Little Sis and I Part 9


“I just can’t believe you’re fucking my sister, your mother!”Heather exclaimed. “But I guess it’s better than an affair with a stranger. At least she could have told me!”

Heather splashed around a little more in the water and went back to the beach. Billy followed not knowing what to say or do. “It’s really not your fault you know,” Heather said and hugged him. “You’re young and very horny and I guess my sister is hornier than I thought too,” she murmured.

The closeness to his favorite Aunt and why he liked her so much was so clear now. She understood him. His juices started flowing and he began to get hard as his Aunt held him close. “You poor kid,” she said, “I want to help you so much. I want you again and again. I want you in me. Fuck me hard. ”And with that she lay down on her back on the blanket and spread her long firm legs. Heather then started rubbing her clit and putting a finger in her hot hole.

Billy took his cock, aimed it at Heather’s dark hole and plunged in hard.

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  He usually went slowly but she wanted it hard and that’s how she was going to get it. He sent his cock fully into her vaginal cave; took it out and dived in again. She was continuing rubbing her enlarged clit and getting extremely wet. Then, like her sister, she squirted heavily from the dark recesses of her pussy. Billy took out his cock from her, opened his mouth over her parted cunt lips and got a hot shot of her twat juices right down his throat. He swallowed her juices then licked her pink inner cunt lips and shoved his cock back where it belonged:deep inside her young twat. She was screaming in pleasure as he sank his large organ in and out of her hot and willing cunt.

Finally, he had enough of her twat and wanted her ass. He pulled out his rod and roughly turned Heather over on her stomach. Then Billy grabbed her waist and lifted it up so her ass was pointing in the air. Her tight asshole was puckered and beautifully clean from the ocean swim. He shoved his two middle fingers up her twat to get them nice and wet with her cunt juices. Then he took his lubricated fingers and plunged them into her sweet asshole. He twisted and reamed her asshole so her muscles loosened up.

Billy took his middle fingers out and then put and both index fingers in her dirt hole and stretched it sideways.

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  He could see into her hot wet bowels and now was the time to sink his cock inside her shitter. Billy took his rock hard dink and shoved it hard into her tight asshole. Heather yelped in pain and it only made Billy pound harder. His shaft was fully inside of Heather’s colon and she was hot and tight. He took his cock out and her asshole remained open. Then he licked her shitter and stuck his tongue down her fine dirt hole. The swim must have cleaned her out because he couldn’t taste any of her shit and he licked even more.
“Let me lick any of my shit off of you cock,” she demanded and started licking and sucking his stiff dick.

After she licked his dink clean, he shoved it back into her reddened and raw asshole. He felt her colon muscles trying to squeeze and push his cock out like it was shit and the contractions made Billy even hornier. He could not hold on any longer but he didn’t want to cum inside her this time. Billy pulled out of her shitter, grabbed her shoulder and spun her around so she faced his rock hard wood. Heather instinctively opened her mouth to receive his hot spunk. Billy shot his first burst of cum but missed her mouth and hit her in her eye. Her head shot back and she closed her eyes in case he missed her mouth again.

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  His second shot hit her straight down her mouth, hitting her throat. She gagged and swallowed and opened her mouth back up to get as much of his hot cum as she could. Another shot landed on her tongue and he plastered her face with the rest of his multiple cum spurts.

She was pretty to begin with, but with her face covered with his hot white cum, she was gorgeous!Heather took her finger and pushed his jism off her face and into her mouth. She relished his salty spew and swallowed it all then licked his cock clean.

All of a sudden, they heard some giggling and saw two young girls running away from them. Heather got up and immediately chased after them. Her tennis fit legs quickly overtook them. Billy followed to see what was going on. He came up to Heather and what appeared to be two very young girls. They looked like twins. They were very tan as if they lived on this nudist beach.

As Heather was interrogating them, Billy found out that they were indeed twins, their names were Tiffany and Tabitha, they were twelve and their parents rented a house for the month and it was about a half mile up the beach. They were blondes with their long hair flowing down nearly to their asses. The twins had the beginnings of decent tits and their pussies were completely bald and their labia’s were tightly shut.

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“You shouldn’t be spying on people fucking you know!”Heather was scolding them.

“But we heard you scream and thought you were hurt,” they replied hesitantly.

“You could get in a lot of trouble with this spying you know!Obviously you know nothing about being fucked. I suppose you are both virgins?”Heather asked.

“Um, yeah,” they said.

“I’ve got an idea. We won’t tell your parents about your spying and you’ll also get an education in sex at the same time so you won’t be so curious in the future. Do we have a deal?”Heather questioned.

“As long as we don’t get in trouble, we’ll do anything,” Tiffany said.

“Ok, good. You’re already naked so we’re halfway there. Tiffany, I’ll work on you and Billy will work on Tabitha for a while so you’ll get the feeling of both sexes. ”

“Work on?” the twelve year olds asked.

“Just come over and lay down on the towel and relax. We’ll do the rest,” Heather ordered.

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Tabitha, like her sister, was slim at around seventy-five pounds or so but with a very nice pronounced ass. Billy started out feeling her small budding tits and getting her nipples nice and erect. Then he moved down lower to her smooth crotch. Tabitha was keeping her legs together so Billy gently took one knee in each hand and spread her legs open. He parted her soft tanned cunt lips to reveal her small hooded clit. Billy started to lick her cunt button and she arched her back in ecstasy. He put a finger in her virginal twat and pulled it out wet. He licked her twat juices off his finger and she tasted like a combination of the sea and sweet young cunt. Heather, meanwhile, was similarly licking and fingering cute Tiffany.

Billy was getting rock hard and wanted desperately to fuck this hot young twat. He went up to Tabitha leading with his cock and said to her, “lick my cock because I’ll need all the lube to put it inside your sweet pussy. ”

Tabitha obediently obliged and started licking and sucking as much cock as she could put in her tiny mouth. When Billy was satisfied that his dink was wet enough, he took her legs and spread them a little wider to make way for her cherry popping. This would be the third cherry he popped in his young life, and he most likely would have a fourth with Tiffany if all worked out.

He took his index finger and middle finger and opened up her tight little cunt lips.

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  He gave her one more fingering with two fingers then aimed his solid cock for her tiny wet hole. He pushed in his cock head as her lips pressed around it. Slowly, his cock knob was in and headed to shatter her virginal barrier. Tabitha whimpered as his dick started penetrating her insides. “She hasn’t felt anything yet,” Billy said to himself.

Inch by inch he moved inside her. She was tight, “tighter than even eleven year old Amber,” Billy thought. But she was also very wet, and his cock kept going deeper and deeper inside her pre-teen cunt. Then he felt that he had reached her hymen. He was in no mood to be gentle so he thrust his cock deep inside her and she cried out in pain as her virginity and hymen were gone.

Her sister, Tiffany looked concerned at her cry, but Heather quickly calmed both of them down. “It is really a good pain,” Heather said soothingly.

Now Billy was fully inside Tabitha’s smooth young tight twat. He started pulling in and out of her and she began to relax and he even felt her have an orgasm after a while. Tabitha was moaning with pleasure now, almost forgetting the pain in the beginning.

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  Billy was almost ready to cum deeply into her tiny body but thought of Amber and her pregnancy. “No,” he thought, “I’ll have to pull out and cum on her instead on in her. ”And he did. Just as he was about to shoot his load, he pulled out, went halfway up Tabitha’s nearly flat chest and shot a long burst on her pretty face. He let loose shot after shot of his white spew and it went over her face and tiny tits. He put his cock next to her mouth after he was done and said to her, “lick my cock head to get the last drippings of my cum,” and she did.

“So, how was that Tab?” Heather asked.

“Fantastic!” she said, “I never imagined it would be like that. ”

“I wanna try it but it is getting too late now,” Tiffany said almost crying. “If we don’t start home now, we’ll be in real trouble!”

“Ok, Tiffany,” Heather said calmly. “How about if we come back tomorrow at about the same time and see if we can have some more fun. ”

“Really?You would do that?Ok, tomorrow then!” and she was back to being her happy twelve year old self again.

The girls ran off and Billy just stared at their beautiful young soft asses fade off into the distance.

“I guess we know what we’re doing tomorrow Auntie,” Billy said and they both laughed.

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