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Let me just say that I'm your typical,horny guy. I'm 23yrs old,stand 6'0",185lbs,athletic build,and have a nice 7"inch cock,thats about 2" round. I beat off at least 5 times a week,to porn videos,my fleshlight,or my shop vac,whatever it takes,I like to come! Today,after work,my mom asked if I would babysit my little sister Becky,as she was going out. I said sure,seeing as Becky was  a hot,young girl, of 13,about 4'10",80 lbs,brown hair,tanned,and had perky tits,and a fantastic!,little girls ass,which I loved the best. Her butt cheeks were so small and tight,and I knew her little butthole would be like a vise. As she's grown up,I've sen her naked alot,which always makes me jack off. Many times,I had a hard on while playing with her,like wrestling,or whatever,and I would grind my cock into those cheeks,and she didn't seem to mind. Well mom left around 6pm,not to be home till about 10:30pm.

I ordered pizza for us,and when it arrived,Becky came out of her room,in just her white,thong panties,and a t-shirt,with no bra,clearly showing those perky tits,and dark nipples! My cock got hard. While eating,she was laying on the floor,on her stomach,and that perfect,little girls ass,was begging me to put my cock in it! I grabbed a beer,when she said:"Can I have one?"I said:"Your to young,and mom would kill me if you got goofy,or sick. " She answered:'I've had some before,and was okay,please!!!!!! Knowing this would loosen her up,I gave her one. After about 18 minutes,she asked for another one,this time putting her hands on my thighs,and her t-shirt opening up,letting me see those great little tits! I got her another,knowing she was getting buzzed,and this was going to help me out later. After eating, still watching TV,she went to the bathroom. My mind was thinking of nothing but sex,and I began to stroke my cock thru my shorts. It was hard in seconds. Becky came back in,not looking at me,and layed back down.


   Oh my goodness! When I looked at her,I noticed she had forgotton to put her panties on,and that perfect,little girls butt,ws only about 2 feet away from me! I began rubbing my cock faster,as it strained against my shorts,when she turned on her side,lifted up her right leg,and there it was. Her pink, no pubic hair,virgin pussy,and her tight,pink butthole,was right there! I was ready to come right then. I quietly slid off my shorts. My cock sprung up,and I continued staring at that hot body! My sister's hot body!! I couldn't take it anymore. My cock was throbbing in anticipation of coming. I stood up,and said:"Hey Becky,want this??"" She turned around,and her eyes were on my big cock. She said:"What the hell are you doing?" I said:"I'm about to make you make me come,thats what!" She then said:"Were you beating off behind me?'I said:"I'm so fucking horny,I'm about to blow my come all over!,your smoking,hot young body,your pink pussy,and that perfect ass of yours is driving me wild!" She then said:'Do you want me to touch it? I've never seen one that big?"Drooling,I answered:'Do you know how to stroke it?'She said:"I've seen you do it alot in the shower,and in your room. I've also seen your video of you jacking off. " Hearing that,I said"Okay then,do it!" She got in betwen my legs,put those soft,small hands around my throbbing cock,and began to stroke it. I was so turned on! My cock looked bigger in those small hands,she was staring at it,when she said:'I like doing this,its making me get wet,can you tell?" I reached down and touched that young pussy. She was dripping wet! I said:'I like that too,your pussy's so hot! I then sat down beside her,and told her :"It's my turn now,and I'll make that pussy feel good!" She answered:"But you didn't come yet,I want you to come. " I said:"I will,in a bit,as I spread those tanned,short legs,exposing that virgin pussy. She asked:"Do you like eating pussy?'I responded:"I love it as much as I love anal sex,and you know I'm going to fuck you in your hot butt right?"She looked at me and said:"Okay,its up to you. " I attacked her pussy,like there was no tomorrow. Those sweet,young pussy lips,tasted so good!In minutes,she was grinding and fucking my face with her pussy.

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   This made my cock hard again. I then stuck my finger into her ass. This made her scream" Yes. . . . that feels good. . . . keep doing it!!! That butthole was so tight! I didn't know if I was going to be able to stick my big cock in it,but I was! I continued,when all of a sudden,she screamed:"Fuck!!! I'm coming. . . . keep eating me!! She blew pussy juice everywhere! I was soaked in it,and it was great! I licked it off,stood up,and said:"Now,make me come Becky!!" She put my cock in her mouth,oh my goodness! It was great! Knowing I couldn't last long,I pulled out of her and said:"Now,I want your perfect ass!!She didn't say a word,just turned over,on all fours,and stuck that ass up in the air,what a sight! I grabbed some vaseline,knowing this would help,and began lubing up that tight,pink,butthole.

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   She liked it. She said:"I really like you rubbing my asshole,it feels so good!" I told her:"This is going to hurt at first,but it'll be okay,I promise!" She said:"I'll be fine,now just put that big cock of yours in my little ass!!" As I put the head of my cock up to her hole,I couldn't believe I was doing this! I started to push it in,and could barely get it in! She screamed in pain:"Fuck,its hurts,but don't stop!" I pushed harder,she screamed more,I finally had about 4 inches in that great butt,when I pushed harder,and in it went. I was in butthole heaven!! It felt so good going in and out,her screaming:"Fuck it. . . fuck it. . . it feels so good!!" I slammed as hard as i could. Her butthole not wanting to let go,when I said:"Becky. . . . . .

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  I'm coming. . . . . . and pushed it all the way in,and exploded!! God, it was perfect!! My come oozed out,and as I slowly pulled it out ,it made a popping sound,because of the tightness of her hole. I rolled off her,she turned over,layed on top of me,and said:"That was fantastic!! I want to do it again,can we??I said:"From now on,its me and you!!" Needless to say,she gives me a blowjob everyday,and we fuck all the time,and she especially loves anal!!!!!!!" My little sis!!!!