Little Sister Kelly – Part 1 - The Storm


Mark and Kelly, the unwitting siblings, developed a certain level of comfort with each other’s presence, but things were mostly awkward between them. Their age differences made a close relationship difficult, but they tried to adapt to this new strange environment as any two good kids that had been thrown into this tough situation. Mostly, they didn’t pursue each other’s company and pretty much left the other alone. One of their toughest issues—that could not be ignored—involved the bathroom. In their house, Mark and Kelly shared a small bathroom accessed through a pair of doors from their bedrooms. It was difficult to remember to lock both bathroom doors and they had accidentally walked in on each other several times. Usually, no one’s privacy was too badly violated. Earlier in the week, however, Mark was just about to step into the shower and paused to look over his “too skinny” body in the mirror. As he tugged his penis to length and scrutinized where his chest muscles “should” be, Kelly charged through the unlocked bathroom door and stood there just a few feet from her naked step-brother. She had never seen a naked boy, either in person, on TV, or in print. With shocked wide eyes and an open mouth, they met each other’s eyes and neither could speak. Kelly instinctively scanned down Mark’s body and uncontrollably stared at Mark’s rapidly shrinking dick. It seemed like an hour had passed in the five seconds it took for Mark to grab a towel and shout for Kelly to get out. Kelly stumbled back out of the room with a shocked expression and beet-red face. Neither of them mentioned that embarrassing moment and both just pretended that it had not happened. Mark was very subconscious about his body, as most fifteen-year-olds are.

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   No matter how hard he tried, he could not put on weight like his friends and he was convinced that his dick was the smallest in the species. These feelings were reinforced by the Internet porn that he watched on his computer most nights as 18-inch cocks pounded helpless teen girls that seemed to worship the pounding. Penis growth websites offered exercises and advice, so Mark religiously stretched, pulled and massaged himself each night until his 5 ½ inches throbbed in pain. He admitted to himself that he probably wasn’t really helping or hurting, but it seemed like he needed to do something. So, his new life went on and he became more comfortable in his new home and made some friends at his new school. His Mom and new Dad seemed happy and neither he nor Kelly seemed to be jealous of their parents’ happiness. The two siblings became more comfortable around each other, but neither of them sought to become closer. There had been no more dramatic bathroom exposures and both of them did a much better job at locking those doors. All in all, the new family was happy and getting used to their new life. One Friday afternoon, Mark’s Mom pulled him aside and told him that she and his stepfather were going out for the evening. “Mark,” she said, “we’ve never expected you to become Kelly’s baby sitter. Kelly is still too young to be left by herself, so if you have plans, we’ll be glad to get her a sitter. You’ve been wonderful with all of these new changes and don’t want to put too many demands on you now. ”Mark told his Mom that Kelly was no imposition and that he’d be glad to hang around. His Mom explained that they would be out very late and that there was no need for him to cook or take care of anything.

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   Being in the house to watch over things was help enough. They discussed the big thunderstorm that was currently brewing outside and went over some last minute instructions. After they left, Kelly pretty much stayed in her room talking on the phone while Mark flipped from one TV channel to the next. The wind was really howling outside and rain or hail was making a racket on the roof. The lights blinked a time or two, but so far, the power had stayed on. Mark turned off the TV around eleven and went to bed. He was too sleepy to practice his dick-stretching regimen in earnest, so he just lay in bed listening to the sound of the storm blowing outside. Mark had only been asleep a few minutes when he woke to the sound of his name. The room was completely dark except for the steady flash of lightning though the window. As he shook his head to clear the fog of sleepiness, he heard a sob and a small, shaky voice whispering, “Mark, are you awake?” Kelly was standing at his bathroom door and she was obviously very upset. “Kelly? What’s wrong?” he asked, while sitting up in bed. Sobbing, Kelly twisted a hand full of clothing and blurted out, “The power is out and I don’t know what to do. I’m so scared. ” Mark looked at his clock and it was dead. The power button on his stereo was also unlit.

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   “It’s okay, Kel. The storm has just knocked out the power. A limb probably fell on a power line somewhere. It’s no big deal. I bet it comes back on within a few minutes. ”Kelly was visibly upset and Mark’s assurances didn’t seem to help at all. Mark went on: “Look, just try to go to sleep and when you wake up, everything will be okay. ” A loud thunder crack shook the room and Kelly broke into tears. Holding her hands over her ears, she became more upset. Mark didn’t have a clue what to do. He had no experience in dealing with young girls. Kelly was standing there in his bedroom weeping and he had to do something. “Look”, he said. “Do you want to stay with me until the lights come back on?” Kelly wiped her eyes and thanked him. She sat stiffly on the edge of his bed with her arms hugging herself.

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   Each lightning flash seemed to go right through here. “Hey, you’re really scared, aren’t you?” Mark asked. Kelly explained that she had always been terrified of storms. Of all her fears, thunderstorms were the worst. Without asking permission, she crawled to the head of his bed and under the covers and lay there shivering. Mark instinctively put his arm around her and they shared the first close moment since they’d met. They lay in bed, side by side, for some time talking about fears and anxiety. They found out that they had much in common and that it helped to talk to someone about problems. Soon, they were laughing and the discussion had turned to much happier topics. Shared anxiety turned into shared encouragement. While the storm raged on, neither of them seemed to notice. They were lying on their right sides; Mark’s chest to Kelly’s back, with Mark’s arms tightly wrapped around his little sister. It seemed natural—like they’d always been brother and sister. Then, as Kelly was talking about something or another, it suddenly dawned on Mark that he was in bed with a girl. A girl that he was now hugging.

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   In bed. Hugging. Kelly was just wearing a t-shirt and Mark started imagining the tiny panties beneath it and realized that he could feel the shape of her ass against him. Without warning, movement started within his boxer shorts and instantly, he had a full erection. He was afraid to move. He concentrated; willing his dick to relax, but nothing would dissuade the pounding erection in his shorts. The way they were lying, she had to feel it, but Mark prayed that she would not realize what was happening and he could avoid a situation that would be terribly embarrassing. He just needed to get some space between them. No harm, no foul. Talk subsided as Mark became quiet and dwelled on how best to disengage. Out of the silence he heard, “Mark?” “Uh huh”, he whispered. “Is that your penis?” Kelly quietly asked. Gawd! With his heart pounding in his chest, he didn’t know what to say. Now, clearly, he knew that it was his penis and that it was rock hard and obviously poking Kelly square in the butt. “Huh?” was the only response that Mark could come up with.

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   Kelly shifted a little, froze in a slightly different position and repeated, “Is that your penis pressing against me back there?”Squeezing his eyes shut and grimacing, Mark plead “Look, Kelly, I’m really sorry. Sometimes it just does that. Let me move over here. I’m really sorry. ” Kelly was silent and Mark retreated to the other side of the bed. The room became really quiet and the only sound was the heavy rain against the window. After a minute, Kelly broke the ice and asked, “Why did you make it all hard?” Mark was suddenly in the worst conversation that he could imagine. He wanted to run out the door and disappear for a few years. Surrendering to the awkwardness of the moment, Mark stammered, “Uh, well, guys don’t really, uh, make it do that, it just kind of does it on its own. ” After another length of silence, Kelly explained that she knew nothing about boys’ bodies or sex. She had obviously led a very sheltered life and had never talked about it with her friends. She indicated that there had been sessions for the girls at school about their changing bodies, but no one had ever talked to her about boys or sex. Mark didn’t know what to say and didn’t know how to change the subject. He thought that this might be a nice time for a two-mile run. Now, Mark was very embarrassed, but Kelly was even more so.

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   They soon replaced quiet embarrassment with nervous laughter and the tension in the room subsided. Mark’s boner under the blankets was soon gone and the strange situation quickly shrank it to the size of a grape. Kelly then brought up “the” topic again. “So, what do you mean that it gets hard like that on its own? I want to understand. ” [Great, here we go again. ] In the ineloquent stammering of a fifteen-year-old boy, he tried to explain how penises had a mind of their own and how they sometimes got hard at the worst times like at the pool, mowing the yard, during class, etc.
    “Sometimes they’re big, sometimes they’re small”, he explained. “So, you’re big now?” she asked. “Well, no. Actually, it’s small again now. It’s kind of hard to explain. ”After another moment of silence, she gained the nerve to ask, “Can I look at it?” Mark’s heart stopped and he didn’t know what to say. “Uh, Kel, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Besides! You got a good look at it in that bathroom that time!” Mark exclaimed. Kelly laughed and apologized.

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       They relived the experience and Kelly described both her complete surprise and her curiosity. She also admitted that she had spied on him a couple of times. With astonishing accuracy, she described one of his nightly dick stretching routines to Mark’s growing agony. “Oh, gawd!” he groaned. “Please tell me that you never mentioned that to Mom or Dad. She just giggled. “So. Let me see it”, she asked again. Mark realized that this discussion was not going to go away. He instinctively looked around the room just to make sure that his Mom wasn’t standing there scowling at him in shame. As the lightning lit the room like a confused strobe light, Mark reluctantly pulled the covers off of him. With Kelly’s eyes stretched wide, he left his t-shirt in place, raised his buttocks and slid his boxer shorts down to his knees. He lay there on his back with his eyes squeezed shut in total embarrassment. Kelly lay there beside him, fascinated to stare at his tiny member. His balls had shrunken to the size of marbles.

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       His mind was running 90 miles per hour as he tried to figure out how to get out of this situation. Nothing had prepared him for something like this. “When will it get big again?” Kelly matter-of-factly asked, glancing between his face and his crotch. Mark explained that when a guy is cold or scared [like now] it would not grow. Without asking, Kelly reached over and put her hand on his flaccid cock. “It’s warm,” she giggled. As Mark pictured the police crashing through his bedroom door and handcuffing him, Kelly seemed happy exploring his humble manhood. Then, nature kicked in and his dick began to fill and grow. Kelly gasped and held it as it extended to its full length. “Wow! Look at that?” Mark’s head was swimming now at the thought of a female hand now holding his erect dick. “Uh, yeah. It got kind of excited there when you touched me. ” “I think it’s nice. It’s so big”, Kelly said and began gently stroking it. “Oh man”, Mark exclaimed as he began squirming.

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       “What’s wrong? This is how you stretch it at night, right?” Kelly asked with new boldness. After a dozen strokes of her fist, Kelly felt his dick begin to spasm and jerk under her hand. Mark let out a loud groan and then a stream of white fluid shot from its twitching end, leaving several lines of semen across his groin and t-shirt. Kelly jerked her hand away in shock and confusion. Clearly shaken, she sat up in bed shaking and clutching herself. “I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed. “Oh my God. What happened? I hurt you. I’m sorry, Mark. Are you okay? I gotta go. ”His sister’s confusion and panic over-rode Mark’s embarrassment over his sudden and unexpected ejaculation. Had he taken a minute, he would have crawled under the covers to hide in fear and shame, but his overriding reflex was to protect and comfort the scared little girl beside him. “It’s okay, Kelly. Kel, it’s all right. Don’t be scared.


       That didn’t hurt. Not at all. Calm down, nothing bad happened”, he pleaded. As Kelly glanced from his face to his erect dick and gooey mess that she’d made, Mark tried to explain what had just happened. While he had never imagined teaching a Sex Ed class, he explained about orgasms, their cause and purpose. He also explained that he was no expert and that every kid wonders about things like that. After some questions, explanations, and some laughter, both Mark’s erection and the disaster had subsided. Kelly touched Mark’s groin a few times as it tried to relax and seemed to take great joy and watching begin to grow whenever she held it. Suddenly, Kelly’s bedroom light streamed through the connecting bathroom and Mark’s bedside clock began to blink “12:00”. In the bright light, Mark quickly pulled up his shorts to hide himself and Kelly clumsily slipped out of the bed. They exchanged a couple of awkward smiles and made a little small talk. They said some good nights and Kelly disappeared into her bedroom while Mark lay there in bed trying to deal with the emotions swirling around him. Mark laid there for a long time thinking about how it felt to have his little sister stroke his cock and how different his orgasm felt than when he jerked himself off. Usually, he would have to beat himself raw before cumming, so how had Kelly stroked him off in seconds? Feelings of excitement were replaced with heavy guilt and then once again with excitement. Gone were thoughts of inadequate penis size and a skinny, unatheletic build.

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       Now, there were just thoughts of the wonderfully intimate moment that he’d just shared with a girl. A girl! Before falling back asleep, he jerked off again thinking about the life-changing experience he’d just shared with his little sister. In the next room, Kelly lay there reliving the experience as well. There were, however, no thoughts of guilt or shame on her side of the wall. She was changed by the experience and emboldened to do it again as soon as possible. She could smell the warm stuff that had shot from Mark’s dick on her fingers and it caused her heart to pound. A few hours ago, her focus in life had been her disrupted life and seemingly mountains of anxieties. Now, those thoughts had vanished and had been replaced with erotic memories of a jerking, pulsating teenage boy in her hands. With her arms wrapped around a large fuzzy bear and a big smile on her face, she drifted off to sleep to the comforting sounds of the storm raging outside her window. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.