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I didn't even meet Mary until several years ago. Mary is a much older cousin. A month after meeting Mary, I met her daughter Laura. Laura is several years younger than me. Laura and I hit it off right away. It helped that I also hit it off with her full of energy daughter, Lisa. I spent the day with the two, who live several states away. It was so much fun that a month later, we spent a great weekend together a month after our first meeting. It was right after this that Laura met a man. She was immediately besmotted with this man, who brought religion into her life. Although I received several emails a week from Laura, I heard less and less from Lisa. I chalked it up to a child growing and changing. That belief was turned on it's ear several months ago. The call came late at night. Laura was marrying Eddie and taking a missionary trip to Africa. The plans for Lisa had fallen through.

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   A female relative, who originally decided to take Lisa for the two year trip, had said no. A church member also backed out. Laura started to beg, but I remembered the happy full of life child and was happy to take her. Laura met me at the airport with Lisa. Lisa had changed, in a big way. She had withdrawn, and become very quiet. She had also grown into a beauty. Standing just under five foot, with long brown hair, she had an angel like face and a figure that suggested that womanhood was near. After going over the paerwork, I left the airport and took Lisa out to a nice restaurant. She answered questions only, but offered no voluntary information. I quickly enrolled her in school, and noticed her slowly unwind. She gave her first full unforced smile two weeks after she arrived. The child I knew began to return. This was because I made a point of spending time with her, taking her out sometimes. We did have a routine.

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   I had taken an early shift at work that allowed me to get home about half an hour before she got home from school. We would say our hellos, she would disappear into her room to do homework, and in the evenings we would watch TV together, go somewhere, or just talk. Two months after she arrived, our relationship took a very different turn. I had made dinner and called down the hallway. There was no response, so I walked down the hallway and looked in her room. She was naked, lying on her stomach reading a book. She had earphones on and couldn't hear me. I involuntarily scanned down her naked backside and noticed her sweet bubble butt before recovering. I tried looking in a different direction as I called her name again. I finally had to tap her on the head. She had a startled look on her face. "Dinner" I said as she pulled the earphones off. I quickly retreated to give her her dignity. She appeared in shorts and a T shirt at the dinner table. I apologized for embarrassing her.

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   She then apologized. I told her that she didn't need to apologize. She told me that she had always been allowed to run around naked at home, but when her mom's new husband moved in, he had problems with it. He would burst in her room and start quoting scripture, although she was naked only in her room. I felt the burn of angry memories of childhood, when screwed up adults would try to force religion down my throat. It was because of these memories that I then told her what I did, instead of extolling the virtues of modesty. I told her she was free to be naked around the house, but not to show off in front of any boys. We shook hands on it. She took my word the next day as she appeared at the dinner table in the altogether. She was growing a nice set of breasts with tiny brown nipples. Only an appearance of light colored fuzz obscured her slit. We smiled a lot at dinner, and even cuddled a little while watching TV that evening. I kept my hands away from her goodies and rose to no more than half hard while the naked eleven year pranced about the house or filled my right side with warmth as she leaned into me. A week later, I had a hard day at work. I was late and picked up take out on the way home.

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   We ate the the take out, then I collapsed on my side-on the couch to watch TV. She spooned into me. It felt very nice, and so did she as I gently and slowly slid my hand down the side of her body from shoulder blade to hip. Again, I kept my hands away from her goodies. Several nights later, I laid on the couch, on my back, to watch TV. Lisa laid on top of me. It was during a commercial that I felt the first shift of her hips. Then I noticed that there was rhythym to her hip movements. I was filled with shock and disgust as I realized she was masturbating. I would've rolled her off of me, but I noticed the labored breathing next to my ear. I've always been a sucker for that kind of thing. I lifted my hands to place them on her ribcage. She froze, but resumed a minute later. I then worked my hands slowly down her side until they reached her butt. Just then I felt her shudder as she inhaled deeply and held her breath.

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   Then she exhaled and relaxed. I racked my mind as I tried to consider ways to find out if she was wet. I resisted temptation, until it was time for bed. When we got up, I slapped her gently on the bottom. She squealed, turned around, tickled my sides, then squealed as I reached for her. I chased her to her bed. We play wrestled, and I allowed her to control the match. I let her get on top. She purposely got on top, then made a point of placing her breasts in my face. I caught her by surprise by kissing a nipple. She squealed and I flipped her over. She hugged my hips with her legs. She was biting her lip as I felt her rubbing herself against me. The look on her eyes was one of "What are you going to do about it?" I then began to tickle her side. She turned several times, then a breast rubbed against my hand.

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   I stopped doing what I was doing and just placed my hands above her head. She let her hands droop to her side before she cupped her breasts, then encircled my neck. I leaned in while her hands seemed to pull me in. I kissed one nipple, then the other. She unwrapped her legs from my waist. I lifted myself once more from her. We locked eyes. "Do you want me to stop?" I asked. She shook her head. "If you want me to stop, say stop and I will. Do you understand?" She whispered "Yes". I leaned in and kissed her nipples again, then lowered myself to her nearly hairless pussy. I placed my mouth on her muff and licked her clit. She moaned and grasped my head with her thighs. I began licking her in earnest.

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   She moaned and writhed before raising her hips in rhythym to meet the thrusts of my tongue in her little hole. We went faster and faster until she convulsed in her first full out orgasm. I let her catch her breath, then I explained to her she couldn't repeat to anyone what happened. She told me that at school they got lectures about good touching and bad touching, and she didn't mind ther touching we had done. She told me that she would be discrete as she knew what would happen if she didn't. She was enjoying life with me far better than with her mom and new dad. She sealed our new relationship with a kiss. The next day at dinner, she protested my wearing of clothes. "Come on Chris", she whined, "you see me naked every day. Let me see you naked". I undressed at the dinner table. Her eyes went to my dick. She took a good look before I sat down, obscuring her view. A couple of minutes later, she got a playful look in her eyes. I realized why as I felt her bare foot touch my thigh.

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   I squirmed, but she still managed to touch my dick with her foot. I stood up. She squealed and took off. I chased her again to her bed. We repeated the night before as I kissed her nipples, then ate her out. I laid next her, my dick resting on her thigh. We kissed. I was oozing pre cum. She brushed her thigh against it. I flinched. "Do you think it will fit in me?" she asked. "No, probably not" I answered. "Do you want to try?" "I don't think I should" I told her. "Come on Chris, you please me. Why don't you use my body to please yourself?" "Because you might get pregnant.

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   Because I can get in so much trouble. Because I shouldn't, that's why". "Just take me to a doctor tomorrow and I'll tell him that I fooled around with a boy and I should be on the pill". We agreed on placing my dick against her mound while she used her hand to hold it in place while I moved my hips. We were a couple of minutes into doing that when she shifted her hips. She grabbed my dick, and placed it at her opening. She pulled me into her while raising her hips. I could've pulled away, and should've pulled away, but I let her guide my dick in. It was tight, then we felt the obstruction of her cherry. She bit her lip and suppressed a scream as I violated her virgin vagina. I saw her eyes tear up. "Do you want me to stop?" I asked. She shook her head violently. I gave her pussy a long moment to get used to my dick beforte I began slowly pumping her. She placed her hands on my arms and panted while I used her body.

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   I felt my orgasm coming and filled her tiny tight hole with my hot cum. I fell to her side, panting. She leaned over and kissed me. "Are you alright?" I asked. She nodded her head and kissed me again. "Take me to a doctor tomorrow?" she pleaded. "Of course" I agreed. We cuddled, spooned, and slept together in her bed that night. She's been on the pill for a month now and is my daily lover. When she used the word husband, I had to stop her. I don't want her fantasies to screw up our lives. Sex is also my bargaining tool for her to get good grades. She had me buy her a maid's apron and we play at the dinner table. Life is good. .





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