Little Brother, Part VII


I finished my report and turned out the light and got in bed. All the time I was doing my homework, I managed to keep my mind on my work but now as I lay on my bed, I found myself thinking about Robbie. I'd gone downstairs once to get a drink and when I went back upstairs, just as I got to the top, I dropped some cookies I had brought from the kitchen.

I was bent over picking them up when Robbie came out of his room which was to the right just past the top of the stairs. I was wearing a tank top and shorts, and when I looked up and saw him, even though I didn't think about it or realize it at the time, when I got back to my room it dawned on me that he'd definitely been looking down my tank top. I shrugged it off then, (sometimes I CAN control it) but now that I'd finished my homework and was just lying there, I thought about it and wondered if he'd seen anything. I knew it wasn't right, but a big part of me not only didn't mind if he'd seen anything, (he'd already seen my breasts anyway) but WANTED him to see me. I really should research this or talk to someone but I had no idea who. No way I'd go to my mom, don't even THINK about it, and I could maybe talk to a counselor at school, but I figured if I went to them about anything sexual, they'd notify my parents and then. . . well, you know what I mean.

I stopped thinking about having a "problem" then because I got too busy thinking about Robbie.

Again. . .

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  . . . . I wondered if he was thinking about me or my breasts when he. . . you know, jacked off in my sports bra, or if my bra was just a "thing" and he was thinking about Jessica Alba or some hottie movie star. He had her poster on his wall and he was always ultra-attentive whenever one of her movies or something was on. Before I even realized I was doing it, I was massaging my right nipple between my thumb and index finger. God, it was so stiff and rubbing it felt really good. I imagined Robbie holding my bra against his long, smooth cock and thinking about me. This made me shudder from head to toe and I groaned and rolled over on my tummy. I could feel that itch in my vagina beginning and knew I was going to make myself climax. I thought of Robbie wrapping the cup of my bra around his beautiful hard cock and I ground my pelvis hard against my bed.

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   I lay my head on my arms and ground harder, my eyes closed. I wanted to rub myself but I wanted to try and make it as good as it felt in the bathroom when I found my bra with Robbie's sperm in it. I opened my eyes and saw my stuffed dinosaur with it's blue, knobby back and tail.

Without even thinking about it, I grabbed it and stuck it under me and ground against it. Oh God that felt good! I was still wearing my sleep shorts and I started to take them off but then I decided to leave them on because I didn't want to get my dinosaur all stinky and wet.
    So I positioned it just right and started grinding again. Why I'd never thought of that before, I had no idea, but God did it ever feel different and delicious. I'd grind down hard with my hips and then kind of slide slowly upwards. That made me shudder all over. I started imagining Robbie again with his long cock sliding between his fingers against the cup of my bra. God, this felt almost TOO good, I remember thinking. I learned that it felt better when I "moved" as opposed to just my fingers moving. My entire body was flushed and throbbing it seemed as I kept on grinding against my dinosaur. I could tell that my climax was going to be at least as good as in the bathroom if not better. I gripped the edge of my mattress and was practically rocking my pelvis into the dinosaur.

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       I imagined that Robbie was lying in his bed thinking about seeing my breasts down my tank top when I started to climax. It hit me all of a sudden and I mashed as hard as I could against the dinosaur and had to smother my face into my pillow to keep from being heard as my vagina spasmed and my insides turned inside out.

    After I calmed down I reached down and pulled the dinosaur from between my legs. Even with my shorts and panties on, it's blue back was moist. Not nearly as moist as my panties or the crotch of my shorts, but still very damp. And it was stinky. Oh well. . . . . I knew I'd be using it again. .