Little Sis and I Part 10


The next day, Heather and Billy headed out for some more ‘driving lessons’ they told Billy’s mother. They started out early to get the most out of the day.

Billy was driving along when Heather said, “I better release some of your energy before we get there or you’re likely to blow up that poor twelve-year-old,” she laughed. She unbuttoned his shorts and then unzipped them. Billy wasn’t wearing underwear and she quickly found his long meat. She started stroking him and then went down on him. Heather pulled his shorts down a little so she could have full access to his cock and balls. She licked from his balls to his cock knob and then back again. Then she sucked his cock and put him all down her throat. She came up gagging but went back for more.

Billy was losing his concentration on driving and started going faster and faster without knowing it. All of a sudden Billy said “Shit!”Blue lights were in his mirror. He quickly looked at the speedometer and it said ‘80’ while he knew he was in a sixty zone.

Heather stopped sucking and looked back. “Fuck!” she said. “Try to put your shorts back on!”

Billy pulled over with one hand on the steering wheel and one trying to pull up his shorts without being too obvious.

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  He saw the officer get out of the patrol car and start walking up to him.

The officer came up to the car and she said “What are you up to today young man?And I need to see your license. ”She was slim, with dark brown hair and dark skin. Her uniform was skin tight and Billy got a good idea of what her ass looked like. She wore a vest, but even then, her chest bulged with what were most likely very adequate tits. “How can I think of this hot cop at a time like this?” Billy thought to himself.

Billy gave her his learning permit and responded, “Just going to the beach officer. ”

“You usually drive with your pants unzipped?” she quipped.

“I, uh, well, I…” Billy stuttered.

“You still have a hard-on!I’m not a detective yet, but I know your girlfriend there was blowing your cock and distracting you!I clocked you at eighty and you are only learning!I should throw the book at you but I’m at the end of my shift and the paperwork would take too long to fill out. You seem like a good kid so I’ll give you a break, but I’m not letting you go scot free. Follow me, and don’t bother buttoning up your shorts” she ordered.

She got back in her car and passed him, and then Billy followed. “What’s going on?” Billy asked Heather not really expecting an answer. They pulled up to a large house in a very good neighborhood and all of them got out.

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The girl cop said, “This was a drug dealers home, but now it’s the property of the county. He’ll be back in thirty years. ”She got some keys out and they all went in. “Ok, kid and girlfriend, I have to strip search you in case you are carrying anything illegal. Everything off. Come on,” she ordered.

Billy and Heather stripped quickly. “My name is Officer Jennifer by the way. You can call me Jenna if I don’t have my uniform on though. ”Jenna went over to Heather, licked two fingers and quickly put them up Heather’s bald twat. “Mmmm, I didn’t need to lick my fingers, you are so wet honey!”Next, she licked her fingers again and said, “And you taste good too!”Then she put two fingers up Heather’s tight asshole and prodded around and declared, “You are clean sista. You’re next kid. Bend your ass over!”Billy did so and felt Jenna’s fingers quickly force their way up his tight asshole. She seemed to take longer than necessary to examine his rectum, but he actually did not mind her fingers inside him. “Ok kid, no concealed drugs on you either.

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  Get on the bed and grab the head rail. ”

Jenna got two pairs of handcuffs from her belt and quickly cuffed Billy to the heavy wooden head rail. “That should keep you out of trouble for a while,” she laughed. Then Jenna took off her heavy belt and put it on the floor. Next, she methodically started stripping off her shirt and vest revealing a silky black laced bra holding back D-cupped tits. “Was that a regulation bra?” Billy thought.

Then Jenna unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. She slid them down her long lean legs showing off her matching black silk tiny stringed thong. “Definitely not regulation!” Billy again thought to himself and smiling. He was starting to get hard witnessing this intriguing striptease. Jenna pretended not to notice Billy’s stiffening rod, but her smile gave her away.

Jenna next unhooked her bra releasing her ample tits for Billy’s and Heather’s pleasure. Her nipples were large and already erect. She was almost naked but took her time taking off her thong by dancing first and showing off her firm ass. Then she pushed her thong to her ankles and then off.

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  She had a wisp of a runway on her otherwise smooth pussy. Her cunt lips were not tightly closed like Heather’s but were parted a little where her twat hole was.

Billy was now fully hard as Jenna climbed on top of him. She started licking his long rod and balls. Then she took his dick and put it between her beautiful tits and started rubbing them for a hot tit fuck. After a few minutes of this, she sat on top of his crotch, roughly grabbed his swollen dink and stuck it in her hot wet cunt hole. She sat fully on it and took it all in quickly. Then she bounced up and down with Billy’s dick rubbing in her vaginal cannel. She had total control of her internal cunt muscles and squeezed Billy’s dick as she was bouncing, causing her to have orgasm after orgasm. Her cunt juices starting running down Billy’s upright dick each time she did another bounce.

After a very long session, she lifted up enough for Billy’s dick to fall out of her. Then she said, “I want you in my ass kid. You ever fuck a girl in the ass before?”Jenna looked at both Billy and Heather as both nodded. She laughed and said, “Good! Here we go!” and she took his rod and put his head on her asshole as she slowly sat on it. It went in her rectum with surprising ease and soon his dick was fully in her intestines.

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  “Obviously she’s had it up the ass a lot!” Billy thought to himself because she started her bouncing act all over again. Her expertise with her cunt muscles matched her shitter muscles as she squeezed and squeezed his dick. Having his dick in her ass was too much for him and he was about to cum.

“I can see from your face that you are about to shoot your load kid,” Jenna said. “Go ahead, baby, cum deep in my ass!”And Billy did. As she did a final bounce, he exploded his spew deep inside her colon with multiple spurts. Jenna could feel his orgasm in her innards and kept bouncing until his spurts were through. She got off of him and his hot white cum flowed out of her opened asshole. His dick was covered with his cum and her shitter juices. Jenna motioned Heather to come over and they both licked Billy’s dick and balls clean. Jenna then pointed to her asshole and Heather licked her puckered dirt hole and cheeks clean.

“Ok,” Jenna said, “I think you have paid your debt to society for speeding and ‘distracted’ driving. You are free to go. But don’t let it happen on my stretch of the highway again!”She unlocked Billy from the handcuffs and said, “Get dressed and go!”Billy and Heather could not get out fast enough and were back on their way to the nudist beach to catch up with the twelve-year-olds.

“Wow!That was fucked up!” Heather exclaimed.

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  “We won’t drive on that road again!”

After a few more minutes they arrived at their destination. They got out, went to the locker room and stripped then went on the beach. Billy was somehow able to control himself and didn’t have a hard-on when walking with Heather. They walked towards the isolated part of the beach where they had fucked yesterday. In the distance they saw what seemed to be three small figures. Two were waving to them and by their similar silhouettes, they were the twins. “But who was the third?” Billy wondered.

The sun was in back of the three so it was hard to make out much. It appeared, though, that the third was completely flat-chested; not even any budding!As they got close the third appeared to be younger than the twins and had a hairless twat.

When they were close enough to talk, Tiffany said, “Don’t blame me, Tabitha blabbed that she had sex to my little sister and she wanted to come along to watch or else she would tell our parents!”

“That’s your sister?” Heather said. “How old is she?”

“She’s only ten but very interested in sex. Her name is Tori,” Tabitha muttered.

“I bet. ” Heather said somewhat disgusted. “This was supposed to be our little, and I mean little, secret!”

“Sorry,” Tabitha said.

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“Ok,” Heather said, “What is done is done. Well let’s get to it. Billy, I believe you need to get to know Tiffany as well as you do Tabitha,” and she smiled. “I’ll ‘explain’ things to Tori. ”

Billy took Heather aside and whispered to her, “I’m not fucking a ten-year-old!I do have my limits!”

“Don’t worry,” his Auntie Heather said, “I’ll take care of it. You just handle Tiff. ”And he walked over to Tiffany to start her education…

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