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Maeghan Wrist----- 18 --The rest of the week passed by relatively depressingly. As much as Ean, mom, and I put on a happy act and hung together for support, whether it was all in my head or what it was in reality, there was simply a dark aura between us. An unspoken sadness and pity that centered on me. And as much as I wished there wasn’t, I couldn’t deny that that aura told only the truth about what I fought so hard to suppress. The absolute hardest part after I declared that I would simply try as hard as possible to get over what had happened, was when I started back at school on Thursday. I needed the change from staying home all day. I needed the school work, the structured day where I just followed orders, I needed Montana. But she was the hardest part. Explaining to her why I was out of classes for three days, why my mom would only tell her that I was just sick over the phone. Having to see her face and relive a whole new wave of pity and sorrow from another fresh person. It took the two remaining school days of that week and countless hours over the phone before Montana finally came to understand that what I needed most from her was to act as if nothing ever happened; act as if a baby never even existed inside of me. By Monday in the classroom setting, talking with her took my mind completely away from my depression. To be fair, my home-life had improved a lot, but just being there always held that small hint. I intended to wipe that away soon enough though. That Friday held our first big math test and my mom was going to be at work almost all day on Wednesday. So naturally, I told Montana to find a way to get permission to come over Wednesday after school by using studying as an argument.

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   I had been sick three days the last week and she just naturally struggled so I thought it would hold pretty well if she could figure a work around for her little sister not being alone after her school. At home I made an extra point to myself to not let my mom know anything about the possibility of Montana visiting while she was away. I knew she would either say no to it or find a way to stay home that day or come back early. And more than anything, I was just flat out ready for some alone time with the man of my dreams and my absolute best friend. I fell asleep with Ean that night as mom had given me permanent permission to be his bedmate as long as there were no guests. We had to wear attire though. She had also been quick, after one laundry day, to tell me off on that if I was old enough to stain the inside of my underwear every night with sperm, then I was old enough to wash my own clothes. Though a blow for me, it didn’t stop me from falling asleep on Ean’s chest that night with his cum drawing a line in the pair of panties I just pulled back on. Tuesday brought on a lot of anticipation when Montana told me in math class that she was allowed to come over after school the next day. I couldn’t wait. We both knew we weren’t going to do any studying whatsoever. My mind was preoccupied solely with the possibilities of the next day all the way to lunch where I sat down with my tray in front of Montana. “So what are we going to do with Ean?” I asked. “I don’t know,” she answered uncomfortably. Ean and her relationship was weird to say it modestly.

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   The farthest she had gotten with him was a make out session while I was on top of him riding his reproductive organ to release, and that being the second day after she had first seen him in person. So they didn’t really have a formal boy-girl association, me being a major reason why, but I don’t think any of us were very formal to begin with. “I want ,” she started up again, “what you have with him really bad but I want it to be slow and romantic too. I mean you have that too but you already had all the buildup. I haven’t but I don’t think I can. ”“Why not?”“Because of you, my sister, and my parents. He’s nineteen and I’m fifteen so my parents aren’t going to let me just spend time with him to slowly fall in love and also, that’s what Crystal did to him. I can’t really expect him to shower me in innocent high school crush love after what my older sister put him through. ”“You don’t have to make up for her,” I pounced with my words. “Ean knows that. He knows more than anybody that you’re two different people. He remembers all those conversations you two had on the phone. You built up a lot of innocent play there. ” That whole thing just sort of popped from me right there as she was talking. Hearing her fears about Crystal all too genuinely brought back the memory of Ean going off on me so emotionally when I said he wanted to use Montana because of Crystal.

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   I think the sudden burst of emotion in what I said took Montana off guard a bit as she looked a little shocked. Taking in what I said to be truth, Montana smiled, then frowned again before she continued to what I feared to hear her say. “And then there’s you. I can’t just stand by in innocence with a guy that’s having sex every night with another girl. ” I didn’t know what to feel to that. Shame, guilt, or pure terror that she was about to challenge me and demand sole possession of Ean’s affection. She had to have seen the mix of emotions wash over me. “I don’t mean anything against you and I owe anything I get with him to you. ”She was stumbling over her words when suddenly, the most amazing idea came over me. She wanted sex with him so the way I saw it was to just go at it like pulling out a tooth, the quicker, the more painless. I would just lead her into a seductive situation between them and tell them to have sex right then. It would be incredibly scary for her, but all the more erotic. And anything bad would fall on me. But after she’s had Ean’s penis inside her, there’s no chance of regret, only amazing and literally, mind blowing orgasms. “I understand,” I butted into her broken speech.


   She looked at me. “Let me handle it. Just trust me and do everything I say. Okay?” Her eyes scanned my face once over. “I’m his sister, a fun toy that he plays with; you’re going to be his girlfriend, a serious commitment and asset to his life. You don’t want to be a slut, but you want up to my level, not too fast, and not too slow. Am I about right?”“Y-yeah,” she stuttered. “Then will you trust me on the rest without question?” A smile slowly crossed her face. “Yeah. ”“Oh, and that’s a huge thing about Ean too, if he asks you to trust him, do it; it’s kind of a family thing. ”“I see. ”I blushed at that; then looking at the clock, I realized just how little I had eaten in almost the entire time I had designated to eat everything. Lunch ended on a high note for me. School let out and I found mom waiting for me. On the ride home, she informed me that Ean was in bed sick.

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   That shot down almost all my hope. Though she said it came onto him very suddenly with harsh consequences so it was likely to not last long. She doubted it to be anything serious. At home, I crawled around on top of Ean for maybe half an hour before it finally broke through to me just how much Ean doesn’t like company when he’s not feeling well. When that reached me, I retreated to my own bedroom to call and talk with Montana. As we spoke, I kept feeling out of place in my room. I felt as if I was in my room from when I was maybe just twelve, possibly younger. We just didn’t match each other anymore. I liked Ean’s bedroom better. After the phone conversation, dinner was about ready. Ean grumpily made a point at not wanting to eat. So mom and I ate together, cleaned up, and wrapped up a plate of leftovers for him. Then we watched TV and talked. Specifically, not about my plans for the next day; but I did inquire on hers. At eleven, we parted our ways, she into her room, and me in to Ean’s.

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  And as I closed his door to a crack, that fourteen year old girl who laughed and talked with her mother moments earlier, that only daughter, closed herself into a dark room and climbed into bed with her half brother. Under the covers with my little fingers roaming over his chest, I kicked myself out of my thinnest of underwear. Mommy’s teenage daughter was beyond horny for the body of mommy’s collegic son. I pulled the sheet from Ean’s groaning body and slid down his boxers. “I’m just going to give a boost to your immune system,” I said cockily in defense to his weak griping. I pulled my nightgown from my own body and sat on his hips looking to his feet. Slowly, I felt around his testicles and limp penis until I decided to gently grip onto the soft shaft and pull its tip to my warm slit. I rubbed the head up and down the crack, every now and again poking it in. Slowly but surely, my fingers lost the ability to bend the organ in every direction. As it became firmer, I pushed the head into the entrance of my tunnel and repositioned my fingers to his thin, wrinkly scrotum. With that, I felt the rest of his length grow deeper into my pelvis. Closing my eyes, my body naturally began rocking back and forth. Only half of his organ was in me but it still felt amazing. Just a teasing bobbing with my eyes closed. My mouth subconsciously opened as my breathing shifted into the larger airway.

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  My mind was blank in the feeling of the thick few inches poking through my lips. I only lasted maybe seven minutes before I couldn’t stand not having more when I so clearly could at any moment I chose. With a strong thrust forward, my facial muscles all expanded outwards in feeling a whole new depth break open inside me. Clearly I did something or his penis just pushed open a pocket of gathering juices, because the fingers massaging my lips down there suddenly met with a lot of leaking liquid. And strangely, feeling my own juices like that running over Ean’s testicles and my soft bulge made me so much more tingly down there. Everything about it, physically and psychologically, was soo incredibly warm. I could only rock a few times in that position before my hands were gripping his legs and I was bouncing. It was an entirely new position for me and what a position it was. The angle his organ fought to maintain pressed into my insides in a way I had never felt before. My slow bounces picked up speed in the growing minutes I pressed on. The moans I held back into silence only magnified what I wanted to release from my vocal tract. All that came out though was insanely heavy breathing. Over and over, I repeated the same motion of dropping down and pushing back up. I did it faster and faster. My grabbing hands on the tops of his legs moved to the sides so not only could I push up, but pull my body down with more speed as well.

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   The faster I got, the more I couldn’t let myself slow down. It was building up so good but my body was wearing down. I squeezed my eyes shut and focused all my attention on having the impending orgasm as soon as possible. If I wore out before I could go off, I would lose it all. That weird sensation started rising; almost a stinging feeling but it didn’t sting at all. It was the spike in sensitivity just before complete washout. My muscles were on the verge of dying but I would definitely not stop for anything at that point. I was three seconds away from overload. One. Two. Three. Each second brought a new powerful slam into the base of his penetrating brother sex organ. And then my barely pubic netherlands released its magma. Liquid squeezed in no moderation from the overstretch girl hole between my legs. The almost milky feeling substance coated the nineteen year old penis inside my fourteen year old vagina.

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   Beyond those technical’s, the sensations inside my body pulsed through me in such a way that no words could ever really do justice to. It was just purely and most simply, straight out ecstasy; a never ending bliss that ended way too soon as I felt my back thudding to a halt on Ean’s chest. My vision coming back to me in the dark room, I felt Ean’s arm reach over me and between my legs. He didn’t touch me though. I couldn’t feel him inside me anymore, he must have slipped out. And seconds later, my chest, then stomach felt warm splashes of liquid. I smiled happily. Ean was cumming on me. My mind waded through small tremors for seconds on end as more of my brother’s semen spotted my belly and almost absent breasts. Each hot splatter of cream was like an aftershock to the still furry feeling lingering inside me. Too soon, the rain stopped and his hose fell to my scattered lawn of a year old pubic hair. The ooze spilling out was streamed down the rift between my engorged lips. His arm retreated back to his side and we laid in silence for some time. “Are you feeling better?” I asked. “A little; a lot a few minutes ago, but it’s coming back.

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   Still not as bad as before though. ”“Well, if you’re not well tomorrow, I’ll administer a few more treatments. And I’m bringing Montana home too so she can tell mom please. She’ll find some way to destroy any fun of it. ”“I’ll just pretend I never heard that then. ”“Good. ”“Now I’m hungry. ”“We left you a plate in the fridge. Want me to keep you company?”“No. I don’t want to feel obligated to keep you company. Besides, you’ve got to wake up in seven hours and it sounds like you have a long day planned ahead. ”I smiled and moments later, he shifted me off of him. He slowly and awkwardly sat up pulling his boxers back on. “Do you need a tissue?” he asked. “No, I’m having my own midnight snack before bed,” I responded wiping my finger over a puddle of his millions upon millions of living sperms and licked the scoop into my mouth.


  “That should give you your own boost to your immune system. ”“And metabolism, and fight cancer, and give me plenty of minerals. ”“Really!? Where’d you hear that?”“From a friend who heard it from an older sister who was told it from an amazingly smart and attractive boyfriend. ” Ean stood up. “Well, that boyfriend does sound pretty knowledgeable. I’d like to meet him; maybe he could side along train me on how to tame this sex craved girl I know. ”“Oh, I wish. ” I murmured to myself as Ean walked toward the door to leave. As he exited, a scene of two of him together double teaming me washed through my mind. My entire body shivered in fantasy. Oh the methods two of him could come up with to tame me. -Wednesday morning broke into my eyes with a particularly glary sun and noisy alarm. Ean mumbled a bit and seemed to fall back asleep. He didn’t look to be much healthier, although, he never really looked incredibly healthy in the mornings. Mom took me to school.

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   She said she would go back home for a few hours before heading to work to spend the rest of the sunlit day in catching up with stuff she couldn’t do from home. I made sure to know a rough time of when she would be back. I was also hoping that Ean wouldn’t be too sick to bring Montana to her house before mom got back either. I broke the news to her in math class that he was sick and she seemed to lose all her aspirations. She went from really excited to almost uncomfortable. “I’m sure we can still play doctor,” I said wanting to give her a little hope. She gave an unsure smile half looking at me. During lunch, we got to talk more seriously with more privacy. “If he’s hopefully only as sick as last night, then some physical play should liven him up. ”“How do you know?” Montana asked coyly. “Because I rode him last night backwards. ”“What?” True confusion was labeled on her face. “Like the night when you were first there and I was on top of him, I was riding him than; like a horse. ”“I know that. ”“Well, last night, I was facing his feet instead and the way his penis always wants to fall up toward the front still wanted to do that, so it was pressing in toward my butt.

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   It was weird but still really good. Bouncing up and down on that thing from any angle is amazing. ”Montana was beaming at my story, although she seemed to be more lost in her own thoughts. “And then a polar bear came into the room…”Her eyes quickly squinted as I’m sure while fantasizing about riding my brother backwards, a polar bear walked in. “What?”“Just making sure you were still listening to me. ”She just eyed me weirdly, but playfully. “So, do you think we should show my brother just how close of friends we really are?”Montana’s face turned deep red. Lunch ended with the two of us feeling a little more confident in being able to keep Ean’s interest. I felt bad for Montana though because one of the fewest times that she got to see the guy she wanted so bad was one where he was in his most irritable mood. Even when he was perfectly healthy and appreciated something, it never really looked like he did. She would be walking into a valley of self-criticism. We met up after school and started our walk to my house. Most of the journey was pretty silent. A few uncomfortable jokes broke from one of us every now and again. But we were walking into a completely new experience.

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   Two young high school girls about to make an unsupervised, hopefully sexual in some way, visit with a college guy. If I was nervous, which I kind of was, but mostly because Ean was sick, than Montana had to be trembling inside. Visibly, she looked to be almost trembling on the outside. The two of us walked into my house and headed to the back, past the kitchen, between the dining room and living room, into the hallway, to a few feet before the ninety degree angle left where my bedroom door faced, we stopped and turned into Ean’s room. I stared stunned at Ean who looked up from the magazine in his hand with headphones on his head. He looked as healthy as any other day. He quickly glanced to his clock and then back at me with a guilty expression. I didn’t care that he didn’t pick us up; I was just so happy that he was better. Looking to Montana, I pulled off my book bag. She followed suit. We would have hours and hours together and all I ever thought about was the hazy topic of sexual stuff or something to get Ean and Montana closer, but I never thought of how to start it all. Ean pulled off his headphones and set them on the nightstand beside him. “Montana?” he broke the silence with. “Yeah?” She stood in complete attention. It was as if her heart doubled in beats per a minute singly because of that one word, her name.


   Ean dropped the magazine gently to his lap not braking gaze at her. “Will you be my girlfriend? Just as a formality because I can’t stand knowing that you look like that every day and are surrounding by so many other guys. Just so we’re committed to each other, but it’s probably best not many people know like your parents and stuff. I really really don’t want to lose you. ”I think Montana’s heart stopped at girlfriend. I looked to her and she was frozen to a state more than solid if it was possible. I gave her a light punch to the arm. Instantly, one word popped in with amazing suppressive force from her mouth. “Yes,” she said at the brink of screaming. But she stood still longer. She didn’t know what to do next. I didn’t know what to do. I looked to Ean just as he spoke again. “Do you want to hold hands?”I barely got any pressure in my next punch to her before she was moved forward and climbing onto the bed. Ean held out his hand where Montana instantaneously took a hold of it.

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   I couldn’t tell who guided it or if they both did, but instead of just holding hands, Montana fell gracefully into his chest where they squeezed each other into a hug. “Thank you,” Ean said. They half layed in embrace for a minute before I walked to and climbed on the bed. As I got situated, Montana pulled off and sat between us still holding with her life onto my brother’s hand. She sniffed a large puff of air into her nose as two or three tears escaped her eyes. We sat in silence for a very long time. All I could do was think. I came to realize pretty quickly that it was most likely going to be a very sexless day. And with that, my plan had failed miserably and I realized that I just wasn’t a planner. “You don’t mind sharing the spotlight with another beyond amazing girl I know, do you?” Ean asked Montana. “J-just as long as it stays only that one other girl,” her voice shook in over-ecstatic reply. An emphasis was paid special attention to when she said ‘one’ as well. I agreed with that too; we couldn’t just keep inviting girls in, no matter how unfair it was that God only made one Ean. “It was that one and only that forced me to open up to you. I don’t let my loyalties pass very easily.

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  ” He moved his mouth to Montana’s hair and inhaled. “And I certainly don’t pick up new ones haphazardly. ”Montana’s shoulders raised and quivered. Once you’re in with Ean, it takes hell to get out; and she was in. “Don’t get too full of yourself Ean,” I said cockily, “just because you have a penis doesn’t make you the pivot point. ” Smoothly, I pressed my open hand to my friend’s side and slid it down over her stomach. With great delicacy, I poked my fingertips under the hem of her pants and ran my palm below her underwear. I myself quivered at the amazing provocative sensations rolling through my body as I felt my fingers squeeze between two naked legs and curl over a soft, furry vaginal mound. Ean inhaled with a slight squeak in his disbelieving vocal tract. Us girls both coyly let a few giggles to his reaction. Seeing movement in my periphery, I looked over to her waving her hand into my attention. My brother was squeezing it red. Catching her facial expression to the act, Montana was beaming in the attention Ean gave her. I smiled wide back. I was finally where I wanted to be.

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   No more hurting my big brother by drawing him into an unattainable relationship with me, but still all the near supernatural experiences my being could possibly handle. Ean had proved time and again that he would love me no matter the situation and would never pass up a chance to poke his appendages into my various bodily openings. And Montana. What we had was only the very beginning of what would surely become a most intimate and unbreakable friendship. But ahead of it all was the fact that we were a triangle. For the grace of the universe, I wasn’t the center of a three point line. I wasn’t the main character anymore. I wasn’t alone. To be the protagonist of a story; why? Why would anybody want that? That power, that sympathy, that single solitary role. To rely on someone else for support. To capture the tears of the audience. To know that with your title, all responsibility good and bad, the worst of bad, it all falls onto your shoulders, your heart, and drives steel screws into your memory. I would never want that in a hundred-thousand lives. Montana moaned air into Ean’s cheek as I bent my middle finger into her slit. Ean was still smelling her hair, but she had twisted her head to press more of her face into the side of his.

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  “What was that?” he asked softly. “Your sister went inside me. ”Another audible groan peeked out from his throat. I couldn’t help but smile. Montana let out a few girly laughs. Pushing a bit further in, I smiled bigger and suppressed those poking steel memories a little harder. Maybe in time, they would just disappear. Hopefully. -The Ende. l. haneshanes_el@yahoo. com for any personalized comments, critisms, or questions.   Thank you all for the support. .



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