I am the man of the house and what I say goes, do you under stand. ” Yes my love she said smiling. That is so what I need a man that know how to take charge. Good I said kissing her again than lying back on the bed as she rubbed my body and now hardening cock.
  I looked over at Kenny and smiled “how you doing son” I asked him. “I am doing wonder full!!” I just laughed and leaned over and kissed my mother deep and grabbed one of her big tits. Breaking the kiss I told Kenny that this was all mine I would always fuck our mom, that I loved her and that I was always going to be the man of this house. If I felt like it I would let her suck him off but he would never fuck her sweet wet pussy that was all for me.


   He nodded and said he under stood. Jen just moved closer to me and said I am all yours baby.
   I told Kenny you get back to bed that his mom and I had things to talk about. Yes sir he said and jumped off the bed with his pajama pants in his hand and his little hard cock sticking out like a flag pole. Mom laughed “you are so good to him. ” Did you like sucking his dick” I asked her. Yes baby I did I loved it because I new it mad my little boy feel good and it made my man happy. ” “Good” I said “because I will have you do things with Kenny again but this pussy is all for me. ” I said rubbing her clit with my finger. I would have it know other way she said as she moved down you take my hard cock in her mouth.

  I woke up early, mom and I where wrapped in each others arms, so I slid out of bed trying not to wake her. I looked back at here sleeping, she was so hot. I felt my dick start to get hard. Smiling I went to get a shower. Getting the water just right I climbed in and let the water run through my long red hair, it felt very relaxing.

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   I opened my eyes to see my mother climbing in the shower with me, she pulled me close and kissed me good morning then got the soap and a wash cloth and started washing from head to toe. She washed my cock and balls until I was as hard as a rock. Then got on her knees and washed my legs and feet.
 I thought she was done but instead of getting back up she staid on here knees and took my cock in her mouth. This was out of this world, I just let the water run over me as my beautiful mother slid my hard cock in and out of her hot mouth. I felt her hands moving up my legs and rubbing my ass. God this was feeling so good I started moving my hips and fucking her mouth slowly. Then she caught me by surprise, she was running her finger around my ass hole. I tensed up and stopped moving. She took my cock out of her mouth but was still slowly stroking it with her hand. “Its ok baby just relax and let me make you feel good” she said.
  I slowly relaxed as she went back to sucking my dick and rimming my ass with her finger. I was getting more and more worked up and started to fuck her face again. I was getting closer and closer to letting go. Then she slid her finger up in to me, it was like fireworks went off in my head.


   I was fucking her face but at the same time fucking her finger in to my ass. When I came it was like a wave crashed in on me. I had my hands on my moms head and was slamming my cock in to her face and she was doing her best to swallow it all but it was running down her face and chin.
  When I finally stopped pumping cum in to my mother’s mouth she stood up and we kissed long and deep. I licked her face and sucked her tongue getting as much of the taste of my cum that I could, I was really beginning to like it. She pulled her finger out of my ass put it in her mouth and sucked on it. “See baby I told you I could make my man feel good. ” That you did Jen that you did I said smiling at her.
 As we where getting dressed I said that I think I would like to take Kenny to Disney land for our summer vacation. He would love it and the two of us would also have a great time. She just looked over at me and said “well then baby Disney land it is. ”
 As I kissed her good by for the day and told her to have a good day at work she grabbed my cock before I could close the car door. I just smiled at her and said “don’t worry Jenny it will be hard and reedy for you when you get home. Good she said letting go and closing the door. As she drove off all could think about was how I was going to fuck my mom at Disney Land!
Do we go on?

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