It was a sunny day in New York City and i was sleeping at my aunts house. I was a pretty looking 18 year old, i was 6'0 160 lbs and was pretty large down there with a 7" penis. I had learned alot about sex and puberty, especially from all the movies i had been watching lately. My aunt was a tall lady, about 5'9, 170 lbs, and i guessed her breasts are around a 34D. What used to really get me on was the clothes she used to wear around the house, With her tight shorts and her tight shirts with no bra underneath, her nipples were always showing. It was a lazy day so my aunt decided she was going to barbecue while i sawn in the pool. It was around 2 in the afternoon when my aunt ran into the house to answer the ringing telephone. She came back out with some more hamburgers and hotdogs and told me that cousin Dina( not my cousin but my aunts cousin) was coming over. As soon as i heard those words my heart was going to explode with happiness, i loved it when i got to see her because she was HOT! and i KNEW that she knew it. The last time i saw her at the family BBQ i had to excuse myself to jerkoff in the bathroom because of the way she was sitting. I would say she had DD tits and wieghed about 130 lbs. That day she had on a sexy tube top and the usual mini skirt made of jean material which always got me so horny, so while she was sitting in front of me she had on leg spread open and the other up over the arm and from the little whole in the middle of the table for the umbrella, i could clearly see her pussy with a fine landing strip. Now back to the sunny day. . . I was in the pool and very excited and kept trying to guess what she wa going to wear, but then my thoughts kept wondering off and i got a huge boner but because i was in the water it was only about 6 inches.

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   Maybe 20-30 minutes later i heard the gate open and and saw cousin Dina walk in and couldnt wait to see her upclose. When she walked to the back deck she hugged my aunt then came to me and gave me a big hug(she always hugged and kissed the younger children in the family). I got so excited from the feeling of her breasts against me chest. Since the food was almost ready i decided to get out of the pool and take a sower to get all the clorine off of me. I went back inside the house and got some clean clothes, i was the only one in the house. While i was walking through the kitchen to the bathroom i turned the corner and bumped right into cousin Dina, on the way down i tried to grab something to get my self up before hitting the floor and my hands just grabbed Dians ass, after i relized what i just did got a better grab and squeezed them together but i let my self fall all the way down. when i opened my eyes and looked up at cousin Dina she opened he hands trying to lift me up worried if i got hurt but all i could say was sorry over and over again but she just old me it was her fault. She told me she was going to the bathroom so i told her i was going there as well but she could go ahead of me, but then the most incredible thing happend. . . she told me that i shouls hop in the shower and while i was showering she would come in and take care of what she had to do and without thinking twice i said O. K. While i was undressing i opened the cabinet and took out the baby iol and put some all over my penis and hopped in the shower then when Dina heard the water running she called out to see if she could come in and i told her yes. When she came in i heard her unzip her pants and sit down, i immedietly started to masturbate. I started to come closer to cumming when she started talking and asked me if i had a girl friend and i answered no but started pounding my meat even harder and the noise of the baby iol on my penis started to get louder and louder and Dina asked what that noise was and all i could say was its coming from outside.

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   when she got up and was done she left the bathroom so i decided to cum as fast as i can and get it over with but while i was about to climax from the bathroom door i heard " I knew it!" so i looked through the little opening between the curtain and saw cousin Dina standing there looking straight at me then just shut the door. i didnt know what to do and now i was to scared to finish jerking off so i shut the water and put my clothes on but just as i stepped out the bathroom door Dina was right there. She asked me if i was jerking off to her and it took me about 40 seconds to say yes, then she sgnaled for me to follow her to the Guest bedroom and we both sat on the bed then she said " your going to fuck me as hard as you can" all i did was nod yes.
    She took all her clothes off then i took mine off and we sat there looking at eachother. she said "are you still a virgin?" and i said yes. Then she took my head and put it on her breast and i sucked on it for maybe 2 minutes without stopping. I then got up and put her hand on my dick. She started to stroke my hard penis up and down my shaft for a while, the i told her i wanted to open her pussy up with my monster cock. I got her in my favorite position, she layed on her stomach with her legs closed then i inserted my penis into her wet pussy very slowly in and out then i picked up my pace and started to ram her as hard as i can. She started to moan with her teeth shut, i put my hand under her and grabbed her breasts and fcked her as hard as i could then breathing heavily she said " cum in my pussy baby, fuck my and cum in me!", As soon as i heard that i started to ram her so fast that it only took me about 7 strokes to reach orgasm. When i was about to cum i took my whole dick out and then put it back in only 2 inches, then starting to hump her pussy with tiny strokes while i started to cum. I shot my first load into her and she screamed with joy then came out shot after shot after shot after shot. I layed on her for about a minute or two then told her i had to use the bathroom but she said no and told me to take care of my self still in her. I found this really wierd but i just layed there and started to piss in her pussy and then felt a liquid come back out and relized that she was cumming, which made the sheets soaking wet. She turned around and faced me then took my whole penis in her mouth and sucked me dry.

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       Till this day i cant wait to see her again. .