Making up with Kelly


So my daughter and I had not got along now for a very long time, finally I just got to the point where I figured I would go the other rout and start ignoring her and treating her as a tenant instead of a daughter. She was 19 now and although she was still living at home she was working 2 jobs and paying her own way through college. She was the perfect kid up until around 18 and has been a selfish little non listening bitch since then. She ( as many girls do) got mixed up with some dick head and ever since she has been his little slut (literally). I hated to admit it but I was somehow impressed with how well she was doing with everything. Our relationship though was about to change.

Her mother was leaving for a business trip and would be gone for a week. I was one of the lucky 10,000,000 million out there (give or take) that had lost their job due to cutbacks and was on unemployment chilling out at home. I noticed the last few months she had really started to care less how she dressed when I was home. I would get up in the morning and she would be up getting ready for school walking around in her lacey bra and panties from bathroom to bed room and the like. I tried not to notice at first due to my contempt for her, however it was getting harder and harder (literally) not to notice. I guess looking back it wasn't that big of a deal, I always got up and walked around in just my boxers, always had, but still. . . . She was smoking hot at 19 being 5'2 with long teased brunet hair.

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   Her ass was so small and tight and her tits were always pushed up and perky saying good morning to me each day. She was all of about 95 pounds soaking wet and her waist was nonexistent. To say the least, she screamed sex.

We had her fairly young and I was only 37, had been in construction most of my life and so therefore I have always been in very good shape. I am about 5'11 and 200 pounds, mostly muscle from years of hard manual labor. That Monday I woke up to a dream of her on my dick so naturally I was rock hard. I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:30 and figured she was gone as usual since 9:00, good, that meant I could go take a shower and stroke my cock and not worry about getting caught by her. We have only on bathroom in our house which is in the hallway between the bedrooms. She had left the light on again. . . . I rounded the corner into the bathroom with my semi hard 6 inch cock swaying back and forth hanging out of the slit in my boxers. At the same time she came walking out and ran right in to me. We both put our arms up to try to avoid it at the last second but we were both walking not really paying attention not expecting the other to be there.

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   We couldn't have timed it better if we tried. As usually she was wearing her bra and (next to no) panties and the way we hit my cock lined up perfect and the head hit her right in the cunt before either one of saw the other and had a chance to slow down or stop. Her perky little tits smashed up against me and my dick jumped in the half second that we were connected and pushed hard up against her satin covered pussy. She took a quick breath and looked down at my cock and then up at me. She turned bright red and said she was sorry and turned sideways away from me as she went to scurry out the door. However as she left her back hand brushed against my now fully erect cock as she squeezed through the doorway.

Damn I thought, I noticed her allot over the last few years, but never really like that. I probably would have been a little embarrassed if we had a better relationship, but as ours was almost nonexistent I found it more funny than embarrassing and thought that maybe that would teach her to quit walking around the house half naked. I took my shower, jerked off to the thought of that hot little bitch, and headed back to my bedroom in a towel. She was gone by the time I got out. I spent most of the day after running to the local hardware store, outside working in the yard and garage and by the end of the day my ass was kicked. I drank occasionally, but tonight I planned on making up for lost time. Nothing like a long day of hard work to make a beer . . .

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  or 12 taste really good. I had no plans for the next day and my wife wouldn't be home to nag me so I planned on getting drunk and sleeping in. About 11:30 Amber got home and walked through the living room saying hi to me, which never happens. Usually she goes around the other way and straight to her room when I am up. I was on the couch and had started Mount Seribachi on the coffee table with 9 of the 24 cans of beer I had bought earlier and was on number 18 and half way through Full metal Jacket (yes, former Marine) when she came back into the room she had on a pair skimpy pink satin boxers with a matching spaghetti top tank. Damn, she looked fucking hot ad it was all I could do not to stare. But I know for a fact that my eyes did pop out of my head for about 3 seconds, again, she noticed.

"Wow, you've been busy, did you drink them all?!"

"Nope, should be about 18 left in there, help yourself if you want, I'll take another too if you don't mind", as I stacked number 18 on top of the rest.

"Sure, thanks!", She said with more excitement than I've seen from her in years and turned to walk away.

When she came back into the living room her nipples said hello first and she was almost skipping as she brought me my beer and sat down next to me.
"So what are we watching ?", she asked as she leaned away from me and stretched out a little angling her lower half towards me as she stretched one leg out on the coffee table and the other up against the back of the couch so that as her boxers hung I had an almost perfect view of her well trimmed pussy.

I glanced back up at her and she was smiling at me drinking her beer and looked back at the TV. We sat there more-less in silence for the next 60 minutes as the movie came to an end I had polished off 2 more beers and to my surprise she was on her 4th, really pounding them and asking me each time if she could get another. She was up to something. Each time she came back she would get in the same position or a worse one…lol and I could tell she was pushing boundaries and having fun.

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   I figured what the hell and thought I would start playing along and see how far she wanted to take this. I told her I was going to hit the hot tub and asked her if she felt like it. She had gotten a big grin on her face and told me that it sounded like fun. It was mid March so it was still pretty chilly outside, but in the tub it’s always nice and warm. We both walked out as we were and I just took off my jeans and shirt and went in in just my boxers, she went in in what she had on as well. We grabbed the rest of the beer on our way out and placed it in the built in cooler. We turned on the outdoor plasma and started watching some movie that was basically soft porn. It didn’t take long and she was done with her 6th beer, I had since slowed down a bit and was just enjoying the situation. We started talking about her school and work and everything else, just catching up for the most part. Then we had a semi awkward moment when we had quit talking for a minute and on TV there was a scene where a girl was going down on a guy, of course they didn’t show it …. But you got the point. Again, I had around 18-18 beers in me so my thought process probably wasn’t what it should have been when I spoke.

…. . ”Yea, that’ll last till she gets a ring on her finger” –Ah crap, I thought to myself.

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“What?!”, Kelly said looking at me with astonishment…. “Mom doesn’t give you head anymore?!”

Fuck it I thought, I’m already drunk and in a hot tub with my almost naked daughter, what’s the point of holding anything else back. “No she doesn’t, not for a long time. ” I said, getting pissed off just thinking about the situation. When I meant my wife, Jill, back when we were younger she was a nymph. We did everything, anytime, and anywhere. In the car (while driving), at work, everything – everywhere. It was great. But for the last 18 or so years no, now we are down to once or twice a week and either she’s on top or I am and that’s pretty much the end of it. No foreplay, definitely no oral, no nothing. I was tired of it, tired of her, and with the help of the alcohol I had all night pretty much dumped the whole story to Kelly.

She couldn’t believe it, she told me she loved giving head and can’t believe Jill didn’t do it anymore, or the rest of it. She told me that her and her ex (I was unaware they had broke up) use to do everything everywhere just like we did when we were younger. It just made me more pissed off. We talked about all kinds of stuff, likes dislikes.

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   Things we’ve done…places we’ve done it at…etc It was fun. She told me how it had been killing her though the last few weeks because since she broke up with him she has been wearing batteries out left and right. There was a silence for a bit and then she asked me if I would do her a favor.

“What’s that I asked?, wondering where she was going with this.

She then proceeded to tell me how she had slipped at work and hurt her back and neck. Said she was going to make a chiropractor appointment tomorrow, but it was killing her now. She wanted to know if I would massage her neck and back for her. Having an idea of where this was going I told her to come over to where I was and I would be happy to. She did, but instead of sitting next to me or leaning kneeling in front of me she just plopped down on my lap and said, “Work your magic Daddy!”

Some of it started working immediately, she wasn’t sitting there 2 minutes and my dick was hard as a rock. I was working her neck and back over pretty good. Luckily the way my cock was when she sat down it was running straight out instead of up into her, but I know she had to feel it pulsating and jumping, trying to find its way free. I was ready to go now, nothing was going to hold me back, but I decided to give her one more out, just incase.
“Is that good Kel’ you want me to stop yet?” I said as I could feel my cock sliding around now wedged right between her ass with the head poking up touching the lips of her pussy since the satin boxers had slipped to the one side.

“No Dad, it feels so good, you’re really helping me out. You’re not quite hitting the spot I want though, you’re almost getting it.

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   Let me help. ” And with that our relationship would forever be changed as she leaned forward just a little and reached down with her left hand and slid me into her. “There Daddy, that’s better. ”

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