Lucky Stone pt 9


Lucky Stone pt 9.
Dad and I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with Kath and Kim. A little more sex and a whole lot of fun. The image that sticks in my head was of the four of us sitting around naked just talking and laughing like "normal" people. I suppose it's the way I wanted my family to act. As I went to sleep this thought kept flashing in my brain along with the knowledge that tomorrow was our last full day on the island.
The next morning after a quick shower I headed out to breakfast and was surprised to find Mom, Dad and Sue sitting together having a meal.
"Hurry up and eat" said Mom "We are all going to play mini golf this morning. "
"Then later" said Dad "we will hit the pool for some volley ball. Then after lunch some tennis"
"How about we have teams. " said Sue "Boys verses girls at golf, then Mom and Dad against Mark and I in the pool and then some mixed doubles for tennis. "
I just drank my juice and watched all this by-play in stunned silence. Who were these people and what happened to my family, this was weird. Finishing breakfast we all headed for the golf course. There were three different courses so the contest was best of three. There were many high fives and hugs and kisses over the three rounds as putts dropped and the leader switched from team to team.

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   Finally it was over with the ladies sinking a tricky putt at the last to win 2-1.
"Lets head back to the room for some cold drinks and change into our swimmers before we hit the pool. " said Mom
While Dad and I, as the losers, prepared drinks the women went off to put on their swim suits. A few minutes later they returned in just their bikinis and it was lucky Dad and I were behind the counter as I'm sure he was getting a hard on like me just looking at these women. Sue is a little taller but thinner than Mom. Her breasts are smaller but firm while Moms are large and round. They both slim at the waist but then Moms hips spread out while Sue's just run into her long legs. Moms firm thighs really accentuated the V of her bikini bottoms as the material stretched over her mound. Sue's swim suit dissappeared invitingly between he legs highlighting her pussy lips. They stood together and did various poses before asking us if we liked what we saw. Dad and I could only nod as they went back to their rooms to get their wraps, sandles and other pool stuff.
Dad turned to me and said "I don't know about you but I would fuck both of them right now if I had the chance. Are you in?"
I again nodded but we never got a chance because after coming from their room they went straight to the door, with a cry of "meet you at the pool" and then they were gone. Dad and I wasted no time in changing, grabbing our stuff and racing to catch up with these two hot women.
At the pool the women had laid out their towels and were about to enter the water.

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   A number of other people from the resort were gathering for the volley ball session. Soon the net was strung over the pool and one of the staff was evening up the numbers on each side. Sue and I drifted towards the back of our group while on the other side Mom was trying to get on Dad's shoulders. He dropped underwater and came up under Mom but the wrong way round. His face was buried in her pussy but when Mom joked that Dad was never good at sports everyone in the pool began to laugh.
Just as the game was starting Sue sank under the water and put her hand up my shorts and grabbed my semi hard cock. She gave it a few jerks and a squeeze before surfacing to tell me that there was an eel in the pool then she burst out laughing. Across the pool I could see Dad lifting Mom to hit the ball but as he released her his hands found her tits and gave them a playful squeeze before lifting her again. Sue must have also seen them because she swam in front of me and asked to be lifted as well. The next time the ball came our way I gripped her around the waist and lifted, then letting her slide back into the water I also gave her breasts a good squeezing and could feel her hardened nipples through the swim suit.
Sue swam after a ball that had been wildly hit and as we all waited for play to re start a man, older than Dad, turned to me and said that if Sue was his girlfriend he'd get her out of the pool and into a bed straight away. As the game went on Sue stood in front of me and pressed her arse against my cock.
"Ooh, still hard and ready for some action. " she said looking over her shoulder.
Then Mom called for us to get out and have a break.

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   As Mom climbed the steps from the pool I noticed her bikini briefs had been pulled up her arse crack like a thong and there were several red marks on her backside. As we walked towards our towels two bikini clad babes passed us heading for the pool, of course being males Dad and I both turned and checked them out. Mom and Sue noticed and began a series of poses and asked us to check them out. We then all sat on the towels and laughed. Sue began digging through her beach bag looking for her sun block.
"Damm, its not here. I must have left it in our room. " said Sue still rummaging in her bag.
"I'm going back to our room to get my sun block. "said Sue
With that she jumped up and ran off, I shouted at her to get my cap. She slowed and turned and I said it's on the chair under my jacket. With that she sprinted away towards the hotel. One of the staff came by and Dad ordered some fruit drinks for us all to have while we waited for Sue to return. The drinks arrived but Sue didn't so I said I'd go and check what was keeping her.
Arriving at our room I was about to burst in when I felt the stone warming, knowing this was a sign I carefully entered the main room and closed the door behind me.

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   Making my way to the door to our room I could see Sue lying on the bed. One hand held the remote and the other was rubbing her mound. Looking at the TV screen I was surprised to see pictures of Sue and Tiffany locked in a passionate embrace on a beach. Sue flicked the remote and the next picture had Tiffany sucking at Sue's nipple. The next picture had the two women standing and kissing and I could clearly see Sue's hand between Tiffanys legs giving her cunt a massage. The next moment Sue saw me and we both said " where did you. . . who took. . why" and other things that made no sense.
"This disk dropped out of your jacket when I was getting your cap. I stuck it in to see what you had been taking pictures off and I found these. " shouted Sue.
"Wait a minute, I got these from the guy at the photo shop who told me they were someone's pics of some hot women on the beach so while he was processing them he burnt them to a disk.

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   When he gave them to me I didn't know it was you. As a matter of fact I had'nt seen at them till now. " I blurted out my answer hoping to calm her.
"So he thought we were hot?" queried Sue
I moved to the bed and sitting down told her that she was indeed hot and anytime guys see two women going for it they couldn't help but get aroused.
Reaching over to my lap Sue began to rub my harding cock, and asked me if these pictures were getting me aroused. There was no way I could lie as my cock was now tenting my shorts. Sue gripped the waistband and pulled my shorts down,  releasing my now fully hardened cock. Sue ran her acrylic nails the length of my shaft and the sensation made me blood freeze.
"You know little brother you're not so little, compared to others, if you know what I mean. " Sue spoke in a low raspy voice.
Sue moved off the bed and knelt on the floor between my legs. Her hands were rubbing my cock, slowly working the length of my shaft, then while one played with my balls the other wrapped around the head.
"Let me tell you something they might turn you on a bit more. " Sue spoke low and slow. "The other women in the pictures with me, had fucked a guy less than an hour before she hooked up with me.

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   When I licked her slit I could taste the cum leaking from her cunt. I love cum. " Sue grinned as she spoke and then her mouth enveloped my cock head.
The sensation was mind blowing and it took all the control I could muster, with the stones help, not to shoot it all right then. Her mouth slowly swallowed my shaft, her tongue swirling around the head before she slid it back out. With one hand firmly on my cock she used her free hand firstly to pull my shorts right off and then to remove her bikini top. Sue worked my cock hard, squeezing and pulling on minute then using her tongue to lick its length the next.
Sue then stood up pulling me from the bed and with her hand on my head she gave me a deep passionate kiss forcing her tongue into my mouth. I replied with some tongue action of my own as I gently massaged her breast, feeling her nipple hardening. My other hand was on her arse slowly working her bikini briefs down. Now fully naked I could see she had trimmed her pubic hair to just a strip, leading to her waiting pussy lips. We moved to the day bed and Sue got on all fours and turned to me with a grin then asked me to fuck her from behind.
I had one hand on her arse spreading the fleshy globes while my other hand guided my cockhead up and down her slit getting it nice and slick before plunging it into her waiting cunt. Suddenly Dad was right there, wearing just a t-shirt his swimmers already on the floor, gripping his erect cock and positioning himself at Sue's mouth.
"I told your mother I chase you kids back to the pool so lets get on with this.

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As Sue opened her mouth to reply Dad fed his bulging cockhead between her lips and forced more of the shaft into her throat. I went back to working my cock along her slit, occasionally forcing my cockhead between her other lips, running it from her clit to her arse hole. I finally thrust my cock into her cunt, forcing my full length into her in one deep plunge. A moan escaped her lips as she worked Dads cock. I fully removed my cock from her hole before slamming it back. I could see her arse ripple as the force of the thrust ran through her body. I had just pulled free again when Mom, who had already removed her bikini, entered the room and asked why she wasn't invited to a family get together.
Here I am standing behind my sister, hands on her arse and dick at her opening, while Dad is in front with his cock down her throat. Mom walked up to me and placing one hand behind my head pulled my face to hers and gave me a long passionate kiss, her tongue forcing apart my lips and probing deep into my mouth. Her other hand gripped my cock, slick with the juices of her own daughter.
"So is this something just for the holidays or has it been going on for a while?" asked Mom releasing my head.
"It's a long story that involves ALL of us" I said "so just enjoy the moment and we'll talk later. Come onto the bed with me. "
She was happy to do what I asked, and did so immediately. Telling her to get on all fours on the bed I gave her arse a gently slap before positioning myself on the bed.

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  . She smiled and licked her lips, before asking what I was going to do.
I didn't answer as I lined up behind her, and forced the head of my cock between her wet cuntlips
"Oh, Mark, put it all the way in there!" She gasped, as her fingers digging into the soft pillow on the bed. I pushed forward, and with her cunt already starting to leak her juice, it took hardly any effort and I had her fully speared on my erect cock. She was loving it. "Yes!" She squealed, as I pumped myself into her, frantically. Her eagerness only served to excite me more, as I pounded into her with all of my might.
I gave her everything I had to offer, and she loved every second of it. Mom was saying things that made Dad turn and look. I plowed into her until I reached the inevitable. I knew I was fixing to blow my load.
"I’m cumming!" I yelled, as she turned her face towards me. With her eyes tightly closed she asked a special favour.
"Cum in my mouth, please! I want to feel it going down my throat. "
I pulled out, and immediately she rolled around and took me into her mouth one final time.

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   She sucked on me for a moment, pushing me down her throat once, and I moaned loudly. She knew it was time, and pulled my cock out of her mouth. She licked her lips and kissed the head once, before opening her mouth to accept my load.
My cock spasmed over and over again, shooting white lines of cum into Mom’s open mouth. I came so uncontrollably, that most of it sprayed her face and tits. Mom looked up at me, and I blew one huge final stream all over her lips and nose. Mom laughed and licked the head of my dick clean, as cum dripped off of her chin and onto her sweaty body.
With all our activity we'd completly forgotten Dad and Sue. So as Mom and I lay on the main bed we turned to Dad and Sue on the day bed. By now Sue had finished sucking Dad's cock and he was now laying on his back. Sue sat above him with Dad's hands supporting her arse as his cock pistioned her cunt. Positioned a she was facing us, her legs spread wide, we had a clear view of Dad's cock, as it slid back till just the head remained inside, slamming deep into Sue.
It was then that Mom began shouting to Dad "Come on you old man fuck her. Slam that cock into the little bitch. Push it right into that tight cunt.

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She turned to me and laughed and I joined in as I could hear Dad breathing hard from the effort of fucking Sue. Sue was also moaning and groaning and her hand was furiously rubbing her clit. The sloshing sound of dick in cunt filled the room. Mom and I were chanting "Fuck her, Fuck her", Dad's face was red with exertion and his eyes had closed tight as he tried to delay the inevitable of shooting his load.
Fianally as he shouted "here it comes" Sue slipped off his dick and lay back on Dad as a jet of cum shot into the air and fell across Sue's stomach. Another spurt landed in her pubic hair and several smaller bursts landed on her thighs. Mom began to clap as her husband and daughter lay in an exhausted heap.
"What a performance. Are we one hot fucking family or what?" said Mom stepping off the bed and moving to give Dad a big cum flavoured kiss. She then reached between Sue's legs and said "you'll get a better orgasm if you rub it like this" demonstrating how to manipulate her clit.
Feeling all hot and sweaty I suggested we move outside to the spa pool to clean off . Three other sweating, cum covered bodies followed.