LIttle Blue Pill


David was 18 year old he lived with his mom, dad and 18 year old sister Sara
David was 5’ 10”slender build. David’s mother Linda who was 35 years old 5’4” tan and in very good shape she had large voluptuous breasts that David fantasized about even though he knew it was wrong a nice round and firm ass and she had all the hair shaved off her pussy except for a thin landing strip. His sister is 5’0” long dark hair nice handful size tit’s a virgin tight hairless pussy and an ass to die for.

It was summer vacation and David's dad had gone on a business trip and would be gone for a week or so his sister was at her friend house down the street. David was at home because he and his girlfriend had just broken up leaving him horny and in the need for sex and the worst of it all was he was stuck in a house with two smoking hot females that were look but no touch hell even looking wasn't’t easy popping a boner ever time his sister would walk by in her little panties and tee or his mom in her thin nightly not wearing anything underneath.

It was Saturday at 2:00 pm David call to his mom down stairs mom I have a headache do we have any Tylenol she call back up look in the bathroom he searched the hall bathroom and when he came up with nothing he went to his parents bathroom. David walked in he found a unmarked pill bottle with little blue pills and thinking it was pain medication he took two pills out and swallowed them with a glass of water he went back to his room to lay down.

He closed his eyes and started to think of his ex-girlfriend and the things he wanted to do to her his thoughts wondered to his mom and sister after 18 minutes or so he felt a stirring
in his loins looking down he saw he had sprouted a tent pole in his boxers his dick never felt this way before thicker longer and harder he pulled his boxers off and looked down at it. the veins on it popped out the large purple head had a drop of pre-cum on it he open the bed side draw and pulled out a ruler he held it to his hard cock oh fuck he said 9 inches that cant be right when he measured it last week it was only 6 ½ inches he knew it possible for it to grow that much that fast.

He try to think of non sexual thing to make it go down after five minutes and no change he became worried. I know I’ll jack off that will work so he took his cock in his hand and started to jerk off the sensation was getter then he ever felt before after10 minutes he shot his load all over his bed sheets and laid back down breathing deeply having just experienced the greatest jack off session of his young life. But his pleasure soon turn to panic when he looked down to see his penis was still standing tall. Now he was freaking out he knew he needed help so he decided to call for his mom.

He got off the bed and call down to his mom can you come up here I need you he heard her make her way up the stairs down the hall is everything OK baby she said as she opened the door to her sons room not expecting to see him in all his glory her eyes focusing on her 18 yr old son’s cock oh my god his twice as big as his father he try to cover it with his hands giving the same results as someone trying to hide the Washington monument with a handkerchief. she walked up to him put her hand on his shoulder as asked what’s the matter baby. It wont go down he said a tear in his eyes its never bin this big before I think something’s wrong he added did you try masturbating there’s nothing wrong with exploring, yes he said cutting her off tell me everything that happened to day that may have caused this I don’t know every thing was fine until i took the pain killers in you cabinet.

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   What there are no pain killers in my bathroom what did you take, just two little blue pills in an unmarked bottle oh my god that was your fathers Viagra she ran to the room and took the prescription for the Viagra from her husbands draw she read out loud take only half a pill when needed

I need to call your doctor she ran to the phone and punched in the numbers hello this is doctor Smith hello this is Mrs. Lowell my son accidentally took two of my husbands Viagra thinking they where pain meds and says his erection wont go down has he try manual stimulation? yes OK there are two ways to handle this one is you take him to the ER and they stick a needle in his penis and drain the blood out this is painful and not what I recommend you doand two is well . . . . . . . . intercourse that should get his blood presser up and move the blood from his member naturally good luck let me know how every thing turns out OK thank you doctor.

She hung up the phone what did he say there’s two choices one is they put a needle in you penis to drain the blood from it the other is sex do you have a girlfriend you can call to come over he shook his head and said no please don’t let them stick something in my penis it well hurt. She couldn't’t stand to see her son like this so she moved in to embrace him it and his hard cock poked her sorry mom he said its OK baby I just got a plan how to help you come with me she took her sons hand and led him to her bedroom lay on the bed sweetie he did and she went into the bathroom and closed the door a minute his mom came out naked she walked over to him he was pinned to the spot out of fear she reached out her hand and with her finger tips rubbed he head of her sons cock. Mom what are you doing David asked I’m helping my baby boy with his very BIG problem.

she wrapped her hand around it moving up and down the full length of her son hard member she took a few deep breaths to give her the power to do what she knew was wrong she lowered her self and took his meat in her mouth working her head all over it taking as much as she could in with her free and she started to rub herself her pussy getting wet David placed both hands on his mom's head pushing her down more trying to get her to deep throat him she was only able to get six inches down she freed her head and licked his shaft all over then sucked on his balls his mom suck cock better then his ex ever could she started kissing it working her way up when she got to his lips she gave him a gentle kiss she was now in the perfect position she reached down and grabbed his hard manhood and slowly lowered herself onto it. the head of his monster pressed agents her pussy lips as she lowered herself a little more her sons cock pushed passed her pussy lips and he was inside her it felt warm wet and surprisingly tight for a woman who had two kids

ohhhhhhh baby your so big she said as she slowly bounced up and down taking in her sons manhood he closed his eyes a let this feeling of lust came over him he reached up and grabbed his moms breast with both hands giving them a squeeze rubbing her nipples with his thumbs and forefingers he pulled her close and sucked on her nipples like he was a hungry baby he started thrusting his hips in rhythm with his moms movement he rolled her over on her back and moving in and out of her like he was a jackhammer she was moaning and her breaths were growing more rapid orgasm after orgasm hit her like a wave after 30 more minutes David could fell he’s was close to shooting his load

The front door opened and in walked Sara she walk up the stairs making her way to her room as she passed her parents room she heard low moans coming from within David let out ayell as he shot his seed deep in to his mom's wombSara opened the door walked in amom are you OK? she asked her eyes widened when she saw her brother on top off their mom what going on here? she ask David looked over his shoulder and saw his little sister standing there he pulled his still hard cock out of his mothers dripping wet pussy he stood there looking at his sister a sinister smile spread across his face Sara was frozen with fear her eyes focused on he brothers penis it scared her the size the veins all popped out It’s large head there mothers pussy juice on it reviling every little detail he darted for her he was on her like a flash she moved for the door but was to slow he grabbed her and kicked the door shut in one movement he threw her on the bed and she back up to the head board David grabbed bra that his mom had left on the doorknob and climbed on the bedmoving towered his sister he grabbed her arms and put them threw the bars in the headboard and tide them with the bra she was yelling for help but her mom was unable to move from exhaustion

He covered her mouth with his hand shut up Sara don’t make me gag you her muffled screams continued to pour from her covered mouth have it your way he took his hand from her mouth and grabbed a hand full of her hair and with his other hand guided his cock towards her little mouth and shoved it in to muffle her screams tears forming in her eyes the taste of her moms pussy juice still on his cock giving it a strangely sweet taste the share size of his member stretched her mouth almost tearing it apart he fucked her face for 5 minutes I'm going to take my cock out of your mouth but if you yell out it will be the last thing you ever do.

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He pulled out his cock out of her mouth and walk to his mom's dresser and took out her sewing sheers went back to his sister and cut off her shirt and t bra exposing her lovely breaststhen took of her little denim shorts leaving her in her cute little cotton undies. David leaned down and sucked on his sister tits her nipples getting hard he gave them a little bite as he sucked on her fun them he slid his hand down her panties rubbing her pussy trying to work his finger in to get her ready her pussy stated getting wet soaking into her panties she tried squirming pleading with her brother to stop he pull her wet panties off balled them up stuck them in her mouth her pussy juices filled her mouth he kissed her forehead then her neck then her breasts working down to her belly stopping at her hairless pussy he kissed it and licked it all over eating her out just like he did to his ex-girlfriend working two fingers in her virgin pussy she was so tight he pull out his fingers and licked off her juices it were sweet like honey.

He positioned himself rubbing his cock against her pussy pushing pass her lips the head entering her as she let out muffled screams off pain his large cock stretching her opened pushing more of his manhood in her he stopped the head of his cock resting at her hymen he pull back and with a hard thrust he pushed pass braking her hymen he just deflowered his sister the blood leaking out of her pussy onto the bedhe slowly started thrusting in and out each time working more and more of his 9 inches in her. Her muffled screams growing more and more tears streaming down her face after 18 minutes most of the pain had turned to pleasure she started moving her hips with her brothers yea you like that if I knew you were such a slut I would have fucked you years ago he fuck her for 30 minutes more and shot his load into his sister he pulled the panties for her mouth and gave her a long hard kiss shoving his tongue in her mouth he could feel his cock softening inside his sister he pulled his flaccid penis out of his sister untied her and passed out fromlaying between his mom and sister.

There mother woke up a few hours later and brought Sara to her room mom what happened to David why did he do those things to us well baby David took a pill that made his penis grow and it wouldn't’t go back down and the doctor said he needed to do those things to fix it. What pill mom Sara asked, her mother paused for a moment umm daddy’s little helper she said, mom he hurt me he was so big I know her mother said her mind replaying everything that hadoccurred a grin spread across her face she had to have him again David walked into his sisters room Sara I so sorry I didn't’t mean to hurt you, Sara looked at his flaccid penis it looked so cute and lovable just hanging there she walked over and hugged that’s OK David and she kissed his cheek their mom got up and left closing the door behind her Sara wrap her hands around David her naked body felt so good on his that he dick started getting hard

Sara reached down and took his cock in her hand and started to rub it she got to her knees and took it in her mouth at this size it was no problem for her taking in all 6 1/2 inches she sucked him till he shot his load in her mouth filling it up she swallowed it all licking her lips as she got to her feet you can fuck me any time you want. .



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