“He did what? Oh my God! Ooooh I can’t stand it! I know it was close but I couldn’t resist. I will I promise. By…

When I got home, Mom was cooking dinner and I ran for the bathroom. I needed a quick shower to get the smell of sex off of me. I came downstairs just as Mom set the dinner table. “Aunt Rachel must have had a lot of boxes that needed moving to force you to shower twice in one day. ” said Mom as she brought the roast to the table. “I spent a little too much time in that hot attic of hers. I was soaked before I left. ” I replied. She was dressed nice with a tight pair of slacks and a cut off top that showed off her midriff. My cock twanged a bit as she carried the rest of dinner to the table. She sat and asked, “Well how did you rate your birthday?” I looked up to see her look of sincere interest and said, “Oh I’d say it was just about the best birthday of my life. In fact there was only one way it could be better. ” She squirmed a little in her chair and I thought I heard a slight moan. “And what might that be?” she asked in the most sultry of voice, I have ever heard.

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   I stared at her and said, ”Well, my very wonderfully beautiful mother. I have to keep that to myself in case I get that for Christmas. ” Her look changed to a hurtful disappointment that was almost child like. I felt bad a little but I just couldn’t tell her of my vision of her and Rach licking my hard cock at the same time but the more I stared at her the harder my cock got. I had a strong primal need to fuck my own mom and I didn’t really know what to do about it. Feeling the need to say something, anything, I said, “Don’t worry Mom, I have a feeling that you will figure it out in plenty of time. ”

Over the next few days I began to notice that Mom was being a lot more careless about covering herself around the house. Being it was mid July and very hot, she took to wearing very light and shear outfits. She no longer closed the doors to her bedroom and the bathroom when she was in them. I had several chances of a complete view of her luscious body. Her perfect tits defied gravity and her ass beckoned to be assaulted. I was whacking off with amazing frequency. I needed my Aunt Rachel to save me from myself. It wasn’t till July was nearly over when I got the call. “My Little Stevie, have you missed me? Does your cock need some tender sucking care?” asked my teasing aunt.

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   “Rach, I’m about to wear my dick to the nub! Please give me some relief. Please!” I countered. “Well Morton is packing for a three day trip to Chicago and I think I need some yard work done, if you know what I mean. ” she continued. “How about Saturday about 2pm?” she quizzed. “I already cleared it with your mom. See you at 2!” And with that she hung up the phone. “Who was that Honey?” yelled Mom. “Aunt Rachel. She has yard work for me on Saturday. ” I called back. “Oh yeah, I remember she told me yesterday. I’ll have to have a word with my sister about stealing my man from me so often. ” she joked.

“Not possible.

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  ” I shot back. She smiled and blew me a kiss. I felt like it made her day. That night we sat on the sofa to watch a scary movie and she snuggled up to me during the most frightening parts. I snuck many a peak at her braless chest that night as my 18 inches fought for a chance to abuse the woman that gave birth to me. The smell of her perfume and heat of her body drove me crazy. I maneuvered my dong down my pant leg but my shorts weren’t long enough to hide the throbbing head. I had to sit there with my legs crossed to keep it out of her view. Just when the pain of restricting myself was reaching ultra severe, red alert, fire alarm level, I heard my mom snore! Not loud like some drunken bar skank but soft and smooth. “Thank God” I said to myself. I uncrossed my legs and let my cock rise to the top of my shorts. The head and 3 inches poked out the top. Mom was sleeping quite soundly by this time and I was hornier than twenty billygoats. I very slowly moved my body away from her and finally I was able to free myself from the couch. I gazed at the object of my desires and I no longer had the need to attract the girls around town.

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   I had the most beautiful woman I have ever known right here before me. I wanted to fuck her so bad I could taste it. Speaking of taste. Her pants were so tight that I could see the outline of her pussy. I couldn’t resist the temptation to sniff it. The way she was laid out made it easy to rub my nose right up to the material. The smell was incredible! The musk mixed with her perfume produced an intoxicating potion than made me delirious. I continued to rub her pussy lips with the bridge of my nose until I heard a soft moan. I leapt back and looked at her face and noticed that she was still in a deep sleep. My cock was in my hand and I pulled on it so hard that if it would have popped off my body, I would have not been surprised. I came up to her shirt and with my other hand I unbuttoned her blouse. Her breasts heaved up and down with her breathing and I went mad with lust. I lost all control of my senses and shot cum all over her bare tits. She looked like there two honey dew melons covered with frosting sitting on her chest. I was so scared that I didn’t know what to do next.

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   There was my mom laying on the couch with her tits hanging out and my cum dripping off of them onto the floor. Her head was sweating and she kind of thrashed from left to right at the same time as she was licking her lips. I looked at her crotch and I saw that it was drenched with her fluid. I figured she had a wet dream and I guess I caused it. “Cool. ” I thought. I went to the bathroom and soaked a small towel with warm water and cleaned my cum from my mothers majestic tits. After I buttoned her blouse up, I covered her and went to my bed where I masturbated once more and fell asleep.

“Rachel, I had wet dream on the couch last night. ” Mary said on the phone. “What was it about? Maybe you were you dreaming about Morton?” asked Rachel. No I can‘t remember much of it but when I woke up this morning, my pants were soaked and my breasts had some dried cum on them!” said Mary. “Dried cum! How do you get some dried cum on your tits from a wet dream?” pressed Rachel. Mary thought for a moment then said softly, “Rachel, it was Steve. ” “No way!” exclaimed Rachel.

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   “Yep, I’m sure of it. We were watching a movie and I fell asleep. I remember that he was fighting to hide his erection and I had a mini orgasm. I must have been more tired than I thought. ” explained Mary. Rachel concluded, “Well that confirms it. Your son wants to fuck you. He is probably going crazy with lust for that great body of yours. ” Mary added, “Then why doesn’t he just fuck me?” “Two reasons. First he wants to know that he is at his best for you. Second, he may not be absolutely sure that you want him to fuck you. Remember Mary, he is still very unsure of his fucking skill, although he did nail me pretty good the other night. ” Rachel continued, “Just be patient and you will have your little man shoving his big dick in all of your holes soon enough. So leave him to Aunty Rach and I’ll make an all star stud out of him for you. ” Mary squealed, “Oh that will be so good.

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   I can’t wait. Oh by the way, Morton called this afternoon and asked for another round. What should I tell him?” Rachel replied, “He is leaving for Chicago on Saturday. You can fuck him then while I have your son in my hot cunt!” “You bitch! I am going to fuck Morton because I’m ready to hump a parking meter to get a little relief while your enjoying the best stud this side of the Mississippi!” stammered Mary. “Just keep Morton thinking that he is getting over and I will be free to get that stud of a son of yours primed for the biggest night of his fucking life. ” countered Rachel.

“Steve, Steve wake up. It‘s eleven o’clock!” yelled mom. I half yelled back, “Ok, ok, I’m up!” as I rolled out of my bed with my morning timber holding out the front of my shorts. The material was wet at the apex of the bulge and it immediately reminded me of the events of the other night. I made my way to the bathroom past mom’s bedroom where she was getting dressed. I was there just in time to see her pull up her panties. She had her back to me and I had a full view of her ass and pussy. My cock throbbed as I continued to the shelter of the shower. I stroked my meat with one hand and adjusted the water temperature with other.

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   Just as I began to unload my cum onto the shower floor, Mom hade her way into the bathroom. “Just got to put my contacts in, so don’t let me disturb you. ” she announced. I didn’t let her disturb me as I didn’t skip a beat. Get it? Anyway I didn’t care if she saw me or not. I was getting more convinced everyday that she was showing me her body on purpose. She had to know something happened last Wednesday night. I couldn’t do anything about her snatch being soaked. After my last stream of juice hit the floor, I glanced toward the door to see that she had just then began to leave. It doesn’t take that long to put her contacts in. Was she watching? God I hoped so. I finished the shower and got dressed. Mom was sitting at her vanity in her bedroom, applying make up to her already gorgeous face. “Where are you off to looking so good?” I asked. “Thank you Sweetheart.

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   I have to go to St Louis to get some depositions for work and I won’t be back till tomorrow night so just spend the night at your aunt’s so she won’t be alone with Morton gone to Chicago. ” she answered. “On a Saturday?” I quizzed. “I have a friend that works for a firm in the city and she has the documents with her at home. ” Mom countered, “Cool then, well have a good time. ” I added as I left to go down stairs.

“God I hated lying to him, but I need to get laid. It will all work out in the end I hope. ” she giggled quietly to herself. I was heating up some grits when Mom came down the stairs. Man did she look hot. Her white blouse was so tight that her nipples had no choice but to show through. Her skirt was as mini as it could get and she sported a pair of stiletto heels. My cock immediately went in to alert status. “Wow Mom, you are looking so gorgeous!” I exclaimed.

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   “Well Valerie and I plan to go out tonight for awhile. You don’t think that I look too slutty, do you?” she asked looking for approval. “I don’t know much about sluts,” I lied. “But I think that you could raise the dead. Please be careful, I can’t imagine life without you. ” I pleaded. She looked at me with that ‘Oh, you are so sweet look’ and said, “Oh Steve. I love you so much and I’m so proud of how you have grown up. I feel that we can talk about anything but I promise that I won’t let anything happen. ” With that, she put her bag in the car and kissed me goodbye. I watched her drive off and went inside to get ready for my big night. I figured that my stiffening cock would be a good prop for my visit with my slut, Aunt Rach. I couldn’t help but consider the possibility of fucking Mom though. The more I thought about it the more I definitely wanted to take her.

When I got to Rachel’s, the garage was open so I pulled into it and closed the door.


   I grabbed my bag and went into the house and found lit candles every where and the lights were all off. Soft music and the smell of incense permeated the air. I put down my bag and went into the living room. There she was on the sofa dressed in a black teddy with a garter belt and nylons. Slutty dress must run in the family cuz she had on spiked heels that matched the ones that Mom had. My shorts could barely hold my manhood when her eyes locked on it like a tractor beam. I moved slowly over to her and she reached for me to quench her hunger. Not a word was spoken as she slowly freed my prick from it’s cotton prison. My shorts fell to my ankles as she slowly stroked me with her left and rubbed my balls with her right. I moaned softly as I tried to maintain my balance. Her hands were magical as my mind swirled with lust. I thought I might loose control when I felt her warm tongue lap the underside of my tight sack. “Oh what a feeling. ” I thought to myself not wanting to break the silence. Rachel took each of my nuts into her mouth and bathed them with her saliva and then both at the same time.

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   My cock head pulsated with my hurried heartbeat and was need of attention. My knees began to buckle and she guided me to sit next to her. She grabbed my shirt and pulled it up over my head then she slid off of the couch to her knees and turned to face me. Then she took my hands and held them to my sides to keep me under control. I trusted her methods and went with the flow gladly. Our lips met in a collision that looked like the front lines of a medieval battle. Our tongues dueled for supremacy as I could taste the musk from my balls. Our lips parted and her head lowered to my chest. She devoured my upper body with wild abandon as she sucked and licked my nipples. No territory was left undone. My sexual hunger was peaking and I knew that if I didn’t get relief soon, I would have to take control of the situation and just fuck her!

Meanwhile Mary pulled her car into the motel parking lot where Morton had rented a room. She parked her car in front of the room and saw the door was slightly ajar. She walked into the room to find him laying on the bed with his hand wrapped around his 7 inch cock. “It’s so small compared to Steve’s. ” she thought to herself.

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   “Hello gorgeous. ” said Morton. “That’s what Steve called me!” she remembered. “Looks like your in gear already. ” she said. He came off the bed and attacked Mary in a frenzy. “I have wanted to fuck you sober every since the party. ” he said as ripped open her blouse. It shook her body so much that her large breasts popped out of her undersized bra and jiggled about. He squeezed them hard and then through her on the bed. Mary loved getting rough and responded by grabbing him by the balls and swallowing the entire length of his prick. “Yeah bitch, suck my cock. Take my meat like the slut you are. Just like your sister, you are the whores in the family. ” he bragged.

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   Mary didn’t pay any attention as her mind was at Rachel’s house and her son’s cock. Just when she might suck out his cum, he pulled away and stood Mary up. She removed her skirt but left the garter, nylons and heels. Morton gazed at her with a feeling of a conqueror. She strutted slowly around the bed and climbed up on his chest. He cupped her ass and pulled her neatly trimmed cunt to his face. He proved to be an expert pussy eater as he tongue fucked her to orgasm. He flicked her clit as he buried two fingers into her ass. She shifted her weight to grind her pelvis into his face and flooded him with her streams of cum. “I need you to fuck me now!” she yelled. With that she slid down and impaled herself on Morton’s hard prick. She rode him like the wild bitch she is. She soaked his cock with multiple orgasms and he met her grinding with equal enthusiasm. Her body bounced up and down with her tits flopping around freely. “Arrrgg! I going to cum! Oh fuck you whore, I can’t hold it!” he bellowed.

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   Mary leapt from his shooting cock and slammed her mouth on it to satisfy her primal hunger for the taste of sperm. It shot into her mouth and she swallowed all she could get until he was drained. They both collapsed onto the bed in the midst of heavy breathing and her thoughts moved to her son and what Rachel and I was doing. She felt a bit of jealousy but dismissed it as cum dripped from the corner of her mouth.

After soaking my torso with her saliva, Rachel took aim at her object of admiration. “The most beautiful cock that I have ever seen much less fucked. ” she boasted. She licked her lips as if they needed it and began to slurp the sides of my dong. Up and down and around the crown of my head. With my hands at my sides, I fought my urge to shoot my cum across the room with everything I had. My body shook when ever her tongue slid over the slit in the end my cock. Then she took it in. She slowly worked my cock into her throat and turned her body so it could slide all the way in. It was the most incredible feeling that I had ever known. She fucked herself with my cock down her throat and I just couldn’t take it any longer.

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   I grabbed her head and shoved my dick in as far as I could and yelled, “Ooooh fuuuuck. I can’t hold it! Suck out my cummmmm!” Load after load spewed from my loins. I jerked and jerked as my balls emptied their juice into my aunt’s throat. Her body convulsed and bucked as she fought for air. I pulled my spent prick from her mouth and she choked for air and had an orgasm at the same time. I became concerned immediately for her as she wriggled and coughed her way back to her senses. “Are you ok?” I asked. She finally got her breath back and looked at me with her eyes wide and said, “You almost killed me with that thing! I’ve never been so frightened and so turned on at the same time in my life!” “I’m sorry. I’m sorry Rach. I didn’t know you couldn’t breath. I am sorry!” I pleaded. “Don’t you worry about it Stevie. It’s alright. I wanted to see if I could take all of you and you just exploded. To tell you the truth, I really loved having that monster of yours down my throat.

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   I came three times while you were in me and again after you pulled it out. I was at your mercy and it turned me on.

Mary laid there on the bed next to her brother in law while he slept. She had just fucked Morton and was still very horny. He wasn’t enough for her and she knew it. She also knew that this was the last time that she would let him fuck her. She didn’t want him to think that he owned her for the taking. Rachel had complained to her about his lack of sexual prowess and now Mary understood why. No wonder Rachel was so anxious to bed Steve. “That should have been me fucking him. I should have shoved my pussy in his face when he was beating off. I know he was thinking of me. ” she said to herself. She got up and got dressed with some clothes she brought and left before Morton woke up. He awakened after a couple of hours to find a note taped to the tv screen.

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; Sorry Mort, I had to leave. I just can’t do this to Rachel anymore. Please don’t ask again or I will have a little talk with my sister. Mary

“That bitch! Fuck her. It’s her loss. She’ll miss my cock, just wait. ” Morton said to an empty motel room.

Rachel got up from the floor and strutted over to the kitchen and called to me, “Hey Stevie, lets eat a bite and have a little chat. What ya say?” Feeling pretty good about myself I stood up and said’ “Sure, I could eat. ” She laughed and said “I know you can eat and I am the dessert!” We sat at the table to eat a sandwich and Rachel said, “Ya know Stevie, you have a wonderful gift. Yeah your big cock is nice but you are talented as well as endowed. Every woman is different when it comes to sex, at least a little bit. A great lover must be able to adjust his or her methods to insure that the session is mutually satisfying. Do you understand?” I sat there and felt like I was in a classroom only I got to fuck the teacher, cool! “Yes, I think so. I have watched a bunch of videos and read a lot of stories about different kinds of stuff.

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   I tried to use some of what I saw with you. Did I do ok?” I asked. “Oh sweetheart, your fantastic. But I was just wondering if there was something on your mind that I can help with. ” she answered. “Well there is one thing that has been on my mind lately. ” I said while looking down. “What is it? Rachel pressed. “I have these feelings toward…” I hesitated. “It’s ok big man. I know what is on your mind and you don’t have to say it. I promise that it will work out in the end. ” she said calmly.

Mary sat in her car as she waited for her dinner to be brought to her window and tried to sort out her feelings. She was horny and that episode with Morton did little to quench her thirst for man juice.

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   No matter how much she tried to put it out of mind, she kept thinking about her son and his marvelous cock. She felt her pussy ooze fluid into her panties as she thought of Steve’s prick in her mouth. After her meal arrived, she drove away towards home. Her son was spending the night with her sister and she felt like she was being left out. “The lucky bitch!” she said out loud. As her car made it’s way down the highway, she nibbled at her burger but she wasn’t hungry really. At least not hungry for food. She rubbed her crotch and felt the wetness on her fingers. She licked them and moaned at the taste of her cunt. “I need that big cock of his!” she screamed. Her car sped past her turn and headed for her sister’s house.

Rachel took my hand and led me the bedroom where she said, “In spite of what you may think, no one has ever made love in this bed but your uncle and I. I wasn’t going to bring you in here but I can’t help thinking that I belong to you. ” Then she crawled up on the bed on all fours and looked back at me and said, “Stevie, please eat my pussy. ” I didn’t hesitate and took my hands and spread her cheeks to gain clear access to her honey pot.

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   I used my tongue as a lighting rod and I teased her labia till she screamed. I sucked on her clit then moved to her canal and ran my tongue up and down her slit. When I move toward her asshole she moaned louder. I quickened my movements and drove her crazy. Her pussy gushed with her cum and I drank all I could get into my hungry mouth. ”Fuck meStevie, with that big cock. Fuck me please. Turn me into your slut. ” she begged. I gave her a few more passes over cunt and asshole and then reamed her shit hole with my tongue. She screamed with ecstasy as she kept cumming and I buried my tongue as deep into her ass as I could go. “Do me! Fuck me now! I need you in me, Please!” she pleaded. I gave her butt one last lick and then move the head of my cock to hot steamy pussy. I rubbed the head against her lips ever so lightly. I was in control and I wanted to hear her beg for me.


   She tried to fuck herself on me but I resisted. I shoved one of my fingers into her ass and she growled, “Oh damn, that feels so good. You are making me cum sooooo much. ” Just then I buried the entire length of my cock into her soppy cunt and my balls slapped her clit. Her body wiggled and bucked as she drowned my shaft with her cum. “Oh yes! That’s what I’m talking about. Oooooohh fuuuuccckk meeeeeeee! Ram that slab of meat home Stevie, give it all tooooo meeeee!” she sqealed. I hammered her gash as fast as I could and the heat caused by the friction was so intense that it felt like fire to me. It felt like I could fuck her for days. I stopped and placed the tip of my cock at her rose bud asshole. Rachel looked over her shoulder at me and nodded her head of approval. Slowly, I inched my prick into her brown ring. She cried, “Fuck Stevie you’re huge. You are ripping me apart and I love it. Don’t stop giving it to me, please.

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   I’ll fuck you whenever and where ever you want. Just give it to me baby. Make me your slut whore!”

Deeper and deeper I went till she had all of me in her colon. Damn she was so fucking tight around my cock. She got up on just her knees and gyrated on me. I reached around her and fondled her breasts for the first time of the night. My cock reamed her ass while I pinched her nipples and licked the back of her neck. As her asshole began to loosen up, I increased the rhythm of my strokes. Rachel met my thrusts with force and the harder I fucked her, the harder she pushed back. “Rach, I’m going to cum soon. ” I announced. “Cum in me Stevie, fill my ass with your hot cum baby. Fuck your dirty whore bitch in the ass!” she demanded. I felt the cum in my loins build up and my balls rise up. “Uuuhhgg Rach! My balls are on fire! Ooooohhh!” I screamed as I erupted in her ass.

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   She is so tight that my sperm squirted out the sides and drenched my balls. I continued to pound her butt until I was spent and we fell down onto the bed and I landed on top of her back. I rolled off of her and we just laid there catching our breath.

When Mary turned the corner, she immediately noticed that all the lights were out in her sister’s house. “That’s odd. It’s only 9pm. ” she said. Her car slowed to the curb and she got out, making sure not to close the door too loudly. Using her own key, she snuck into house as she had done before, on her tip toes. She marveled at all the candles that lit up the interior of the house. The smell of incense and sex mixed in the air and Mary heartbeat began to race. Her nipples hardened and her pussy was so wet that she soaked the slacks that she put on at the motel. The heavy breathing was coming from the bedroom and she headed that way. Her lust to see her son fucking had taken control of her mind and she couldn’t stop herself if she wanted to. As she inched near the open door, she could hear clearly, the goings on in there.

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   “Oh yes! That’s what I’m talking about. Oooooohh fuuuuccckk meeeeeeee! Ram that slab of meat home Stevie, give it all tooooo meeeee!” yelled Rachel. Mary’s hand was under her shirt, pinching her nipples while her other hand rubbed her cunt as she peeked around the door jam. Her eyes were filled with the vision of me slamming my huge cock into her sister with abandon. My prick piston into her with the speed of a jack hammer. Mary’s body bucked and jerked as she shot her own cum into her pants while watching this amazing site. Her passion over took her. She backed from the door and stripped out of her clothes. Her body shook as she through herself onto the hallway floor and shoved nearly her entire hand into her pussy. While she listened to me ream my aunt, mom assaulted herself to orgasm. “I’ve got to see them. I need to watch. ” she whispered to herself.

She peered into the room once again just in time to see me enter Rach’s butt hole. She gasped at the sight of me stretching her sister’s anus but Mary wanted a better view so she got down on her knees and slinked over to a chair in the corner.

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   She moved into the chair and resumed pleasuring her pussy. The display of our carnal lust that played out for her to watch was overwhelming. She loved her son and she loved my cock. She also loved her sister and her making love to her son, just propelled Mary’s desire to fuck her too. Then as I shot my cum into Rach’s ass, mom quivered with her orgasm. Mary saw my cum pour out the sides of my cock and her hunger for the taste of my sperm churned in her mouth. When I rolled off of Rachel, Mom came to the bed quietly and slowly move her face to my soaked cock and balls. The smell was as thick as fog and she was thirsty for cum. “Fuck it!” she thought and stuck her tongue out to taste it. “Mmm” I moaned as I felt her tongue touch my scrotum. Rachel sure recovered fast I thought and that was ok with me. Mom took my moan as a green light and proceeded to lap up my cum from my balls and then my cock. Of course when she finished cleaning my shaft, she took my hardening cock into her mouth. I can’t believe the great night I’m having when I feel something quite unexpected happened. I felt a pair of lips cover my own and a tongue enter my mouth.

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I opened my eyes to see Rach’s face. “Who is that other person?” I wondered. Just then Rachel moved her head and I saw my mother coming up my body with her eyes looking into mine. Her face had a mix of lust and fright. I looked at her with amazement and I grabbed her head and pulled her to mine and we kissed for the first time as lovers. It was the single longest kiss of my life. As we interlocked our tongues, she gyrated her mound against my cock. Rachel cheered and left the room. “Mom, you don’t know how long I dreamed of having you. I love you. ” I said. Mom seemed to melt with joy. “My beautiful sexy son. You are the man in my life and I hungered for your cock for so long. Take me my lover.

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   Take me and make me yours. ” she pleaded. I shifted my weight and flipped our bodies over so I was on top. I then reached down and lifted her knees above her head to expose the place I exited at my birth. The sight of her neatly trimmed pussy made my mouth water. I ate her womanhood with a hunger of a homeless person. My tongue invaded her every crevice and her enlarged clit begged for my attention. Mom moaned and cried out loud as I sucked her knob. “Oh Steve, your mouth feels so good on my pussy. Please don’t ever stop!” My tongue lathered her cunt and I moved my dagger to her anus. Her body shivered as I tasted her butt hole and I shoved three fingers into her pussy. She bucked and wiggled to climax as my tongue reamed her ass and my fingers fucked her cunt. Her screams became muffled as Rachel sat her pussy onto mom’s face. Mom grabbed my aunt’s ass and pulled her hard into her face. Rachel screamed, “Ooooh my God! Eat my pussy bitch! swallow my cum, oooooohhhhhh!” I came up to see Rach sitting on Mom’s face and I drove my fat cock into Mom’s love canal.

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