"Oh Daddy it is so big and hard and soft and hot ". I nearly came right then from the softness of her grasp. I put my hand over hers and start to jack off. "Do this honey" I said and showed her how to slide her hand up and down my shaft.
 She held it with both her hands, barely covering the shaft and stroked it with her soft little hands maybe 18 times as she examined the head. Her eyes were glued to the slit at its' tip as pre cum oozed from my cock. I put my hand on her head. " Kiss it baby, kiss it for Daddy. " I pushed her head down to my cock and my little 18-year-old daughter pressed her soft lips to the tip of my dick. I pressed a little harder against the back of her head and slid the tip past her lips. "Suck it sweetie. Suck it like a lollypop". She opened her mouth and sucked up and down my shaft I began to move her head back and forth and started to pump it deeper, she gagged but I pressed on" Breathe through your nose baby. Take Daddy's dick down your throat". Wanting to please me she opened her throat as best she could and took my cock down her sweet throat as I slid down her tight, hot, wet orifice. Slurping and drooling, Lisa took about half of my manhood down her sweet throat.

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   I wanted to press more of my meat down her throat but feared I might harm her little esophagus. I pulled my now raging hard dick back from the depths of her throat and freed her to catch a breath of air before plunging down once again. I slid down her throat as gobs of cum began to spew from my dick, washing her tonsils with my white-hot cream. Sucking and gagging, Lisa experienced her first taste of her daddy's cum, desperately trying to swallow every drop. Tears formed in her eyes as spurt after spurt of cum forced itself down her sweet throat. Finally, after what seemed like the longest climax of my life I freed my daughter from my meat. Cum and saliva drooled from her lips as she gulped the remaining cum down her pretty throat. She took her hand and wiped her small face as she looked into my eyes, searching for some clue as to what to do next.
I held her small face in my hands as my dick slow softened before her.
"That was great sweetheart. Are you ok? Daddy didn't hurt you did he?""No Daddy. You didn't hurt me. It's just that I've never sucked such a large cock before. The boys on my school bus aren’t anywhere near your size. "
I removed her hands from my bare knees where they had come to rest and helped her up from her kneeling position between my legs.

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"You really like sucking cock huh honey? Did you like your daddy's dick as much as those boys you suck off on the school bus every morning?" I asked.
"More Daddy. You're my father. It's so much more fun when it's incest. " Little Lisa smiled as I leaned back onto the bed, pulling her on top of me. Her panty covered pussy lay directly over my returning hardon.
"Give Daddy a kiss. "
Her small pubescent breasts rubbed against my chest as our lips met and her tongue slipped itself into my mouth. I sucked her tongue as she had just sucked my dick, enjoying the taste of salvia and cum that was in her mouth and on her lips. She released one hand from my grasp and slid it between us, grasping my returning stiffness. Now nearly fully renewed to its' full 8". I marveled to myself that I was already returning after such a short time. "I guess it's true" I thought, "The saying that a young girl really can rejuvenate your youth. "
"I'm not a virgin Daddy, but I've never had something that big inside my mouth or my pussy" she grinned.
"Would you like to try it on for size sweetheart?" I asked.

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  "Would I ever" she answered as she raised from her position and began a sexy removal of her pink panties. I grinned as I noted to myself the word 'Tuesday' imprinted on the waistband. I thought to myself, "Tuesday is definitely my favorite day from now on"
Lisa ground and swiveled as she slowly pealed the tight fabric from her waist and turned her cute little butt towards me as it slid over the roundness of her ass.
Turning her head towards me and pushing her butt cheek in my direction she asked, "Do I have a cute butt Daddy? Do you like your baby daughter's cute little ass?"
I held my hands out, palms up and looked toward the raging hardon between my legs. "Doesn't this answer your question?" I asked
"Ooh" she said, "I think Daddy likes it. I really do"
She continued the sexual removal of her panties, bumping, grinding, and bending over at her waist as she pulled them past her calves and knees. With her legs slightly apart and bent she exposed her ass and gave me my first glance at her nearly hairless pink slit.
"Ooh yes. Daddy likes. " I murmured. "And Daddy want's to taste that pretty little twat of yours too. "Her cunt was pink and sweet looking. The slit had the puffiest little lips and I could see her wetness. There was only a small triangle of hair on her pubic bone and being a true blue eyed blond even it was almost non-existent. The thought crossed my mind that I haven’t seen such perfect little pussy sense high school, nearly 18 years ago.

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  Pre cum oozed from my dick as Lisa removed her panties from around her ankles and turned her beautiful young body around to give me a full frontal view.
"You want some of this Daddy?" she cooed. You want to taste my little pussy?  You want to put that great big cock of yours in your baby girl?" Feel how wet I am daddy; " She came nearer to me. " I'm so wet Daddy, my pussy is drooling. It wants you. I want you. I need to feel that inside me so bad!"
To be continued