Loving Michelle


  The following story is 100% true about me and my gorgeous cousin Michelle and our relationship together.

Michelle and I were always very close because she was the only one of my eight cousins who was close to my age.   We had grown up together and I always looked at her like the sister I never had.   She always acted like one of the guys and was someone I could pal around with, until we both got a little bit older.   I hadn’t seen her for about a year, which isn’t that long, but a 18 year old girl can develop a lot in a year.   The previous year she was just as she had always been, about 5’3” which short brown hair and brown eyes, she was pretty, but never attracted too much attention.   But the next year she was a knockout.
            Her family came to my house for my birthday, but I had no idea what to expect when I saw her.   I opened the door and there stood by now 18 year old cousin who looked to be 5’5” no more than 115 lbs, with a tight athletic body.   She had long toned legs with a perfect ass that she got from playing soccer.   Her tits looked like they had grown to nice full C cup, and her brown hair and eyes looked incredible on her tanned skin.   She ran inside, hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek, I instantly got a boner.
            “Oh my god it’s been so long I missed you Mike!” She said in my ear.
            “I know I’m so glad you could come. ” I barely got that out because I was still shocked at her incredible figure.
            “We should go out for a drive just me and you and catch up.

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  ” She suggested
            “Yeah your right let’s go”
            We jumped in my car and went to go get some food.   We talked for hours about old times, but the entire time I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.   She asked me if I was alright because I kept staring, but I just shook it off and smiled.   We got back in my car and drove for a few minutes before I pulled over.
            “What’s going on, why are you stopping?”
            I didn’t even say a word, I just looked deep into her eyes, pulled her close and gave her a deep passionate kiss.   She didn’t fight it, but once I let her go she grinned a little then asked what I was thinking.   I told her I had feelings for her that I couldn’t get over, and I just couldn’t help myself.   She told me that it was okay, and that she had the same kind of feelings for me.   I asked if she wanted to go someplace quiet and she simply nodded.
            We went quietly back to my house because everyone was asleep and we snuck into my basement.   She seemed really nervous and she asked if we could do something to help her relax.   I told her anything she wanted, but when she said she wanted to watch some porn I was pretty shocked, but I wasn’t about to deny her.   She sat on my lap at the computer and told me that her favorite porn star was Daisy Dukes.   I logged onto freeones. com and found some really hot clips of that little Spanish babe fucking like a machine.

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    I looked up at michelle and just saw her licking her lips a little bit and I could tell she was getting hot.   We put in a movie I had of Brianna Banks and layed on the couch together.   I watched her hand make it’s way under the blanket onto my leg.   She kept sliding it down until she found my already hard cock.   She began to stroke it until I gasped and pulled her off.   When she asked what was wrong I just told her I wanted to do it right.
            I layed blankets and pillows on the floor and made a bed for us both.   I layed on top of her and gave her another deep kiss and told her to take off her shirt.   She sat up and pulled her tank top over her head revealing a sexy black lace bra.   She took my shirt off as well and then released her perfect round breasts.
      I sucked her nipples and worked my hand into her panties.   I immediately realized she was shaved and that I needed to see her pussy.   We both took off our pants and got into the 69 position.   While she sucked my 7” cock I licked her pussy and fingered her ass.   Just as we were both about to come I pushed her off of me and told her it would be better if we waited.

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                I laid down on my back with my cock standing tall.   Just as she was about to straddle me she said she had never been with a boy before and said she had heard it was painful.   I looked longingly into her eyes and said I would never hurt her and that I would be as gentle as possible.   When I asked if she was ready she nodded and smiled.   She climbed on top of me and rubber her slit along my cock.   She started to lower herself down as my cock separated her puffy cunt.   She gasped, and I could tell she enjoyed it.   After only getting about an inch inside her I already thought I was going to cum, but I did my best to hold back.   After a few more inches I hit her hymen.   I told here to get ready, and I pulled her down hard.   I broke through and watched a single tear drip from Michelle’s eye.   Her look of pain was quickly replaced with a look of enjoyment as my quiet innocent cousin suddleny turned into a freak in bed.
                We switched positions as she was on bottom, and she came up to my ear and commanded me to fuck her brains out, I was surprised, but there was no way I was going to pass that offer up.   I pushed into her hairless pussy until I was all the way in.   She moaned louder and louder until I coverd her mouth to keep her quiet.

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        I just kept ramming her with piston like proficiency.   Her juices were flowing everywhere as she screamed that she was going to come.   I pounded her a few more times nearly tearing her virgin cunt apart, when I suddenly felt like I was going to explode.   A few seconds after her orgasm I unleashed fury in her pussy and overflowed her tight vagina with my cum.
                We both laid down in exhaustion with my penis still inside of her.   I gradually caught my breath and became soft inside of her.   I kissed her on the forehead and smiled.   She looked deep into my eyes and told me that she loved me and that she always would, and I said the same to her.   Michelle and I still see each other often, and have had similar nights together since then, but nothing will ever be as special as when my cousin and I took each others virginity.