Love and seduction.


Since dad died and we up stakes to a new home me and mum had been as one. Part of the reason for this had been in her haste to move,she'd overlooked that as I was quite young and sharing a room with mum and dad inevitably sometime in the future I'd have to have my own room.

At the time although it hadn't occured to mum regarding age,she just said 'Oh silly me,we'll just share my bed for now. I'm missing having another body next to me anyway and we can cuddle together' - Out went my bed and into mum's double went I. - Not a problem. we carried on with this arrangement and as funds were limited the possibilities of us moving to a two bedroom home never became a valued consideration.

As I progressed into puberty I guess mum ignored me taking up masterbating, - Although I was careful not to let her catch me at it,because the warmth of the bed inevitably meant me starting the day with a wank. She even seemed to not notice the first time I shot semen on to the sheets and smearing it across the cloth,hoped it would dry and not be noticed by her when she made the bed later on in the day.

After that first cum incident,I dreaded the day when mum would respond to her admitting she recognised my cum and the time had arrived. We'd have to have separate beds somehow. I knew she would because I was managing to cunningly feel her tits and belly when she was asleep,which in the morning wank blew my brain away thinking how soft it all felt as I spurted my latest cum on to her side of our bed.

That day came, - a Saturday of all days. Fresh from wanking my latest wad into the lavatory pan as I knew mum would make the bed as soon as breakfast was done,so she'd be placing her hands on to my wet cum if I shot off in bed. - "You know,its only right now you're so near to becoming a man,its only fair for you to have your own bed now. . .

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   Thing is I've pondered this and I can only think of one way of achieving it!" - "What to move mum!" - "No,that's out of the question,we can barely make ends meet now. But we could ditch my old bed and get two singles, 'course,it would still be one room,but I expect we could hang a curtain some how if you needed more privacy"

I knew I'd blew it big time,me and my cum! - Only days before,I'd spit a full wad of sperm on to her nightdress while she was asleep. Fearful of waking her if I tried to retrieve it or smooth it away I just turned over and waited breathlessly for her to, on awaking, challenge me as to why I'd spunked her nightdress. It never happened but she just must have found it all sticky on her clinging flimsy nylon nightdress,because I checked a while later and it had soaked thro' making the cum stick the material to her pubes just up from her thighs.

I wanted to say, 'Is this over the cum incident but I just said, - "MMM! Its never bothered me about us being together around the room" - Knowingly her response was - "MMM! No I bet it hasn't!" - She obviously knew I wanked after seeing her stripping or dressing each day. - "Well lets not worry for now,well just enjoy the weekend and think about it later.

I had to recover the situation and quick. Now I had been feeling mum in a cladestine manner,I was reluctant to lose out. - We went to bed as usual and I went for bust. It was a hot night,a very humid hot night and we lay with the bedclothes pushed well down,but neither of us could see each others sexual attributes,just the dim outline and of course knowing they were there.

"Mum,sorry about the other day,you know that stuff you found on this nightdress" I touched her belly,smoothing her for a moment then just resting my hand on her soft flesh under the dress. - "Its been washed since!" - "Is this what's made you say we have to not sleep together,you know,one thing leading to another,like me smoothing your neck or on those occasions when I kiss you before we go to sleep,that it may do things" -"Rod,of course it will,it is now!" - My cock was resting on her thigh and she had felt it now I was half hard because of what I was saying to her.

"Mum,do you know, I do you know, - I moved my hand up her belly to under her breasts - She never stopped this so I went on, - "I only do it when you're asleep. I find it very relaxing" - My finger was gently flicking across her nipple and I felt it responding by stiffening. - "I'm not asleep now!" - "Sorry mum,but I'm a bit nervous talking to you like this" - "I know,sorry but I'm nervous as well" - She shifted and indicating she wanted to put an arm under my shoulders I lifted and she pulled me in slightly more and kissed me just alongside my eyeball.

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   - I responded by pressing higher and kissing her up the side of the nape of her neck. - "You're always so cuddly,I kissed her neck some more and now just rested my hand on her tit. the nipple was hard and pressing against my palm.

"No! Don't you mustn't" - She eased my hand away and back down to her belly,but she never moved her thighs away from what she must have realised was a full on hardon against her leg. - "Mum,you have lovely soft breasts and your belly makes me tremble like now where you've smoothed my hand back down there" - She must have known what I was about, as my smoothing hand was now sensing the softness of her bushy pubes as my fingers ran across the area.

This went on with her saying nothing,but I could feel her reacting,mostly by her breathing hesitating and my ear against her side, the breast telling me her heart was pounding like a sledge hammer. I felt her slowly moving her hands and arms sliding them down her sides until they were straight and doing nothing to move my hand from on her mound. - "I love this togetherness mum! I don't want a separate bed!"

"SHHHH!" It was as though she was concentrating - "Lets just lay like this" - There was movement low down but it was barely discernable. - I let my lips just brush against her earlobe. - "That's very seductive" - She never moved her ear away. - I kissed her neck, - "So's that!" - "Sorry mum!" - "I didn't say stop!" - I'd just risked using my tongue and had withdrawn it as she'd made these comments. I went back to seducing the nape of her neck and nibbling her earlobe.

The movement I had felt resolved itself as I felt mum's nightdress clear up under my hand, now letting my hand feel her pubes directly. I strained in the dim light as I could just about see her bushy pussy fur stood crinkly and fluffy as the coolness of not being covered was obviously making her mound goosey as the night air thro' the window cooled the days heat. My cock was throbbing,I feared mum's skin was in danger of feeling hot cum on it at any moment.

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   As if in anticipating this happening her hand wrapped round my cock and squeezed it very tightly - later I fancied it was because she'd orgasmed because of my smoothing her belly because she seemed to stiffen as I let my fingers touch the top of her slice.

"Rod,you're seducing me,you mustn't do it anymore,we mustn't you know that!" - My response was deliberate,I let my mouth slide down from nibbling her earlobe to across her shoulder then used my chin to make the loose top of her nightdress move to reveal one naked tit with its stiff nipple. I latched my lips on to this and sucked it in hard. the far side hand came up as I heard her suck in her breath - "Rod! I'm only human,we mustn't,please don't please stop!" - the hand was saying something entirely different as I looked with my eyes nearly touching her breast as she pulled her other breast free of the top.

"Both! Do both! Oh god we mustn't!" - Her hand now around as much of my head as it could grip pulled my mouth across to her other now hard nipple. - "You're going too,I know you are!" - "Stating the obvious - "You are,you're going to fuck me again, like the other night. You are! I know you are! Fucking your own mother!" - My ears were burning, she said 'Like the other night!' - my fingers were feeling her and her slit was soaking,I knew her body was reacting to my fingers and I knew I wasn't feeling her clit properly.

Her thighs were trying to push my legs away, I eased back and I could feel her pussy was available to me to have. I moved over my mum's thighs and between them. My dripping cock still had mum's hand gripping it as I could feel her pressing me towards the warm wetness of the hole. - "NOW Do it,fuck me Rod! Fuck me! - with my knees taking the strain I plunged right up to my ball-sac which immediately became saturated by mum's love juice. Every thrust made a quelching sound as she humped at my cock thrust for thrust

"Mum My cum! What do I do?" - I'd stopped fucking, - I could see her face,it was intense as she kept humping up at my hardon. - "Come on! Come on! Don't stop like that!" - "Mum!The cum" - "Just do what you like will you,just start fucking me FUCK ME!" - My spurts came almost immediately and mum's pussy flooded with her love juices in turn. I collapsed into her naked breasts and just let the full weight of my torso pin her to the bed as her orgasm milked my cum from me.

Her eyes opened and the smile of satisfaction made my heart full of joy.

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   She needn't tell me - NO SINGLE BEDS' It was written all across her satisfaction. - "I let you seduce me" - "No recriminations mum. We both loved it and I know we're going to keep loving it" - "MMM Horny little fucker!" - "Mum,that you said just now about me having you the other night. Was that when I spunked on your nightdress?" - "MMM! Yes and no! You didn't actually spunk on my dress,you spunked in me like now. I suppose I seduced you that time. I'm guessing you were asleep and I felt you had a hardon against my bum. So like just now I being all excited at feeling it, -it was hard for ages - pulled my nightdress up away from my ass and let you rest it along the groove. One thing kept going round inside my head. - 'You mustn't,he's your son' - I did and you are my son,but a stud is a stud"

"Of course as soon as you came in me I grabbed my nightdress' hem and wiped what I could out,you disturbed after cumming and thought you'd cum on me. Sorry,I dearly wanted to tell you I'd raped you but I was scared you'd disown me,but when you started to seduce me like this,I knew you'd never do that. - I took her in my arms and gave her a true lovers kiss,her tongue responded and I started fucking all over again and again! - This time as we finished she whispered in my ear. - "You've found an ever open receptical for all that cum I've had to wash off our bed sheets!" We smiled and gently kissed again!