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My name's Steve. Ever since i can remember, my sister, Rachel, has always been my main sexual fantasy. I am 18 and she is 17, and she was my first real crush. I knew this was wrong, but i didnt care, as my feelings were too strong to control. Anyway, heres the story of how i managed to seduce her and fulfill my desires. It was a rainy friday afternoon, and i had just walked home from school. This week had been particularly hard because of the work load. I just wanted to get home and relax, and being that it was a rainy day, i probably was staying in for the night. i sat down on my couch in my living room and started to watch tv. Flipping through the on demand menu, i came across a porno that my friends had been talking about at school, so i decided to watch it and see what it was all about. The first girl they showed in the movie was so hot, with a perfect body and enormous tits. She reminded me of my sister, who was also gifted with 34 D tits. I knew this by secretly looking through her bras. Anyway, i was so turned on by this, that i decided to pull out my 6 inch cock and start stroking. I figured i would be fine because my sister usually had soccer practice every afternoon, and my parents both worked late. After a couple minutes of stroking, i was about to cum.

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   I must have been so caught up in what i was doing that i didnt hear the door open. There stood my sister, who was in shock. She must have not had practice because of the rain. At this point, it was too late to stop, and i shot a huge load all over my living room floor. Me and my sister were always close, but i knew this would make things awkward. I was scared that my parents would find out from my sister, so i cleaned up as fast as i could. As i was cleaning, i could hear the shower running upstairs, and i figured my sister was in there. Soon after, i had to use the bathroom. I went upstairs, but my sister was still in the shower. I knocked, but i dont think she heard. I could only imagine what she was doing in there, which led me to start fantasizing. I went to my room to continue my session, stroking my dick thinking of my sister washing off her silken pussy and those huge breasts of hers, only imaging what they could look like. All of a sudden, i heard a soft moan come from the bathroom, which only made me harder. She must have not hear me knock at all, let alone know i was upstairs, and i imagined her stroking her pussy. I heard the water stop, and i decided that it was also time for me to stop.

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   I heard the bathroom door open, and I got on my computer so it would look like i was doing something.   To my surprise, she walked straight into my room. "Hey, what do you want?" i asked her. She looked deep into my eyes and said "You," and with that she dropped her towel. "Seeing you jacking off downstairs made me so horny, and i want you inside me. "My jaw must have hit the floor. She was the most beautiful girl i have ever seen, with her perfect, shaved pussy and huge tits. She walked over to me and grabbed the bulge in my pants. This gave me an instant hard-on. I took one of her enormous tits in my mouth, struggling to get my mouth over her delicious nipple. This sent a shock through her and she gave out a quiet moan. Moving to my bed, i took off my clothes, with help from my sis, of course. This left my rock hard 6 inch dick pointing straight up in the air. Before i could make a move, she had my cock in her mouth and was pumping up and down ferociously. She was like an animal, taking in all 6 inches until she gagged.

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   This went on for about 5 minutes, until i was about to cum. She stopped. "I hope you didnt waste all your cum downstairs" she said, giving me a naughty grin. "I sure hope not!" i said. We switched positions so that she was on bottom. She spread her legs for me and i reached out and spread her pussy lips. "Oh my god Steve, that feels soooooooo good. " Without thinking, i went down on her and started licking at her clit and fingering her with two fingers. "DONT STOP!!!" was all she could manage to get out. I noticed her juices start to flow and licked up every last drop. As i picked my head up, i noticed she was breathing very heavily. She gave me a look as to say "dont stop". with that, i spread her pussy lips once again, and inserted my throbbing cock, which made her moan louder than i have ever heard any girl moan. I was pumping in and out of her tight pussy, as her tits were bouncing to the rhythm of our sex. "OH MY GOD STEVE, I THINK IM GONNA CUM!!!" she said.

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   This made me quicken up, and i was about to do the same. I tried to pull out, but she grabbed my hips and yelled "CUM INSIDE ME YOU LITTLE PRICK". We had a simultaneous orgasm, and with that, i fell limp onto her. We were both breathing very heavily, and we knew this was only the start of many good things to come. .



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