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Topic: Little was 21 with a great body and a nice thick 7 1/2 cock. Angie just turned 15, b cup tits, wide hips, beautiful ass. My wife had been telling me that Angie was asking alot of question about sex. Well, to say the least the women on my wife's side or the  family always talked dirty. Well, my wife had to work and Angie wanted to come over and swim and help me babysit my daugther. I the pool we horsed around. Was trying to see just how much I could get away with. She let me touch her but not much. So, I did not push it. When we walked backed to the apartment I got a nice view of her ass. And never that I just had to try again. Once we put the baby to sleep. I change into some dry clothes and laid on the bed. Angie was in the bathroom. She can out still in her little swimsuit and stood at the side of the bed. To my surprise she pulled the swimsuit off and climbed into the bed with me.

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   Before I could say anything she told me that she just wanted to see what it felt like. Sounds good to me. We began to kiss eachother on the mouth and necks. My hand were all over her ass. Man, it was big and firm. She knew what she wanted as she stripped me naked. I had her sucking on my nipples. then told her to kiss her way down to my hard cock. She did with passion. She was hot. Once she reached my cock, she went right to work. Sucking licking tasting feeling her first dick. Sucking on my balls everything.   She needed no encouragement. Now, I pulled her up.

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   taking her swollen nipple into my mouth. Sucking her tits just added fuel to the fire. She reached down and put my fat cock head to her soaking little pussy. She just started grinding working my cock up into he. She was tight as hell. But wet as hell also, which made it easy for her to get it all the way in. She let out a little wicked laugh as her sat on top of me. She started slowly at first, trying to understand the feeling that my cock was giving her. Embracing the feeling of her pussy wrapped around a nice hard cock. But she did not last long. She was rocking herself harder and faster by the second. I knew that she was going to cum fast now. So, I just took a nice firn grip of that lovely ass and guided her along.
    Man, she came hard. She tried to get off of me but I now had a death grip in her hips.

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       Forcing her up and down on my cock. Now this was a real surprise because I have to really fuck her sister like hell. To get her to cum like this. Now I forced her to sit  still. With my cock shoved all the way up her. Feeling her tight pussy muscles twitching and her cum all over my stomach. I then flipped her over. My turn. Man, I just pounded away. As hard as I could. I knew that I could not last but didn't care, I just wanted to cum all over her. As I was getting ready to explode, she began to cum again. Her juicy pussy gripped my cock. Fuck it, I just came inside her. Loads and loads.

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       Felt like it was never going to stop. Finally, one last deep thrust and it was all out. We just laid there. I did not know what to say. When the phone rang. She answered it. When she came back she said that it was her sister. I asked her what did she say. She replied " She is working late and we have time for anal. "????.