Little Sis and I Part 2


So there they lay naked, Billy and his little sister Phoebe. Her cunt was dripping of Billy’s cum from her first fuck ever.
“How about if you got me pregnant you fucker?” she said.
“Don’t worry, I don’t think you can get pregnant from your first fuck,” he lied.
Phoebe of course did not believe him and went to the shower. She tried her best to wash the inside of her twat, but she knew it might not be enough.
Two weeks later, Phoebe came bursting into Billy’s room as if she just won the lottery!
“I got my period!I got my period!” she yelled, overcome with joy. “I even got on the Pill from the school nurse so we don’t have to worry about it anymore!Sorry how I’ve been treating you for the last two weeks. I’ll make it up to you,” she said with a wink.
That night at around one, Billy was awakened by his door squeaking open. He looked up and saw his sister Phoebe silhouetted in the door frame. The moon was full and his windows were open because of the hot summer night. With the available light, it looked like all she was wearing was a long tee shirt. She came next to his bed and put a finger to her mouth to remain quiet. Then she pulled up and off her tee shirt revealing her glistening lithe frame. As she turned, Billy could see her nipples were fully erect on her tiny budding tits.

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  Then she started rubbing herself starting with her tits and working her way down. Her sweat shined off her as she did this little sex dance. She started rubbing her smooth snatch and fingering herself. Billy was fully erect and Phoebe gave him a smile.
All of a sudden, she jumped in his bed next to him and grabbed his throbbing cock. Then she went down on him and started licking his long shaft and balls. She then put his hard wood in her mouth and going up and down. His cock in her mouth was getting to be too much and Billy knew he could not last long. He had to build stamina, he thought to himself, but not tonight:he was just enjoying the night surprise. After several minutes, Billy just had to let go. He shot his full load of hot cum to the back of Phoebe’s throat just as she was going down. The sudden hot shot of spew knocked back Phoebe and she started to gag a little. But she went right back on to sucking his cock. Billy shot a few more times and this time Phoebe was ready and welcomed it.
She had a mouthful of cum and it was also dripping out of the sides of her pretty mouth.

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  She looked at him wide eyed as if to ask “what should I do now?” and Billy replied, “Swallow it sweetie. ”
So, with a quick gulp, she swallowed his load. Billy then took the cum on her face and put it in her mouth for her to swallow the rest. She did so obediently.
“That was great, but I wanted you to fuck me!”she said.
“Don’t worry Phoebes, give me a couple of minutes and I’ll be hard as a rock again. ”
This seemed to please her. She left for a minute to go to the bathroom to clean up the sticky cum left on her face and came back. Sure enough, Billy was hard again and ready to go.
“I want to be on top this time and in control,” Phoebe said as she swung her thin leg over Billy’s body.
“Can I lick you first though?” Billy begged.
“OK,” and she moved her waist up to Billy’s head. She got into a position so her smooth white slit was right in front of his mouth. He gently pulled aside her soft outer cunt lips. She smelled good as if she had just douched.

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  He found her clit easily with his tongue and started licking away. Then he moved down and started licking her hole. Her cunt juices were flowing and they tasted sweet. Billy then decided to take a risk and started licking her tight puckered asshole. She did not seem to resist, so he rimmed her tight shitter. He licked a finger and shoved it up her asshole. She winced a little but did not say anything. “Let’s not go too far tonight,” he thought to himself and moved back to licking and fingering Phoebe’s beautiful smooth twat.
After several minutes, she knelt up and moved back so that she was kneeling over his hard cock. She grabbed his dick and stood it straight up as she lowered herself down. With one hand on Billy’s dick and another spreading her pussy lips, she glided his rock hard cock into herself. Billy loved the feeling of his cock inside of a hot wet cunt, especially his cute sister’s!
Phoebe sat down fully on Billy’s cock and it disappeared inside of her tight pink cave. Then she stated riding his solid rod. The feeling of a real live cock inside of her tight little hole was much better than any of the dildos she had!Billy could not believe how much Phoebe was in control. When she sensed that he was about to cum, she slowed the pounding of his cock.


  Once she felt safe, she resumed going up and down filling her hot twat with rock hard dick.
This last time, though, she rode Billy a little too long and hard and he shot his hot load deep into her pink cavern. She felt the pulsing of his cock and his hot cum inside of her as he ejaculated with force. The both came together and let out deep moans. She was dripping with sweat as was he. She slowly got off of his hard dick and his cum and her sweet cunt juices ran down the side of his cock. Not wanting to miss out on a meal of fresh spew, she squeezed what she could out of her soft slit and onto Billy’s shaft. She then licked his cock and balls clean of their fuck juices.
They both closely next to each other face up. Billy’s hand wandered over to Phoebe’s nice little tits with their quarter sized nipples. He kept them erect as he was becoming hard again too.
“Can I ask you something Phoebes?” Billy questioned.
“Sure. ”
“When I fingered your asshole, you didn’t seem to mind. Do you think we could do some ass fucking sometime?”
“Your finger seemed like a lot up my ass, I can’t imagine your dick up there.

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  But, I’ll tell you what. I’ll ask some of my more experienced girlfriends from school to see how to do it right and I’ll check back with you,” Phoebe replied.
“Sounds good!I think you have one of the sweetest asses on the planet!”
She gently kissed him on the lips and walked out of his room. He stared intently at her rounded tight little ass as she left. He beat off thinking of fucking her in the ass and thought to himself:“soon. ” …….