Making Mark Mine (Part I)


Chapter 1
I was 18 when I first developed feelings for my older brother Mark. I had only just started being attracted to boys, and had never, until that point, even thought about him as a guy, but only as my brother. The day that changed, I'd come home from school to find him already home, chopping wood in the back yard. Well, it was more hacking at it than chopping. . .

It was a pretty warm day, so he'd taken his school shirt off and was wearing only his shorts, which, I noticed absently, he was definitely growing out of; they clung quite tightly to his legs. Mark was 17, and was in very good shape. He'd been a competitive swimmer since he was nine and had only given it up to concentrate on schoolwork a few months ago. He wasn't overly tall. At 5'10, he was just a few inches taller than me. He had a swimmer's broad shoulders and chest, which were both, due to his current exertion, glistening with a layer of sweat. From the chest, his waist tapered, nicely with a flat, quite well defined stomach. He also had powerful thighs and calves, developed nicely from the swimming.

As I stood watching him through the kitchen window, the sun suddenly shone out through a break in the clouds and as I watched, he was suddenly transformed into a figure from Olympus, with the sun's light reflected off his broad back and shoulders and making his sandy brown hair glow with a fiery light. I felt my chest tighten and my face flush.

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   In that instant, I was suddenly more physically attracted to him than I ever had been to any guy in my life, and have been since. I continued to watch him, entranced, for a few more minutes then went outside to talk to him.

“Hey Mark, why are you chopping wood? And how come you're home so early. I always get home before you do. ”

“Well,” he gave a laugh and continued, “I'm just trying to work out some aggression. I got into a big argument with Mr Kelly and I kinda lost my temper and called him an asshole. So I got sent to Ms Anderson’s office, but I came home instead. ”

“Oh man, that sucks. I hope you don't get into any trouble. ”

“Thanks kiddo, but I'll be ok. ” I felt a bit deflated at being called 'kiddo. ' Did he really still think of me as a little kid? But I pushed it aside and kept on.

“You look really hot. Want some water?”

“Oh yea, that'd be great. Can you get me two glasses?”

“Um, yea sure, two glasses coming up.

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As I went back inside I could hear him resume his chopping. I filled up two glasses, while thinking he must be very thirsty, and went back outside. Mark stopped chopping as I approached. I held out the two glasses to him, saying “here you go. ”

He took one from me and, to my surprise, instead of drinking it, he poured it out over himself. As he shook it out from his hair, I watched as the water trickled down over his chest. He then took the second glass and drained it in one go.

“I needed that. Thanks. ”

I smiled at him. “Are you feeling better now?”

“Yea, I think I've worked it all out now. Time for a shower. ” He handed the glasses back to me and picked up the axe and his shirt. I took the glasses back inside then went into the lounge and sat down.

A few moments later, I heard him come back inside and then he was walking through the room and into the hallway.

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   After a minute, I heard the shower start to run. I couldn't help but imagine I was watching him as he took off his shorts and underwear and then stood in the shower as the water ran all over his naked body. I could see his arms, chest and legs clearly in my vision, but the details were a little cloudy otherwise. The last time I'd seen him naked was around five years ago, and I was doing my best to not imagine his dick as the tiny wee thing it had been then.

I had to resist the urge to rush into the bathroom to see how it looked now. That would get me into trouble for sure, so I was going to have to settle for my imagination. I'd seen a few naked guys while looking at a porn site with a friend and tried to recall how the dicks that I'd liked had looked. The really big ones hadn't appealed to me at all. Actually, they almost scared me. But there had been a couple of guys who'd had smaller dicks that I'd liked looking at. Especially the thinner ones. So I started to imagine Mark's dick as being about six inches long, and as wide as both my thumbs.

I was lost in a vision of Mark's naked body and his hard dick, when I realized I could no longer hear the shower. The idea of Mark getting dressed again made me a bit sad, and that's when it occurred to me that now that it was quiet, I could walk in on him, pretending I thought the room was empty, and get a look at his dick.

Without even hesitating, I jumped up and rushed to the hallway and the bathroom door.

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   But before I could open it, even as my hand was reaching out for the handle, it opened and Mark came out with just a towel around his waist.

“It's all yours kiddo,” he said as he brushed passed me, and for a moment I had a burst of hope until I realized he meant the bathroom, and not what was under the towel.

“Thanks,” I muttered. He'd called me kiddo again. Knowing it would look odd if I turned away, I continued into the bathroom. Did I really seem so young? Since I didn't have anything else to do in the bathroom, I took a look at myself in the mirror. I had only started developing last year, but my body was definitely becoming a woman's rather than a girl's. My breasts had just grown from an A cup to a B cup, but because I had a thin waist, and was tiny in general, they looked bigger than they really were. Even more so when I was wearing a tight top.

At the moment though, I was wearing my school shirt, which was not the most flattering of garments, and which almost hid my breasts completely. I took off my tie and undid the collar button, and then the next button so that some cleavage was finally starting to show. It didn't really look like much though. I cupped my hand around my breasts and pushed them together and up, but it didn't make a lot of difference. There just wasn’t much to work with yet.

Sighing, I moved my hand down over my stomach to my skirt.


   Things were more promising there than up top. My bush had grown a lot lately and was thickening, but not growing much outwards. I thought it looked much nicer than the huge bushes I'd seen on some of the porn models. I'd been toying with the idea of shaving it, like some of the other models did, but hadn’t yet worked up the nerve. From looks and comments I'd received from boys and men, I knew that I had nice legs and a good ass as well. It was just my chest that needed some work.

With another sigh, I left the bathroom and went to my room. Hearing music coming from Mark's room made me think of him again and once more I started to imagine him naked. This time he was lying on his bed with his dick hard and upright and his hand around it as he jerked off in time to the music. In my mind he was thinking about me as he pleasured himself. I started wondering if he ever had thought about me while he masturbated. Probably not if he still thought of me as his little kid sister, I decided. I wanted him so badly at that moment, but knew I couldn't have him if he thought of me as a little girl. I was going to have to make him think of me as a woman. I felt a sudden need to have Mark see me naked.

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   I couldn't just march into his room nude though and say “Look at me. ” I was going to have to make it seem unintentional. I lay on my bed and started hatching a plan.
Chapter 2
The next day, on the way home from school I went to a chemist and bought some razors and manicure scissors. I rushed home with my purchases and when I got there I grabbed a towel from the hall cupboard, a bowl of water from the kitchen, and went to my room. I spread the towel out on the bed with the bowl beside it. Walking over to my mirror, I took off my kilt and slid my panties down to the floor. I looked at my bush in the mirror for a while, trying to decide on exactly what look I was going to go for and ended up deciding on a small landing strip.

I started by shortening the length of the hair with the manicure scissors, and when it was a good length, I started with the razor. Shaving my bush was easier than I thought it would be and it wasn't long before I had what I thought was a very sexy little strip about a quarter of an inch wide that started from the top of my pussy and ran up my belly for about an inch.

I then decided I'd also shave all the hair away from my pussy lips, even though I didn't have much there anyway. It proved a little more difficult as it was hard to see what I was doing. So I took down my mirror and propped it up against the head of the bed and lay back down. I now had an excellent view of my pussy and the hairs I wanted to remove. With great care, I set about shaving the last of the hairs from around my pussy lips.

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   When I was done, I spread my legs wide and took a look at my now near-bald pussy. I was very happy with the results, and decided that I had one very sexy looking pussy.

While shaving, my hand had rubbed against my clit a few times which had left me a little wet and more than a little turned on. Since I had nothing better to do for the moment, I figured I may as well enjoy myself a little and started rubbing my clit properly. Once I felt myself getting truly wet I slipped my hand down and started to finger myself, pretending it wasn't my fingers I was being penetrated by, but Mark's dick. The thought turned me on so much it wasn't long before I brought myself to orgasm. All my orgasms so far had been quick bursts of pleasure, but this one was like being hit by a lightning bolt. It felt so good it almost hurt. As I lay there panting, with waves of pleasure still moving through me, I started to rub again. But my pussy was so sensitive now, that it was soon too much for me and I had to stop.

Not wanting to give up on pleasure though, I removed my shirt and took off my bra then lay back and moved my fingertips over my breasts before running them around and over my nipples. They were very stiff already and the feeling of my fingertips on them was wonderful. I put my fingers in my mouth and then started to rub my nipples again with my wet fingertips, pretending it was Mark's tongue rolling over them. It wasn't long before a second orgasm rocked my body. Not as powerful as the first, but still stronger than any other I'd had.

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   The idea of Mark touching me was the greatest aphrodisiac I could imagine. Feeling very, very good, I drifted to sleep with my fingers still on my breasts.

I woke up not long after. The clock read 4:30. I could hear that Mark was home but knew that it was way too early for anyone else to be here. It was time to set my plan in motion.

Chapter 3
I was very nervous. What if he figured out I was deliberately trying to show off my body to him, and the idea of his incestuous little sister disgusted him? Or what if he laughed at my nudity, embarrassing me? Needing to reassure myself, I looked back down at my naked body and ran my hands over it until I had myself turned on again. I was ready.

Wrapping the towel around myself, I walked to the bathroom. I got the shower started and stepped in. I stayed in long enough to get entirely soaked and then got out of the shower with it still running. Picking up the towel, I wound it loosely around me and held it in place with my hand, so that it looked like I'd taken the time to conceal my nudity, but had been in too much of a hurry to make sure it was fastened well enough to stay in place without my hand.

Then I screamed as loudly as I could, trying to sound terrified. A few moments later I flung open the door and rushed into the hall.

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   Mark was now outside his room, walking towards me. Seeing me unhurt, he stopped and asked me what happened.

“There's the biggest spider I have ever seen in the shower,” I gasped at him. “Will you please come and kill it?”

He laughed, amused that I'd be scared of a spider. “I'm serious,” I told him. “It's really, really huge. Like this big!” I put my hands in front of my face, holding them a few inches apart. My towel, no longer having anything to hold it up, dropped to the floor behind me.

I stood there, with my hands dropping to my sides, pretending I was frozen in shock at getting caught naked. I don't know if it was the cool air on my still-damp nipples, or the feeling of Mark's eyes on them, but I could feel them stiffening and my pussy was starting to suffuse with warmth.

I could see Mark's eyes travelling down my body. They widened when he saw my neatly shaved pussy with its now clearly visible lips and clit, and then continued down before moving back up to my breasts. I stood there for a few more seconds, letting him get a good look. Then with a small squeak, I turned around and bent down to pick up the towel, giving him a good view from behind of my pussy framed between my legs and ass. I could hear his intake of breath as I scampered back to my room.

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When I was back there, I collapsed onto my bed. I had done it. I'd shown myself to Mark and he hadn't turned away or made fun of me. I was pretty sure he had even enjoyed my body, especially my small breasts. Thinking about how it had felt to have his eyes moving over my body started making me horny once more, and my fingers were soon deep in my pussy again. I just lay their masturbating until I heard my parents get home.

At dinner that night, Mark was unusually silent. He would respond to our parents but wasn't talking unless spoken too first, and he kept looking away whenever I looked at him. It worried me a bit. I was hoping he wasn't regretting seeing me naked, but I was still too elated from the experience, and the four orgasms I'd had, for it to bring my mood down.

After dinner, Mark went back to his room, and I settled down in front of the TV with my parents. I wasn't really into it though and I was a bit tired so I got up to go to bed at about 10:00. I'd just finished unbuttoning my shirt when there was a knock at the door. Recognizing Mark's knock, I opened the shirt as much as I could and took off my kilt before opening the door. For good measure, I also pulled my bra down a little so that my nipples could be seen easily through the lacy top half of the bra.



Mark seemed surprised to see me so scantily clad and I could tell he was having trouble not staring at my breasts with their exposed nipples. But he did a good job of calming himself and asked if he could come in.

“Sure, silly. I wouldn't have opened the door if I didn't want to let anyone in. ” I sat down on the bed, with my arms behind my back, which made my shoulders push back and my chest push out. “What's up?”

“Well. . . about earlier. Sorry if I was staring at your – at you. I was kinda taken by surprise ya know? I wasn't expecting -”

“It's ok. I was taken by surprise too. ” I gave him a grin. “I wasn't really planning on being caught completely naked like that,” I lied. “It just kinda happened.

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   You don't have to apologize. It wasn't your fault I dropped the towel. ”

“So you're not mad at me?”

“No, of course not. ” I jumped up and gave him a hug, pressing my breasts into his chest. “I don't think I've ever been mad at you. ”

“Oh good. I'm glad. ” He pulled himself away from the hug slowly and as he did I saw his eyes making their way down to where my nipples were peaking through my bra. “Well, g'night ki – Sarah. ”

“Night” I gave him another big smile as he left. I was so happy. He'd started to call me kiddo, then stopped and called me by name instead. He actually was starting to see me as a woman now, and not a little girl.

I knew there was still a way to go before I got what I really wanted from him, but I knew this was the first, and most crucial, step. Now I just had to figure out exactly how I was going to make Mark mine.

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