Lovely sister and I.


This is my first submission of many more to come.
First off, I am 30 years old now. so this happened 18 years ago, so remember that we were younger and still talk about it.
Let me describe you how we were when we were younger. (names withdrawn due to identity. ) "Red" (sister who has red hair. ) and Iceman (my high school nickname. ) She is one year older than me and she had size C tits. So tender and so suckable, large nipples. Her pussy was so bare that you would eat anything off of her bare skin. I was five feet tall (five feet and four inches tall now) and pretty muscular, with a 7 incher and an inch thick.
We were swimming during the day in October which should not be swimming time this time of the year because it is really brisk and would give you goose bumps. But the sun was out and it made us have a slight sunburn. We were playing tag and she is a lousy swimmer since she just learned how to swim the year before.
At one time i allowed her to tag me easily so i can go chase her. She wears this beautiful bikini and it show quite much for a teenage boy like me to get really horny but I really never saw my sister that way until I saw her completely naked.

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While i was chasing her, she would be facing down in the water trying to swim away from me. Like I said before, she cannot swim worth a crap but she is a tough grappling girl to be messing with. When I tagged her, i tried to push her under the water. First thing that came to my mind at the time was to get away from her so she cannot tag me back. Well, she flipped around so fast that when i was pressing her down that i landed my hand on her tits and at the same time, i gave it a squeeze, which felt very nice and firm. Nothing else happened after that.
"Red" (she has red hair, so that is her nickname. ) I called out her name to tell her that dinner was ready. By the way, my parents were at work and the other kids were at my grandmother's house. So my sister and I were in the house alone. She comes running down the hallway with just a long t-shirt that goes half way down her tender thighs. You could see her nipples poking out of the t-shirt. I felt a stir down in my swimming short, which dries out very fast in the room tempurature.
We ate dinner and the first thing out of her mouth, "bro, did you know that it felt good when you touch my boobies. ?" The first thing i thought of saying was that it was an accident.

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   But I chose to say, with a big grin across my face - "like it?" She smiled at me and winked at me like she knows what is going to happen next, but i was inexperience and i did not know anything about what to do with a girl.
We went into the living room and started watching a movie, but not a regular movie that teenagers watch. We just grabbed a case without looking at the title since our parents rented a stack of movies. It turns out to be a porn tape and the scene that was on the screen was so unbelievable. (Peter North was slamming his body up against some woman who was on all fours, big tits flopping around, and a huge cum splatter across her face in the next few moments. )
"Damn, I wish I could get fucked like that. ", my sister exclaimed. And I looked down to her body and she already had two fingers inside of her pussy. You can see the juicies sticking to her fingers and was dripping out onto the couch.   Her left hand went awry while she was coming and it landed short of my very rock hard cock while we were watching a porno.
I asked her if she was cumming and she said she just had the most intense orgasm she has ever gotten and she would love to have another one, but she wants it in a certain way. (She was not a virgin at this time due to her ex boyfriend forcing himself onto her, but she accepted the pleasure at the end. I had figure she wanted to wait till she met the special man in her life, but it has already happened before anybody ever found out. )
Next thing i know i see on the screen was some guy getting a blowjob. but what happens next was so unreal.

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   she stands in front of me and she takes off my swimming short and she takes off her tshirt but i noticed that she was not wearing any patients. (Did she do this on purpose?) She jumps up and lands on my hips. But my dick slid right on her her clit and I could feel her warmth and her wetness. Then she tries to make herself comfortable and at this time, i slid right into her juicy wet pussy.
At the same time, she gasped and I gasped. She said, OMG! you are filling me up. You are bigger than my ex boyfriend. He is such a pencil dick. (I only went in once and stayed in the same position for about 20 seconds. )
She hops off of me and took one look at my glistening cock and she dove right for it, taking it in her mouth and starting carressing my 7 inch cock which is one inch thick. She did this for a while and she has already had an orgasm, but I have not had one yet.
I asked my sister if she was having some fun. Next thing i saw was that her pussy was right in my face as she stands up and I am sitting on the couch. I just grabbed her ass, which is plump and nice and I gave it a squeezing that it never felt before. I shoved my tongue on her clit and I sucked and licked and poked my tongue onto her clit.

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   She grabbed my hair and shoved my face into her pussy as she proped one leg onto my shoulder. She was moaning and groaning like crazy.
I laid back and she straddled me again only this time, facing away from me. I grabbed her hips and I begin to thrust myself into her pussy. Now i am filling her up and going so deep inside of her that she almost passed out falling back on me. But I pulled her down and had her lay her back on my chest, so i can feel her tender tits, and squeeze her nipples till they are red. I rolled her on to her side as i turn my body and I begin to have sex wtih her.
Since she is so active, she moves around alot and she cannot stay in one position too long, so she got on all fours and i got up behind her. I pounded her pussy for a long time, but I held myself back knowing that if i cum, that it would be over soon. But i realized that we cannot do this forever since our parents come home in about a hour.
So i asked my sister if she was getting ready to cum. She said that she only wants to cum on her back with me inside of her. so i told her to lay on her back and get ready for the ride of her life.
She laid on her back with her legs up in the air. I positioned myself to where i would have easy access to her pussy.

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       As my head gets ready to enter her, she moved so fast that her mouth was on my dick in an instant second. She gave me to best head and came up to me and i held her up to me and slid her pussy right on top of my shaft.
    As i enter her, she moaned and asked me to give her the fucking of her life like the first woman got when we first watched the porn.
    I rode her, I pounded her, I felt like that my dick and my balls would fall off if i keep fucking her the way i was fucking her. She moaned and groaned and dug her nails into my ass, as she was on the verge of cumming all over my cock.
    "I am getting ready to cum, bro. Fuck me, bro. Just fuck me. "
    "Sis?" I asked, "Where do you want me to cum? Inside of you, on your face, on your chest, or on your pussy lips? I am getting ready to cum. "
    My sister did not reply. She shot her cum all over my cock and feeling that send me over the edge. So as I tried to pull out, her nails dug in deeper to my ass, and i was not able to get out. When she used her legs to keep me inside of her, pushing me forward and deeper into her juicy pussy, I had to let go.
    I cummed and cummed, shooting sperts of cum deep inside of my sister's pussy. and she was cumming along with me.

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    We laid there with me inside of my sister for about 18 minutes. As I pulled out, my cum and her cum starting dripping out. She grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her mouth and she cleaned me up by licking it clean.
    As i pulled my shorts on and my sister grabs her shirt from the floor and used it to wipe the cum off the couch, my parent's car was just pulling in the driveway. Now we can tell that it was our parent's car because there was a big hole in the muffler. I ran towards the pool and she ran towords to the bathroom down the hall.
    I jumped in the pool, realizing that we left the porn in the dvd. so i jumped back out and ran back in the house. My sister was standing there naked putting the dvd in the case and putting a different movie in. so i ran back out and she ran back upstairs.
    As i was jumping in the pool, i noticed my cock was hard. and my sister was looking out the bathroom window, naked. I got out and was greeted by my parents using the towel to cover up myself, so they do not see me with an erection.
    I walked over to the bathroom window and stuck my finger in my sister's pussy and a big glob of cum was on my finger. I licked it clean and I walked in the house, pretending to wait for my sister to get out of the shower but really what was going on is that i was going to to in there and fuck my sister one more time.

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    My parents were in the shower themselves and we could hear moanig and groaning coming thru the thin walls. So I sneaked up behind my sister in the shower and I inserted my cock inside of her and i fucked her once more and both of us cummed at the same time.
    We rinsed off really quick and got out of the bathroom and went our own separate ways. We just hang out more and more, but nothing happens after that. Just a one time thing, so we thought.
    More to come later, with different things happening.