M Ride to Practice Part 3


Topic: My Ride to Practice PT3  My Ride to Practice Pt3
“I don’t believe it, I killed my sister. ” 
I look here over.   Her breathing is slowing, her movements stopping, and her long, smooth legs seem to just fall flat to the bed.   She looks so sexy, but my penis has been shocked by the fact that my best friend, my first love, is now dieing on me.   As I stare at her completely shocked, thoughts of what the police will say, what my parents will say, all rush threw my mind.  
“No, you can’t go!”  I yell.
“Go where?”  she says tilting up her head staring at me.   Her look, her tone, the color in her cheeks all indicate that she was no where near close to death.   I on the other hand may just be.  
“Wha. . bu. . I thought you were dying. ”  I say as I look her over again, seeing if I missed something.  
She looks at me strange for a moment, smiles, then lets out a big laugh.

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“What, you thought you…”  she says just before she lets out another loud chuckle.  
I can only stare down at my depressed member.   Suddenly, the bed shifts slightly, and my sister, now in front of me, tilts up my head.  
“You have a lot to learn if you plan on continuing to pleasure girls. ”  She says.   She then kisses me on the lips again, slipping me her rather taste wet tongue. All my feelings of guilt, and depression suddenly go away, and are replaced with a warm sensation.   As I enjoy her taste, she backs off and smiles sweetly at me.   “That was normal.   Girls do that, well, some girls do that all the time.   You just happen to hit, the spot.   It’s much easier to hit when fingering than going about the traditional way.   You have to remember too, that was probably only my fourth orgasm ever and I’ve never had the courage to touch that spot.   I only wish there was a way to turn you into a girl so you can see how it feels. ” 
I stand there, somewhat embarrassed, and somewhat aroused.

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    ‘I guess it all does add up when you think about it. ’ 
“Do you want to continue?”  She asks softly.  
“I guess,”  I respond nervously, “But what’s left to do, except…”
“I told you, were not doing that. But there is an… intermediate step, if you will. ” 
I am curious, ‘an intermediate step?’ 
“Do you want to continue?”  She asks again.  
I shake my head yes.  
“Then get at the head of the bed, and lie on your back. ” 
I do as told.  I crawl past my sister’s rich, youthful body, and lie down on my fathers, of all people’s, pillow.   She comes up to me, and spreads my legs slightly.   She reaches a hand down and touches my limp member.    She plays with it a little, then begins rubbing it along its length.   Slowly at first, then slightly faster, but great takes care not to get to fast, but more speed is not necessary as my member slowly grows.
“See, this is the problem with guy’s”  She starts, “Yours are so fast, that you can’t truly get into to it.   So you don’t get large orgasms like ours.

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   But you do have one thing similar to what we have. ” 
She takes her free hand and moves it down below me.   At first, I can only wonder what she means, but a sudden poking a my rear door sends a shock threw my system.    She then picks my elongated member and licks the entire length of it.   The soothing, warm juices of her tongue causes my member to twitch in pleasure, and with that alone, rises to one inch short of maximum.   She once again goes down to lick, but this time much farther below than I can see.   I feel, an odd sensation on my rear, a pressing wetness that does nothing more than to stimulate my already sensitive body.   She the peeks up.   She notices my eyes beginning to roll to the back of my head.  
“Maybe we can save that for some other time.   You’re too sensitive right now. ”  She then turns back to my dick.   Instead of just licking it, she takes it full in her mouth.   I can feel every bit of its anatomy cupping around it.   Its like nothing I ever felt before, but the warmness, the wetness, then smoothness of this just feels so right.

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    I can feel it, as she goes fully down on me, press against the back of her throat.   I can feel her tongue wrap around it.   She isn’t doing it like the porn girl I saw once before.   The girl on the video kept going up and down, like the guy was some sort of oil well.   No, my Sarah is purposely taking her time, milking me slowly, taking pleasure in it.   The massage of her tongue and the warmth and feel of a gentle suction is enough to make my hips gyrate to this blowjob.     I can feel my cum beginning to make its trip into the lower half of my member.   The feeling is intense and it takes every ounce of will to keep from spraying my load into her.   Its not that I don’t want to, I just want this to last.   But she stops.  
“Okay,”  she says as she gets up from me, “Now that your primed, its time to go to the real entertainment.  
She then maneuvers her self on top of me, no, on top of it.   She places her vagina right on top of my penis, making sure the opening grabs both sides of it.  
She then lays on me, kisses my softly on the lips and says, “This is what I meant by intermediate. ” 
She then sits back up, and begins rubbing her hips on my dick.

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    Her vagina sways back and forth on my member.   The movements are slow, and just long enough to cause her erect clit to hit the tip of my head.   Soon, this new feeling begins to feel similar to that of the blow job.   Her juices begins to drop and whiten my dick.   Are breathing deepens and becomes more intense.   The simple sight of my sister rocking back and forth with her breast flapping against her chest is enough to get me off alone.   But with the additional feature of her pussy against my penis only heightens the event.  Only the thought of wanting to make it last is causing me to hold back.   But the pressure of having so much of my juices holding inside of me becomes immense.   This back pressure soon becomes a source of stimulation in itself.   The added effect of her shifting weight only heightens the feeling.   Soon, she clutches one of her breast.   She begins breathing even deeper. I can tell instinct is it telling her to speed up.   And as she speeds does so, I being to gyrate my hips once more.

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    I can’t stop it; my body has a life of its own.   I can only watch, helplessly as we become victims to our own pleasure.   Neither one of us is able, or willing to stop.  
Soon, the length of her stroke increases.   She moves a healthy inch in front of and behind my dick.   Each time she sends out a moan, that only increases in amplitude.   She soon takes her hand away from her breast, and places her arms down on both sides of me, not for a second missing a beat.   The sight of her face dwelling on so much pleasure, in front of me is alluring.   I want to reach up and grab her mouth with my own, but something changes.   In less than a second, my dick becomes encased in a room of pure warmth.    This new environment is small, confined, tight, and wet.   It moves. It almost seems to be breathing.   It wraps my penis in a way I never thought possible.     This new sensation seems to be hypnotizing, and comforts me in a way that makes me want to release everything I have into it.

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But my sister’s face spells a different story, I’ve seen it before, she’s in pain, and has stopped her motion from before.  Judging from her reaction, it seems to be a lot of pain, and sudden.   She tries to hide this by looking down at me.   She seems drained.   But she just comes down to me, and kisses fully again.   She then begins vibrating her hips once more.   I can feel this room on my penis begin to move around it, it squeezes it as if to try to suck my cum out of me.  
“Go ahead. ”  She says out of no where.   “Go ahead. ” 
She then hops up on me once or twice.   These are unlike anything before.   These are forceful and sudden.   I can feel my penis hit the colder air of the room, only to jammed back into its warm cocoon.     Each time my sister lets out a large yelp.

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   On the bottom on the second hop, I feel the walls of this room squeeze with all their might, and I am incapable of stopping my load from releasing.   I begin to spasm as my member uses its full effort to eject its content as far as it will go.   My sister also seems to spasm slightly, all while letting out a muted yell.   She falls back on me, and for the first time, I put my arms around her, and hold her.  


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