Lisa and Julia


We started dating, and the first time we had sex, well she got pregnant. Being the man that I am, I married her right away. Eight months later, I was holding my precious daughter. Wow, she was beautiful. She looked just like her mother. I was working 3 jobs, just to support my wife and baby. I didn’t really get to see Lisa grow. Two years after Lisa was born, we had another daughter Julia. She was also the splitting image of her mother. When Lisa was twelve and Julia was ten, I had to quit my jobs. I was having back problems, and I needed to stay home. My wife decided that it was her turn to work. I finally got to look after my babies. I was surprised to see how they had grown. I remember them as babies. They were good little girls.

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   But now, wow, they were growing up. Lisa wanted to wear high heels and Julia wanted to die her hair. I knew my job as a daddy wasn’t going to be easy. One weekend when mommy was working, I decided to take the girls camping. I packed up the truck, and picked the girls up from school. That way, they couldn’t say no. We drove down to the camp ground, and I was shocked to find that we were the only ones there that weekend. Finally, time alone to bond with my daughters. Friday night Lisa pouted. Julia was excited, she had never slept outside. I told Lisa that if she was going to pout, she could sit in the tent all night. After hours of playing card games with Julia, I decided I had better check up on Lisa. I crawled into the tent, and found Lisa sleeping. I thought that we had all better go to bed. Julia got into her nightie and I undressed and hopped into my sleeping bag.

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   It was still quite late, when I felt someone shaking me. I opened my eyes, and there was Julia, she was cold and wanted to climb into my bag with me. I didn’t see any problem in that, so I let her hop right in. Julia cuddled up against me, so I was spooning her. I wrapped my arms around her tummy, to try and keep her warm. I must have dozed off because I woke up later, all turned on. Julia was grinding against my penis. I felt my penis start to throb and grow. I wasn’t wearing any clothes, (I sleep naked) and I felt my penis pushing against Julia’s back. I tried to think of unsexy thoughts, but my mind kept skipping back to Julia’s beautiful naked body. Her little nipples, all pointed because of the cold, her tiny little bum hole, and her delicious little slit. It was perfect. My penis started to ooze pre cum, and with Julia’s grinding, I felt like I was going to blow. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t get up, I would wake Julia up, and I couldn’t shoot my load, not into my daughters back.

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   I let my predicament get the better of me. My hands began caressing my daughters body, slowly I raised her nighty. I knew she wasn’t wearing any panties, because I forgot to pack any. I adjusted Julia’s body, so I could slid my penis between her legs. Julia let out a tiny moan. I froze, I thought that my baby girl was waking up. I didn’t move for about 2 minutes, I wanted to make sure that she wasn’t awake. After what seemed like forever, I continued my journey. Slowly, I pushed my penis between Julia’s tender lips, and into her tiny hole. It was so tight. I couldn’t believe it. I moved my hips a little closer towards Julia’s bum, and I pulled her towards me. My penis head felt resistance. I knew that it was her maiden head. I was going to take my daughters virginity.

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   I was excited, but also terrified. There was so much adrenalin running through my body, that I don’t think that I could have stopped myself. I pushed against her hymen and felt it give way, Julia cried out in her sleep. I stopped, terrified that I had woken her up. She continued her steady breathing, so I continued my thrusting. I didn’t last long at all. The tightness of her pussy, and the anticipation of her waking up, was enough to send me over the edge. I had the best orgasm of my life. I shot my seed, deep into my baby’s vagina. I continued to spoon my daughter, and I let my fingers play in her vagina. I fell into a restful sleep. Sometime in the night, my penis shrunk and fell out of my daughter. When I woke up, I was alone in the tent. I pulled on a pair of sweat pants, and crawled out of the tent. My two girls were at the picnic table.

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   Julia was laying on the table, with her legs spread, crying. Lisa was looking at her little sisters vagina. “Girls, what are you doing?” I asked them. “Daddy, Julia’s pee hole hurts. It is bleeding, and there is this funny stuff coming out of it. ” answered Lisa. “Oh, ah. . . let me have a look. ” I went and looked at what I had done to my daughter. From where I was sitting, it looked as if Julia’s hymen was completely torn. Other then a little blood, and some sperm, she looked alright. “Do you want daddy to kiss it better honey?” I asked Julia. “Yes please daddy.

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   Mommy always kisses my boo boo’s. ” answered my tearful daughter. I stuck my face between her legs, and started to lick up and down her little slit. “Daddy, that feels nice. Mommy never makes me feel like this. ” giggled my daughter. I licked up all the mess, and started sucking on my daughters clit. Julia started to wiggle around on the table. “Daddy, I’m going to pee. ” whispered my daughter. “That’s okay honey, just do it in my mouth. ” I answered. Julia didn’t pee, she came, I licked up all her cum. It tasted so sweet. Much different than my wife’s.

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   I hoped off the table, and started making breakfast. I sent my girls into the tent to change into their clothes. Lisa came out of the tent to tell me that I forgot to pack panties. “Honey, do you want to run around naked today?” I asked her. “Can I?”“Sure, baby, there is no one else around. ”Lisa ran back into the tent, and her and Julia emerged a few minutes later, naked. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, alone, with my daughters, and here they were naked. After breakfast, I decided to make a game out of touching ourselves. I really wanted to have some more fun. “Lisa, why don’t you came here and lie down. ” I said, patting the blanket I was sitting on. Lisa ran over and plopped beside me. “Julia, you come to. ” Julia joined her big sister beside me on the blanket.

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   “Girls, want to play a game?” I asked. “Okay” they answered in unison. “Julia, remember how good it felt when I kissed your boo boo better?? Well, I am going to do that again, and to your sister, and you will kiss my boo boo better. Okay”“Alright daddy” answered Julia. Lisa was lying on her back, and I knelt between her legs. I slowly moved them apart, and lowered my face into her sweet vagina. I began licking her slit. Up from her little anus to her clit. Lisa began to breath heavy and move around on the blanket. “Daddy, I wanna have some fun!” cried Julia. “Okay honey, come and sit on your sisters face. ”Julia moved over, and squatted on Lisa’s face. “Lisa, now, you lick your sister, like I am licking you. Don’t forget to use your fingers. ”I watched as Lisa began sucking off her little sister.

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   Every once and a while, her finger would venture into Julia’s pussy. My penis began to throb. I stood up, and pulled off my pants. My erect penis bouncing free. I began my tongue assault on my daughters vagina again. Julia began to cry out “I have to pee, I have to pee!” and Lisa was coming on my face. She was unable to say anything because her own mouth was buried in her sisters pussy. Julia came all over Lisa. I knew that I needed some action quick. I was so turned on by seeing my daughters bodies, and licking Lisa’s cunt, that I was going to shoot my load soon. “Okay, girls,” I said, “Lisa, put daddy’s penis into your mouth, and Julia, put my balls into yours. Now girls, lick and suck gently, so daddy can feel as good as you do. ”Lisa took the head of my penis inside her little mouth. Her lips turned white from being stretched. I had a fairly large penis.


   At 8 inches long and 3 inches around, I was surprised she could get and of it in her tiny mouth. Julia put my nuts into her mouth, and began rolling them around with her tongue. Lisa’s hand began to caress the shaft of my penis, and between the two of them, I was having the best time of my life. I felt my balls contracting, and I knew that I was going to cum. I pushed my girls to the blanket, and stroked myself to orgasm. Shooting my cum all over their bodies. “Girls, I want you to lick each other clean. ” I commanded. Julia stayed laying on the blanket and Lisa climbed onto her 69 style. After they finished eating my cum, they began to lick each others cunts. I decided that I wanted a piece of the action. I asked Julia to go onto her hands and knees, and I would show them how to fuck doggie style. I knew that it wouldn’t hurt her to much, because I had already popped her cherry. I pulled Julia into the perfect position, and knelt behind her. I lined my penis up to her tiny hole, and quickly rammed my rod deep into her vagina.


   Julia shrieked in shock, and started to cry. I continued to shove my penis into her pussy. She was crying harder now. I didn’t care, all I knew was that the sensation was enormous. Her tight little pussy around my huge penis. I started to caress her back, and her sobbing started to ease. I looked at Lisa, and she was fingering herself. Julia began to moan in pleasure. “Daddy, oh yeah, harder!” she cried. I couldn’t’ take it any more, I shot my load deep into my daughters pussy. I collapsed in exhaustion. Julia curled up into the fetal position, and began to play with herself. Lisa came and stood over me. “Daddy, I want that in me now. ” she said.

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  I couldn’t pull myself up. I was to tired. But didn’t want to leave my eldest daughter out. I asked her to sit on my belly. She did that. I began to caress her little breasts, and her pussy started to get wet. I knew that I would be able to have sex again soon. I let my hand drop down between Lisa’s thighs, where I parted her tiny pussy lips, and started to finger her hole. I wanted to get her ready for my assault. I worked my finger into her tight vagina. I managed to get up to my first knuckle in. I wanted to pop her cherry, but not with my finger. I lifted her up, and positioned her above my now throbbing penis. I put the head of my penis between her tender lips, and pushed down on her shoulder. I rammed my penis into her tender virgin vagina, breaking her hymen, and causing her immense pain.

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   I kept pumping my daughter up and down. When Lisa’s hymen first broke, she started crying, with every thrust she cried harder. I figured I raped one daughter, I would rape the other. I pumped her up and down on my thick rod, her cries of pain mixing with pleasure. Finally I couldn’t take it any more, I shot my load deep into my daughter. I was exhausted. I left Lisa on my penis, and I fell asleep. I woke up and it was dark out. I must have slept for a couple of hours. I sat up and looked around. I didn’t know where my babies were. I went and checked the tent and there they were. Sound asleep. I decided to join them. When we woke up Sunday morning, my daughters were ready for a little more fun.

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   I think that I fucked them 2 more times each before heading home. I knew that I was going to be able to have some fun watching my daughters grow and mature. .



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