Beep, beep, beep went my alarm clock. 6:00 am and it’s my birthday. My 16th birthday. Today is the day I get my drivers license. Today is the day I become a man. Little did I know then how true it was. I saved every dime from every job I had over the last three summers in order to buy and restore my first car so I could spend my free time cruising main street impressing chics. I was sure that having a cool car was all I needed to accomplish my ultimate goal…

For the past two years I have dreamt of my first time with a girl. I snuck peeks at porn mags, whacked off to x rated video and just plain stared at girls, imagining what they looked like naked. It was making me crazy! I felt like I was a sex expert without actually experiencing it. Of course it doesn’t matter how much I studied, watched, learned and masturbated, nothing prepared me for the real thing.

I live in a small town in west Missouri with the population of about seven thousand. Everybody knew everybody so cruising Main St meant for a certain status symbol as much as anything else. Having a cool car like a 68 Ford Mustang convertible in mint condition, elevated cruising to a whole other level. That carwould propel me to manhood so I spent every spare minute at my Aunt Rachel and Uncle Morten’s house, polishing, painting and repairing that old treasure until it literally sparkled. I sat in that car and day dreamed of the girls that would give me their body just for letting them sit next to me.

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I couldn’t wait another minute to take my drivers test. To be sure, that test is just a formality. I memorized the drivers rule book, from cover to cover. I practiced driving when ever I could talk mom into letting me. I am definitely ready to ace that test. Mom sensed my impatience and she decided to have a little fun with me. She took her sweet time getting dressed then she needed her coffee. I was going mad with anticipation and she finallyconceded to my pleas so off to the DVM we went. My mom is really cool. My dad unfortunately wasn’t. He was more interested in fucking men! Yep, he left mom for another man so she sued for full custody of me and won. Not too difficult to do in a small town. I often asked her why she didn’t try to find someone else. She would just brush it aside and say that I was all the man she could handle for now. Mom worked for a lawyer and did pretty well with her money but I could tell she wasn’t really happy.

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   I felt bad for her. She’s only 35 and knock down gorgeous. My friends would drive me crazy with “I’d love to fuck your mom, Steve!” and “Your mom has got a great set of tits. Ever get a peek?”. It pissed me off and sometimes I would bust a lip or blacken an eye to shut them up. I love my mom and I’ll be damned if anyone was going to soil my image of her. But truth be told, I did get my share of peeks. Her breasts were majestic to say the least. I mean it’s just her and me in the house with one bathroom. There were times when she caught me jerking off and nothing was said. Little did she know that much of my self indulgence was triggered by my vision of her beautiful body.

After my successful visit at DMV, I drove us to the mall in St. Louis. She wanted to buy me new clothes for my birthday and spend the day with me. We had a great time.

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   We ate lunch at a Japanese restaurant. While we ate sushi, I realized that Mom was starring at me with a tear running down her cheek. “What’s wrong Mom?“ I asked. “I just can’t believe my little boy has grown up to be such a handsome man. You have never caused me an ounce of pain and I want you to know that I love you more than my life. “ she confessed. Then she handed me an envelope and said “Happy Birthday son. “ I opened the envelope to find two tickets for the Cardinal, Cub baseball game. “Cool, thanks Mom!“ I beamed. We went to the game and didn’t get home till nearly 9pm. Mom went into the house first while I collected my birthday presents and followed. I walked through the door and was jolted by a loud cheer of “Happy Birthday!”. Mom had planned the whole day and got my Aunt Rachel to help put the party together. It was a small party of mostly relatives and being it was Friday night the liquor flowed freely. Well it flowed for everyone but me but that was ok.

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   I enjoyed watching everybody else. Just when I thought I might slip away to my room, Aunt Rachel says, “Hey birthday boy! How bout you give your old aunt a spin in that fine car of yours? I have been watching you fix and polish that thing for nearly three years and I want to go cruising. ” I looked at Mom and she grinned at me with a nod. I started to turn back to Rachel when I saw Mom wink at her. I didn’t get it but I didn’t care. It’s cruising time. I put the top down on the Mustang and held the door for my aunt. She very graciously got in and when she lifted her legs, I got a full blown flash of her panty less pussy. Here short skirt was tight on her ass and when I looked up to her face, she just stared at me with a look that I had never seen before from her. Ok, that was strange but it made my cock was swell in record time. Don’t get me wrong, I get hard at just looking at the cheerleaders at the football games and I have to cum five or six times to get it to calm down. It’s embarrassing sometimes. I am convinced that the reason it’s 18 inches long is because of me pulling on it all the time.

I pull the car out and head toward main and I turn on the stereo on loud. Rachel is really getting into it and I feel like I’m ten feet tall.

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   I’m driving my own car with a beautiful big tit brunette on main street with the top down. I could feel the eyes of envy follow my car as I passed the popular hang outs. “God this brings back some great memories. I feel like I’m 17. “ she said. I glanced over to Rachel and I noticed that the two top buttons on her blouse were undone and I had a great view of her right breast. “Look out!” screams my aunt. I turned my head just in time to jerk the car back into my lane narrowly missing a parked car. “Oh fuck!” I thought to myself. I almost turned this great day into a disaster. My heart was beating so fast I started to hyperventilate. Rachel turned the radio down and said, “Stevie, turn at the next street and get off Main. ” I complied immediately and then pulled over. She grabbed my head and pulled me to her to comfort me. “It’s ok.

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   You just learned the most valuable lesson that they don’t teach in driver’s ed. ” she said softly. She had my head pressed against her chest and I smelled her perfume. My breath was expelling into her cleavage with my boner at full salute. She must have felt the heat because she heaved and moaned a bit before asking, “You ok to drive now?” I raised up and replied, “Yeah. ” I pulled away and I saw her become transfixed on the bulge in my pants. The tent that revealed my condition rivaled the height of the gear shift. I heard Rachel whisper, “Oh my god!” I turned my head and grinned as I drove away from the curb.

“Say Stevie,” She always called me that. “ya want to go to someplace special?” asked my aunt. “Sure. Why not. Where are we going?” I responded. “Just follow my directions and for heavens sake, keep your eyes on the road!” she added. I drove for about 20 minutes on some really windy dirt road till we got a closed gate.

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   Rachel jumped out of the car and opened it and waved me through. When she got back in the car, she just sat her ass on the door and spun around into her seat. I was glad that she made no attempt to hide her hairy cunt from my view. Now 20 minutes seemed like I was driving a long way but in fact we hadn’t really gone far. I guided the car for another half mile when we came over a small mound and I saw the whole town laid out in lights. It was beautiful but not as beautiful as the next thing I saw. I parked my car and turned the key, then looked at Aunt Rachel who had finished unbuttoning her shirt. She slowly pulled it open wide and asked, “Now which view do you like best?” I couldn’t believe my own eyes. “Aunt Rachel!”, I exclaimed. “Don’t give that shit boy. I know you was looking down my blouse on main street and by the look of your jeans I’d say that you are in need of some relief. ” she said as she squeezed my raging hard on. “But Aunt Rachel…” I started when she cut me off. “Cut the aunt crap right now. When we are alone, just call me Rach.

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  ” “Ok Rach, I have never done anything like this before. ” I reported. “You’re a virgin?” she asked surprised. I looked down and nodded. “Oh Stevie. ” she replied. Then she unzipped my pants and my tool popped out like it was spring loaded. Rachel looked at my thick throbbing member and gasped. “Stevie, you have a monster like this in your pants and you are still a virgin? After I’m done with you honey, you will be fucking anybody you want. There isn’t a woman on Earth that will be able to resist your beautiful cock. ” She immediately moved toward me and grabbed the object of her fascination and wrapped her mouth around the top 4 inches. “Oh fuck Rach, that’s unbelievable! Your mouth feels so good. Suck me bitch, suck my pecker hard!” I said. I knew that I wasn’t going to last long with her attacking my prick. “Aunt Ra, uh I mean Rach? I can’t hold it back anymore!” I announced.

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   She moaned, then shifted into high gear and took my entire cock down her throat. That was it and I unloaded the best cum in my young life. I rolled my eyes into the back of my head and growled, “OH fuck it. Suck out my cum! Eat my sperm cunt, I’m cuming!“ She tried to swallow it all but my juice was too much for her and it spilled out of the corners of her stretched mouth. She came up from my lap with a big smile and cum dripping from her chin. Her fingers worked feverishly to wipe up the overflow and it followed the rest into her poutty lips.

“My God Rach that was incredible! I mean I saw it on videos but I really had no idea. Can we do that again?” I pleaded. She smiled and answered, “Sure Tiger but not tonight. We’ve been gone too long as it is. ” It was my time to pout. “Now don’t do that Stevie. Besides you need to learn how to be a great lover and I am going to teach you. ” With that, I started the car and on the way back to the house she formulated a plan to have me over to her house when my uncle was away. I was so excited that my jean tent was at full mast again.

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   “You will have to take care of that yourself you sex machine. When you come over, I’ll teach you how to control your cock instead of it controlling you. When you master it, then you will master any woman you want. ” she explained.

I pulled into the driveway and we noticed that everyone had left except Uncle Morton. When we went in I saw my uncle pasted out on the couch. His shirttail was pulled out and he snored loudly. Rachel shook him awake and I helped her get him to the car where he resumed his noisy rendition. We both reentered the house at the same time Mom was coming down the stairs with her hair in a towel. “Where have you to been?” she demanded in a joking kind of way. Rachel spoke up and said, “Wouldn’t you like to know. Besides, a man should have his secrets. ” They both laughed and I said, “Thank you both for the best birthday of my life. “ and I excused myself and went to bed. For the next two hours I just about wore my dick to a nub.


   I couldn’t get the memory of the evening out of my head much less the thought of my upcoming lessons with the voluptuous Rach. Just when I felt like I could go to sleep, I heard my mom Knock at my door. “Come on in Mom. ” I said. She opened the door and asked, “Can I talk to you for a moment Steve?” “Of course Mom, anytime. ” I replied. Mom came over to the bed and sat down on the edge. She had a serious look on her face. “Steve, I have to tell you something. ” her eyes were watering up as she continued, “I had sex with your Uncle Morton tonight. I don’t know how it happened. Everyone else had left and we were drinking and joking around and one thing led to another and… Please son don’t hate me, please!” she cried and threw herself into my arms. “Mom, please don’t be ridiculous. You don’t have to answer to me. Just tell me, did he harm you in anyway? I’ll take care of him if he did.

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  ” I said as seriously as I could. She looked into my eyes and saw that I meant business and replied, “No son. We just drank a little too much and I was tired from the day. Seeing you acting like an adult made me proud and to be honest, a little horny. You know that it’s been a long time since I felt the touch of a man. Put all that together and I became weak. Please forgive me. I couldn’t stand it if you hated me. ” I took her face with both of my hands and said, “Listen to my words. You are and always will be the most important woman in my life. I owe you everything I possess. My love for you has no equal. Nothing you can do or say that will ever change that. ” She hugged me and said, “My son has truly become a man and I am so proud to be your mom. ” She got up and went to bed and I was thanking my lucky stars that my mother didn’t see the tent that hovered over my hardon.

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“He got a hardon. My son got aroused because of me! And the size of the thing! I know he was growing a large one from peaking in on him from time to time but it was fucking huge! I know what you said but I just didn’t believe it. Yeah, he bought the story about having too much to drink. Do you really think he will? God I hope so. Ok, I gotta go too. See you soon…