lust for sis (part 1)


Topic: lust for sis (part 1)I watched as Ellie thrust down onto my penis, I watched as her 18 year old snatch engulfed all 6 inches and I watched as I spurted my seed deep into my sisters womb. I woke, sweating, from the dream and was amazed, this was the fourth night in a row that I had had a dream about my sister. It had started when I had seen Ellie getting out of the shower, she had left the door slightly ajar and I had walked past at the perfect moment, She had stepped from the shower and I had seen her tight ass and I had also seen the side of one of her breasts, it was really just a bump but you know. From that morning on I had been dreaming about her and having daydreams where she would suck me off in her bedroom. I got up with my usual morning boner and got into the shower I jerked off as I thought about the dream. Once I had finished I cleaned up, got out of the shower and had breakfast. As I was eating my cereal Ellie came down in just her bathrobe “Sorry, I left my hairbrush down here last night. ” She said as she walked to the counter, she bent down and her bathrobe rode up showing me a perfect view of the bottom of her ass, she got up smiled at me and ran back upstairs.

She was the only girl I had ever known who could give me an erection that quickly after Cumming. I only had three periods at school so I came home early and went up to my room and watched TV. I began to daydream and almost instantly my sister popped into my head, I imagined that she was blind folded and had her arms bound behind her back, I imagined myself pulling her legs apart and pushing my hard cock deep inside her, she moaned in pleasure and I began to pump in and out. Soon she was squealing in pleasure and I could feel my cock jerking as I was about to cum, I pulled out and came all over her back. I opened my eyes and found that I really needed to cum, I thought for a moment before I decided to do something that I had fantasised of in one of my other dreams. I went into Ellie’s room and opened the top drawer of her dresser to reveal a selection of her underwear, I picked out a pair of lacey pink ones and wrapped them around my throbbing cock, I began to wank and soon I was jerking at full speed and could feel myself getting ready to cum. I carried on and came over the inside of the panties. I pulled them off my dick and folded them carefully, as I had already cum earlier that day there wasn’t a huge amount of sperm in them and I was turned on by the idea of my sperm being near my sisters crotch so I put them back in her draw.

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  A week passed and I had still been having the dreams and they were getting worse I would now see Ellie naked whenever I closed my eyes, I needed to releave this sexual build up, and quickly. .