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My thought turned to what i've been doing over the years, since her mother passed. Running a cattle ranch is not an easy task, so many things to consider. I last saw Sharon when she married Frank, but other than that rarely went anywhere. My days were mostly spent on horseback, riding the range and checking up on what my ranch hands were doing. There was a lot to cover, so I kept occupied. No women friends to speak of, so my life has been pretty mundane. Sharon was true to her word. She sent a lot of pictures of her and Monica over the years. She also sent copies of school reports and drawings that Monica drew for me. Sharon would send Monica away each summer to a camp. Monica always returned saying that she had a great time and loved being there, making new friends and she liked the counselors a bunch. Getting back to the phone call, Sharon wanted me to keep Monica for the summer. She was ten years old now, and the camp she normally went to got hit by the health department so bad, they had to keep it closed to make all the necessary changes. I wasn't to keen on having a small child to look after, but she was my grand daughter, and we did need to spend some time with one another. I told her it would be okay, and we set everything up, she would arrive in two weeks. On the day that Monica was due to arrive, I dressed in a nice white western shirt, with snap buttons.

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   A nice pair of my black wrangler jeans. I used my "fancy" belt with a large silver buckle, and my black boots that I polished last night. Looking in the mirror, I liked what I saw, even at 55 I was still in good shape from working these cows. I didn't allow any of my hands to do anything that I haven't done myself. Yeah, sometimes I come back to the "big house" feeling like i've been bushwacked, but I never let the men see me that way. I am 5'9", 195lbs. , about a 42" chest and a 34" waist. My eyes are a deep dark blue. My hair is a dark brown and graying on the side. I grabbed my Stetson (black of course), took my keys to the Jeep and headed to the airport, where i waited for her. I watched as people off loaded from the plane and I spotted Monica with a stewardess, and went up to her and hugged her. We got her luggage and headed to the ranch. In the jeep, I looked at her and saw my little girl, Sharon. She looked an awful lot like my daughter at this age. She was dressed in a white sundress, black patten-leather shoes, and had a pink ribbon in her hair.

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   Her hair is brown and flows to the middle of her back, and is straight with very little curl to it. She sat with her hands in her lap, just looking at the scenery as we passed by a number of ranches. She looked up at me and asked if I would teach her how to ride a horse, while she was there. "You sure can", I said. "You'll be doing as much as you want while you are here, and there is a lot to do". She smiled at me, and I explained a little about what goes on at the ranch, about the 18 hands that I have, how they live in a bunkhouse. The ranch is 340,862 acres, so when I pulled in to the main drive, it was another 30 minutes before I got to the house. She was in awe of the time it took, just staring at everything. Arriving at the house, I brought her bags to her room, and she asked if she could shower and get all the dust off of her. The bathroom was between her room and mine, with a door on each side. I explained to her that when she was using the bathroom, she could lock the door to my room, and I would do the same for her. Showing her where to find everything she needed, I left her to her own. Downstairs, I fixed us a light lunch, when I heard her call out to me. I went up and opened her door and she was standing in her room with her back to me in her panties, trying to put on a wisp of a bra. "Darn thing, don't know why I have to wear it anyway", she was saying.

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  I backed out of the room, knocked on the door and she told me to come in. She was still fighting with the bra, so I told her i'd fix it for her. "Mom just got these for me and showed me how to do it, but I forgot", she said. I reached out and hooked the back for her and she turned and gave me a hug. I wasn't expecting it and I fell back on my butt. She laughed at me and I got to laughing myself. She came between my legs and hugged me again. As my hands went out to hug her back, they landed on her cute little butt, I quickly moved them up to her waist. As she backed off a little, she was so little, her crotch was right at my face. Her little white panties were so tight, that the outline of her pussy was clearly visible. I felt a stiring in my penis and pushed myself up and on to my feet, telling her to finish dressing, as I left the room. My God, I thought to myself, that little child has brought back some old feelings I had layed to rest with my wife over fifteen years ago. While she finished dressing, I could not get my mind off of how close her little pussy was to my face. The white panties didn't leave much to the imagination. I could feel her butt cheeks on my fingers.

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   So small, so nice. They fit my hands perfectly. All these thought brought my cock to it's full length and I had not felt the need for release in a long time. Shaking off these notions, I waited for her to come down and eat. She wore a pair of dungarees and a new western style shirt and boots her mother had bought for her. We ate lunch and I took her out to the corral to meet Phil. He was the one guy I depended on to see that all the hands were doing their jobs. Phil, Monica and I picked out a small pinto pony for her to ride. Phil was a good teacher, so I let him handle that part, while I sat on the corral watching. She spent the afternoon with Phil, as I watched as she quickly grasped all the information Phil gave her. She took to a horse like a fish to water. Phil let her ride and came over to me, very impressed in her ability to learn. Watching her bounce on that horse was a sight. Her hair in a ponytail, flying out behind her, that butt going up and down, and the big smile on her face. After her ride, Phil then took her into the barn and instructed her on what needed to be done after she was finished riding.

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   Walking back to the house, she hugged my waist and talked of how much fun that was. In the house, she sat on the couch, and quickly feel asleep. I took this chance to go take my own shower. Undressing in my room, I went into the bathroom and into the shower. The water was warm and welcoming. I felt the warmth of each drop as it hit my body and ran down. Grabbing a washcloth, soaping it up and washing my body felt good too. I got to my cock and started to clean it and my thoughts once again turned to little Monica. I tried hard not to think of her and stopped what I was doing, letting the water rinse the soap off of me. I forgot to shampoo my hair, so I squirted some in my hand and commenced to wash my hair. I had a head full of shampoo, when I heard the shower door slide open. "Grandpa, you didn't lock my door", as she stood there, staring at my limp cock. I didn't want to make a big deal out of this, as she too was naked, so I told her to come in and close the door. Her little body was so damn cute, her pert little breast, almost non-existant. No baby fat on her, she was shaped so nicely, such a small waist.

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   I tried not to stare at her pussy, but I was glued to it. So smooth, not a hint of hair, and that butt was so round. I was getting an erection, so I turned my back to her, and handed her a washcloth. She talked of enjoying taking showers with her mother, and about anything her ten year old mind thought of. "Do my back for me Grandpa, I can't reach it all", she asked. Turning around, my semi hard cock was right at her chin level, so I turned her around, took her washcloth and cleaned her back. I had to bend my legs and get into a squating position to do this. My hands roamed over her shoulders, down her back and when I reached her butt, I continued and felt those soft globes through the cloth. My cock was getting harder, feeling this little body with my hands. As my hands went down her legs, on the outside, I came up between her legs and she spread her legs a little and I was now washing her bald little pussy. I felt the folds of her lips spread and my fingers moved back and forth on her sweetness. She placed her hands on the shower wall and bent to allow me a better access to her love tunnel. I was not at full staff, my cock had never been so stiff. I lingered on her pussy, soaping it, then cleaning the soap off the cloth, I rinsed the soap off her pussy and again felt the lips of her cunt. She moaned a little, so I removed the washcloth and my bare hand was now playing with her pussy lips.

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   I spread the outer lips and felt the smoothness of her love tunnel. I then found her little clit at the tip and when I touched it, she groaned and shook as she climaxed on my hand. Shortly, she turned around and hugged my neck. Her belly was pushing my cock into my stomach. Her hand came off of my neck and went between us, taking hold of my cock. "Grandpa, I've done this before, let me make you feel good, like you made me feel?" she said. All I could do was nod my head, as she started to slide her hand up and down the shaft of my cock. I closed my eyes and let this moment take place. I felt her other hand join the first and her fingers were all over my cock. One hand was playing with the head, the other moving the length of my stiff dick. She removed her hand from the head and felt my balls encased in my sack. Her fingers kneaded my nuts and I could feel my cum starting to flow. "I'ts cuming, i'm going to cum", I said. She brought both hands to my cock and aimed it towards her face, as I shot my first stream of cum into her opened mouth. I shot three or four times, my cum hitting her face, in her mouth, and in her hair.

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  As I slowed down, her mouth fell to the head of my cock and she sucked the cum off of my dick. The water flowing down over both of us cleaned the cum from her face, as she sucked me until I went soft. Removing her mouth she hugged me again, and told me that she liked doing that for me. I held her warm wet body against mine, feeling our heated bodies next to one another. The water was an added feeling of rightness. I didn't feel like I had done anything wrong. We shared a beautiful moment that was filled with love. I shampooed her hair, and got the cum out of it, and then I dried her of with a towel and scooted her to her room to dress. I did the same with myself. I dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, and flip-flops and headed downstairs. I was thinking to myself that although what had just taken place in the shower was beautiful, that is should not happen again. I told myself that I would not allow it. When she came into the kitchen, I was drinking coffee and she went to the refrigerator and got a soda. She had put on a halter top, which seemed to be very thin. Her cut-off shorts were tight and showed the cheeks of her ass when she bent over.

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   Coming over to the table, I could see her little nipples through the material of her top. I had to do something, so I got up and fixed some hamburgers and fries for our supper, then we went into the living room to watch the television. She grabbed the remote and flipped through the channels, stopping at a show called Soul Train. The people on the show were dancing very provactively and she stood there trying to copy what they did. Her lithe body was bending, twisting and moving in every direction as she danced in front of me. As the song ended, she fell to the couch and her head was laying in my lap. She was breathing very hard, he small chest pumping up and down. Her nipples were hard and poking the material, and she was sweaty from all that dancing. My cock was directly underneath her head, and her movements were making me hard. She turned her head and looked at the TV, her cheek felt nice against my cock. She moved her hand under her head, her fingers molded themselves around my shaft. The pressure of her head on her hand was driving me crazy. She turned back around and faced me and looked into my face and said, "One of the reasons that I enjoyed going to camp each summer was because of the counselors. My first year there, I was five and one of the girl counselors showed me how she pleased herself and when I was seven, a boy showed me his cock, and taught me how to make him happy"While she was talking to me, her hands were unzipping my pants and reaching in to pull out my hard cock. Her face was still close to my lap, but her hands were running the length of my shaft as she continued to talk.


  "After he showed me how to make him shoot his cum, he ate my pussy like the girl did. I love doing that and having their cocks in my mouth, just like I want your cock in my mouth right now", she said, as she lowered her face to my stiff rod and placed the mushroomed head into her mouth. Her tongue flicked out and tasted my per-cum, and worked it's was underneath the head. She pulled off my dick and her tongue licked my shaft and she kissed my balls. Sucking in one nut at a time, this child made me feel so good. Her hand was rubbing my shaft as she sucked my nut sack. She then put my cock back in her mouth and pushed as much as she could into her mouth. She got about a third of me into her mouth, when she backed up to the head and slid back down. My cock was hitting her throat and I lnew she couldn't take it all. She moved her legs under her, and she dove again on my stiff rod. My dick went past her uvula and into her throat, as she pushed her face to the base of my cock. The feeling I got when she stuffed her face with my cock was undescribable. She held my cock there as long as she could, then came back up to the head. Her eyes looking into mine as she went back down and filled herself again. Her saliva was dripping onto my nuts as she enjoyed sucking me off.


   Her head bounced up and down me, as her hand also joined in and pumped my cock. "Cum in my mouth, Grandpa. I want to taste your cum again", she said to me. Diving back on me, pumping my shaft was all getting to me, as I felt myself starting to release a load of cum into my grand daughters mouth. "Monica!!, i'm going to cum, suck me, suck me good", I said. Her mouth took all of me, her chin resting on my balls as I shot stream after stream into her throat. She didn't lose a single drop, as she slowly backed off my cock and kept it in her mouth until I went limp. When she removed her mouth, her tongue darted out and licked my cock head, as she smiled up at me. "You taste good Grandpa, I could do this all day for you, I love it", she said. Her hands still on my soft dick. I layed her on her back and told her I was going to return the favor and eat her pussy. Removing her cut-offs, I looked at her crotch and saw that she was wet. My face went to that wet spot and I sucked her panties and tasted her love juices for the first time. My hands came up and held her ass and pushed her pantied covered pussy into my face. She tasted so sweet.

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   I removed her panties and just looked at her little cunt. It was so smooth, so soft, so pretty. Lowering my fae to her pussy lips, I licked up between them and my tongue ran over the top of her little clit. She arched her back as I crossed her love button. I then went back to her tunnel and folded my tongue and inserted it into her. She grabbed my head and shoved her pussy ito my face. "Yes Grandpa, that feels real good, do that", she said. My tongue worked in and out of her cunt, as her juices just flowed from her little pussy. Returning to her clit, I sucked it into my mouth and let my tongue twirl it in my mouth. I brought my finger to the entrance of tha juicy tunnel and inserted it slowly. In and out and deeper and deeper each time, until I reached her hyman. Her pussy was so slick, so tight. The ripples of her tunnel grasping my finger as I fucked her cunt with my hand. my mouth remaining on her now extended clit. "Oh oh, Grampa, i'm going to cum, oh yes, it's cumming", she screeched and again arched her pussy into my face and shoving my head into her.

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  I was elated in the amount of fluid that little girl produced, and even the fact that she could. I inhaled every bit of liquid from her pussy. It smeared on my face and I was loving it. When she calmed down a little, her chest moving up and down, I reached up and played with her nipples on her little chest. I sucked one into my mouth and it was hard and sensative. "Take the rest of your clothes off Grandpa", she said, as she untied her halter and removed it from around her neck. I stood and let my shorts and underware hit the floor, as my t-shirt also came off. I sat back on the couch and she sat in my lap facing me. My cock was once again hard as a rock, as her pussy was pressed against it while she kissed me and hugged me. She moved her hips along my shaft and looked at me and said, "Fuck me Grandpa, make me a woman, I want your cock in my pussy". "Monica I think your to small for me, I don't want to hurt you", I said. "If it hurts to bad, i'll stop Grandpa, honest I will", she said. While she was saying this, her hand came down and took my cock and placed it against her cuntal lips. I moved to lay on my back as she starddled my cock and lowered herself onto my stiff cock. The cockhead entered and I swear, I have never felt anything so tight.

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   There was no way that she was going to take all of me into her. She grimaced as she tried to push more of me into her. I grabbed ahold of her ass and brought her back up and told her to pump it slower and her pussy would wet itself more and more. She did this and slowly took in more of my cock. She got about half of me into her when we reached her hyman. "Honey, you don't have to go any further, if you break that skin you won't be a little girl anymore", I said. He face said everything, as she moved back up my shaft and back down again, tearing her and implanting my cock into her to the hilt. She was sitting on my lap now, my cock in as deep as I could go, tears in her eyes. "Stop for a while sweetheart, let you pussy get use to having me in there, just sit still", I said. I wiped the tears from her eyes and told her how much I loved her and that she was now a woman. The last brought a big smile to her face, as she began to lift herslf up and then back down. Her pussy was flowing with juices. My cock feeling each and every ripple of her love tunnel. The tightness of her pussy was such a great feeling. She moved faster and faster on my cock.

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   Then I rolled her over onto her back, keeping my cock in her cunt. Her legs tied themselves around my waist as I pumped my 55 year old cock into her 18 year old pussy. Damn she was tight, but she felt so good. I looked into her face as she told me she was cumming on my cock in her pussy. I could feel the flow of her juices as I rammed my dick into her, her pussy getting even tighter if that was possible, as she climaxed. She climaxed four or five times before I finally felt myself build up to a release point. "I'm gonna cum in your sweet pussy darling, Grandpa is going to shoot into you", I said. I gushed the first shot into her little tight pussy as she again huged my neck as she also climaxed with me. Two. . three. . . four. .

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  five time I shot my sperm into my granddaughter. Our spunk mixing and flowing out of her. I continued to pump her pussy until I went limp and pulled myself out of her with a plopping sound. We layed face to face on the couch, both breathing hard. I told her how much I loved her and we hugged once again. We both fell asleep on the couch, naked, holding one another. When I woke, I got up and carried her to her bed and she woke as I was laying her onto the bed. "Grandpa, can I come here every summer from now on", she asked. "Yes Monica, you can stay here whenever you want to", I said, as I covered that beautiful little naked body with her bedcovers. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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