Little Bother Eat Me....


I am now in my early 20's but when in my teens I always had boyfiends. I know I am considered an attactive girl small build (about size 8) with long blonde hair.
I have a brother two years younger than me. I was about 18 and had been having sex for about a year when I noticed my brother seemed to want to do things with me more.
I used to tell him to go out and give him money if i wanted to use the family home to have sex with my boyfriends. Our parents worked so as long as i occupied my brother I was right for a place to entertain my boyfriends. I became something of a sex addict at about 18 I went on the pill and I loved getting younger guys in the year below andbreaking their virginity. I heard stories that I had a bit of a slut nickname at school.
One day I had payed off my brother to go to the movies and I knew I had about two hours to entertain this guy I had been seeing for a while. I got him back home and took him straight to the bedroom where I refined my ability to suck cock and let him fuck me a couple of times. After he cum the second time (he was a geat shag for such a young guy) I decided to get us something to drink.

I jumped up and opened the door.
There was my young brother against the wall.
I closed the door. He was embarressed and so was I. I didn't want the guy inside the room to know what my brother was doing or he might tell people at school.

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   I was so angry.
I led him away to the kitchen and asked him what he was doing he said sorry. I looked down and could see he was erect. I suddenly realised my brother was well hung. This excited me suprisingly. I shook my head and went back into my room. I grabbed a soda drink for us and returned to my room. My boyfriend shagged me again before he left this time the best ever. He did me doggy and for some reason I decided to be noiser than ever so my brother would hear me even if he was in his room. Once my boyfriend came I told him he better leave. I quickly put on a shot dress and escorted him out. This was minutes after we finished sex. I wanted to know if my bother was excited about this. In a sick way catching him suddenly excited me.
I walked straight into his room.

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   He must have thought he was safe with the door closed as he was laying thee stroking his cock.
    He tried to get shitty telling me we always knock first. I said don't you tell me that after listening in on your sister and being turned on you sicko. I then said so are you masterbating now to the sex i just had. He was embarressedand asked me to leave.
    Iwalked out. I went to my room. I was so horny even though I had just had 3 loads of cum put inside me. I was thinking of my brother masterbating in his room. I had a thought. I stormed into his room. I sat on his bed he sttod up as he was now dressed. I said "Eat me" He said what? I told him here was his chance to taste pussy. I don't know what made me do this. He stood infront of me.

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       I layed back grabbing his hand. I guided him to my wet pussy. I said eat me now. He started slowly putting his tongue against my pussy. He stopped and said he can't. I grabbed him and pushed him back down between my legs. I repeated eat me. He again started. I asked him how it tasted and he said "salty" I told him i want his tongue deep in me. He proceeded to eat me for ages. He then stood up with his hard cock infront of me. There was no way he was fucking me, Although his cock turned me on. Somehow I thought oral sex was acceptable. I licked his cock. No way i thought.

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       I said you better wank off and walked out. We still have this thing where he eats me after my now husband fucks me. Its our thing and we both love it.
    If anyone wants to correspond
    chloetue@hotmail. com