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She was sixteen with a tall slender athletic, tanned body with C-cup sized breasts. She has long brown hair, big brown eyes and full soft lips. He was a little taller than her, tanned and muscular. Hair brown with a few specks of grey through it from age. One night, that night, she had gone to bed early. A few hours after her he had decided to do the same, but that was all going to change. As he walked by her door, it was open slightly but enough for him to see her, laying in her bed completely naked and rubbing her shaven virgin cunt and moaning. He couldn't help but stop and watch as she vigorously rubbed her pussy. The movement in his pants made him realize that it was time to finally put into action what he'd been fantasizing about since she started blossoming. He took a deep breath and pushed her door open and walked in. "Daddy!", she screamed as she tried to cover herself up. He closed the door behind him and smiled "why're you covering yourself up, babygirl?" he said, "you're very sexy you know" he walked over and sat on the bed next to her and brushed the hair out of her face "do you want help from daddy?" he asked her. She blushed and bit her lip, "what do you mean 'help'?" she asked. He smiled a sly smile as he pulled the blankets off of her revealing her tan body. His dick began to grow more as he slowly looked at her fully naked tits continuing down get tanned stomach to her freshly shaven pussy and he bit his lip and looked into her big brown eyes that were full if lust, fear, and excitement. He leaned in and softly kissed her neck as she let out a gasp.

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   He smiled and licked it lightly and sucked softly and traced his fingers slowly down her neck and chest to her full C-cupped tits and squeezed gently as a soft moan escaped her lips. He smiled with accomplishment and asked her "Do you want me to stop babygirl?" "no" she gasped so he continued massaging her big tits and softly pinching her nipples as he sucked her neck. So many thoughts were going through her head. Part of her knew it was wrong but the other didn't want him to stop. That part was overpowering the other as her pussy got more and more wet. He let go of her boobs and neck wanting so much just to taste get sweet young pussy. He began kissing down get chest stopping briefly at her nipples to tease them with his tongue then continued on his way down her stomach. Finally he reached her cunt, he spread her long tanned legs and climbed in between them and softly traced his tongue on her outer lips and he was rewarded with a surprised gasp along with a moan. He could taste her sweet pussy juices and DAMN was she soaked. He spread her lips with his thumbs and licked from her puckered little asshole to her clit and shivers went through her body as another moan came out, louder this time. He kept licking from her asshole to her clit over and over an over getting faster and faster as her moans progressed louder and louder with every stroke of his tongue. He shoved his tongue deep into her pussyhole and began going in and out tongue fucking her and sucking hard. Her moans were so loud now an getting closer together. He stopped and slowly but hard licked up to her hard little clit and began flicking it with his tongue over and over as she started thrusting her hips matching his tongues rhythm. He sucked on her engorged clit and continued flicking it with his tongue determined to bring her to an orgasm and be rewarded with get cum.

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   Gettin faster and faster he felt as she stiffened and jolts of pleasure shot through her body, he went back down to her pussyhole to get shot in the mouth with her squirting cum. As he swapped her juices with her he stood up and wiped his mouth and pulled his shirt off revealing his tanned muscular torso and he slipped out of his pants and boxers letting his 8 inch cock free a it stood straight up pulsating with the blood that pumped through it. She climbed out of bed and got on her knees fixated in his huge cock and licking her lips an he smiled down at her "do you wanna taste me now babygirl?" she nodded once and firmly gripped his hard dick and softly licked the tip. He moaned and bit his lip and began to play with her hair "mmm baby, suck your daddys cock" he whispered. So she did so, she slowly put his cock in her mouth going halfway down the shaft as he moaned and gripped her head. She went further down making the tip hit her tonsils and she gagged and slowly came back up to the tip and back down the shaft going faster and faster and sucking a little an every now and then swirling her tongue around his cock. He couldn't control himself anymore as his moans we loud he started thrusting against her face throat fucking her hard and deep. she gagged over and over but let him push his cock in and out of her mouth as she began massaging his huge balls "yes baby" he screamed "I'm gonna cum!" as he throated hella hard and fast his balls clapped against her chin and holding her on his dick he shot his hot sticky cum down her throat leaving her no choice but to swallow. He pulled his col out of her mouth and smiled "did that taste good baby?" he asked and she said yes as she wiped her mouth off. He smiled "ready for daddy to fill your tight little cunt babygirl?" she smiled and climes back into bed and he followed climbing on top of her and spreading her legs and kissing her passionately. As they kissed exploring eachothers mouths with their tongues he rubbed his tip on her pussy getting it wet and he pushed his cock in slowly and moaned as she gasped. He stopped letting her pussy adjust to him and slowly strews going in and out each of them moaning and grunting with each thrust. As he was getting faster and harder she moaned out "yes daddy, fuck me, fuck your babygirls cunt yes!" he couldn't help himself and slammed all of his 8 inch cock into her pussy popping her sweet cherry and making her scream and cry out, but he didn't stop this time. Her screams fueled him more and he kept slamming his dick in and out if her a hard as he could being rewarded with her screams of pain that soon turned to pleasure. As he was fucking her little cunt his wife and her mother had walked in without their noticing, as she stripped off her clothing and climbed up into bed he stopped shocked to see her naked coming in while he was fucking their daughter.

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       She smiled and took hold of her daughters face and kissed her hard shoving her tongue into her mouth. Seeing this he couldn't help but start pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. As they fucked her mother massaged her tits and madeout with her. When he started going harder and faster he could feel his cum shoot into his daughter pussy and seep out. He was so turned on watching his wife and daughter makeout he didn't want to stop but his wife made him. "stop" she said with a smile on her face and he did. She went down and licked and sucked their mixture of their juices from her pussy and got up and grabbed a strap on pulled it on and made her daughter get in her hands and knees. When she did, she leaned down and began tonguing her asshole getting her all wet and slippery and making her moan. She smiled and got behind her daughter and slammed the huge strap on into her tight little asshole making her yelp and moan as her husband stood upfront if their daughter putting his dick in her mouth and her mother pumped her strap on in an out of her asshole hard and deep making her moan so loud and her dad throat fucked her making her gag and choke. She had never thought that having someone let alone her mother fuck her in the ass would feel so good. She began thrusting against her mother cock and sucking her dads dick. As this threesome continued she could feel herself reach one of the biggest mind blowing orgasms she had ever felt as her pussy juices squirted all over her mom and her dads cum shot down her throat once again she swallowed. Her mom pulled out and she flipped over on her back exhausted from all the fucking that just consumed in the bed they all have shared but never like this. he looked at his wife and smiles and said "I think she is amazing. " as he kissed his wife on the cheek smiling she looked at him smiling taking his cock in her hands and smiling "oh you should fill her ass with ur cum so I can tongue it out" she said lightly stroking his cock which has become fully hard again "maybe you should fuck my ass" he said laughing sarcastically





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