Making Love To My Beautiful Sister Emily


Making Love To My Beautiful Sister Emily
<!--[if was quiet, no sound was made. The candles were lit and their sweet candy apple aroma secreted quietly inside the room. I found myself inside a bedroom next to mine in the basement. A bedroom barely lit by the faint light source of the candles. The blinds are shut tight and here I am, lying on the bed in the bedroom.
…Yes, my sister’s bedroom.
<!--[if ironic thing is, I’m lying on my back on my sister’s bed wearing nothing but my boxers. Now what would drive me into my unique sibling’s bedroom, laying on her bed half-naked waiting for something to happen? Well, thing is, something was going to happen. And the more I thought of it, the more it excited me. Without realizing it, my left hand already found its way down inside my boxers beginning to slowly touch myself. While still leaning on the soft fluffy pillow, I turn my head to the right, facing the alarm clock. It was only 6:35 in the evening. A nice warm summer evening eventually becoming a very hot and romantic night.
<!--[if so early in bed in the evening? Well to be honest, we couldn’t wait any longer. Me and this young lady made a mutual decision. A decision which was influenced from the roots of both our childhoods.

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   We both helped each other to discover our sexuality through our younger years and now wish to reward ourselves today.
<!--[if young beautiful woman I am about to make love to, is none other than my sexy mature sister Emily.
<!--[if close my eyes and picture my sister in my head. I think of every part of her slim and very well developed body while stroking my penis. The more I stroked the more my underwear became tighter. So at one point, I just had to stick it out. I finally undo the button on the front of my boxers, letting my cock reveal itself for the first time tonight. I continue playing with myself with my eyes still closed; suddenly a flashback from many years ago occurred to me…
<!--[if was about thirteen years old then, and I was fourteen. We were both naked on the plush carpet of the basement. Bending over in front of me, she stood on both hands and knees, placing herself in the doggie position. She stuck out her butt so that her ass crack would widely spread open to leave enough room for me to slide in my penis. I stamped a few wet kisses on her bottom, making my cock grow bigger and longer with all the excitement. Then, I kneeled behind her, grabbed her by her small waist with both hands then slowly directed my penis towards her ass. I fully slipped my member inside her ass crack, sliding it tightly between her butt cheeks and began thrusting gently. The feeling I had masturbating in her ass was unbelievable yet it wasn’t our first sexual experience.

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   I thrusted my penis harder and harder to pick up the pace. The extreme tightness and firmness of her butt made me feel like I was actually penetrating her, having sex with her, making love to my sister Emily. But that was not the case in that particular situation. The excitement overwhelmed me and in a matter of minutes I finally came right in between her butt cheeks. A fair dose of cum made it easy for my penis to glide its final thrusts in between the pair of my sister’s peachy buns. After all of that, reality struck me…
<!--[if I am vigorously masturbating with my left hand without a care. I decide to slow down and let go of my cock to give myself a break. I immediately sense a strong, warm and wet feeling in my crotch area. Did I already cum for real? Did I make myself cum after the erotic flashback? Why am I still feeling this warm and wet sensation? I know why I can’t answer that. I still have my eyes closed! But for some reason, I wish to keep them closed because the feeling’s still there. And it feels so good… very very good. Something soft and sexy is somehow wrapped around my cock, making thrusts of its own. The sensation is very familiar and I remember quite a few girls doing this to me. But this one is new to me… a new mouth that I have never felt before… a new tongue sliding up and down my shaft which is making me feel so excited…
<!--[if only took my cock a few more plunges into her mouth before I came. There it is, my first climax of the night.

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   Her mouth was gripped over my member until every single shot of cum was swallowed. What an amazing feeling! I then decide to open my eyes. Her face is right in front of mine. Emily is staring at me with the biggest smile she ever made. Her nice straight light brown hair was untied and her beautiful hazelnut eyes kept looking into mine. I suddenly spot a small drop of sperm dripping from her lower lip. Without hesitation, she looks down and sweeps her tongue over her mouth to clean up the remaining of the mess I shot in her. She lowers her head towards my right ear and say that it was her first ever blowjob. She also adds a nice «I love you » to the sentence.
<!--[if I can even reply to her, she leans up and stands in front of the bed. She was wearing a very appealing white night robe. The robe was tightly covering every part of her slim yet curvaceous body. The material looked so soft and comfortable, especially the parts covering her breasts. Her fairly large and deliciously round firm breasts. The breasts I keep staring day in and day out of our lives at home.

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   Still standing up and staring in my eyes, Emily began to untie her night robe. She starts from the very top, undoing one button at a time. The second detached button revealed her very promising cleavage. The third exposed her entire crack and before she went for the next button, she tosses both her boobs out of the robe. My mouth gasped wide open by looking straight at her breasts. It has been a while since I’ve seen them; another quick flashback from early years came to me…
<!--[if was about thirteen and I was close to fifteen. We were both together in the living room wearing nothing but our bottom underwear. Her small and perky tits were covered by my wandering hands. Her hands then reached mine and we both began dancing romantically across the house, touching our exposed skin gently while moving sensually together in our arms. Then she would guide me slowly in her room, make me lay on her bed, and then she’d crawl on top of me so we could…
<!--[if quickly snap out of my bubble as I realize that Emily was already working on the fourth button. As soon as it came undone, I looked at her flat belly with satisfaction. Very cute and looked very soft. Button number five revealed her sexy looking belly-button. I just can’t wait to wander my hands there. I peeked with my eyes a few inches lower her belly-button and I came to a surprise.

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   I glanced at a nice horizontal streak of black pubic hair revealing itself over the edge of the final button to undo. I couldn’t take it any longer so I sat up on the bed quickly, leaned over her and ripped open the bottom of her robe. There it was… right in my face… Emily’s very own virgin pussy covered with a beautiful, massive natural black bush. My penis launched into a full erection once again just by looking at my sister’s hot unshaven twat. I can tell she takes care of herself very well since she looks very clean down there. Ripping up her robe was spontaneous and so will be my next action. I forcefully take off her night robe by sliding it backwards, exposing Emily completely in the nude. It didn’t take very long for her erotic athletic curves to be stroked with my hands. As continued caressing her hips, she reached down to her clitoris with her right hand, rubbing one of her fingers on it while tilting her head back. Then came a flashback once again…
<!--[if were back at the time when she was thirteen and I was about fifteen. I was sat down on the couch wearing only my underwear and a t-shirt. I was fully erected and my boner was sticking upwards in my undies, making it look like a huge bump. My sister, on the other hand, was completely naked. Butt naked. Topless.

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   Everything off! She crawled up to me and placed herself on top of me. Her legs spreading across me and pressed her hairless pussy on my covered penis. I grabbed her by her small hips, looked down at her perky tits, and then looked further down at her young cunt beginning to rub itself on my crotch. It felt so good to pretend to make love. She bucked her hips harder and harder and began breathing loudly. We constantly kept telling how much we love each other in our ears while still rubbing each other’s members. As the stroking became more sexually pleasant, she would speak out loud about how much she loves my penis and I would reply to her by telling how much her vulva felt good. We kissed, then kissed some more, breathing loudly. Suddenly, something wonderful happened. My cock has slipped out of the front hole of my underwear and met with the soft and wet lips of Emily’s pussy. As she continued to hump me, the warm sensation of her cunt made things too exciting for both of us. My testicles became tense… I was going to cum on my sister’s pussy lips… I felt the semen reach the tip of my penis…
<!--[if came back to reality. I just have to have her… Emily was moaning heavily the more and more she rubbed her clitoris and since I still had my hands gripped on her hips, I roughly pull her towards me, kneeing her on the edge of the bed. I am still sitting on the bed and decide to pull my sister even closer over me. She nervously wraps her arms around my neck and a look of confusion began haunting her face.

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   Her hairy pussy was right over my fully extended cock. She looks down and then back up in my eyes again several times. We both knew what was coming and her lower lip began trembling. I gently begin to push her waist downwards, making her body shake more and more. My cock was almost there… pushing her a little lower… lower… until I finally feel the tip of my penis touch her wet vulva lips.
<!--[if I could feel was a burning sensation. A small tear of sweat began to drip down the side of her forehead. Now the full tip of my penis was inside, squeezing through the tight tunnel. Her pussy is boiling. She is burning for me. I was worried of how much she can take it so I looked straight at her face. She stared back with her mouth opened in moan and nodded her head in approval to go on and push it all the way. Still grabbing by her hips, I lay my back on the bed and I start lifting my crotch upwards while pushing her waist down on me. By doing so, my penis slowly slides inch by inch inside Emily’s vagina erupting with wetness. As hard as it was to finally penetrate her, I realized how perfectly my cock fit in her.

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   Her twat came down to my pelvis and my penis was completely submerged. Not a sound came from my sister besides heavy breathing.
<!--[if is too tight. A few strokes will certainly lead me to an orgasm. But before I could do something, Emily began the action. As soon as she felt the tip of my penis hit the back wall of her vagina, she extended her arms, pressed her hands firmly on my belly and pushed herself upwards to make the first thrust. Her body came slamming down right away in order to push herself back up again, then again and again. With her head tilted backwards, eyes closed and mouth wide open, she paced herself very gently so that her lower lips suck up and down the full length of my penis. Her movements came naturally as if she made love all of her life. Sweat began to cover both our bodies and it was hot. Really hot. I grab her ass so that I get a better grip on her. Both of her rock hard ass cheeks in my hands boosted my sex-drive even higher as more blood kept pumping in my cock. Emily was completely filled. She couldn’t believe how great it felt to be complete for the first time in her life.

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   For a few more minutes, we both savoured sweet love and sexual pleasure.
<!--[if was at a point that I couldn’t hold it in any longer. The walls of her very tight vagina became too much for me. I felt her pussy lips on every single inch of my sensitive penis with the help of every single thrust of her hips. The time has come. The tensions in my testicles kept growing and feel the semen rise up quickly. The feeling is too intense… I was going to inseminate my eighteen year old sister.
<!--[if let out a loud sigh of pleasure as she felt all the hot sticky cum fill up the insides of her lower belly. She bucked her hips harder as she reached an orgasm herself. My cum kept flowing out of me into her. When I finally stopped ejaculating, Emily lifted her lower body just enough so that my cock would reappear from under her bushy pelvis and let it slide out for some air. To stimulate each other one last time before we fell asleep, she rubbed the full body of her vulva on my weakening penis, pretending to fuck just like old times. She then lays her full body on top of me, kiss me good night, and falls asleep with a belly full of her brother’s cum.
<!--[if 10:48 pm, our dream came true and we rewarded ourselves just the way we wanted it. We both treated each other with oral sex and sexual caresses.

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   I penetrated her to unite our love and we are both satisfied with excitement since I have filled Emily with a risky load of hot fertile semen. Our future awaits, as brother, sister and lovers.