Little Sis and I Part 7


It’s been six months since Billy popped Angela’s little sister’s cherry. Today, Angela came running into Billy’s house and said “Billy, I have something big to tell you!But first, I’m all hot and sweaty from soccer practice, I gotta take a shower. ”

Angela ran upstairs to the bathroom. Billy followed, not about to lose this chance!Angela stripped and went in the shower. Billy sneaked in the bathroom and opened the shower door. Angela seemed to expect this and said, “Why do you still have clothes on?”

Billy quickly stripped and stepped in the shower. He lathered her up and paid extra attention to her pussy and ass. He snuck a finger or two in both of her lower holes and she loved it. Angela started stroking his rock hard cock and hanging balls. Somehow she cleverly moved it next to her bald wet pussy and put it up and in. All of a sudden Billy felt his cock fully inside of Angela’s beautiful thirteen year old body. Her cunt was tight and hot. He felt her squeezing her vaginal muscles around his dink while he rhythmically banged her. She stepped back, and his cock popped out of her smooth slit. She turned around showing her rounded tight little ass.

Without even asking, Billy knew what she wanted.


  He lathered up his cock a little more and stuck two fingers up her little puckered asshole. When he got it nice and lubed, he took his cock and pressed it in her dirt hole. His wet head quickly made it past her tight asshole and into her colon. It was slippery inside her bowels and he quickly was banging her ass at full speed. She moaned in delight as he thrust his large cock fully inside her, pulled out half way and roughly slammed it back home. After several minutes, he let go his huge load inside her intestines. They both moaned in pleasure as her shit shaft was filled with his hot spew. He pulled out a stream of her liquid shit and his cum flowed out of her enlarged dirt hole.

“Ok,” Billy said, “what did you want to tell me?”

“I want to tell Phoebe at the same time. Let’s go to her room. ”

Angela wrapped a towel around herself and Billy just put on his shorts and they both went to find Phoebe. She was in her room and was happy to see Angela. They kissed and Phoebe quickly snuck her hand under her towel for a quick feel.

“Ok, Ok, girls,” Billy said, “Angela said she has something to tell both of us. ”

“I have good news and bad news,” Angela started.

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  Both Phoebe and Billy waited in anticipation.

“Um, Amber is pregnant,” Angela whispered.

“WHAT!” Billy screamed.

“No, no, no, Billy. It could not be from you. She is only three months pregnant and you fucked her six months ago. ”Angela calmed him down.

“Then what’s the bad news?” Billy asked.

“My mother made her give her the names of every boy that had sex with her, no matter how long ago and your name came up. Then she called all of the parents. She must have called your mother today at her work because I know you your father is out of town this week on business. Your mother is probably on her way here as we speak. I had to warn you guys,” Angela said and quickly put on one of Phoebe’s clean shirts and shorts and promptly left.

“We’re fucked,” was all Billy could say while Phoebe nodded.

As if on cue, their mother pulled into the driveway.

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  She got into the house, climbed the stairs and said to them “I’m going to take a quick shower first and I want to talk to both of you when I get out. Do not leave this house!”

Their mother finished her shower and came to Phoebe’s room where Billy was also. She had Billy when she was only eighteen and was now thirty-two. She kept in very good shape and had the body of a woman ten years younger than herself. Her tits were still a very firm, nice full B-cup. Billy heard more than once from his friends how hot his mother was and he could see it. Their mother was just wearing a long tee-shirt. It was hot out but usually even she wore more than this. She had no bra on which was also unusual and her shirt was sticking to her nipples. “Did she even have panties on?” Billy wondered.

“Just let me speak,” their mother started. “Billy, first, I am disappointed in you!An eleven year old?I know your hormones are going overtime but you need a little more control!But that is water under the bridge and you are one lucky fucker that you are not the one who got her pregnant or this would not be pretty. ”

“Second, you two are having sex aren’t you?You don’t have to answer that, your silence speaks volumes. I don’t really blame you Billy; Phoebe is very beautiful. I didn’t have a brother so I can’t say whether I would have done it with him or not.

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  Phoebe, take off your clothes so I can see how you are developing. ”

Phoebe was not in the position to refuse and quickly got naked. Her mother touched her developing tits and went down to her crotch. “I’m glad you shave, Phoebe. Most boys don’t like it hairy in my experience. You are very pretty. Now, Billy, I want a look at you too. ”

Billy was a little shy but what could he do?He slowly took off his shirt than his shorts. He was in an unusual state for him:he was flaccid.

“I guess I’m the only one with clothes on,” their mother said. “Let’s take care of that. ”And with those words she took off her tee shirt. Billy quickly saw that she did not have any panties on after all. She was completely bald and nice and brown with no tan lines. “She must go to a tanning salon and I never knew,” Billy thought to himself.

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  He felt a tightening in his cock and knew he was getting a hard-on looking at his mother.

But he got hard-on’s looking at magazines and she looked young enough to be in her twenties, so what was the problem?“It is my mother though!” he said to himself. But he could not control his dick. His mother looked at his cock approvingly as it grew. “You take after you father,” she said with a smile. “At least you got something good from him,” as she reached out and started gently stroking his solid rod. Then she bent over and started licking his hard dick from his balls to his head. She then took his rock hard dink and put it in her mouth and went down. And down. And down. She literally swallowed his entire dick in her mouth. She was the first ever to be able to completely take his dink. She came back up and gasped for air and went at it again.

“Now I want you to work on me. ”She jumped on the bed and spread her legs wide then started rubbing her pussy.

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  She spread her lips open to show her beautiful clit and then she licked a finger and started massaging it. “I started, you finish,” Billy’s mother commanded him.

He went over and put his head in her crotch and then started licking her clit. She tasted so good!Her cunt juices were flowing and the insides of her cunt lips were shining wet. Billy licked and licked and his mother moaned loudly, mush louder than either Phoebe or Angela ever did. Then all of a sudden a gusher of liquid hit him straight in his face. At first, Billy thought she pissed on him but by the taste, he knew she did not. His mother had just squirted!He had heard about it but never had it happen to him before. Even Phoebe was taken aback by the amount of cunt juice her mother shot out. “Oh my God Mom,” Phoebe said, “that was fantastic!”

“The ultimate orgasm Phoebe, you’ll squirt too, just let it happen. ”

Billy resumed licking his mother’s soaked pussy and licking up her delicious cunt juices. Then he decided it was time to use his rod. He moved up her licking her stomach and then got to her firm tits. He licked her hot erect nipples and she moaned ever more. Then he slowly guided his solid dink into her dripping slit.

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  She might have had two kids, but she was still pretty tight. She squeezed his cock as he entered deeper into her dark twat hole. “I can’t believe I’m fucking my mother and liking it!” he thought.

His mother breathed heavily, moaned and let out another gusher of cunt cum. He pulled out of her hole and let it shoot all over his erect dink, then he put his cock back home inside his mother’s hot cunt cavern. He pounded her bald slit hard and she loved it; the harder he thrust, the louder she moaned. With all of the hot lubrication and his mother having orgasm after orgasm he could not hold on and let his load burst inside her dark hole into her cervix. His mother felt him let go and had another orgasm of her own, convulsing and squeezing his cock even more.

After a little while and catching his breath, Billy pulled out of his mother. She quickly started sucking his cock to taste any cum that might still be able to be sucked out. Phoebe came over and also started licking Billy and licking her mother’s pussy juice. “You taste so good Mom,” Phoebe said.

“Thanks honey, I’m so proud of both of you. You are both so gorgeous!Now, Billy, remember, NO ELEVEN YEAR OLDS!Ok, now I have ‘punished’ you,” and she laughed. “By the way Phoebe, I found your ‘pills’ about eight months ago, so you don’t have to hide them anymore.

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And with that, she got up and walked out of Phoebe’s room, naked.

“We have a pretty cool Mom, huh Billy?” Phoebe asked. Billy could only nod.

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