Little Sis and I Part 3


Phoebe was taking a shower when in walks in her brother Billy.
“Mind if I wash your back?” he asked.
“Why not,” she replied knowing he wanted to do more than a washing. He was well hung for fourteen years old and Phoebe knew he knew it. He was at least two inches bigger than other boys she dated. But she only gave them blowjobs; Billy was free to do anything to her. He seemed to have a twenty-four hour hard on and this time was no exception.
Billy started lathering up her back and moved down to her round firm ass. He liked playing around in her crack and trying to get a finger or two up her asshole. She let him have his fun in fingering her shitter, but she was not ready to be butt fucked yet, but Billy was always trying. He took his stiff cock and rubbed it over Phoebe’s ass and in her crack. Then he teased her asshole with the head of his dick. He really wanted to fuck her up her tight little dirt hole, but he was not about to force her. After all, she let him fuck her around four or five times a day!
So Billy moved his dick slightly forward and started rubbing her newly shaved snatch. He found her smooth hole easily and pushed it in her lathered cunt. His wet cock slid easily up her hot hole.

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  She bent over slightly so now when he looked down, not only did he see his rod going in and out of her sweet white lips, he also got a lovely view of her puckered asshole. His stamina was getting better and he fucked her for about five minutes until he unloaded his spew deep inside her eighty pound body. She quivered and climaxed when she felt him shoot his load in her hot tunnel. Phoebe usually climaxed with Billy and it was becoming quite a routine pleasure for both of them.
Billy’s fifteenth birthday was coming up soon and he let his little sister know what he wanted the most. She usually rolled her eyes and walked away with those overly tight short shorts she loved to wear, showing off her luscious young firm ass.
Phoebe decided to go for it and let him ass fuck her. But first, she had to learn how to relax her asshole muscles. She had talked to her friends and they all agreed that it will hurt like hell at first, but if you relax, you can handle it and it will be great. She took her thinnest dildo and lubed it up really well. Then she spread her nimble thin legs wide open. Phoebe was very flexible and was able to bend over enough to see her own asshole. She took the dildo and slowly inserted it up her dirt hole. It was a tight squeeze but she managed to get five inches in without too much discomfort. But this dildo was only the width of a finger, not nearly the size of Billy’s meat!At least she got the feeling of something in her ass and it was not all bad!
Phoebe practiced with bigger dildos over the weeks and thought she was ready for the real thing.

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  “Just relax” she said to herself over and over. “If you tense up, it will certainly hurt. ”The biggest dildo she used was still not as big as Billy, but she thought she could handle the extra girth and length. His birthday was today.
They both got home from school and were usually alone for two hours. More than enough time to give him his present, Phoebe thought. This time he was in the shower and she walked in.
“Wanna clean my asshole before you fuck it?” she asked nonchalantly.
Billy almost slipped and fell. “You’re kidding, right?” he gulped.
“No, I’m giving you your present” she said with a smile.
She turned around and bent over and spread her ass cheeks. Billy lathered up her whole ass and started to finger her asshole with his middle finger.
“Get it nice and clean baby,” she said.
Then he started rubbing his rock hard dick up and down her ass crack.

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  He touched his cock head to her asshole and pressed slightly.
“Not yet, baby. Let’s go to your room. ”
They both went to his room without bothering drying off. Phoebe had thought ahead and left a bottle of lube on Billy’s bed. Billy saw the lube and knew exactly what to do.
“Get up on the bed and bend over like a doggie,” he ordered.
She obediently obeyed and stuck her tiny firm ass way up in the air. Drops of water were dripping down on her naked ass and followed gravity to her beautiful crack. Billy took the bottle of lube and squeezed some out on his fingers. Then he went into Phoebe’s shitter and lubed it up as best he could with two fingers. Billy then lubed up his cock really well and he was ready.
He took his cock and rested his head on her puckered tight little dirt hole. Then it began. Billy grabbed his cock and started to guide it in.

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  Her hole looked so tiny but he knew it would expand.
Phoebe felt Billy’s cock start to press in to her ass hole. She just kept saying to herself, “relax, breathe, relax, breathe. ”She grabbed hold of the sheets in anticipation of the pain she knew would happen.
With all of the lube on his cock and hands, Billy could not get a real good grip but good enough. He slowly pushed in her shitter. If he could just get his head in, it would be downhill from there he thought. Which seemed like an eternity, but which was only about a minute, of trying to wiggle his cock head into her asshole, it finally popped in. Phoebe moaned a combination of pain and pleasure. Tears started welling in her pretty blue eyes but she did not say anything. Relax, relax.
As soon as his head passed her outer asshole muscle, he moved slowly in further. He pushed in around three inches then pulled out two. He did this a few minutes to loosen up her very tight asshole. Billy thought her cunt was tight when he first fucked her, but this was something else!It was if every muscle in her body was squeezing his cock and trying to push it out.

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  He pulled out his cock almost all the way, just leaving his head inside of Phoebe. Then he took some more lube and lubed up his exposed shaft. And back to work. Billy now was moving faster and got in four inches, then a little more, then he was fully in his sweet sister’s shitter.
Billy looked down and his cock was stretching Phoebe’s asshole to its limit. He was fully inside her bowels and it felt warm, wet and very tight. At first it was hard to go in and out of her rectum, but she eventually loosened up and it got easier to pump her asshole. Fucking her up her ass was even better than he expected!
While her brother was penetrating her small asshole, Phoebe was in pain. It hurt and yet somehow she liked it. Once he got fully in her bowels, she almost felt like she wanted to take a shit but that passed. Now that he was fully in her, she felt relief and really did start to relax. She knew Billy sensed it when he started pumping her hard. After a minute, the pain got less and the pleasure more.
Billy could not hold off any longer and shot his full deep into Phoebe’s intestines. Spurt after spurt erupted out of his shaft to cling on the walls of his sister’s hot bowels.

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  He had an extra large load of spew because when he finally pulled out, it seemed like there was an endless gush of his cum combined with her colon juices flowing from her asshole. Phoebe pushed out all she could and it was a beautiful mess. He looked at Phoebe’s asshole and it was still wide open; he could see deep inside her.
Phoebe’s hole slowly closed up and looked like her normal puckered shitter. It was still dripping juices but looked good as new. It did not feel normal to Phoebe though. She would probably be sitting a little more gently for the next couple of days.
“How is your birthday so far,” Phoebe asked.
Billy looked at her and saw by her bloodshot eyes that it really had hurt her.
“This is the best birthday ever and he kissed her on the lips. Then again. It was funny he had never really kissed her and yet he had fucked her in both of her holes. They made out and petted heavily for the first time.
“What other fun things can I do with her?” he thought. He was starting to get hard again. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

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