Little Sis Gets a Big One (Cont.)


Both men fingered her pussy; it looked so delicate, just a little mound with a little patch of soft looking hair. Fifteen year old cunt! And my cute little sister's cunt at that! Tee swung around, his stiff dick a few inches in front of my face. It was so thick! It gleamed in the poor lighting, slick with my sister's spit. I would say it was over nine inches. " Now that's a cock, White boy. I wanted you to see it up close before I bury it in your little sister". He then sat on the table and pulled Sheri onto his lap. She looked so small and pale in contrast to huge build and dark skin. He centered her over the head of his cock and nuzzled the lips of her cunt. I was staring right at her. He pulled her down and she cried out. The big head slid into her little pussy. "Now, now, the heads the biggest part. You just hold on . You got another 9" to go. Put on a good show for your brother" his dick looked too big.

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   She continued to cry out, He got another 3" inches in and he started to fuck. "This shit is tiiiiiight! Damn!"I noticed the other man was jacking off. Sheri had no choice, Tee had his huge hands on her shoulders and was pushing her up and down. Her little teenage eye -makeup was running down with tears, making her look even younger. He pushed her forward and grabbed her ass cheeks and really started pounding away. Her ponytail was only a few inches from my face and I could smell the strawberry shampoo she liked. I could only watch. I felt ashamed but this chance to see her naked and getting fucked (by a huge black dick to boot) was such a turn-on. Her cries turned to sharp yelps as this guy slammed it home. He showed her bubblegum pussy no mercy. He had it all the way in now. His golfball- sized balls smacked against her little pussy cheeks. "I spoiled your sis; she'll only want big black dick from now on in"He suddenly pulled out. His cock glistening with her pussy juice. "Jack me off!"Sheri obediently climbed down and started stroking his cock.

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   He instantly came shooting load after load all over the place. His hips bucked as he emptied his huge balls. "Now go jack your brother off"She did nothing ;freezing. "Do you want to live?"Sobbing, her trembling hands reached out. "I sorry, Brother"Sorry hell! Her small hand wrapped around my over-swollen cock. her hands were slick with Tee's cum. It felt warm and slippery. She only strked it 2 or 3 times when I shot a tremendous load. Straight up and huge globs, I let out a big groan. A big wad struck her in the face. She winced, not expecting it . Both the black guys laughed. Tees swatted Sheri on her ass cheek hard. "Get dressed. " The other man untied me, I stood up, week-kneed.

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   Tee took sheri's panties and wiped the come off his cock and balls. "Okay. Get the fuck out. Say nothing. Or else". Sheri hurried dressed (no panties) As she went out the door. Tee handed me her cum-soaked panties. "Little reminder" he said, smiling. I stuffed them into my pocket and we drove off. Niether of us said anything. My little sister had just got her young pussy pounded by a huge black log. I know she was sore. She went from Tigerbeat and pajamas and cute little berets to man-size fucking and being drenched in cum from her older brother. She had grown up in one night. I told her we should say nothing and she agreed.

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   As we drove i fingered the soggy panties in my coat pocket. .