Little Sis and I Part 6


It was Kyle’s last day staying over their house and also Phoebe’s thirteenth birthday. Phoebe went up to her cousin Kyle and brother Billy and said, “It looked like Angela had such a good time when both of you were fucking both her holes that I think I want that for my birthday present: a double penetration. ”

Kyle and Billy looked at each other and both eagerly said together, “OK!When?”

“Somehow, I did not think you would say no,” Phoebe said with a smile on her pretty young face.

“Mom and dad just left to do some shopping so they shouldn’t be back for hours, so now seems good to me!”

All three of them went to Phoebe’s room. It was November but still hot in southern Florida. Phoebe did not wear bras so she quickly took off her shirt revealing her growing tits. Billy was impressed at the growth rate from when he first started fucking her around eight months ago and now. She almost needed a bra, but he liked her without one. Her nipples were clearly visible when she wore certain tee shirts and he loved that. Then she unbuttoned her skin tight shorts revealing a hot red laced see through thong. She dropped the shorts and danced in the thong for a few minutes getting the boys really hard. Then she pulled them down to her ankles and off.

During the dance, both boys stripped naked and their cocks stood straight up in the air.

“Ok,” Phoebe said, “Kyle get on the bed, you get my pussy. Billy, you get my ass, and then we’ll switch after a few. ”

Kyle jumped on the bed face up.

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  Phoebe climbed on top of him and put her pussy in his face. He knew what she liked now and did it. He spread her soft white cunt lips open, showing her little clit. Kyle licked and licked it causing Phoebe to start having orgasms. Her pussy started flowing with her cunt juices and they were coming out of her dark hole. He licked the inside of her lips, tasting her sweet juices. He stuck his tongue as far down her cunt hole as he could.

Then Phoebe moved down Kyle’s body and put her pussy right on top of his rock hard cock. She then spread her legs wide and lifted up her tight little ass. Billy jumped on the bed and saw her puckered asshole almost facing straight up. He licked a finger and put it in her tight dirt hole. Then he licked her hole to get it nice and wet. Phoebe motioned him to put his cock in her mouth for it to be wet also. He immediately obliged. She spit on his cock and got it really wet.

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  Then she said she was ready for her double penetration.

Kyle stood his cock straight up so it was pointing to her tight slit. She spread her cunt lips and gently lowered her hips down on Kyle’s awaiting dick. His head slipped past her outer labia and into her wet tight cunt hole. Phoebe moaned as his meat pushed open her vaginal muscles. Then she leaned forward to make room for Billy’s wet cock to enter her shitter.

Billy had stuck two fingers up her puckered asshole and it was as loose as he could get it. He took his rod and stuck his head on her little hole. Then he wiggled his dick’s head past her tight anus and into her shit canal. He had to slowly push his cock into her tight rectum and she moaned even louder.

Once both boys had their dicks fully inside her, Phoebe had a major orgasm. Now she knew what Angela was talking about!Never before had she been so sexually satisfied then now. Two cocks inside her tiny eighty pound body, banging away, caused her to feel so full of sexual energy!

After several minute of the boys enjoying themselves in both of her holes, Phoebe said, “OK guys, time to switch. But, Billy, I don’t want your dirty shit coated cock going into my clean pussy, so come here. ”

He pulled out of her asshole and it was coated with her shit juices.

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  She grabbed his cock and started sucking it. Then she licked it from the top of his swollen head down to his large balls. Satisfied that it was cleaned up enough to put in her cunt, she pushed Billy down on his back, took his cock and guided it into her willing hot cunt.

She again leaned forward to let Kyle into her ass. Her asshole had a good long pounding and was still partially open. Kyle could see into her dark dirt hole. Before her asshole closed up to normal, he took his cock, which was well lubricated with Phoebe’s cunt juices, and pushed his head past her asshole. Once inside her, he slowly thrust his dink fully inside her tight ass chute.

After several minutes of banging thirteen year old Phoebe, Kyle said, “I’m gonna cum, I can’t last a second longer,” and he let his load go deep inside Phoebe’s intestines. Billy could feel Phoebe’s shutter with pleasure as she felt Kyle’s hot load shoot inside her. That made him even hornier and could not hold on either. Billy shot a load with multiple bursts inside her cervix. Phoebe climaxed again as both boys gave her their final thrusts.

The boys both pulled out of her holes and they were both flowing heavily from cum mixed with either cunt or shit juices. She did not want to waste a drop and cupped her hand underneath her holes as they drained.

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  Then she stuck her fingers up both her cunt and asshole to get every last bit of the boy’s cum. She finally went to both of their dicks and licked them clean.

“That was fantastic!”She exclaimed. Both boys grinned in agreement.

The next day, Kyle had to go back home and now it was just Billy and Phoebe. Phoebe mentioned to Billy that Angela thought he was cool and maybe he could show her little sister the way’s of the world. She told Phoebe that she did not like the idea of just any boy taking her sister’s virginity; she wanted to know him first!

“Are you serious Phoebe?” Billy asked.

“Angela is very protective of her little sister, and wants what is best,” Phoebe replied.

“How do I even meet her?What does she look like?How old is she?” he asked.

“Don’t worry, Angela will bring her over. She already talked about it with Amber, that’s her sister’s name by the way, and she’s cool with it. She is as cute as Angela but not quite as ‘filled out’ yet. ”

“You mean she has no tits yet,” Billy said.

“Well, there are beginnings. I didn’t have much either ten months ago.

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“And age?”

“Almost twelve,” Phoebe whispered.

“You mean she’s only eleven?That’s three years younger than me!”

“Really two and a half but she is very mature for her age. She already has pussy hair which she shaves just like you like it,” Phoebe responded.

“Come on, you need a different pussy,” Phoebe grinned. “You’ll love it, trust me. ”

The next day as scheduled, Angela brought over her sister Amber to get deflowered. Like Phoebe said, Amber looked like a small version of Angela. She had dark hair with pony tails but there were no bulges in front for them to rest on.

All of the girls, Phoebe, Angela and Amber went up to Phoebe’s room. Billy followed not knowing what would happen being outnumbered three to one. He felt like some sort of fuckin’ bull on a cow farm, but he thought it could be worse.

Angela led the way by telling everyone to get naked. Angela and Phoebe quickly dispensed with their clothing but Amber was still a little shy. “Come on, you said you wanted this Sis,” Angela said. Reluctantly, Amber took off her tee shirt revealing a flat-chested body.

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  She certainly had potential with her petite body. Next, Amber slowly took off her shorts revealing simple pink panties. “No lingerie yet,” Billy thought. Finally, what Billy was waiting for. Amber turned around from him and slid off her panties to uncover a very decent looking ass. She turned around with her hand covering her pussy and her sister said, “Amber, honey, how is he going to get in you if you are covering yourself?”

Amber took her hand away and Billy saw her sweet virginal slit. It looked so small and tight. “As tight as Phoebe’s asshole,” Billy thought to himself. He quickly undressed, and with three naked girls around, he had a boner to prove he was horney. Amber gasped at his size and whispered to her sister, “that is going in me?”

“Yes dear,” Angela said, “don’t worry, you’ll stretch. We are going to slick it up so it is going to be so slippery that it’ll just glide right in. You’ll barely notice. ”Amber was not buying it but went along with her big sister anyways.

“Now take his cock and put it in your mouth,” Angela said. Amber did so.

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  It was so big it quickly filled her tiny mouth and was barely able to get a little more than his enlarged head in. Angela helped in wetting up Billy’s cock so it was glistening wet.

“Now you have to get wet. I’ll let Billy handle that. First, get on the bed and spread your legs wide for him. From there, let him do anything to you,” Angela said.

Amber did as she was told and Billy got up on the bed and put his face next to her untouched pretty pussy lips. He gently opened them up with his fingers and she smelled as if she had just showered. “Good beginning,” he thought. Next, he rubbed the hood near the top of her cunt revealing her tiny clit. He wet a finger and began massaging it before starting in with his tongue. Amber liked all of the attention that was being paid to her sexual organs and could feel herself getting wet in her pussy. Billy noticed how the insides of her lips were beginning to shine in the light. He knew he was getting her primed for his invasion into her virginal cavern.

Billy felt the time was right.

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  He dragged her to the edge of the bed and pulled her legs wide open and towards her head. He could now clearly see her wondrous smooth slit and her very tiny delicious asshole. Billy would just have to settle for one tonight and the excitement of popping her cherry was driving him forward with lust. He knew she was going to be tight and was ready for the challenge. He spit on his hand and rubbed it all over his cock head. Next, he parted her soft hairless labia lips open. Her hole at the bottom of her cunt was a mere crack of an opening, but he knew it was there and knew it would open up for him.

Billy placed his cock so his head kept open her pussy lips. Then he slowly pushed in. His cock found her tight little hole and he pushed a little harder. Within seconds, his cock head was past her outer lips and disappeared from view into her eleven year old cunt. All he could see was his shaft leading into her pussy. As he pushed, he knew he was going to hit her hymen and pop her cherry. Before he knew it, he was there.

Billy’s cock felt good inside of Amber so far.

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  She now felt him stop for something and she felt a tug. Billy went ahead and shattered Amber’s virginal barrier with a good hard thrust. Amber wailed in pain as her hymen was blasted away along with her virginity. This just made Billy hotter and hornier than he had been for a long time. Angela came over to her young sister and kissed her telling her everything was all right and just go with it. Angela winked at Billy approvingly. Billy pushed in further until he was fully inside of Amber’s hot tight vagina.

Her inner pussy muscles squeezed Billy’s cock like a soft vice. Billy pulled out half way and slammed it back in her young wet cunt repeatedly. Amber was crying with both pain and joy. Tears were running down her soft young face and Billy was having the best time of his life. After several minutes of pounding of Amber’s eleven year old pussy, Billy decided to give her a break and end it with a full explosion of his semen into her hot innards. One final thrust and he unloaded one of the biggest bursts of cum he could remember. His multiple spurts seemed to last forever and felt as if it filled Amber’s small cunt cave to its limit. Amber felt his enormous amount of hot spew inside her all of a sudden and knew Billy had cum inside her tiny body.

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  She felt warm with his dick and hot load deep inside her.

He pulled out of her young wet slit and a gusher of his cum mixed with her virginal juices pumped out. Angela and Phoebe joined together in licking up the delicious mess and then cleaned up Billy’s cock.

Phoebe looked up at her brother while finishing off licking his cock and said, “I told you you’d love it. ”

“Damn it, she was right again,” Billy thought.

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