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Maeghan Wrist----- 6 --Mom picked me up from school that day. She told me she had scheduled an appointment for me to be checked out a week from that day. I said nothing back. I hated it all. I didn’t want to be pregnant. No matter what anybody told me, it was me who was having a baby grow inside of. I would be the one walking down the hallways at school as the pregnant freshman. I could never proudly display the father, because he was my own brother. After we arrived home, I spent the whole day mindlessly watching television. Ean came and went a few times not sure what to do, not sure what he could do with mom there. I fell asleep quickly that night being hugged tightly into Ean’s body. I woke up the next morning feeling his sleeping hand reaching down my panties with two fingers squeezing into my slit. As gently as I could, I tried removing him from me. And as tired as I began feeling lately, it was the second morning in a row that I found myself awake before Ean. I hated being so discomforted but I didn’t know what else to do. Was I really allowed to just accept it, if I even could?Ean’s lips pressed into mine as his hand slipped out of my panties on its own.

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   He pulled back barely an inch and whispered to me. “Do you wanna take a shower together; you know, if we can sneak past mom. ”“Okay,” I smiled a little. I couldn’t help but realize in what he said, that no matter what happened, at home I would always be treated like my mom’s daughter and my brother’s favorite toy. Not wanting to wait any longer, in a sudden burst of strange energy, I rolled out from the covers and quietly ran into my room for some clean clothes. Grabbing what I needed, I almost skipped from my room and behind Ean into the bathroom. Ean dropped his boxers as I pulled off my nightgown. As his shirt came off, down went my underwear. I just stared and took in his body as he leaned over to the side to turn on the water. Watching his naked form doing what he did every single morning in innocence, my eyes fell into a channelized gaze at that half hard, free hanging penis and testicles. The bath water turned into a shower as Ean opened the distorted glass door further for me to enter. Looking up to his chest, I smiled as I walked over the tub wall and passed him. My body shook at taking in the rain of hot water. It felt so good. And then to turn around to see my big brother’s naked body stepping in behind me, I had to reach my fingers out and touch him.

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  Running them down his belly, I pulled them back and smiled with a little embarrassment as he looked at me. No matter how much I touched him, I could never fully sink into my head that he was really all mine. We each then started our own washing, ‘accidently’ touching or rubbing into each other’s bodies every few seconds with few apologies. Ean ‘mistakenly’ squirted his conditioner to hard and it splattered and dribbled down the inside of my upper leg. “Oops, sorry. I’ll clean that up,” he said innocently reaching his hand down there and pulling up in a shoveling motion. Up he went scooping it into my mound before he informed me that he would have to squeeze a few times to properly wipe it all off. I reached down and pushed his hand away before he undoubtedly would’ve completely overpowered me and forced me into orgasm. “No,” I cooed. “I want just for you to cum on me. Use that and masturbate onto me. ” I said softly standing my body up straight, offering it as a target. Ean put his back into the shower of water completely obstructing it from us two facing each other. He reached down and took a hold of his fully erect penis. Slowly, he started pumping up and down.

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   I simply stood there watching, completely hypnotized by him. That was how he got pleasure all the time before me. All by himself he had to do that and he was then doing it again for me, in front of me, and about to go on me. His little sister. His eyes shifted intently back and forth between my breasts and glistening vagina as the conditioner he scooped into it reflected in a shine from the light. I asked him a week prior why he didn’t looking at my face when he masturbated. He said unless I was actively involving myself on him, my face only made him feel guilt. I couldn’t help but smile right then thinking back to that. As he now so strongly avoided my innocent face while I stood so still before of him waiting for his cum to squirt onto my body. His strokes became faster and faster. I noticed his other hand fidgeting by itself as if it was acting out a fantasy in his mind. A fantasy built solely off of my breasts and my vagina. He was breathing heavier, his stomach moved in and out at an increasing speed. Provocative slurps of a penis thrusting through a hand filled the shower stall. My lips curled in by themselves as I watched his hips beginning to buck back and forth. 

   Glaring at his eyes, I found his focus increasingly locked onto the shimmering slit between my long legs. That penis was amazing. Pounding in and out of his hand. He was heavily panting and his bouncing back and forth hips slowly stopped returning as far back as they should have. His body was arching in towards mine. All his eyes stared at was the entrance to my internal reproductive organ. I found mine harder and harder to break away from his external one. His lips were mouthing something silently. Broken words. What were they? Don’t. Me. He was repeating it. The same thing over and over. I almost could decipher its pieces before it oddly hit me. Why would he be saying that? Oh well, he was.

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   I looked down to his penis that was clearly about to pop at the rate he hammered his hand into it and said out loud what he kept telling himself silently. “Ean,” in as scared and innocent voice I could muster, “Ean, don’t cum in me, please. ”Instantly his breathing became moans as I watched in amazement his organ thrust a thick barely yellowish white stream of baby milk onto my stomach. His body was shaking from what I soon found to be his knees crumbling from under him. More and more sperm splashed in slashing arches across my lower torso. It was so warm. His knees wouldn’t stop wobbling and his head was clearly out of reality so I decided to comfort him in his lonely time of need. Pushing forward, I lunged my arms around him and pushed his feet back. I squeezed him into me as his knees buckled. Thankfully his body picked back up most of his weight and we both slowly descended to the bathtub floor. As much as I played into taking advantage of every part of the situation, I still felt so powerful and important holding my big brother in my arms as he crumpled down to the ground, shaking and in an altered state of reality. “I’ve got you Ean,” I said consolingly into his bare chest. His butt reached the ground and I leaned him backwards, never letting up on my grip. Hot comforting water showered over us as if in some rain storm in a cheesy romance movie. But it wasn’t a cheesy movie, it was really me holding a weak little Ean in my arms as that water dripped from my naked body onto his.

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  As I felt his muscles begin to regather strength, I pulled my up head and scooted up to kiss him. For thirty long seconds, our lips danced with each other as I laid on top of him in a growing puddle of water that was blocked from the obstructed drain. Our lips parted and I almost felt light headed looked down into his dreamy, confused eyes. “Why are we on the floor?” he asked as if he didn’t even care. I pulled my breasts up from his body and looked down between us to our crotches. “If only you could go again,” I almost cried in frustration. Following my stare down between out water dripping naked bodies, Ean showed an equal interest. “We can try. ”At that, I reached down to show him no matter how much he had always wanted to, he simply couldn’t. His hips raised and his voice moaned in pure discomfort as I gripped and began vigorously massaging the head of his penis. “Nope, I didn’t think so. Don’t worry though, you should be more than ready after your pregnant girlfriend comes back from being a freshman in high school,” I teased. “I never said you two could shower together,” I heard mom yelling from beyond the bathroom door. Ean and I smiled uncomfortably to each other. It was weird for mom to accept us but I couldn’t help but think that Ean was using my pregnancy to pressure her into letting him do so much more to me than he naturally would have in the name of making me feel better.

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   Whatever his reasons though, I was feeling a tiny bit better each hour he spent with me. We both quickly got up and finished showering. By the end of it, Ean swore to me that he was ready for me again but I had to deny him based on the water’s ever decreasing temperature and the fact mom was probably standing right outside the bathroom door. Going to school that day, I tried weaving between everything that was happening in my life and think of how to apologize to Montana. By math class, I just decided to wing it based on how she looked emotionally. By the end of math class, I wanted to die. She wasn’t there. Montana prided herself in perfect attendance and she wasn’t at school. What did I do? I didn’t think she could take it that hard but the more I thought about it; hypothetically, what if I was the reason she got pregnant? I would never be able to face her again. I ate lunch alone. I felt so alone the whole school day. I couldn’t believe that I did that to my only friend. She was all I had in school. I needed her so much for support. My entire life was crumbling all over again.

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  Suddenly life with Ean wasn’t enough. I used to be able to be happy with just him but somehow Montana sucked me in. I needed her. I needed her and Ean or I would never survive. The ride home with mom was silent. As soon as I walked through the front door, I headed straight for the phone and locked myself into my bedroom. “Montana’s not feeling well today,” her mom told me. “Can I just tell her something please,” I begged. “She’s grounded but I will pass along a message. ”I had to think hard. It was apparent that her mom didn’t know what was going on and it was definitely best left that way. “Uh, on the math assignment we were working on together Monday that’s due tomorrow, I was completely wrong on the first question. Well, the answer was right, but the way I did it was wrong and she won’t get any credit for it. So, um, tell her that I was wrong there and need to tell her the correct way tomorrow before she hands it in. ”“Alright, I’ll make sure she gets that information right away.

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  ”“Please. Thank you so much. I just felt so bad for doing it the wrong way. I can’t stand when other people hurt because of my mistakes. ”“Well that’s a very honorable way to live. I’ll tell her right now. ”“Okay. Thank you. ”“Alright. I’ll see you Fri- I mean bye bye. ”“Bye. ”I hung up the phone and hoped so badly that Montana could make sense of what I said. I hoped her mom wouldn’t distort it too bad either. At least it was her mom though, any guy transferring that message would find a way to shorten it into five words or less and completely destroy the meaning behind it. The rest of the day passed by pretty depressingly.

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   Ean and mom didn’t say much to me probably guessing right that I just wanted alone time to myself. Mainly I just didn’t think I deserved attention from them after what I did to my friend. I just wanted to feel as miserable as Montana must have been feeling sitting in her room all day knowing that I was mad at her because she was the reason I was pregnant. I fell asleep with Ean that night and again, woke up before him feeling anxiety. Still punishing myself, I snuck off to take a shower by myself. Mom drove me to school. To my greatest relief, Montana was in math class that day. She didn’t even look at me though and I couldn’t bear to say anything. She must have been in the most terrible guilt but I was too for putting her there. The bell rang ending class and startled me into saying the two words I wanted to say most. “I’m sorry. ” I couldn’t even make eye contact. Through the corner of my eye, I noticed her glance at me but all I could do was stare down at my notes. She picked up her stuff and left. Out of my sight, my muscles finally released so I could do the same.


  Lunch started out awkward enough as I sat down. Montana was in tears and just started apologizing to me so much. “Stop it,” I said harshly to get her attention. She looked at me pathetically. “If you want to take responsibility, than you can promise that you’ll always be by my side. You won’t skip school and leave me all alone any more. I need you if I’m going to get through this.
    ”Her wet face broke a small smile. “Also, Ean is only more turned on by me now, so I’m going to need you to distract him every now and then once you can persuade your parents to let you come back over to my house. ” Montana seemed to be lightening up by my words. “Is-isn’t your mom home now though?”“Well, I, she might be a problem for you, but she’s okay with me and Ean. ”The look on Montana’s wet pouty face threw me into a frenzy of pulling any guilt out of that most jealous of all girls. Going home that day with a big smile on my face apparently gave my mom the confidence to become more restrictive on how Ean and I were allowed to act around each other. That only led to me scrounging through my dresser the next morning to find an old miniskirt she bought me about a year back. She got it for me because she thought it was cute on a barely past her first period girl.

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       Looking at it on me in the mirror after my shower showed just how big of a mistake she made. It wasn’t one of the tight more professional ones; it was more like a cheerleading skirt. And what was almost too small for me when she bought it was definitely too small for me then. Walking down the hallway to the kitchen where my mom ate her breakfast, I caught the surprised look I wanted from her. She said nothing in defeat. It was her gift after all. The only problem I had with it thought was the fact that I literally felt naked. Going through the front hallway in school was so uncomfortable. I had never shown off so much of my legs in public before besides at a swimming pull. Even Montana’s mouth gaped as I walked into math class. “Is your strategy to attract as many guys as possible to once over you, and then blame the baby on them,” she whispered to me as I fumbled with my skirt trying to figure out how other girls sat in them. Looking down, the hem just lingered at the edge of my chair. Just a few inches inward were my panties. It was a nightmare come true where I had gone to school not wearing any pants. I couldn’t stand it.

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      By, the end of the day, I was exhausted feeling self-conscious and struggling with my skirt. I swear at least three guys got a good look at my underwear. I had regretted it so much. The last thing I wanted to do was to attract attention to me like that and then have my belly constantly growing outwards. At home, I did all the homework do that next day, Friday, and then toyed around on my computer for a while before walking into the kitchen. Mom and Ean were playing a board game on the table. Just before she could look at me, I dropped my face into depression and slowed all my movements. “Is everything alright sweetie?”I didn’t reply. Silently, I just walked over to Ean and pushed at his shoulder. He scooted his chair back some from under the table and I climbed onto his lap slowly. I settle down and he took a hold of my stomach keeping me tightly in place. Mom just looked at me and then refocused onto the board game. “Can I play,” I asked softly. “Okay,” mom said, “We’ll do one quick round with all of us and then I have to make dinner. ”I showed a small smile.

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       Mom pulled all the cards and pieced back as I took Ean’s hand into mine and led it under the table. With my other hand, I pulled my panties to the side while guiding his fingers under my skirt to my slit. I then reached down and scratched at his zipper. Instantly, that half hard bump under me lurked farther up my butt cheek. At that, I hopped off him and walked over to the refrigerator and poured myself a glass of orange juice. Coming back to the table still holding onto my depressed face, I set my glass down and climbed back onto Ean’s lap. This time though, I slowly lowered my body onto the throbbing penis poking out of his pants. Mom just glanced at me uneasily not wanting to disturb my comfort in Ean through my apparent sudden depression. It took all the strength I had to keep a frown while doubtlessly, half a foot of my brother slid up into my vagina, stretching and forcing all my lower organs away to accommodate. All I could do after reaching his base was hide every deep breath I needed to take. Mom started setting up the game board. “Which piece do you want to be?” she asked me. “That one,” I said leaning my body forward and pulling Ean half way out of me to point at the one I wanted. I fell back down with a deep thrust into me. It was so incredibly hard to keep a depressed face. 

      I quickly found with my first turn that rolling the dye was quite the experience while shaking my body back and forth to put a good spin in them. I got to lean forward too every time to move my piece. And with Ean’s good luck charm inside me, I found it more acceptable to be getting happier as I was winning the game. I started bouncing with every high role or good card. Soon enough though, apparently Ean was finding my fun on him more torturous then pleasurable. Just as I rolled the numbers to my winning piece, his fingers rolled and squeezed my clitoris. Immediately I bucked forwards and groaned. “What’s wrong?” mom asked. Ean didn’t stop tormenting my most sensitive tiniest body part. “Uunnnnng… M-my stomaaach hurts. I think I’m j-just really hungry,” I teared. “Well, you two clean up the table and I’ll start on dinner. ”I couldn’t hide my panting as mom left the table. Ean just kept spinning and pulling. And in the tiniest movements, I could feel him humping me too.

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       His lips moved next to my ears and he whispered. “I’m almost there, sooo close,” he strained. I was soo close. I was seconds close. Twirling and jolting, he was a constant onslaught. And then that spiking high hit me. And I hit the table. My body twitched in and I slammed onto the tabletop. My arms hit it too, one of them wiping across and knocking half the game to the floor. I released groan after groan as Ean wouldn’t still stop playing with my clitoris. Warmness began filling me down there. He was cumming in me. My moans became more stable for some reason just feeling that he was cumming in me. I felt more complete. I wondered what the baby was feeling.

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       What it thought of his or her mommy having an orgasm right then. My breasts were rhythmically squishing into the hard surface as my high started deteriorating. There was so much of my brother leaking into me. I loved it soo much. My spinning head slowly subsided before I became too dizzy. I beat the breath from my lips sideways into the tablecloth. Apparently Ean recovered before me. “I think she’s really hungry mom, I would hurry up. ”“This is the last time you’ll ever where a skirt young lady,” she said harshly, rightfully giving me the blame this time. -e. l. hanesComments and critisms are welcome.   hanes_el@yahoo. com for direct feedback to me personally. .

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